Weekend Wednesday

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Egg 2.0
Egg 2.0 - 7 timer siden
I’m fine with this just give us back Saturday
CarmelWolf129 - 10 timer siden
Have you tried the no-free day schedule? When you work your hardest as long as you can until ultimately your brain doesn't let you anymore! And THEN you get your day off, ridden by guilt because you're not working, you weak, useless person.
The quarantine has me in shambles man. I picked a too ambitious university course.
JuliusAlexander - 12 timer siden
Okey I won't go to school in Wednesday either Saturday then
mauromb 23
mauromb 23 - 13 timer siden
No joke this actually works
Nebula - 13 timer siden
I like this, but as somebody who often spend the entire weekend at my grandparents, I feel like this would take away from this
Scrappy - 14 timer siden
Hah jokes on you, i don't have a job...
Jeorge Lee
Jeorge Lee - 14 timer siden
keep the weekend but make Wednesday a half day
Goku209 - 22 timer siden
This is my schedule 😂 I’ve been having this schedule for a year and it definitely works!!
Kingo_Clubs - 23 timer siden
Ive had this idea since i was a kid but im not self employed :(
DaGamerDude !
DaGamerDude ! - Dag siden
* watches this video on a 3 day weekend *
The Man
The Man - Dag siden
my school did this, but kept Saturday, and technically Wednesday is still school day, but no new work is assigned and there are no zoom meetings.
__ - Dag siden
Why not ditch the week system entirely and go for a 2 on 1 off repeating pattern?
WinkyDaGecko - Dag siden
I always have Tuesday and Thursday off and to be honest everything he’s saying is true
AK MASTER - Dag siden
I am from India and I live in a town and in my town there is only one holiday only on Sunday and not on Saturday or even on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or fucking Thursday or bitch kind Friday and not even on mot******king Saturday
Christopher Colucci
Christopher Colucci - Dag siden
Fudge that. 4 day work week. Mon, Tues on. Wednesday off. Thurs, Fri on. Sat, Sun off.
XeanderMan - Dag siden
And then there's me, working shifts that are needed, not knowing what day it is except if it is a work day or a day off
Xue Zheng
Xue Zheng - 2 dager siden
I don't know why but growing up, I've seen a pattern. Every single enjoyment of mine is always in Wednesday. Wait... Wed-Nes-Day-
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews - 2 dager siden
My work has me off on Friday and Sunday
Sami - 2 dager siden
I work on Saturday, but get Sunday Monday off... I totally agree that 2 days off only feels like one.
Impostor - 2 dager siden
i like this but tbh i would probably take saturday off regardless
Chloe S
Chloe S - 2 dager siden
This is a pretty cool idea. My university time schedule means I get every Thursday off so it’s sorta similar
Watermelon Pug
Watermelon Pug - 3 dager siden
I fucking hate this it’s so true
Camden Keeton
Camden Keeton - 3 dager siden
What if we worked on the weekends and break on the weekdays...think about it
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson - 3 dager siden
I totally agree with this!
Trashy Animation
Trashy Animation - 3 dager siden
How to have the week extra quiet for you whilst still having this work: Weekend Thursday. Doesn’t quite have the same ring though...
Sammy Lawrence
Sammy Lawrence - 3 dager siden
No, this week sucks. I've also done it before. Your only days off are spent recharging; that second day in a row is needed to get any projects done. Also weekend trips are impossible, and when Monday or Friday are off for holidays, it breaks up your time off even more.
The Pale King
The Pale King - 3 dager siden
Problem: cannot do Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon trips
Headyy - 3 dager siden
Here in india, we don’t even get a off on Saturday ffs
Felix Dean Serapio
Felix Dean Serapio - 3 dager siden
Trite - 3 dager siden
You sound like you've never experienced online college before. There are NO days off. Ever.
j g
j g - 3 dager siden
F for us people who get only the sunday off. Not even saturday. Sometimes only alternate sundays
enes oruç
enes oruç - 4 dager siden
Every country should watch this video and change thre education system bruh
Oh No
Oh No - 4 dager siden
But how about, All week weekend.
Fabian Christoper
Fabian Christoper - 4 dager siden
Meanwhile my school:Haha 8 hours for 6 days go brrrrrrrr
lion MAGIC
lion MAGIC - 4 dager siden
And one day feels like none days
phrog i.e
phrog i.e - 4 dager siden
The school system: 5 days working, 2 days break! Sounds reasonable.
Also the school system: Here are your 9 pages of homework that you need to do over your weekend! Expect your breaks to feel exactly like work days!
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 4 dager siden
screaming - 5 dager siden
grey, HOW are you not talking about how productivity has increased so much since the 40 hour work week was a thing people were pushing for, and how we don't even *have* to work as much?
PumpShotgunJesus - 5 dager siden
My school made Wednesdays half days. Neat.
Itz Snow Wolf
Itz Snow Wolf - 5 dager siden
ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR u can eat my magic oatmeal (keeps uawak from 5-12 hours depending on how much u eat)
asaspades - 5 dager siden
i think you forgot about that flaw
absence of school
Scott Thomson
Scott Thomson - 5 dager siden
Had them in the past I didn't like it
SheepFreak2 - 5 dager siden
I had that for a whole semester in univerity. Sure was great :)
Coach Keith Bridgeforth
Coach Keith Bridgeforth - 5 dager siden
Used to work this schedule... It's not all sunshine and rainbows. Both days feel like Sunday and are met with the I have to go to work tomorrow blues. Planning a weekend trip? No more of that... Would be ideal to do Saturday Sunday off with the addition of Wednesday.
Fuggin Knightly
Fuggin Knightly - 5 dager siden
And whats ironic is im watching this on *WEDNESDAY*
Red Au
Red Au - 5 dager siden
Sunday to my opinion is when i need to stand a lot
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig - 6 dager siden
Friday is a weekend for me.
me milk cow C
me milk cow C - 6 dager siden
you're a smart guy but this is probably the stupidest thing you have come up with
Blitz_effect - 6 dager siden
I’m in school and because of COVID there is no school on Wednesday to clean so we do nothing but we still get Saturday and I always feel more productive especially on Thursday because its not Friday and I’m normally 4 days through the week this helps so much so I recommend it
BlueEngland - 6 dager siden
Yes but how about we make a new day and plop that into the middle of the week
omar pikm
omar pikm - 6 dager siden
Thanh Tran
Thanh Tran - 6 dager siden
So basically no recover-from-being-drunk day :(
Which is why you should keep Saturday too :)
Victor Burch
Victor Burch - 7 dager siden
my school does this now that we're virtual! 3 days off is legitimately wonderful
LT_SH4WN - 7 dager siden
Well thats my self study schedule fixed
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang - 7 dager siden
Everyone is saying "wHy NOt kEep SaT"
you're missing the point if you wanted to relax the most you would put every day a break except one day.
The goal is to find a schedule that is relaxing while keeping 2 break days (if anyone wants to have a response make a reply)
Brad Hirigoyen
Brad Hirigoyen - 7 dager siden
Has anyone ever tried this and if so does it work just asking
Ethan Blanchard
Ethan Blanchard - 7 dager siden
i may try this during the summer
Kingston Kirk
Kingston Kirk - 7 dager siden
BigSillyOrangeCat - 7 dager siden
I have screen-free Sunday :(
Gunner Theman
Gunner Theman - 7 dager siden
Gunner Theman
Gunner Theman - 7 dager siden
im not doing that
Gaming Dark Alan
Gaming Dark Alan - 7 dager siden
Introvert:How about I work on Monday only and the rest of the day is just relaxing at home
Extrovert:You know I always hang out with friends so I will only have 1 day off
Kirk Ethan Silva
Kirk Ethan Silva - 7 dager siden
I have Monday and tuesday as my online schedule and i have breaks in Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday And Sunday
(Sometimes i dont have class becuase i have holidays)
Draken X
Draken X - 7 dager siden
Where I work, we work Monday through Thursday for 10 hours each. Having Friday through Sunday off. Does this work? Yes, it's a bit brutal at times to have a normal life or getting something like mail delivery on time. But when it comes to Friday, you do have that day off on a weekday to do everyday mundane errands.
During breaks breakup the day/night shift as we take 3 breaks in between work shift. 15-minute break, 30-minute lunch break, and 15-minute break giving a total of 1-hour break.
This break is broken up into 2 to 3 hours of work. for example, start work at 7 am, the first break is at 9 AM. then lunch break is at 11 am or 12 pm for 30 minutes, then your last break is at 3 pm. Your lockout time is at 5:30 pm most often people leave by 5:20 PM to change into their civilian clothing and gather their belonging from their lockers, by 5:25 pm they may clock out the earliest.
Also, we often get extended paid breaks. For example, if a holiday lands on weekdays then we do not work that day and it is paid as well. We had last year (2020) holiday that we worked Monday through Wednesday back to back. 30 hours. While most people get paid 8 hours shift, we get paid 10 hours bringing the paid cycle to 40 hours rather than 8 hours and returning to work on Friday.
It is fairly common that people are willing to work on Fridays and or Saturdays because they are accustomed to working 5 days per week out of old habits and yes, Fridays/Saturdays is overtime paid at x1.5 rate while Sunday (rarely anyone get accepted) it is double paid rate per hour.
It's a double edge sword working on these schedules while brutal at times, it does have its benefits which is far greater, at least for me.
ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΒΑΣΙΟΣ - 7 dager siden
The thing with school is that you need to study on Sunday and the only day to "rest" is Saturday
RoseArachnid - 7 dager siden
Hear me out:
Monday - Workday
Tuesday - Off-Day
Wednesday - Workday
Thursday - Off-Day
Friday - Workday
Saturday - Off-Day
Sunday - Workday
This would be so much better
:D슈크림 꼬꼬
:D슈크림 꼬꼬 - 8 dager siden
7is unlucky
Roborbiettino is gone
Roborbiettino is gone - 8 dager siden
Ppft, my school. Only let's us have 1 day off, imagine 3
Roborbiettino is gone
Roborbiettino is gone - 8 dager siden
Ppft, my school. Only let's us have 1 day off, imagine 3
Roborbiettino is gone
Roborbiettino is gone - 7 dager siden
@louis playz I dunno, might be some youtube bug.
louis playz
louis playz - 7 dager siden
@Roborbiettino is gone you did?
Roborbiettino is gone
Roborbiettino is gone - 7 dager siden
@louis playz tf I didn't?
louis playz
louis playz - 7 dager siden
Ppft, imagine a guy posting his comment twice
sneaky ninja
sneaky ninja - 8 dager siden
Cant do that man i have school and that aint happening with school
Andy Mater
Andy Mater - 8 dager siden
Now the only problem is you always gotta go to sleep early, no staying up late
Unbearable - 9 dager siden
I work 10 and a half hour days 4 times a week. I got wednesday, saturday and sunday off.
Thats a pretty lovely schedule.
Eric Yang
Eric Yang - 9 dager siden
Petition to make Grey the president?
why tho
why tho - 9 dager siden
Weekend all days random day
ThijquintNL - 9 dager siden
My mother does this
_inquisitive_ - 9 dager siden
I school actually does this so Wednesday is just a catch up day if we need it. It works great!
CreateSource - 10 dager siden
Pretty sure we put both together bc a lot of people were way more religious 100+ years ago.
Karl Wheeler
Karl Wheeler - 10 dager siden
I much prefer the Chinese schedule, 7-day work weeks including nights!
LittleMemo - 10 dager siden
I want to die
theytookmyname666 - 10 dager siden
Oh please no. I hate being interrupted like that. I normally work 4 days in a row then have a 3 day weekend. And when the holidays roll around and I end up with just like 1 or 2 days off from work it just sucks because I can’t get anything done. I don’t spend the first day of my weekend crashed resting from my work week, I start personal things (stuff around the house or personal projects). I need more than one day so I can get in the zone, stay focused, and make real progress.
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar - 10 dager siden
True. We have no weekends, just anticipation of more work. There is no relax. Just suffering. This is too true to not be true.
haloharry97 - 11 dager siden
Saturday is fun day or rest day.
Sunday is preparing day for the rest of the week.
Food, clothing, ext
Pandora Panini
Pandora Panini - 11 dager siden
As someone who's had all sorts of work schedules, I like most of them for different reasons. My favorite is a 2/3 day split as suggested here, though.
Caleb Nathan
Caleb Nathan - 11 dager siden
My school does something similar by removing the last 3 periods on a Wednesday and replacing them with clubs. It really does work.
Christopher Dieck
Christopher Dieck - 11 dager siden
I think my teachers watch your videos since we now in online school we get a free day on Wednesday's
Earth Object Cosmos
Earth Object Cosmos - 11 dager siden
So your trying to change the week on me?
samak joshi
samak joshi - 11 dager siden
in nepal we only get 1 day off on saturday
Ed Fong
Ed Fong - 11 dager siden
Work on mon and Tues, rest the rest of the week.

Lucas Olson
Lucas Olson - 12 dager siden
My school did it
Commander Prophet
Commander Prophet - 12 dager siden
I got a full-time job where i have 4 days of and 3 12-hour shifts. It sounds bad ik, but it works for me.
SnipeN RandoM S.O.T
SnipeN RandoM S.O.T - 12 dager siden
What about Sunday I still need to go to church and If this was in irl i would have school
Nikhil Iyengar
Nikhil Iyengar - 12 dager siden
Count your blessings, Saturdays work for a number of us on the other hemisphere.
ajc 2990
ajc 2990 - 13 dager siden
9x80 schedule here. Every other week I get a three day weekend. Work days are 9 hrs, but honestly it’s not that hard since it’s so busy. Less overtime and more time off.
alfa et beta
alfa et beta - 13 dager siden
Instead of wed I red weed
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez - 13 dager siden
My work has something similar with 10 hour days. Work Monday and Tuesday, Off Wednesday, Work Thursday Friday. Weekend Saturday Sunday.
Ten hour days but a day off in the middle helps getting things done and meal prepping and stuff like that. And you still have a weekend when others have weekends for weekend stuff like hanging out with yours kids or getting way too drunk or whatever.
Toupee the cat
Toupee the cat - 14 dager siden
The 4.6K dislikes are from power-hungry bosses & teachers
SpeedTV - 14 dager siden
Students: **Visible pain**
Test Dummy 101
Test Dummy 101 - 14 dager siden
Chris O'Grady
Chris O'Grady - 14 dager siden
What’s a weekend? There are days when you’re not meant to work? 😮
Fiddle Styx
Fiddle Styx - 14 dager siden
I just watched this and looked over at my work schedule and realized I technically have this but I have weekend Tuesday and Friday off
OmegaFalcon1 - 14 dager siden
Are there any scientific studies on this? I'm super interested on the viability of this schedule.