This Video Made $3,388 at Auction. How Ads Work on YouTube. (Post-Adpocalypse Updated Estimate)

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How much do NOburnrs and NOburn make from ads and how are ads matched with videos? [The number in title is split between the channel and NOburn 60/40].
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Footnote †: Dollars Per Monetized View
Footnote ‡: NOburn Red
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Ansh Shah
Ansh Shah - Dag siden
Me: never searched up anything about cars or watched any videos about it as far as I can remember.
Youtube: CArM@X
Wobbly Productions
Wobbly Productions - 2 dager siden
*laughs in YouTube Premium
Benjago - 2 dager siden
im such an idout
Loud Animations
Loud Animations - 3 dager siden
Who checks in regularly to see how much this video keeps making? Just me, okay.
AceRaven - 3 dager siden
youtube wants me to buy bandages to be able to walk without pain in my knees. i am 14yo
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 4 dager siden
Me, and American:
Audrey McKnight
Audrey McKnight - 4 dager siden
:) yt red binch
let's do yoga
let's do yoga - 5 dager siden
That means you we'll be 5600 dollers
the chill icicle 2.0
the chill icicle 2.0 - 6 dager siden
You've made like $5600 monis from this vid (4 mil Views when i saw this)
Qedeonier iCloudswefdse
Qedeonier iCloudswefdse - 6 dager siden
CADGS FFYG - 11 dager siden
Bot:tries to understand me
Also Bot: ETORO
S Bayko
S Bayko - 13 dager siden
My bot suck at his job, i get commercials for dogfood while i hate dogs
Wide Putin
Wide Putin - 15 dager siden
Credit cards and tostitos, nice
Derek Wang
Derek Wang - 16 dager siden
2:45 Grey's ultimate plan to get more views
SkeppySmart - 19 dager siden
Me using Adblock*
Dinnin Freeman
Dinnin Freeman - 21 dag siden
Video is demonitized
absentChronicler - 21 dag siden
ublock ftw
sabri abdalbari
sabri abdalbari - 22 dager siden
*HAHAH I have a premium account*
Charlie Maybe
Charlie Maybe - 22 dager siden
can we get bots to govern bots
Sadeep Darshana
Sadeep Darshana - 23 dager siden
Ziggy Zoggin
Ziggy Zoggin - 24 dager siden
i have yt premium though
Froi Froi
Froi Froi - 24 dager siden
0:05 still gets me everytime
Ertugrul Sarilioglu
Ertugrul Sarilioglu - 24 dager siden
Why when i whatch child programs i see duralex??!?!!
B dawg
B dawg - 26 dager siden
One guy said he made $20 per thousand views!
Lubed-Up Squid
Lubed-Up Squid - 27 dager siden
which adpocalypse, lol
Tehnoblade - 29 dager siden
I have no income how they gonna sell me anything
Edit : I got notification from some *FBI Agent* and message is "🤣🤣🤣" what does it mean?
Pizza Gamer
Pizza Gamer - Måned siden
TheWhispering - Måned siden
Youtube premium suckaaasss
AstronomyGeek64 - Måned siden
2:15 you say that so calmly
Icwatto - Måned siden
Omg a haven't realize that minecraft cats has been added in 1.2 i thought they've added them in 1.12
Guanjie Zhao
Guanjie Zhao - Måned siden
Wait so the video watch me wash my teeth is cat plus minecraft???
sebastian nørregaard
sebastian nørregaard - Måned siden
65 years of videos put up, and 1 billion watch hours... Get your units straight : )
Darwin Gulmatico
Darwin Gulmatico - Måned siden
How do mr.beast?
BRANDON NGUYEN - Måned siden
Me: a teen who has never heard of vapes
Youtube: dOn'T vApE
Ferdi Toding Bunga
Ferdi Toding Bunga - Måned siden
cute bots
Sridhar Gandham
Sridhar Gandham - Måned siden
We all know that was fake right?
Pratik Narola
Pratik Narola - Måned siden
Other people: Age, Gender, income, location and interest.
CGP Grey: Age, Chromosomes, income, location and interest. (2:15)
zackary green
zackary green - Måned siden
now here you little sh*t, how could you do that to me? I almost paused the video because of you.🤬 ANGER!!!
Split O Rama
Split O Rama - Måned siden
Me, a 20 year old straight woman:
Youtube: How about a shaver specifically for your balls and a lesbian dating app!
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
Kaizer - Måned siden
About $5600 for this video then (average estimate)
TheManGamer03's Gaming
TheManGamer03's Gaming - Måned siden
I have my history off
Natø - Måned siden
But if you use premium does the content creator get anything?
Natø - Måned siden
@Mr. Hat Thanks for the reply, I recently saw this in another footnote. Seems like the best way to go. 👍
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - Måned siden
Yes, it's a set amount of cash that gets shared between all the channels you watch based on a percentage.
Sneha Sawai
Sneha Sawai - Måned siden
Request you to please be a little slow when you explain.
Mohamad Al Halabi
Mohamad Al Halabi - Måned siden
youtube gangsta until somebody uses an adblocker
#awesome Alex
#awesome Alex - Måned siden
lol I have addblock on
nickwoff - Måned siden
WOOOOO I'm the 4 Millionth view on this video!!!
Wip Lein
Wip Lein - Måned siden
.... Gillette Beard Oil. Woman in her 20s. I have questions.
EvilScientist - Måned siden
*youtube premium sounds intensify*
Bold Possum
Bold Possum - Måned siden
CGP: "1,400 per million"
Me: ohh oka- WAIT!
This video has 4 million views
That's $5,600
Roy Al Webster
Roy Al Webster - Måned siden
"Buy 1 shoe, get 1 free!" - Why didn't anyone ever come up with this spin?
YoshiMusic999 - Måned siden
Well apparently the YouTube bots and advertiser bots all agree “Sonic JoJo: Shadow vs Sonic” is best for me
Anirudh Kanaparthy
Anirudh Kanaparthy - Måned siden
So if I don't click "skip" it means I indirectly supported you with money. Right?
Jeremy Gunn
Jeremy Gunn - Måned siden
What about people with YouTube Premium?
Juan Valdivia
Juan Valdivia - Måned siden
It be interesting to know how Premium users factor into this.
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
YouTube premium still makes money
It only happens once a month though
Umut RÜZGAR - Måned siden
YouTube should get a lot less percentage than 45%. Wtf, its nearly half for just streaming them
BtwImFox - Måned siden
Did someone notice the cat and the creeper joke
NightWi5h - Måned siden
So at the time of this comment, ON AVERAGE, MAYBE, this made CGP around $5.6k
Sifra Aprillia Fahira
Sifra Aprillia Fahira - Måned siden
Uh huh okay

*Slowly deleting watch history*
Chris Owens
Chris Owens - Måned siden
Ravenous_lad - Måned siden
"Discover audio books, with a free audio book on us"
Samuel O'Brien
Samuel O'Brien - Måned siden
Every danm TIME
Ball That bounces
Ball That bounces - Måned siden
BrightBlueJim - Måned siden
A) Very informative.
B) We are Very Severely Fucked.
Jidan Ahmed
Jidan Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
Watch this video on many devices he says right before he explains how he gets more money from more views
Kizaco With Apples
Kizaco With Apples - 2 måneder siden
Why do bots think I’m starting my own business, no I don’t need a program to help me sell crap, I’m 13 and in middle school
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
Programs that might help you sell your homework LMAO
Tim Sas
Tim Sas - 2 måneder siden
Me using youtube premium
Pippy - 2 måneder siden
Jokes on u i have youtube red
Matthew Hanns
Matthew Hanns - 2 måneder siden
Link to the cordless low energy paper shredder if anyone has one.
LiveNewMe - 2 måneder siden
If you use as blockers your a disgusting human being
João Pedro Freitas
João Pedro Freitas - 2 måneder siden
Great... YouTube AdSense tax is f*cking abusive
Jazz Solo
Jazz Solo - 2 måneder siden
Or you could just use adblock
Zacky Cuber
Zacky Cuber - 2 måneder siden
Olav Kleiveland
Olav Kleiveland - 2 måneder siden
All my devices has youtube premium
Josh Neumeister
Josh Neumeister - 2 måneder siden
0:05 how to trick an idiot
dual inline
dual inline - 2 måneder siden
So that’s why auction guys talk fast.
KRUM 3 - 2 måneder siden
The came at the very end for me, not the beginning lol
TheEvilJade - 2 måneder siden
What about Premium?
Creta - 2 måneder siden
So bots think I like cheese... that’s true but I hate their cheese.
Mercy Mugweru
Mercy Mugweru - 2 måneder siden
This would be the perfect video to get sponsored by Nord VPN
Cannot230 Help
Cannot230 Help - 2 måneder siden
When I heard watch this on different phones I thought advertisement is a game he is the best at playing
Zac Hubert
Zac Hubert - 2 måneder siden
Watching this video was definitely worth my quarter-penny!
Cdog 11120
Cdog 11120 - 2 måneder siden
Hah. But I got YouTube premium.
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
I'm so glad to be a TY Premium viewer no ads and no guilt with a massive win for me, YT and the YTer. I actually think that YTers should spend more effort upselling YTP over Patreon, other platforms and even Merch since every person a YTer convinces to go premium lifts the revenue for everyone, not just themself.
Okrutny Stach
Okrutny Stach - 2 måneder siden
0:00 **It scared me**
The King of Patka
The King of Patka - 2 måneder siden
But what if I use AdBlock?
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
then the creator gets nothing YT knows you didn't see an ad I strongly recommend YT Premium no ads and benefits every creator even the edgy ones.
Pro Aaron
Pro Aaron - 2 måneder siden
Hey look the ads are back
The King of Patka
The King of Patka - 2 måneder siden
@Pro Aaron ok
Pro Aaron
Pro Aaron - 2 måneder siden
@The King of Patka then no
It's Ya Boi Lava
It's Ya Boi Lava - 2 måneder siden
"Try watching this video on many different devices"
Really smooth there with that self advetistiment, had me fooled for a second.
The Spy
The Spy - 2 måneder siden
Me with ad blocker: I don’t have such weaknesses
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Then the creator gets nothing YT knows you didn't see an ad I strongly recommend YT Premium no ads and benefits every creator even the edgy ones.
Chara Dreemurr
Chara Dreemurr - 2 måneder siden
I got an ad to vote...

I’m not 18
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
neither am I but I got it during the weeks leading up to the election
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
I guess your internet history makes you seem older
Mitchell Nelson
Mitchell Nelson - 2 måneder siden
Lol I have adblock
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
then the creator gets nothing YT knows you didn't see an ad I strongly recommend YT Premium no ads and benefits every creator even the edgy ones.
james irving
james irving - 2 måneder siden
The bots aren't doing a good job with these ads
Emmanuel Tidor
Emmanuel Tidor - 2 måneder siden
*o* *k*
Munax - 2 måneder siden
Btw if you didn't realise, the number on the title of this video changes. It doesn't show how much money this video generated but changes according to view count while estimating the revenue by using the formula in this video.
Adam Giess
Adam Giess - 2 måneder siden
Here's something ironic. If I'm watching a video "with purpose" I tend to skip ads cuz the video is my goal. But if I'm putting on videos as background noise while I'm doing something else I tend to let it run. More ad revenue the less interest I am in the video. Capitalism!
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
You could use premium
Nathan Tessitore
Nathan Tessitore - 2 måneder siden
The fake add at the bottom of the screen is HILARIOUS
Max Haskins
Max Haskins - 2 måneder siden
cordless, low energy paper shredder. i clicked X.
Clifford Bryan john Wilson
Clifford Bryan john Wilson - 2 måneder siden
I was like wait a minute I'm using YT Premium how did he... oh it's baked in.
United States of America
United States of America - 2 måneder siden
CCP Grey: Right about, now.
Snowshower's Show
Snowshower's Show - 2 måneder siden
ekjhskdhskf I forgot I used adblock
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
@Snowshower's Show I accidentally replied ignore that
Snowshower's Show
Snowshower's Show - Måned siden
@Rohit James yes???
Snowshower's Show
Snowshower's Show - Måned siden
@Rohit James yes???
Rohit James
Rohit James - Måned siden
@Snowshower's Show .
Snowshower's Show
Snowshower's Show - 2 måneder siden
@Clifford Bryan john Wilson i don't have money to pay it. Im a minor
trash_d_a Jurek
trash_d_a Jurek - 2 måneder siden
So that is why tf2 ad apir.
Okay cool.
Ruso Cernadas
Ruso Cernadas - 2 måneder siden
I... have YouTube Premium...
jke - 2 måneder siden
New title?