Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History.

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El Woosh
El Woosh - 20 timer siden
Bottom line: we, the uk is a fuckery in practice
poopybumbruh videos
poopybumbruh videos - 53 minutter siden
HearthStoner - Dag siden
oh, how relevant this became
Den who says mandalore
Wanna update this to 2021 bud?
るなめりあ - Dag siden
0:42 The UK
0:56 The UK according to American Movies
Toit Nups
Toit Nups - Dag siden
finally. someone gets it. the uk election system's tactic is essentially to create enough voting to create the illusion of democracy but enough rues and roundabouts to schew the results in favour of the two major parties
Jeongyeon Im
Jeongyeon Im - Dag siden
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142doddy - 2 dager siden
So proportional representation is the solution right? Well, that's not ideal either. Since a few English cities are so densely populated, near enough all MPs will make decisions to appease the metropolitan citizens, and any suburban or rural communities wouldn't be represented at all.
To put it into perspective, with proportional representation London alone would have more say in how parliament and the nation is ran than the entirety of Scotland.
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh - 16 timer siden
So? That's what most people wwnt
Cap Kev Darlin
Cap Kev Darlin - 2 dager siden
But at least we can say, *At least we aint as bad as america!’*
Go on then. Fire your insult guns at me.
poopybumbruh videos
poopybumbruh videos - 50 minutter siden
Americas voting system is one I almost understand but believe its bullshit. I dont have a fucks clue on how we fucked it up so much more worse. we are definitely worse than the US
flanker - 2 dager siden
When I look at stuff like this, I can't help but wonder. How the hell did we end up here? I'm a firm believer in Occam's Razor. But we really can't reach where we are today by natural processes (i.e laziness and apathy). Someone, at some time, must have actually thought "how can we hollow out the concept of democracy and fill it with oligarchy but make it look like it's still democracy"
I just can't see how such a convoluted and useless voting system could come about by itself. First pass the post is something we literally never use anywhere else that we use voting for. Why use it here?
Don't get me started on the macroeconomics... Normally, when I start reading up on something, it starts making sense. With macroeconomics, it's literally the opposite. The more you learn, the less sense it makes. Everything related to it is so needlessly convoluted, it can literally only be the result of intelligent design. i.e Someone sitting down and asking the question "what kind of an economic system we can come up with that literally no one can understand how it works?"
Hensprings - 3 dager siden
Just wanna say, as a Brit. It’s not our elections that are broken. The USA can’t really talk
Oliver Hotakainen
Oliver Hotakainen - 3 dager siden
With all these bad examples of voting like UK and USA you should do a video about Finland. I'm not a politician or any expert on the matter but have always thought that our system really works fairly and represents the majority.
Charles Bordy III
Charles Bordy III - 4 dager siden
Hey, you're welcome to try the two-party electoral college system out if you want. It's like trying to ride a unicycle blind-folded and drunk though.
Nametag - 4 dager siden
Giving the seats to the people who got the most votes. How awful. You should just do what the US does and fudge the numbers until the person you WANT to be in office gets the nod.
Empire of Truth
Empire of Truth - 2 dager siden
@Nametag People are going to form blocs of common interest regardless of whether or not there are parties. If you snapped your fingers and got rid of the parties, then voters would coalesce around certain types of candidates and ideas the same as they always do. Electoral systems need to be modeled based on how people behave in reality rather than how they should behave in a perfect world.
Luck Genuine Lightning
Luck Genuine Lightning - 4 dager siden
@Nametag Tying the percentage of seats a party gets to the percentage of votes does not mean you can't vote for individuals ... see STV or MMP, for instance, where you vote for local representatives while still having a proportional electoral system. Also, what you're advocating for would be terribly impractical, but let's ignore that for now. Under the proportional system outlined earlier, used by the vast majority of European countries, every single vote counts and everyone has a representative or group of representatives in parliament they actually voted for, unlike in the UK or the US, where only the representative who got the most votes in any constituency gets elected. Abolishing parties would change nothing about this, unless you were to establish multi-member constituencies, but then again how would you distinguish between candidates who got way more votes than others, as candidates who did much better can't be compensated? All in all, terrible idea.
Nametag - 4 dager siden
@Luck Genuine Lightning How about abolish parties altogether and vote for individuals instead of voting for groups, since that's who you're voting for in the first place?
Luck Genuine Lightning
Luck Genuine Lightning - 4 dager siden
... Yes. The UK system IS awful. Nationally, they got 37%, but they got a majority (51%), and it also largely disenfranchises third parties. There are better ways to run elections, such as tying the percentage of seats a party gets to the percentage of votes a party receives nationwide. The vast majority of European countries do this, for example. Why not the UK?
zachos 2000
zachos 2000 - 5 dager siden
am i the only one who just keeps hearing jason weiser bidding me welcome to his podcast? i mean that background music is just eternally connected to myths and legends because of that poscast
Alexei Smirnoff
Alexei Smirnoff - 6 dager siden
as a brit I can confirm 2 things:
1 - our election system is horrendous
2 - we do not drink tea nearly as much as people think
Mr Smith
Mr Smith - 8 dager siden
On the other hand, it is fair, as most of those UKIP voters would have voted Tory, I support PR being added to the syste,m but actually a lot of how the UK system works, is people voting for the party in seats they dod not wants, yes it is unafir on Lib Dems, as few reakky oppse the,m that much, but they lose the battle for the left's votes so dont win many seats as Labour beat them on that cpount,
J-エリコ - 9 dager siden
Because of the vicious gangs of keep left signs
Thomas CS
Thomas CS - 12 dager siden
The dislikes are from team blue.
Kishan Singh
Kishan Singh - 16 timer siden
Damn Tories
Michael Jones
Michael Jones - 12 dager siden
at least it's better than the usa
Maree Ahmat
Maree Ahmat - 13 dager siden
I think the title needs to be updated...
Amy On her computer
Amy On her computer - 13 dager siden
Did the reservations series just never happen?
Cameron Boi
Cameron Boi - 14 dager siden
That dictatorship lite hits too close to home now
Charlie Clapp
Charlie Clapp - 15 dager siden
0:56 This map is a lot more accurate than it should be
Tubby Scrubb
Tubby Scrubb - 16 dager siden
Damn UKIP really got screwed over
Alteryx - 17 dager siden
*Meanwhile in America in early January 2021*
Jzinsky - 17 dager siden
At least we can accept the result
Robin Truby
Robin Truby - 17 dager siden
I like Britain's method the best, if you love your country and want your country to do well you vote conservative. If you want to sit around and blame everybody else for the bad life choices you have made then you vote Labour, Snp or liberal democrat. It's very simple.
Fredashay Klavierstein
Fredashay Klavierstein - 17 dager siden
Ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha-ho-ho-ho-ha-ha! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HO-HO-HO-HO-HO!! Chortle. Snort...
Pradyumna Chandel
Pradyumna Chandel - 17 dager siden
Let us all take a moment to realize that this election is the reason behind BREXIT.
Red Siegfried
Red Siegfried - 3 dager siden
Which still hasn't happened yet, and never will. That election and that referendum was absolutely meaningless because the EU has no intention of giving up its power, ever.
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde - 19 dager siden
Watching this in 2020 with all the US is going through. Lol
Ace Baltazar
Ace Baltazar - 19 dager siden
Why is the myths and legends podcast theme playing?
Irish Countryball
Irish Countryball - 21 dag siden
Me not living in the UK
Jon Linin
Jon Linin - 21 dag siden
So I have voted at every opportunity since 1979, I have never had an MP, County Councillor, District Councillor, Town or Parish Councillor that reflected my politics. I have had MEP (members of the European parliament) who represented me because they were elected proportionately.
I like Single Transferable Vote (STV) which is used for elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly - very few wasted votes, works out close to exactly proportional, and gives you a choice even within the party you support. You can access the results online - you can see each round as the votes get redistributed - very interesting. The reason they have it was to try and accurately reflect opinion in a very divided community.
YT_Radiation - 22 dager siden
We gon talk bout brexit?
T Oliver
T Oliver - 24 dager siden
I would prefer an initial vote to select the top 3 candidates then a second to pick the winner. It would allow people to select the lesser evil. I also like the second PR vote we have in Scotland for our parliament as it gives representation to smaller parties. I always vote green as my second as I want them represented. I also like the Australian “none of the above” option and a fine for not voting
Darren Richard
Darren Richard - 24 dager siden
Well the most unrepresentative election is 2005 with only 60% turnout and around 30 odd percent of the vote “team Red” won. with only a quarter of the electorate.
Hells Advocate
Hells Advocate - 25 dager siden
Hearing you pronounce my constituency 'rekin' kills me
Marcus Puglisi
Marcus Puglisi - 26 dager siden
Purple votes: 13%
Purple seats: 0.2%
Me: Your point?
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 29 dager siden
This election led to Brexit, right?
Jack Hewitt
Jack Hewitt - Måned siden
Me in south Belfast born the day the troubles ended
Hannah Perez
Hannah Perez - Måned siden
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mouth sauce
mouth sauce - Måned siden
Ok american who knows little to nothing about how this actually effects the country
Donganue Lapootus
Donganue Lapootus - 5 dager siden
@Robin Truby Ok but this video is not about how to run Britain. It's about how representation in Parliament does not match representation in voting. Regardless of what views you take about how the country should be run, there are flaws in voting systems which we can actually measure the effect of, which people should be aware of. Sooner or later the same system will produce inequalities against all sides, and only when it works against your views will you be complaining about it
Robin Truby
Robin Truby - 17 dager siden
@Donganue Lapootus so do people in London but they have no clue about Britain or how the country needs to run so that it lasts.
Donganue Lapootus
Donganue Lapootus - Måned siden
He lives in the UK
Clare Gallagher
Clare Gallagher - Måned siden
Lol Belfast South is my constituency.. basically a lot of 'south Belfast' includes areas that would class themselves as 'east Belfast' as they are more Protestant and Unionist. However generally South Belfast is a very neutral area, but there are a few 'neutral' parties and most also also sway more to the nationalist side.. so then people voting nationalist are also quite popular amongst the south.. This is mostly because the South includes a lot of students and young adults living there.. so to summarise my messed up point.. the votes consist of Unionists closer to the East of South Belfast, Young people who want to stray from religiously rooted political parties, Nationalists who back the ideology of a United Ireland which is more common also in you get people.. (and against the dinosaurs I'm the DUP).. and then there's the Green Party who just wish everyone could be friends and start caring about our planet together and stop fighting over silly things 🥰
Bode Nathaniel
Bode Nathaniel - Måned siden
Dictatorship Lite
Bode Nathaniel
Bode Nathaniel - Måned siden
it's like america's electoral college but on crack
Muhammad Maulana
Muhammad Maulana - Måned siden
Grey : the election system succ
Also Grey on Rule for Rulers : Make voting system that benefits you and your cronies so you guys stays on office longer
Milo Summers
Milo Summers - Måned siden
Cut to the 2019 election
Ninety 9
Ninety 9 - Måned siden
Hey Gray can you do a video on direct democracy
Orko Bairagi
Orko Bairagi - Måned siden
👀👀👀 *looks in 2020*
Clifford Nelson
Clifford Nelson - Måned siden
Thanks so much. Please do a presentation on the governments of other countries
Imran Ali
Imran Ali - Måned siden
Why did you say Wrekin like that it’s r-ee-kin not r-ek-in
Justin Santiago
Justin Santiago - Måned siden
The mindless burn chronologically burn because bobcat analytically scatter outside a lame tank. disgusted, jumpy thunderstorm
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton - Måned siden
Still better than it is here in the U.S. At least you guys get more than 2 choices.
drag un
drag un - Måned siden
I think the us has a similar system but it's not the exact same
Foodways Distribution
Foodways Distribution - Måned siden
The illusion of fair and democratic elections in a corporate dictatorship.
Hdjdn shjdjd
Hdjdn shjdjd - Måned siden
looks like someone was bitter about election results 🤣😂
H C - Måned siden
It seems quite unique that one party, the yellow (SNP) is only active in Scotland, not in the entire UK. The only comparable case I know is CSU in Germany, which by forming a union with CDU, also doesn't actually run like SNP.
Sion's Media
Sion's Media - Måned siden
Still better than the US.
01of10 - Måned siden
Broken voting system? Welcome to the club.
Ethan Lue
Ethan Lue - Måned siden
Ironically, the Conservatives(Team Blue)actually lost their majority in the 2017 election despite gaining 6% in terms of the popular vote from the election in 2015.( The Conservatives share of the popular vote grew from 36% in 2015 to 42% in 2017).
Ly Tran
Ly Tran - Måned siden
Me who won my election with 1% of the vote:
Reality: 99% of people didnt vote for me
The Royal Grape
The Royal Grape - Måned siden
Hah imagine living in a country that had bad election lmao

-this was made by 2020 USA gang
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce - Måned siden
Lol imagine seeing this living in the U.S. and just bowing your head in sadness
RICHARD M - Måned siden
still, in NL there is equal represententation but the result is a goverment that never has a clear policy because they need to appease to 3-5 smaller parties to get a majority...
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
Exactly this guy makes such a bad argument seems like he never studied anything.
Calvin Mathew
Calvin Mathew - Måned siden
Basically, it's the electoral college except the population doesn't affect anything.
eggy - Måned siden
This video is ironic coming from an American
K SPOOR - Måned siden
Belgiums is worse
Varvara Mironov
Varvara Mironov - Måned siden
me, color blind: 0_0
zachary roman
zachary roman - Måned siden
You should read Wilkinson's Grammar of Graphics
Ryan Godsman10
Ryan Godsman10 - Måned siden
Ryan Godsman10
Ryan Godsman10 - Måned siden
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
But in all honesty, No
Ryan Godsman10
Ryan Godsman10 - Måned siden
Ryan Godsman10
Ryan Godsman10 - Måned siden
Will Raasch
Will Raasch - Måned siden
The way you said they had their elections seems fine, you seem like you are just trying to cause trouble bro!
Florian Pollard
Florian Pollard - Måned siden
Much like US. Votes are just not worth the same. Of you get proportional representation small parties can grow and you would be rid of the two party system. Also it means that 1 vote represents a percentage of a chair in parliament. No votes go to waste .
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
And how do you form a government in multiparty system? Just because you have more representation in the parliament does not mean the government which is formed will be more representative. This guy maybe needs to study before making these bs videos.
Paco Ramirez
Paco Ramirez - Måned siden
The UK’s system isn’t much, if at all better than the electoral college. The two most common gripes with the EC: you can win an election without winning the popular vote, and the gross misrepresentation, are both possible/true under the UK system. I don’t know that a party winning an election while losing the popular vote has ever happened in the UK, but last year it did happen in Canada, which uses the same system.
Through coalitions you also have a possible scenario where the second largest party “wins” an election, the third largest party gets disproportionately large sway in government, and the biggest party that won the popular vote is relegated to opposition.
Nobody in particular
Nobody in particular - Måned siden
Garbage video missing the point and not discussing the differences between 'first past the post system' and 'proportional representation' - unlike the banana republic of the USA with only a binary choice - where both are the same
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
Agree the video is garbage. But I think PR is worse.
the american viking
the american viking - Måned siden
America: we're going to see about that.
Velian Lodestone
Velian Lodestone - Måned siden
Nothing depresses me more than voting systems because by very nature they cannot change. The winner gets to make the rules and that is _not breaking the thing that got them in power_.
Noellelovespandas - Måned siden
Can you do this for the US
John Johnson
John Johnson - Måned siden
They all are bad. Look at America
Akash AGARWAL - Måned siden
India inherited the same problem from their colonial ruler
James - 2 måneder siden
Coz our fucking system works like that its so simple
ilovemycountry ok
ilovemycountry ok - 2 måneder siden
America just said hold my 🍺
nlJ - 2 måneder siden
don't be so sure
Pa Ddy
Pa Ddy - 2 måneder siden
Need I say "electoral college"
Jamie Ngo
Jamie Ngo - 2 måneder siden
The problem with PR or another voting system has been shown between 2017-2019 with a Hung Parliament. A calamitous Brexit period where nothing was agreed upon and there was total deadlock. Imagining that every single year is just... Ugh
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
Another problem with PR is even though you get a more representative parliament it doesn't mean you'll get a more representative government. This guy really hasn't studied this stuff and makes these videos. Kinda annoying really.
Bob Wow
Bob Wow - 2 måneder siden
I wonder though... would it make the decisions that are made in parliament (or whatever it’s called in England) take longer then they already do since it split into all these tiny fractals?
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
Exactly for many reasons PR is probably worse.
Rick Van Dam
Rick Van Dam - 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile in Belgium
North politicians dont show up on the south voting chart and vice versa
:I - 2 måneder siden
:I - Måned siden
@BorsMann no??? he was born in and grew up in America?
Jay Wogan
Jay Wogan - Måned siden
@Smagic I think UK system is better than PR. In PR you get more representative parliament but it doesn't mean you'll get a more representative government. The fact that Grey doesn't even seem to consider this makes me think he hasn't really studied the topic.
Smagic - 2 måneder siden
@:I well that's quite alright, I am just rather opposed to the mindset that because its worse elsewhere, it cannot be better here, which is held commonly enough.
:I - 2 måneder siden
@Smagic it was a joke but cool thanks :)
Smagic - 2 måneder siden
Our system is not made fine by America’s being even worse. And for the record, Grey isn’t exactly fond on the electoral college either.
Janani - 2 måneder siden
Would two separate elections work better then?
U elect you local MP and choose a party separately?
Maddie M
Maddie M - 2 måneder siden
I love how yellow scotland is
Brendan Mc Kee
Brendan Mc Kee - 2 måneder siden
Given the Republican-Unionist dynamics of Northern Irish politics, I’m not sure Belfast South properly qualifies as being “the worst”
AlexisBubba15 - 2 måneder siden
Yeah you know, this seems a lot like the system in the us, even if there is more partys the amount of people that doesn't get represented because their candidate lost is a little less than half, same as with the US where the winner is representing half at best half of the nation, its just that the votes are more widespread because of more competition, take all the parties but two away in the uk and you will get this same numbers, but with two slices rather than 6-7
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist - 2 måneder siden
2016 in the USA: hold my beer.
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist - 2 måneder siden
The fact that the video is from 2015 is part of the joke
Roy Hewes
Roy Hewes - 2 måneder siden
But we know this - it is called Democracy. There is another problem called Culture Wars & Identity Politics which people voted against but is going-on anyway.
Fire animations
Fire animations - 2 måneder siden
Rava stchewpid innit
Datt -xD
Datt -xD - 2 måneder siden
Me, a german guy watching in 2020:
Hfar - 2 måneder siden
Me: "Man, how did the US wind up with system that is the Electoral College?"
*watches this video*
Me: "Ah. We learned it from our parent."
Custom Island Tours LLC
Custom Island Tours LLC - 2 måneder siden
The US, 2020: Hold my beer...
Basti - 2 måneder siden
Meanwhile in the US
ValdaXD - 2 måneder siden
US elections: Allow me to introduce myself