YouTube vs Grey: A Ballad of Accidental Suspension

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Runtime: 2:24


Gabriel Gullidge
Gabriel Gullidge - 21 time siden
0:01 THE BEE
Zoriak the guy
Zoriak the guy - 3 dager siden
I love how he metaphorically explains YouTube vs himself as to why YouTube suspended his account, it's pretty interesting.
Why Not
Why Not - 5 dager siden
At the start of the video is something beneath grey's pillow is it a clock? Is it a charger? Is it an alarm? Help
American Nomad News
American Nomad News - 7 dager siden
I would get on your email list but Google threw me off of my email.
ama llama
ama llama - 7 dager siden
What's that under your pillow I see?
Also I found the bee.
GalloViking - 7 dager siden
Impersonating yourself. That's new...
John Doucette
John Doucette - 7 dager siden
I’ve never gotten a notification of post from you. (checks) yup, bell is rung.
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 8 dager siden
Mortal Kombat movie
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 8 dager siden
Holland Taylor
SCIENCEIUM - 9 dager siden
initiate order 66
G Mat
G Mat - 9 dager siden
2021here. Parler just got monopolized. So far ahead of your time
Breakpoint - 11 dager siden
2021, the year of reckoning
Crystal Carroll
Crystal Carroll - 11 dager siden
This feels like a Jojo reference where you fight YouTube himself
sarada dhakal
sarada dhakal - 13 dager siden
This has only become more relevant as many tech companies are censoring conservatives in 2020.
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar - 15 dager siden
Grey: *uploads*
Youtube: BOT
Dark Emp_ EditZ
Dark Emp_ EditZ - 19 dager siden
Love from *India*🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
G Kapil
G Kapil - 22 dager siden
Cgp is the goat
God Save The Queen
God Save The Queen - 25 dager siden
CGP Grey
Soham Bhattacharya
Soham Bhattacharya - Måned siden
I laughed so hard at the Email Gmail one.😂😂
B dawg
B dawg - Måned siden
What the hell is an email list
Lemar Sullivan
Lemar Sullivan - Måned siden
imagine getting a YouTube account deleted for impersonating itself
Lance Anthony Coscos Sebastian
We all know how fricked up YouTube is
Classic Miner1
Classic Miner1 - Måned siden
Wait.... there's a difference between gmail and email?
Alex - Måned siden
Even the sun was sad that he was suspended
sakinzz - Måned siden
This isn't a ballad it doesn't have a ryhme scheme
Channel Name
Channel Name - Måned siden
i was unsubbed for no reason. YT, fix your crap.
Sheepless Knight
Sheepless Knight - Måned siden
If the mailing list didn't ban the username+tag@domain syntax I would but it doesn't seem to like me
The mango Sharks
The mango Sharks - Måned siden
why does he have an iphone 12 in 2019
marc999 - Måned siden
This is exactly why I use hive, a decentralized social blockchain
Hrvoje Samec
Hrvoje Samec - Måned siden
CGP acting kinda sus...
Shane Walders
Shane Walders - Måned siden
What did he mean when he said Gmail is attempting to dethrone Email? Gmail is Email, isn't it?
AGC videos
AGC videos - 2 måneder siden
Why does everyone say that YouTube doesn't notify subscribers when there are videos posted I always get notified
The House Of A
The House Of A - 2 måneder siden
Welp now email is dead and everyone uses Gmail so grey GET UPDATING AND DELETING YOUR EMAIL LIST
The Boof Man
The Boof Man - 2 måneder siden
Timothy T.
Timothy T. - 2 måneder siden
Me: *looks at my Gmail and Hotmail (outlook) accounts* You better not fight each other...
The two of them who have already launched the Thermonuclear Warheads: ಠಗಠ
Mohar Ikram
Mohar Ikram - 2 måneder siden
I thought gmail is also email? what's the difference?
Samuel Wang
Samuel Wang - 2 måneder siden
*CGP Grey was not An Imposter*
Alex Jirkova
Alex Jirkova - 2 måneder siden
(behind da window)
Arne Babenhauserheide
Arne Babenhauserheide - 2 måneder siden
/me: joined the email list :-)
Mizai - 2 måneder siden
youtube removed my 200k channel twice
RapidFireGames - 2 måneder siden
Your pretty sus
hFg - 2 måneder siden
ha! well won't you look at that YouTube playing among us in real life oh no
Erik - 2 måneder siden
No man, they mistook you for CGP Gray
Vaga-Bard GTF
Vaga-Bard GTF - 2 måneder siden
I been at it 4 months an im surprised im still in it. Talking real issues is a real issue with YT.
Brenda Ramos
Brenda Ramos - 2 måneder siden
If you look closely you can see the sun changes how he looks
Shawn Green
Shawn Green - 2 måneder siden
Remember that one chick that went into YouTube’s offices and started shooting them?
BloodBath - 2 måneder siden
I saw the bee at The very start
Next too the sun
Jackson Heier
Jackson Heier - 2 måneder siden
I think he did it again, he changed the start screen
Robi_CK - 2 måneder siden
0:01- found bee! Behind window :)
Dave S.
Dave S. - 2 måneder siden
Nathan Tessitore
Nathan Tessitore - 2 måneder siden
I like how the sun smiles UNTIL Grey finds out he can't upload cuz youtube is KNOWN for being an oppressive regime dressing up as a social media site (irrelevent) And then it's frowning
Goatman Brigance
Goatman Brigance - 2 måneder siden
CGP Grey was the imposter

(of himself)
Aaron Widera
Aaron Widera - 2 måneder siden
Gonna subscribe with my Gmail mail^^
TheVibenier - 2 måneder siden
youtube is ran by twitch and discord moderators
Shaamaan - 2 måneder siden
This is an old video, but... how about embracing alt-tech? Odysee isn't big, but you can mirror your YT channel there, easy peasy. And in case the capricious YT machine strikes your channel for some other weird (or not?) reason, you always have a backup.
Shadow Knight
Shadow Knight - 2 måneder siden
Zeus you son has returned, I bring the destruction of Olympus
Animo - 2 måneder siden
Me: wait gmail is not a email?
Cube Boi / Whitefong
Cube Boi / Whitefong - 2 måneder siden
when you vote off someone who's not the impostor in among us:
João Sousa
João Sousa - 2 måneder siden
Grey: I was suspended for impersonating myself
r/softwaregore : Don't speak anymore my , ummmmmmmm, youtuber
Retarded Reptile
Retarded Reptile - 2 måneder siden
dunno, the metallic grey atmosphere, pure white exterior, rigid movement. you this 'tis not a bot
CircsC - 2 måneder siden
Youtube needs to get their act together. Any viable competition will obliterate them.
Joey Altieri
Joey Altieri - 2 måneder siden
Can I sign up twice?
Aaron - 2 måneder siden
People should revisit this and comment how people got to the news video for each new release. For hexagon bestagon I saw the premiere on YouTube so YouTube but also got the email
WordFile - 2 måneder siden
big surprise I didn't get the notification for your newest video
Patrick Hui
Patrick Hui - 2 måneder siden
Suspending an account with 4M subscribers sounds like a decision that should go through human inspection. But let's be honest, YT probably doesn't look at nothing manually until there is real PR pressure.
Strazdas - 2 måneder siden
So you have joined Miracle of Sound, who got himself banned for copyright violation of himself by posting his own song that he has created and owns the copyright to.
Kalp Shah
Kalp Shah - 2 måneder siden
Love the Lord of the Rings Reference at 0:48 According to Grey, Youtube is as dangerous as the Mines of Moria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 2 måneder siden
Fuck YouTube
Charon - 2 måneder siden
I just wasted 2 minutes and 23 seconds of my life watching an ad for a mailing list.
RubelliteFae - 2 måneder siden
People are worried about a future in which we turn everything over to AI, but it actually began years ago
Sidney Smith
Sidney Smith - 3 måneder siden
There's also floatplane
Hollow Kat
Hollow Kat - 3 måneder siden
0:48 This might be reading into it a bit but I just read the hobbit and this seems an awful lot like the secret door into the lonely mountain, if this is intentional this just proves more over that grey is a nerd, and also that, nerds are the best.
agzzr adface
agzzr adface - 3 måneder siden
in the words of captain dissolusion :
"it's not like people on youtube nowadays are subscribed to tons and tons of content creators and that having a bajillion notifications sucks so that's why youtube doesnt notify all of my videos
and it's not like there's a button that can over ride this algorithm"
agzzr adface
agzzr adface - 3 måneder siden
Octavio López
Octavio López - 3 måneder siden
excuse me what the fuck is that under grey's pillow
Trey Munden
Trey Munden - 3 måneder siden
This is why freedom of speech should apply to large corporations as well.
David Urry
David Urry - 3 måneder siden
Wow! This is happening to me right now on Twitter. My account has been suspended and they won't even let me log on to see if anybody noticed I was gone.
Crab Tower
Crab Tower - 3 måneder siden
Wait at 0:00 i think behind the pillow is a reference to the star trek episode also theres a bee outside the window
Big R
Big R - 3 måneder siden
If you look out the window and the start of the video, you can see a bee.
Jovan Rafael
Jovan Rafael - 3 måneder siden
0:06 the sun is sad
Ailsa - 3 måneder siden
Youtube: grey is grey. sus.
Grey was not the imposter
J Potter
J Potter - 3 måneder siden
Always true of all internet platforms.
Go try being an Amazon seller >8-D
Joe Rivet
Joe Rivet - 3 måneder siden
That thumbnail is awesome.
armycadets - 3 måneder siden
Heh. Youtube didnt notify me of this video. Found it almost a year late.
Muhamad Hamdy
Muhamad Hamdy - 3 måneder siden
For some unknown reason, YouTube didn't recommend any of the new videos of this channel for the past year or so although I'm subscribed here. Made me completely forget about it.
Samuel Wang
Samuel Wang - 3 måneder siden
CGP Grey was not An Imposter
a lot of imposters left
ealtar - 3 måneder siden
repeal 230 !!!
there is nothing wrong with buisness and corporation, what is wrong is the LAWYERING, the abuse of power, the unfeathers bullshit rules that comes from the "terms of service"
and the obtuse, unfair, politicaly bias aplication of said nebulus overreaching rules, and the complete denial of ... DEFENCE !!
i like the eula from win7 .. if win7 breaks your machine (good luck prouving that) you can't take us to court but to mediation ...on your dime .... and any way best we can do is 50 bucks
TheComicChild - 3 måneder siden
Also, like that is like super epic that an algorithym or a robot can do that. Still scared of AI taking jobs from humans, but like how do you even pay/reward/helpsurvive an AI?
TheComicChild - 3 måneder siden
Cause a part of me knows robots need love too - dan magean
TheComicChild - 3 måneder siden
If the email is nit like 4 times a day like political parties that is cool
Jimin Xu
Jimin Xu - 3 måneder siden
I think the way CGP Grey speaks made YouTube think he’s a bot. Still though everyone love your voice.
Dmitri Kutsenov
Dmitri Kutsenov - 3 måneder siden
bruh if my favorite channel were blocked because it was a bot then why won’t they block content farms such as Blossom, they are clearly spamming content, now isn’t that a little bit robot?
Coal27 - 3 måneder siden
I mean, at least you know that according to robots you would win a CGPGrey impersonation contest.
KFCHero1 - 3 måneder siden
CGP Grey was not the imposter
benderRendeer - 3 måneder siden
CGP Grey was not an impostor
? - 3 måneder siden
youtube rly said
Gray kinda sus
Logic_Encrypted - 3 måneder siden
I got this recommended this, cool
john Eguez
john Eguez - 3 måneder siden
all da dislike are from da youtube gods and their minions
Bike Crew
Bike Crew - 3 måneder siden
I have not get notified for a LONG time.
Electronic Freak
Electronic Freak - 3 måneder siden
What’s a email list
ASDominate - 3 måneder siden
I can’t do email