Why Die?

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Watch part 2 from Kurzgesagt: noburn.info/id/video/raOtpNZlea97pGU.html
How many people die in a day: noburn.info/id/video/t4GxeKmKaIeSqKA.html
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Pramod Herath
Pramod Herath - 8 timer siden
What's the point though. I'd rather die when I'm 50. Only two things keep me from it. 1) my fear of the pain in dying. 2) my family and friends feeling sad for me.
Ilkanar - 21 time siden
how i didnt knew for 4 years
Ilkanar - 21 time siden
Camn, cant wait for the neuralink and adjacent tech
Tophatgaming - Dag siden
now I'm imagining the Grimm reaper being unemployed
Roux Hat
Roux Hat - Dag siden
1:01 banana
Rian - 2 dager siden
Ohhh the dragon video makes more sense
bigpollaful - 2 dager siden
tienes razón, debemos hacer que mas gente quiera que se investigue la inmortalidad, de esa manera crearemos una demanda de mercado fuerte que podría impulsar a las empresas a la investigación de esta tecnología anti-envejecimiento.
BRAHMS E# - 3 dager siden
"... the value of life cannot be estimated. Not by the living, for they are an interested party... [and] not by the dead, for a different reason." -- Nietzsche
BRAHMS E# - 3 dager siden
We need resurrection
Tesla Romans
Tesla Romans - 3 dager siden
I remembered seeing Adam’s ruin everything video about death and his approach of death seemed psychologically way healthier than this. Not to say we shouldn’t consider death as a disease to eradicate or put off for as long as possible, but until it is, accepting our mortality is essential to live a fulfilled life.
Justin J.M. Higner
Justin J.M. Higner - 4 dager siden
Mental health has to catch up too, however. After 500 years I would probably run out of rationale.
jazzomega - 4 dager siden
How have I not noticed the progressive decay of the video until now?
Lizzy M
Lizzy M - 4 dager siden
You rewatched that ep of DS9 a lot, didn't you.
Reccaman - 5 dager siden
Spinning the wheels here huh
mohamed galal
mohamed galal - 6 dager siden
Death is fact to every human it's allah will to worship him stop blowing jokes
mohamed galal
mohamed galal - 5 dager siden
@Quinn Smith first of all I appreciate your sincere reply after that I want to address that any research or scientific paper is easily changable by the discovery of new things , I know cryotherapy well I see every day medical conditions that makes me tear as iam maxillofacial surgeon ,thus the ability of the human body to self heal is superb but you have ignored the soul factor , who created this world , what the purpose of life ,why some bodies live while brain dead , I'm not talking about organic factors all I want to say every one have a date for his death determined before his birth even he is healthy and sound , iam very grateful to share my thoughts to you 🌷🌷
Quinn Smith
Quinn Smith - 6 dager siden
Rejuvenation research is the area of scientific research in which underlying damages that build up and lead to medical conditions (such as most cancers, Alzheimer's, dementia, ect.) are explored in order to create medical therapies (called "rejuvenation biotechnologies"); after the rejuvenation biotechnologies are developed, the elderly will become perfectly healthy, which will, as a side effect of staying perfectly healthy, lead to indefinite lifespans (this is called "longevity escape velocity."); Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation thinks there's a 50/50 chance of people reaching longevity escape velocity by the year 2036. There's also cryonics, which is a medical experiment that has all of the evidence in the literature supporting its feasibility, so it's realistic to think that people who are cryopreserved under the best current conditions will likely be revived in the future. Technology is all about overcoming nature; all medical conditions will become curable, all accidents will be prevented, people will become more physically durable, ect., so all of the problems that cause death will be cured.
Jokubas Kristapavicius
Jokubas Kristapavicius - 7 dager siden
I like CGP Grey but sometimes his opinions are just full of false analogies and a bit of emotional pleading.
David Keeton
David Keeton - 8 dager siden
If entropy is truly inevitable then perhaps death is "all powerful"... eventually. But there is much that we do not know about our reality and lots of time to learn if we can just get past the immediate threats... maybe.
DIGITAL_FERRET - 8 dager siden
This bee on he's desk distracks me
Anna Richter
Anna Richter - 8 dager siden
In a world without death would be no space for children and I would not like to live in a world without children.
BlackCover95 - 7 dager siden
If we invented a way to prolong death indefinitely, we likely found more places to populate.
Aiden Adler
Aiden Adler - 8 dager siden
okay scp-049
TheEnderManGamerz - 9 dager siden
True gg
Smooth smoothie 68 419
Smooth smoothie 68 419 - 10 dager siden
So what would people looks like, if you’re born do you never get older or..
Blind Night
Blind Night - 8 dager siden
Hmm I’m not sure but it could possibly be you will stay in your “peak” age forever? Or at least, when you stop aging your cells, your organs, your body wouldn’t decay or get weaker due to time, so I’d imagine it would be something like whenever your organs/body grow to be the strongest possible, and it would just never decline (due to aging)
Saberspree - 11 dager siden
13k dislikes and yet I'm not seeing any cowards in the comments spouting their bullshit about how this is heresy and that death is an essential part of life
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 11 dager siden
What about overpopulation.
Quinn Smith
Quinn Smith - 6 dager siden
Overpopulation will never be a problem because advanced technologies increase the planet's carrying capacity.
AKsLetsPlays - 8 dager siden
@Kamanashis Kar Why would you get bored? Everytime you think you experienced everything worth experienceng, new things will have been invented, new books written, new methods of entertainment created. You would never be able to be bored.
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 9 dager siden
@This channel does not exist. But also, who would even want to be immortal. Wouldn't you get bored with life when you're let's say 250 years old?
This channel does not exist.
Fertility rates have been going nothing but down.
Teresa Daly
Teresa Daly - 11 dager siden
Death is something I plan to avoid.
Charlie Cryer
Charlie Cryer - 11 dager siden
@kurzgesagt? Wtf that got me when I least expected it to
James M
James M - 12 dager siden
I would only become immortal if there was a way to make it so that I physically cannot forget anything and make it so that my brain will never be overloaded because of it.
If I still had the ability to forget and I still lived forever, soon enough I will forget everything/one I know and love, and that sounds like a dystopia to me.
This channel does not exist.
@Blind Night No I understand you don't mean a computer in a literal sense. And I can respect that opinion, of living forever while never forgetting, though personally, I think You'd just have too much info and too much knowledge if that became the case and would become an ultra nerd who always knows the perfect thing and is angry at the world for being the way it is as you would know how to fix it. That's just my opinion though.
Blind Night
Blind Night - 8 dager siden
@This channel does not exist. that is the end goal isn’t it, not literally of course
This channel does not exist.
So basically, you want to be a computer.
Aziel Quezada
Aziel Quezada - 12 dager siden
This is depressing. I can imagine my family refusing to take the pill or medicine that ends aging. (because they want to go to heaven and stuff -_-) Just imagine it: Your family dying in front of you, knowing full well that they don't have to die.
Lars Erik Volden
Lars Erik Volden - 12 dager siden
People really don't worry enough about death. The way we take it as given is really obnoxious.
Lavonda Sanderson
Lavonda Sanderson - 13 dager siden
Janis Taranda
Janis Taranda - 13 dager siden
Fantastic. Takes words out of my mouth
Kenzie Animation
Kenzie Animation - 13 dager siden
Atulya Barua
Atulya Barua - 13 dager siden
*"Why die?"*
*People under lifelong imprisonment* : Because
Kaden Rossney
Kaden Rossney - 14 dager siden
The problem is, you present it as "Why die" but really what I think you mean is "Why have to suffer over decades just to ultimately die." I want to die eventually, just without suffering.
Kaden Rossney
Kaden Rossney - 9 dager siden
@This channel does not exist. I mean, I don't, so checkmate I guess
This channel does not exist.
How do you know dying isn't suffering?
Trigger Studios
Trigger Studios - 15 dager siden
If you guys like the idea of deciding to die when you want or living forever but always having death linger, read the book Scythe
Viennese Mapping
Viennese Mapping - 16 dager siden
Breaking news: death rate drops to 0
Justagamer24 8
Justagamer24 8 - 16 dager siden
You guys linked me the one kurtzgazart video I haven’t seen
Alex Gee
Alex Gee - 17 dager siden
grey, this is a bad video. The chances that anyone watching today becomes immortal is extremely slim. we should work on it, but many people will continue to die, you and i as well. It's scary to die- but it doesn't have to be. you are just scaring people and filling them with misery. you are telling people they may not make it, which is true, but you say nothing to console those people. the way you worded this video is hurtful and i know this must have made a lot of people sad.
Quinn Smith
Quinn Smith - 6 dager siden
Rejuvenation research (which is not "immortality" by the way) is the area of scientific research in which underlying damages that build up and lead to medical conditions (such as most cancers, Alzheimer's, dementia, ect.) are explored in order to create medical therapies (called "rejuvenation biotechnologies"); after the rejuvenation biotechnologies are developed, the elderly will become perfectly healthy, which will, as a side effect of staying perfectly healthy, lead to indefinite lifespans (this is called "longevity escape velocity."); Aubrey de Grey from the SENS Research Foundation thinks there's a 50/50 chance of people reaching longevity escape velocity by the year 2036. There's also cryonics, which is a medical experiment that has all of the evidence in the literature supporting its feasibility, so it's realistic to think that people who are cryopreserved under the best current conditions will likely be revived in the future. Technology is all about overcoming nature; all medical conditions will become curable, all accidents will be prevented, people will become more physically durable, ect., so all of the problems that cause death will be cured.
This channel does not exist.
The same must have been said for cancer treatments.
Ntail Treome
Ntail Treome - 17 dager siden
The reaper is happy
sans sanessslol
sans sanessslol - 17 dager siden
HaHaHahAha DiE nOw TiMe tO DiE
NINO BASANIC - 17 dager siden
1:16 the plot of Saw in a nutshell
Roble Viejo
Roble Viejo - 18 dager siden
My favorite part of the day is when Im sleeping, unconscious, unexisting.
I want to do that all day, every day. I want to fucking die.
Adam Bainbridge
Adam Bainbridge - 18 dager siden
I'm 32 and my life expectancy is 60 (due to illness).
I am fine with that.
Tell me I'm wrong
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng - 17 dager siden
You not only failed to elaborate, but the challenge you posted is a sign of overconfidence.
ChaosKing - 18 dager siden
Right now 15 minute after The new year
The Reaper
The Reaper - 19 dager siden
you fool. I will enjoy meeting you very soon, *grey*
Da Bloxy Cola
Da Bloxy Cola - 19 dager siden
♥️♠️ 🎲♥️
♠️🎲 ♥️♠️
🎲♥️ ♠️🎲
♥️♠️ 🎲♥️
♠️🎲 ♥️♠️


RayRexDex - 2 dager siden
mr moomooface
mr moomooface - 20 dager siden
If we become immortal it would give more motivation and investment for space agencies like NASA and ESA to make other planets liveable to solve overpopulation. As our population indefinitely expands over time, our trechnology would also expand allowing us to spread out further and further. Eventually we would reach the barrier of the vast gap between ours and the next solar system, but that will eventually be overcome as well. Overpopulation will still be a mild problem, but not half as bad as our population moves out across the galaxy.
Jakub Bronk
Jakub Bronk - 20 dager siden
Remind me to not watch any videos about death right before going to sleep
leave me alone please
leave me alone please - 21 dag siden
Flip that I'm living forever
Joshua Wadsworth
Joshua Wadsworth - 21 dag siden
Grey: Why Die?
Me: Why Live?
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng - 20 dager siden
Zvon - 21 dag siden
I for one know with 100% certainty that if I were immortal I'd just completely procrastinate my life away. I need a.... Deadline *badum tss*
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng - 20 dager siden
That claim is invalid and unsound. With the exception of our own existence, we know nothing with absolute certainty.
GoatGamer 1
GoatGamer 1 - 21 dag siden
Blinded Bliss - Diana
Blinded Bliss - Diana - 22 dager siden
I wish to die, so my pain goes away. I want to die now.
freddy's 123
freddy's 123 - 22 dager siden
Who wants to die right now
Aejru - 23 dager siden
im so accustomed to it that i want to die. i see it as finally being set free from all suffering.
Keemin Lee
Keemin Lee - 24 dager siden
The problem with immortality is that it severely impedes progress. Humans benefit greatly from being able to generate fresh new brains that are capable of internalizing the present environment, and to innovate. Why use up precious resources to continue to fuel outdated brains already full of data that become less and less pertinent by the year (and, nowadays, is already backed up as computer data)?
Black Zero
Black Zero - 24 dager siden
No matter how advance we become in society we will still DIE!!!!
Mkass2 - 24 dager siden
I would not want to be immortal, especially if my parents and my grandparents, cousins, and my brother, pretty much anybody I know and love because I would see my friends and family die and me still here, I would probably be depressed without them and would want to die, I may see human history in its darkest times many many times and I would not want to live though that, and also the financial burden.
Mkass2 - 20 dager siden
@Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng I probably should have specified if I was the only one or few
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng
Jeffrey Jinyuan Feng - 20 dager siden
Well, you won't have to worry about that. We speak of making immortality commercially available so everyone has it.
Dat 1 channels
Dat 1 channels - 24 dager siden
This man really is starting to scare me, don’t tell me I have the pestilence now
Dustine Bruner
Dustine Bruner - 24 dager siden
I do have a checklist that I would for sure like to see done. Forever!?, I don't know would have to have the chance in order to see.
Hobbes Hobbiton
Hobbes Hobbiton - 25 dager siden
Personally, I am against making humans immortal- but only because humanity is not ready for it yet. Until we get enough infrastructure set up world wide to support an immortal generation, we should wait on finding a cure for death. 💀
Can o
Can o - 25 dager siden
Just /gamemode creative
MUFFLER MAN84 - 25 dager siden
Screw immortality. I'm already sick of most of the people in this world. Eternity with all of you honestly sounds depressing
RayRexDex - 26 dager siden
To relieve the pain.
Pranav Ram
Pranav Ram - 26 dager siden
The reaprer feeding the human a banana 🤔
Ognjen - 26 dager siden
,,If you torture to make them better appreciate the pleasures of life...,,

Me, after watching Saw series: I can sense some connections between these two things.
Alice Ling26
Alice Ling26 - 27 dager siden
Yeah, why die? I don't want to die, I'll never want to die. The longer, the better. There's always new things.
#historyiscool - 27 dager siden
We must create immortality
jordan van es
jordan van es - 27 dager siden
I come from kurzegesagt
Egoist Român
Egoist Român - 27 dager siden
Have you even watched Rick and Morty lol
The Obsidian Tiger
The Obsidian Tiger - 28 dager siden
If, instead of dying, a man came to your house and cut off your legs in order to "give walking meaning", that man would be unequivocally evil in every sense of the word. And yet, in such a world, the man would not be considered evil, but rather as a part of life, just as death is in ours. When suffering is all that a species knows, they will make no attempt to escape, preferring the known pain over the unknown pleasure.
james lieder
james lieder - 28 dager siden
BOOK RECOMEDATION: read the ARC OF A SCYTHE series, it tackles this exact premise
B dawg
B dawg - 28 dager siden
Humans don't disserve to live IMO. If it were up to me Id kill all of us rn 🚫🧢
Varileztra Dragonsong
Varileztra Dragonsong - 28 dager siden
imagine being immortal and getting into an accident that renders you immobile, deaf and blind.
Much pog
Ehan Nasir
Ehan Nasir - 28 dager siden
I feel life is like a fortress
it fights off invaders and protects its self but after years upon year it slowly breaks from cracks and is not practical to use so it is left to break down and collapse.... but the ruins of it stay there and the impact it had stay too.... so I feel death is different to disease as it is not something external coming in it is a combination of both the past and now finishing you off.
James E
James E - 29 dager siden
You might want to give up on that atheism. It's creating unnecessary problems.
XravenAzazel Javi
XravenAzazel Javi - 29 dager siden
You have a new subscriber
Bas de Jong
Bas de Jong - 29 dager siden
Slowing the decay (or dying of age) isn't too bad, but to stop it entirely is stupidity. If it's possible it'd be the worst thing humanity has ever invented. As nobody dies of age the world population (logically) explodes.
This will lead to the destruction of ecosystems for the ever expanding cities (and with it the inevitable extinction of all species living there), an increasing shortage of land to grow vegetables or breed cattle, an increasing amount of people starving and dying of all kinds of diseases. After a relatively short improvement of life quality for all it'll eventually become worse for every single person (save a few rich af ***holes) than it's ever been known.
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. - 28 dager siden
Ah yes, all you need to to do to have an infinite population is stop aging, for everyone, and oh yeah, ignore the carrying capacity.
Veronika Mikhaylova
Veronika Mikhaylova - Måned siden
you know what? life does not makes sence at all, just becuase i even do not exist
Arton Wedderburn
Arton Wedderburn - Måned siden
I give you Jesus. 🙂
Warchild 1987
Warchild 1987 - Måned siden
If we were vampires and death was a joke
We'd go out on the sidewalk and smoke
And laugh at all the lovers and their plans
I wouldn't feel the need to hold your hand
Maybe time running out is a gift
I'll work hard 'til the end of my shift…
Jason Isbell - "If We Were Vampires".
Jesse Bryntesson
Jesse Bryntesson - Måned siden
this is incredible, there are many ways i cannot explain this, and yet i understand every minute of it
exactly as described in Kurzgesagt's and CGP Grey's video from before with the split in the mind
it makes sense, and yet i deny the existence of this intelligence
Nosurf Central
Nosurf Central - Måned siden
Thank you for this
Randy - Måned siden
"To die or not to die that's the question "
- William Shakespeare, probably
Ethan Wecksell
Ethan Wecksell - Måned siden
I love your point of view!
Valery0p 5
Valery0p 5 - Måned siden
Miller Peshek
Miller Peshek - Måned siden
Valery0p 5
Valery0p 5 - Måned siden
@Magellanic Tell me how do you want to live forever if almost two thousands humans can still die from a fucking virus. No one needs unrealistic goals.
Magellanic - Måned siden
mohanned alademi
mohanned alademi - Måned siden
mr nobody
Dinoy Darky
Dinoy Darky - Måned siden
Ziko victorios
Ziko victorios - Måned siden
I want to live for 500 years
Sarcastic Syringe2020
Sarcastic Syringe2020 - Måned siden
I don’t gotta worry bout dying I’m fuckin abstinent to death.
lita maximum
lita maximum - Måned siden
drain gang
Amber Tschirgi
Amber Tschirgi - Måned siden
I actually want to die.
shachar charash
shachar charash - Måned siden
Any updates on this issue?
MsZsc - Måned siden
Suicide is Painless
and I can take or leave it if i please
Graveheart - Måned siden
Death is like mosquitos. We have to make peace with their existence, but Nobody would miss them if they were gone.
saad4290 saad4290
saad4290 saad4290 - Måned siden
without sadness happiness is not special at all
PokeHokage - Måned siden
It wouldn't be infinite, even if we found a way to live forever one day we will run out of resources and the stars will all die eventually taking out whatever semi immortal humans exist at the time. Plus just because we might have a way to beat aging doesn't mean death will be impossible, Theres accidents and muders.
Marv - Måned siden
If you live indefinitely, time loses its meaning and thus its value. If there is no time pressure telling you "do something today" you will never do it. This is a fundamental problem of infinity. Everything will be postponed indefinitely and lifetime will lose its meaning. That is why death gives meaning to life.
Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight - Måned siden
What the saying death brings meaning to life is wrong. What it should say is that death brings appreciation for life. What I mean is that is if you alway had food you won't appreciation. For example, spoiled rich kids. They alway have money because of that they won't appreciation it since they always have it. That what death bring. It bring appreciation for life and I'm not saying don't try to improve life. To be honest I think you should but what I mean is when you have limited amount of time you will try to make the best of it. Like when you only have a hour to spend with your friend before they move somewhere , you'll try to make every moment count. So, keep on living as long as you can, but always know your time is limited, so you'll make the most of it.
Cant be Tamed
Cant be Tamed - Måned siden
I watched part 2 in Kuzgesagt before part 1. You guys are just awesome!