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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 26 dager siden
You can now get a theme journal at:
louis playz
louis playz - 4 dager siden
my theme this year is novelty :D
CallippoShafai - 15 dager siden
Congrats on selling out so quickly!!
thelastpropeller - 15 dager siden
@Gk2011 Well said sir/ madam. I came here on the last day of this weird rollercoaster of a year to refresh my themes understanding and pick one for 2021. Thankyou Grey for creating the things you create. I choose 2021 as the year of compassion
Positive Panda
Positive Panda - 19 dager siden
I’m totally gonna get one when back in stock
Gk2011 - 19 dager siden
Just wanted to come here at the end of 2020 to say thank you. I was never a huge "new years goal" person because it always felt like as soon as I stopped it would just spiral into depression(Which it had before and I just ended). I didn't really write down "goals" or "ideas" for 2020 for a theme I just kind of kept it in the back of my mind. My Theme ended up being "Hobbies" for the most part. I got into quite a lot this year including DnD, Terrain building, world building, and a few other things that really got me enjoying stuff. I'm looking forward to 2021 and continuing a lot of what I was doing in 2020. The theming really helped allow me to try out lots of stuff without it just feeling like I failed a goal especially with the Pandemic making a lot of stuff feel less worth it terrain building being an example for in person game nights. I haven't really picked something for 2021 yet but have a few ideas of what I want to work on. If there is one thing on the internet that really helped this year it was this 6 minute and 23 second video. I hope you have a great 2021.
Ellis L-G
Ellis L-G - 13 timer siden
2021 Baby
Darcie Clements
Darcie Clements - Dag siden
Man, I wish it was just me not sticking to something that was the issue. I am in constant disaster recovery mode.. and not little things, like actual life and death level disasters. Or some body part just stops working. My ankle stopped bending last year and it still is stuck because I can't get physiotherapy during covid and just have to spend an hour every day trying to keep it from getting worse. And it has been that way continuously for so long... I don't even remember. I think maybe 6 years ago I was able to do things. And I kid you not, this year began with cancer in my assistant dog.
Jacob Adams
Jacob Adams - Dag siden
As well as this video being extremely useful, I paused when the words came up, read a few, one in particular resonated with me, AND THEN HE SAID THE THING ABOUT ONE RESONATING WITH YOU OMG HE'S A GENIUS
CoffeeCAT67 - Dag siden
2021: year of hope
Michael - Dag siden
michael kelly
michael kelly - 2 dager siden
So far Ive succeeded in every New Years resolution
ThrasherJKL - 3 dager siden
I feel like this can be very ADHD friendly. It isn't so focused and specific so that one would have a hard time keeping on task, and broad enough to, as you said, be more forgiving as the initial definition can, and will most likely evolve, or even run into hurdles which both could devastate someone with ADHD.
Thank you!!!
WhatGoingOnGuys YT
WhatGoingOnGuys YT - 3 dager siden
Top 10 things that didn’t age well
Jaded Paragon
Jaded Paragon - 3 dager siden
Alright, instead of setting a New Years Resolution(s) of passing two IT exams in cloud, we're going to set a Theme of Learning for the Winter. Let's see how this goes.
Sentia Yoga
Sentia Yoga - 3 dager siden
Wonderful! simple and inspiring x
natalia - 4 dager siden
Watching this in 2021...
Bookinator23 - 5 dager siden
I'm here. 1 Year after i watched this video. I failed the theme. Heck it even got worse. Yea no
MinePlayersPE - 5 dager siden
@Shahrukh Khan maybe he meant that the trend got worse this year
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan - 5 dager siden
It CAN'T fail as there is no defined Goal to define failing thar Goal
Martin W.
Martin W. - 5 dager siden
Ok, but why not something funny to start. Ima make this year the year of deer, and see what happens. (Ok, and the year of finance and happyness, because screw my underdeveloped savings and my depressed life. ) Remind me January of '22 to see how it went.
Jente Lombahe
Jente Lombahe - 5 dager siden
Do you have an app?
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar - 6 dager siden
I fail all my goals so NO 😢
The Frozen Shadow King
The Frozen Shadow King - 6 dager siden
I’m sorry
I still don’t understand how themes works
Sreya Sriyan
Sreya Sriyan - 6 dager siden
Kasey Marriott
Kasey Marriott - 7 dager siden
This isn’t my first resolution rodeo
I’ve never done it
And I never will.
Sarril - 7 dager siden
Very cool video, pretty cool concept to think about and consider. Thanks for that Grey.
Arman Mahmood
Arman Mahmood - 7 dager siden
Lmao i dont do resolutions
PotatoGamer wang
PotatoGamer wang - 7 dager siden
theme internet for 2021
Crazical 2
Crazical 2 - 8 dager siden
Cant wait for Dream to speedrun the life path
jack blank
jack blank - 8 dager siden
2021 consistency
Rend Music
Rend Music - 8 dager siden
my new years resolution is to expand my plague doctor collection
lucas takeo
lucas takeo - 9 dager siden
I think that a theme might be useful as a means of constantly reevaluating the specific goals you set for yourself while working in the same general trajectory. In this way it might improve adherence to the changes you need to make and help you correct your objectives without totally giving up if you were too ambitious initially. But setting specific, actionable goals in short, medium and long term timeframes is absolutely necessary for positive change. You might not want to think of these goals as resolutions, and instead as parts of your broader theme, but without them it's harder to tell when and what you're doing wrong and you don't get the same sense of progress to motivate you. I get that the video hints at something like that at the end, but themes barely have any use without that omitted part :(
Rose Lavender
Rose Lavender - 10 dager siden
"Natures clock ticks on, reminding your that flowers bloom but briefly, *the summer's sun will wane, leaves eventually drop, snow falls, and snow melts* ..."

Stares in Florida 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
Rose Lavender
Rose Lavender - 10 dager siden
wait doesn't this directly contradict your 7 ways to maximize misery video????
crankysister - 10 dager siden
My theme for 2021 is "Recovery".
Danielle Stoop
Danielle Stoop - 10 dager siden
Looking at the fog of the future part and realizing how fitting it was for 2020
Kent Slaymaker
Kent Slaymaker - 10 dager siden
It's the Summer of George!
Logain - 10 dager siden
My theme for 2020, Year of Survival. Anyone else in 2021 checking in with last year's theme?
Reihan Alfarisi
Reihan Alfarisi - 10 dager siden
I dont have resolution. But i do have objective.
This years objective : SURVIVE
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 11 dager siden
Year of suffering
Murhaf karam
Murhaf karam - 11 dager siden
2021 anyone ?
Markus Kenji Santos
Markus Kenji Santos - 11 dager siden
hey there are no seasons here in the philipines
MinePlayersPE - 5 dager siden
not even dry and rainy?
Timothy Davis
Timothy Davis - 12 dager siden
2020 was the year of change... sorry y’all it’s all my fault...
Simaran Vohra
Simaran Vohra - 12 dager siden
Watched this video a year ago and tried making it the year of health. I've lost 7 kilos in all, the most I've ever been able to, only because I allowed myself to make decisions flexibly and experiment within the spectrum of "health"
Whee, I'm gonna try something else this year, it's quite exciting!
Glendy Feliz
Glendy Feliz - 12 dager siden
2021: Year of resolutions
NoahBud Wilder
NoahBud Wilder - 12 dager siden
Don’t quit at games
Andrew Denne
Andrew Denne - 13 dager siden
theme for 2021?
Trashy Animation
Trashy Animation - 7 timer siden
Kevin Battey
Kevin Battey - 12 dager siden
Year of openness for me
Ekkinox04 - 13 dager siden
My theme : (Another) year of failure POGGERS
The Cookiedoughanimator
The Cookiedoughanimator - 13 dager siden
I’m doing year of reading
Not Chubby
Not Chubby - 13 dager siden
my theme is year of study
The Cookiedoughanimator
The Cookiedoughanimator - 13 dager siden
Mine is yearof reading
Not Chubby
Not Chubby - 13 dager siden
or year of disipline
Bong Ordaneza
Bong Ordaneza - 13 dager siden
Grey: Year of Novelty!
2020: Novel Coronavirus
jazzwolf - 13 dager siden
2021: Year of Finance and Year of Organization.
Okay Moonshine
Okay Moonshine - 13 dager siden
Watching this in 2021 coz my 2020 theme didn't work
Intinya yutuber
Intinya yutuber - 13 dager siden
2019: *minecraft theme*
2020: *cave sound*
2021: *dark soul 3 theme*
BunnyWarlock YT
BunnyWarlock YT - 13 dager siden
It's been one day and I already messed up my resolution
joecab - 14 dager siden
Great idea yet I am bothered that no one thought to put a hotstopper in the Starbucks cup in this video.
TheMaskedGamer - 14 dager siden
"Not all tools need sharp edges."
Miss. Fortune
Miss. Fortune - 14 dager siden
I come back to say I’m making mine 2021 Year of progression.
Sławomir - 14 dager siden
Watched it at the right moment :)
Mighty XT
Mighty XT - 14 dager siden
My past self sent me here.
Fajita Cat
Fajita Cat - 14 dager siden
It Takes Courage
It Takes Courage - 14 dager siden
Of course this was in my recommendations today
Francesca Turrinelli
Francesca Turrinelli - 14 dager siden
Thank you for this idea! This year (2021) my theme is: Year of Respect. Respecting myself and my worth, respecting my body and what it does for me, respecting others, etc
_ Sharkysnipx_
_ Sharkysnipx_ - 14 dager siden
My theme for one year was to never make anymore themes and thats been going on for 7 years
Legionaru Emanuel
Legionaru Emanuel - 14 dager siden
Me(2020):year of learning
2020: year of survival
me:year of learning survival
me (2021):year of learning again
2021:hmmmmm lets see.........
kkcat - 14 dager siden
2021: engaging in human interactions online and in person
SparkingLuxray /015
SparkingLuxray /015 - 14 dager siden
2021: Year of change. My goal for the year is to make small quality of life improvements to change my life for the better.
Books by Nancy Christie
Books by Nancy Christie - 14 dager siden
Loved the idea and included the link to your video in my upcoming newsletter!
Really Random
Really Random - 14 dager siden
Its the 1st of 2021 and this year will be the year of self happiness
einsteinboricua - 14 dager siden
January 1, 2021
I dub the year: Year of Recovery
Mordecai Mengesteab
Mordecai Mengesteab - 14 dager siden
TheQuark6789 - 14 dager siden
Jokes on you, I'm watching this on January 1st, so my resolutions are going great!
Alex Knight
Alex Knight - 14 dager siden
Ayyyy 2021
Canadian Rocketman
Canadian Rocketman - 14 dager siden
2021: year of pog champ
chloe.sweetcake - 13 dager siden
Daniel Eaken
Daniel Eaken - 14 dager siden
Commenting to boost this for people in 2021 (whoop) who haven’t seen it yet
Thomas Fieschi-Rose
Thomas Fieschi-Rose - 14 dager siden
My theme for the year: Creativity;
Gemy Joker
Gemy Joker - 14 dager siden
My 2021 theme is year of self worth thank you for this idea
TheNeku123 - 14 dager siden
Who are watching in 2021?
ooga booga
ooga booga - 14 dager siden
2021: Year of Rededication
Anthea Neilsen
Anthea Neilsen - 14 dager siden
My feam is speck out loud and get to finish my reads (thats at my school and i go to school and im going into year 5 this year) happy new year
Sebastian P.
Sebastian P. - 15 dager siden
Happy new years to whoever is reading this! I think this year I'll properly try a theme!
Canadian Rocketman
Canadian Rocketman - 14 dager siden
Sally Grasso
Sally Grasso - 15 dager siden
Is there a book this was based on? Or could people recommend any 'further reading'?
mächlüh - 14 dager siden
I am also interest in a book like that. But some parts of the video reminded me of "Atomic Habits" by James Clear.
zonce - 15 dager siden
Here in 2021 and will try this out for the first time!
doe john
doe john - 15 dager siden
Happy new year 2021
Edward Jing
Edward Jing - 15 dager siden
1 Jan 2021
thank you……
motzPHaragas - 15 dager siden
This year's theme for 2021: "Year of Reclamation"
I'm taking back some control that was lost from the past year.
John Mulholland
John Mulholland - 12 dager siden
Mine is overcoming fear.
Purity is a state of mind
Purity is a state of mind - 15 dager siden
I actually did pretty well on my resolution- I gained nearly 20lbs and started playing basketball again
some rando
some rando - 15 dager siden
I made 2020 the Year of Independence, and I moved out of my parents’ house in July and started my own mask-making endeavor during lockdown. Mission accomplished! I’m lucky I didn’t set it to “Year of Travel” or “Year of Socializing.”
2021 will be the Year of Art for me! Let’s do it! 😊
BRANDON NGUYEN - 11 dager siden
Ay! Year of art for me as well!
Anon Anon
Anon Anon - 15 dager siden
2021: Year of Success✌️
MrGrauz - 13 dager siden
Who will choose failure? Maybe your theme can be year of taking risks or year of finishing things. 😊👍
Zuulmeister - 15 dager siden
Back here to ponder my theme for 2021.
sadikaeleer - 15 dager siden
This year I'm going to try a new theme every month! because even picking just one for only a season is haaaard, and focusing on one thing for a month seems more accessible to me
Vaughn Cedric Araneta
Vaughn Cedric Araneta - 15 dager siden
My Theme for 2020 was "Year of Art".
In the end, I ended up knowing how to code, to paint, and to play the piano.
So, I guess it's still "Year of Art".
jas jas
jas jas - 14 dager siden
Radlup DL
Radlup DL - 15 dager siden
Patrick Holzschuh
Patrick Holzschuh - 15 dager siden
2021 will be my year of adventure we’ll see how we do
Vic Mantiri
Vic Mantiri - 15 dager siden
Year of Habits for 2021!
Ian Hamby
Ian Hamby - 15 dager siden
2021: Year of Creativity.
Kaden Gutierrez
Kaden Gutierrez - 15 dager siden
This year was my year of self improvement. I have been trying to improve myself physically and mentally and have done pretty well. I have a new career path, lost about 65 pounds, and feel just amazing. I’m joining the Navy, and will be traveling to places I’ve never been before. I’ve never really been out of California much and am excited to see the world and try new things, so this will be the Year of Novelty as you suggested. I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now without this video, so thank you.
Microman Channel
Microman Channel - 15 dager siden
My theme for 2021: Year of Productivity.
See you all next year.
Ryan Jansen Baranda
Ryan Jansen Baranda - 15 dager siden
coming back to before the new years
- 123Today-
- 123Today- - 15 dager siden
Alright boys,we have one chance to pick a theme,dont screw it up
Peaceful Sprinkles
Peaceful Sprinkles - 16 dager siden
bruh idk why I watched this I can always keep my resolutions
Knevix711 - 17 dager siden
I just found this video on the 29th of December. I should've known there was a better approach to this whole resolution thing, but I guess that hindsight is 2020.
Not-So Awkward Alex
Not-So Awkward Alex - 17 dager siden
2021 is going to be my year of business
AidenThat1Cuber - 17 dager siden
ok guys, boutta be new year so let’s make some themes.
mines personally gonna be year of either knowledge or chess
Synthetic Technocrat
Synthetic Technocrat - 17 dager siden
To all the Hoi4 players watching: think of your theme like your National Focus
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Archduke Franz Ferdinand - 16 dager siden
Year of the great purge
Turner Daniels
Turner Daniels - 17 dager siden
My theme for 2021: Year of habit.
Eric Parker
Eric Parker - 18 dager siden
My theme was "Survive, and pass my courses." I succeeded the second. A few more days to the first.
badri ahmed
badri ahmed - 18 dager siden
For once in my life, youtube recommended something useful
Jackninja5 - 18 dager siden
Next year may be the year of health for me.