This Video Will Make You Angry

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Runtime: 06:37


Anthony Rock
Anthony Rock - 6 timer siden
Only a sith deals in absolutes
Steven Biondi
Steven Biondi - 9 timer siden
Yasin Alfadil
Yasin Alfadil - 12 timer siden
"Knowing how to wash your hands" He knew what was comming..
Vyvy-vi - 18 timer siden
I have something to infect y'all with:
thoughts are germs, and depression is parasitic :O
SaiyanGohan - 21 time siden
As a biologist, I find this video quite fascinating! The parallels between arguments and the spread of pathogens are very intriguing to think about!
Demonhood - Dag siden
I think sad thought germs are sad thought germs because they know that they are sad thought germs and won’t get very far which makes them more sad
Neil Emminger
Neil Emminger - Dag siden
Basically guys... Prepare to continue hearing about the election fraud for the rest of your lives.
jjroa123 - 2 dager siden
im confuse about this video
Meki Saldana
Meki Saldana - 2 dager siden
this is NOW
some guy on the internet
some guy on the internet - 2 dager siden
Real Human
Real Human - 2 dager siden
I'm gonna sound like I'm bullshitting but I hate videos that make me angry and I hate watching and/or sharing them. I clicked tis video because I was pretty sure it won't make me angry, and curious if it would. If it would, I'd click away. I don't know why this is, but it's possibly due to my agoraphobia
Deegan Pepe
Deegan Pepe - 3 dager siden
oh the arguments are like splat fests in splatoon2
Logan Price
Logan Price - 4 dager siden
If you made this in 2020, I assume you leaving out the 'fake news' would also make people angry so

There you go.
Cody Jenkins
Cody Jenkins - 4 dager siden
The “you’re with us or against us” line hits pretty different in 2021.
layma lopez
layma lopez - 5 dager siden
George Tosounidis
George Tosounidis - 5 dager siden
Best video i ever watched on YouTube.
Nate Gventer
Nate Gventer - 6 dager siden
That damn blue and gold dress was just a thought germ spreading throughout the world
Ty Pryor
Ty Pryor - 6 dager siden
So basically, memes go through natural selection too!?
Bloodlyshiva - 6 dager siden
And in the best/worst cases, such totems can lead millions to do truly mad acts and believe the stupidest things.
DeathlessPumpkin - 6 dager siden
Frenzy - 7 dager siden
It didn't made me angry It kinda made me laugh tho
Luigi Cotocea
Luigi Cotocea - 7 dager siden
Im mad after this video 🤬🤬🤬🤬
Tone. - 7 dager siden
The moral of the story? Don't engage anyone in conversation ever.
ORLANDO SANCHEZ - 8 dager siden
this video is also a thought germ. and so is this comment
fay tirivepi
fay tirivepi - 8 dager siden
1/6/2021. Trump's angry MAGA germs infect DC.
Catlover 2.0
Catlover 2.0 - 8 dager siden
Marvel and DC be like.
Bethan Dunlop
Bethan Dunlop - 9 dager siden
'this video will make you angry'

7 million people **click**
Bethan Dunlop
Bethan Dunlop - 8 dager siden
@Teresa Daly v true but that doesn't have the same ring to it aha
Teresa Daly
Teresa Daly - 8 dager siden
You mean 7.8 million people.
Le' Hiero
Le' Hiero - 10 dager siden
cat photo + funny caption = BLACK DEATH LEVEL SPREAD
Tre - 10 dager siden
0:35 that scared me
Sanjay Reddy
Sanjay Reddy - 11 dager siden
This failed

Actually it was pretty entertaining
heartplayer - 12 dager siden
i always thougt germany is not rassism i live here then i got my samsung s10+ with the app news republick i know not all are like that nazis on comment selection or the writer who wanna make the people angry to get more readers but it hurts a lot
prithvi shetty
prithvi shetty - 12 dager siden
Made me smile
thisismynamepal - 12 dager siden
Another video by cgp that makes me laugh because it makes wayyy too much sense and I realize that every point it makes is relevant to me and something I need to do better and be cognizant of in the environment I live in.
Thank you cgp!
TheQuark6789 - 12 dager siden
The concept of comparing the spread of ideas to evolution is called memetics (like genetics), and the unit of information is called the meme (like gene).
Yes, that is the origin of the word "meme."
Melody Mathilde
Melody Mathilde - 13 dager siden
literally true for 2021
Alex Gee
Alex Gee - 14 dager siden
brain germs mutate like normal ones too then huh.
Dr. A
Dr. A - 15 dager siden
Speaking of germs, you should try some AMWAY products....
Unripe Tomato
Unripe Tomato - 15 dager siden
this didnt make me just put that title so id share it :)
corey rynne
corey rynne - 15 dager siden
Da Fanz
Da Fanz - 15 dager siden
0:36 Did anyone else notice the clown “germ” change?
Alibaba Intelligence
Alibaba Intelligence - 14 dager siden
MysticTortoise - 15 dager siden
duck - 16 dager siden
how is this making me angry? ive been scammed. am now angry
it's!Ennard ówò sanchez
it's!Ennard ówò sanchez - 16 dager siden
Conor Cagney
Conor Cagney - 16 dager siden
This video is awesome
Red T
Red T - 16 dager siden
Prophet accurately described the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns.
__ Honeyslime
__ Honeyslime - 16 dager siden
*Grumble Grumble Grumble*
Hatiroth - 16 dager siden
he started - immediately starts talking about memetics. Liked
HammerTh - 18 dager siden
And this is why I comment on r/Conservative (if the thread isn't locked down). Actually confronting people with the opposite side instead of the enraging totem they have constructed helps to break the rabble circle. It also explains why the mods set the threads to flair-only mode or lock them completely so often, they don't want the totem to fall.
Clu Rosencrans
Clu Rosencrans - 10 dager siden
Trust me, I’ve tried that. It doesn’t work. Either 1: They “mysteriously” disappear from the argument without a word once you’ve won, 2: Act like they’ve won the argument/and or something along the lines of “You guys are stupid, you’ll never learn, goodbye” or 3: They make a pathetic attempt at a personal insult, then leave. Either way, it does nothing to slow them down. One time me and another guy were arguing with a conservative in a NOburn comment section, and he literally said “What do I expect from two people named “Clu” and “Martin”? and left. (Mind you, their grammar was much, much worse.) Seriously, these people never give up.
frans le noble
frans le noble - 19 dager siden
how ,when and why
Bruhhify - 19 dager siden
So memes are basically a pyramid scheme?
Isabella Mercado
Isabella Mercado - 19 dager siden
twitter discourse in a nutshell
HotCoco278 - 19 dager siden
I don’t know why, but how he described memes as evolving, just really felt cool. The idea that your cat photo from a year ago could turn into a badly photoshopped (but popular) image of cat Superman is super cool.
Get recked lol
Get recked lol - 20 dager siden
This makes me the least angry
Kita Voronok
Kita Voronok - 21 dag siden
Reviewing and reviewing this.
Nimay Rastogi
Nimay Rastogi - 21 dag siden
i didn't understand
rootlis - 23 dager siden
4:01 No joke, the first thing that I thought of was skub
The JGamer08
The JGamer08 - 23 dager siden
3:55 you really angered me there Grey lol
Mr. Mole
Mr. Mole - 24 dager siden
Why did this make me angry
Steph P
Steph P - 24 dager siden
i have a headache now
bit_mate ֫
bit_mate ֫ - 24 dager siden
I like the thing you did in 0:34 when the scene changed
Dog - 24 dager siden
Same thing happened with the whole YouTube bs TikTok thing in India
No one enjoyed it, people are just raging fools
Von Jum
Von Jum - 24 dager siden
Bruh this is annoying I skipped it soooo boring
Starboom - 25 dager siden
Soon this will be seen in 2021
I Like Carrots
I Like Carrots - 25 dager siden
lol 2020
Rajanala Sricharan
Rajanala Sricharan - 25 dager siden
I could find Sasuke's ideology of hokage(leader) of being so bad that entire nation unties to hate you. "They hate, but untie" - that's a win as a leader
sabri abdalbari
sabri abdalbari - 25 dager siden
sabri abdalbari
sabri abdalbari - 24 dager siden
@Barbarian King This is gonna sound embarrassing, but I wrote that comment thinking that Grey was gonna talk about actual germs.... Also, I do wear a mask when I go outside (for the coronavirus)
Barbarian King
Barbarian King - 24 dager siden
Also, the virus would die if it cant spread, thats how herd immunity works
Barbarian King
Barbarian King - 24 dager siden
But we can purposely stop it, also the germ WANTS to spread, so by not wearing a mask, going to parties, etc, you are purposely spreading it
Elessar Mithrandir
Elessar Mithrandir - 25 dager siden
Is there another version of this video without such a negative thumbnail? I get it. It's intentional clickbait to play off of what grey is talking about, but it makes sharing this video somewhat problematic, since most people don't like to deliberately go out of their way to be angry.
Geo John Benjamin
Geo John Benjamin - 25 dager siden
Covid-19 : Let me Demonstrate....
New Zealand Mapping
New Zealand Mapping - 26 dager siden
Isaac - 26 dager siden
Savion scott
Savion scott - 26 dager siden
what do I do when I don't get mad?
noah doyle
noah doyle - 26 dager siden
who came here from mark rober
Jonathan Peters
Jonathan Peters - 27 dager siden
Random clown germ
Veronika Mikhaylova
Veronika Mikhaylova - 27 dager siden
why would this video make me angry? :/
Matt Farrow
Matt Farrow - 28 dager siden
if you look closely the jokers at 0:35 become IT
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - 28 dager siden
there is a german tv show called "realer irrsinn" (real crazyness) where they show you rediculous but true examples of government wasting money. thats a perfect example for videos that make you angry that have an extremely long life.
Tepalus - 28 dager siden
Didn't age well...
Tepalus - 26 dager siden
@J B yeah we could also see it this way, yes :)
J B - 28 dager siden
It perfectly describes that last 5 years, it aged very well
Sean Clark
Sean Clark - 28 dager siden
This terrifies me. It has made so many people do this not just online but in real life where one can learn from listening to the other and not just what people who think you do think about people who don't think like you do.
Quirkyhndl - 28 dager siden
This should be taught in school
Pls give me a name
Pls give me a name - 29 dager siden
lets see about that
TEJI ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ SINGH
Why did I just see this video? I'm angry now......
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name - Måned siden
I was approximately 3 minutes into the video when I figured out I got played.
Dov Lifson
Dov Lifson - Måned siden
Who else is here from seeing Mark Rober's wallet video?
Kai Hansard
Kai Hansard - Måned siden
Dude I’m not angry wdym
The Joy of Thinking
The Joy of Thinking - Måned siden
Question CGP: I've started a channel based on spreading "Positivity" Germs which are much less sticky... Do you have any advice for me or should I focus on a different strategy?
Great presentation We all have an allergy to "anger" germs, I've been making a conscious decision to sneeze into my jacket so as not to infect others! Thank You your channel is an inspiration to me
Marco Hernandez
Marco Hernandez - Måned siden
I learned something! I am happy! Also a fellow clickbait user! New friends! HAPPINESS and cats!
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer - Måned siden
Youtube be like: Oh, a horrible pandemic going around? Better recomend all the videos that say anything about diseases or spreading!
Anish Ogale
Anish Ogale - Måned siden
Does that mean Rick roll is COVID which has been running for 31 years
Patrick Westhoven
Patrick Westhoven - Måned siden
Much like a driving test before getting on the road, this video should be shown to everyone before getting on the internet.
Anish Ogale
Anish Ogale - Måned siden
Luis Felipe
Luis Felipe - Måned siden
Juan is a germ?
Nippy Bridge
Nippy Bridge - Måned siden
the anger totum basically is reddit's anti republican/ right wing stance. such an echochamber its insane.
Medium sized Mammal
Medium sized Mammal - Måned siden
I used to think you get different sides of a news story by looking at different news stations because each one has an agenda but now I realise how its human psychology driving people apart
Marie Jenn
Marie Jenn - Måned siden
ALBERT WANG - Måned siden
Jessica Rubin
Jessica Rubin - Måned siden
🤬🤬😭 i was already anggry
smartaleckduck - Måned siden
This man is thinking about cats and... “not educational videos”
Krazedkarl - Måned siden
Thanks for explaining MGS2