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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - Måned siden
Go grab one for the new year!
SpeedyThingGoIn4 - 10 dager siden
NOburn didn't recommend this video and now it's sold out, haha.
God - 10 dager siden
Brian's book (from Family Guy)
Tamaresque - 21 dag siden
Sold out. :-(
Zahbär Schmuni
Zahbär Schmuni - 27 dager siden
@Xophe A'dethri Literaly unplayable. (what did it cost? for once its something i would have liked to buy to support cortex cottage, but its already sold out)
Pétur Einarsson
Pétur Einarsson - Måned siden
Very sad to see its sold out 🙁
Jordan Beagle
Jordan Beagle - 7 timer siden
1:05 Order of the Phoenix?
Noah Sund
Noah Sund - 23 timer siden
lol.. you got me interested ... and it was already sold out.. :(
Nickolai - Dag siden
Hey grey, is the notebook vegan?
AjarTadpole7202 - Dag siden
I still use resolutions. Well, less of a resolution and more of a goal I set for myself who knows when. My only goal

is not to die
Geo _
Geo _ - Dag siden
Why wasn't this recommended earlier?
THE OOSnake - 2 dager siden
Please bring it back, I need 4 (one for me and my three siblings)
lll - 2 dager siden
It's sold out for a while now. Do you not like money or something? Get them to make some more buddy!
Stuart Cox
Stuart Cox - 3 dager siden
That smooth animation just thrown in there just blew my mind. I can't handle more than 0.5 frames per second.
NU_HapHazard - 3 dager siden
thought journals are stupid
John Moose
John Moose - 3 dager siden
Dam if only I actually enjoyed writing
Klemeninio Browni
Klemeninio Browni - 3 dager siden
Already sold out
épinards & caramel
épinards & caramel - 3 dager siden
New CGP Grey video? About journaling??! 🤩 Sorry I missed that, I thought I had clicked the bell for your channel ^^
Have you tried Bullet Journaling?
Cole Redepenning
Cole Redepenning - 4 dager siden
Those pens are the absolute best!
NathanLucas5 - 4 dager siden
The theme system was also a system of land division established under Byzantine Emperor Heraclius, basically an early feudalism designed to tie the livelihoods of the army to the land they were defending
Tom M
Tom M - 4 dager siden
Is there more coming? Sold out :( I would like to be effectively frustrated
PATRK - 4 dager siden
Would this work well with fountain pens?
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs - 4 dager siden
Wow, your handwriting is terrible. You must be a doctor.
elfarlaur - 4 dager siden
Here I was expecting him to be writing a journal about the Theme system in the byzantine empire where powerful nobles would be granted military and administrative power over a portion of land (the Theme, or Themata) as a Strategos.
Jonathan Roth
Jonathan Roth - 5 dager siden
hey, just got recommended this today, thanks algorithm... out of stock. lovely.
Steve Quartell
Steve Quartell - 5 dager siden
years of watching grey's video from the jump - i turn off notifications end of last year and now I'm waitlisted on this. BOOOOOOOO ... me i guess.
SuperJulienx - 5 dager siden
Ngl, I thought this would be a succinct explanation of Byzantine administration.
Boy was I wrong.
Justin van Zon
Justin van Zon - 5 dager siden
Oh I wish I had seen this video earlier, it's sold out atm :(
Afro - 5 dager siden
Yes, but when are we getting your Meme Journal, Grey?
Amy Ettinger
Amy Ettinger - 5 dager siden
Bring it back!! I need one!! 😫
LordZ19 - 6 dager siden
can i just say that grey's handwriting is totally teacher handwriting.
Bruno de Morais
Bruno de Morais - 3 dager siden
Well he used to be a physics teacher so you're onto something
LordZ19 - 6 dager siden
How many bees have you hidden in total?
DSC - 6 dager siden
Stanford study on shutdowns.
Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky - 8 dager siden
What was the price?
Delcasa88 - 8 dager siden
why did I only find this now after its sold out xD
Molly.Dog8 Brooke
Molly.Dog8 Brooke - 8 dager siden
Come on, it’s already sold out?!
Mebzy - 8 dager siden
CarthagoMike - 9 dager siden
1:49 damn smooth animation there.
wrog - 9 dager siden
1:18 that is cool
RayRexDex - 10 dager siden
I think I just willingly watched an advertisement for entertainment.
artistwithouttalent - 11 dager siden
Everybody gangsta until Grey's hand is fully animated
Chris Dotson
Chris Dotson - 11 dager siden
Sold out :(
Chris Dotson
Chris Dotson - 11 dager siden
Should have rung that bell!
Woojae Sung
Woojae Sung - 11 dager siden
I found this video too late; the journal is sold out!
Manored - 12 dager siden
This does sound like hippie nonsense.
Mebzy - 8 dager siden
@Manored I was like this too for a while. Trying to be as logically minded as possible, however, it's very interesting to look at mysticism for example from a psychological point of view. It opens some interesting avenues. I'm still very sceptical and I'm still a pretty hard determinist, but when you start to understand these things from a psychological perspective, the reasons for why we use things like journals becomes a lot more evident.
Manored - 8 dager siden
@Mebzy I have the same problem/feature
Mebzy - 8 dager siden
CGP Grey is a robot, anything that seems emotional rather than logical sounds like hippie nonsense to him.
Manored - 12 dager siden
18 months for a glorified agenda? That thing better do your taxes for you.
Synergetic Media
Synergetic Media - 13 dager siden
Will it be back in stock soon?
Michal Kravec
Michal Kravec - 16 dager siden
Hi CGP, I missed this video because I haven't clicked the bell icon. now this journal is completely sold out and i am sad
Thomas Wilham
Thomas Wilham - 16 dager siden
So appreciate the effort.
Khaled Al-jasser
Khaled Al-jasser - 16 dager siden
Why don’t you do a digital version of the Theme Journal? I would love to support cortex and I like the idea, but I don’t really use paper. I’m sure I’m not the only one that buy it, and it would be a cheaper alternative.
Ben Schmitt
Ben Schmitt - 17 dager siden
Head of the Order of Bestagons
createwith carla
createwith carla - 17 dager siden
Following up that theme of self improvement you're speaking up in a few of your last videos- I would be very interested in what you meant by your 'time tracking' approach. If you're up to it, I would love to see a video where you explain how that works, how you do it and why and all those interesting things. You already got me with Weekend Wednesday (although i must admit, I had that one almost figured out by myself anyway, just not es detailed and well articulated) and with the theme, of course, so figuring that most of your approaches seem to work for me, I would be more than happy to use my precious time on this beautiful planet (hippie alert!) a lttle more how I really want.
Anyways, thanks a huge lot for your amazing content. Your videos are a ray of light in these _unprecedented_ times...
Tycoon Titian01
Tycoon Titian01 - 17 dager siden
CGP Grey: opens mouth
Frank Gulla
Frank Gulla - 17 dager siden
Very interesting
Adam Falcone
Adam Falcone - 17 dager siden
Hoping for a restock!
Lucas - 18 dager siden
yuck you write serif
retpmes - 19 dager siden
Great, now I want to spend some money on this and actually use it.'s sold out.
Rebecca Parsons
Rebecca Parsons - 19 dager siden
It is sold out 😔
Erulian - 20 dager siden
1:45 "Pen-penetration testing" also known as "pen-testing"
Andrew Galster
Andrew Galster - 20 dager siden
Be honest, you wrote in the middle page so you could pull it out later without leaving an ugly tear!
NekosForever! - 21 dag siden
Holy heck, that smooth page turn
dnsfsn - 21 dag siden
thought we were getting a video on medieval byzantine administration oh well
Tamaresque - 21 dag siden
So, from your description, I'm guessing that you do this in the morning upon waking. I'm impressed that your brain works well enough at such an early hour to actually string some sentences together. Bravo! :-)
饅鰻 - 22 dager siden
iliketrains0pwned - 22 dager siden
1:49 That is one CLEAN animation right there, nice job!
Alex Campbell
Alex Campbell - 22 dager siden
Glad I revisited the theme video last year. I could swear this video and the 'Grey reads 'videos have not been in my subscription feeds! FU youtube. I must resub to email notifications it seems.
Keina Draca
Keina Draca - 23 dager siden
I got my copy of your journal today, and I have to say: This is one of the most texturally-pleasing, nicest looking, un-intimidating journals that I have ever had the pleasure to hold. Well done!
HouseJug - 23 dager siden
I’m so upset this is sold out D:
Lucas Mason
Lucas Mason - 23 dager siden
I just got mine in the mail. What are the little corners with the holes punched out for?
Excelray1 - 23 dager siden
You can tear them off as you go so next time you can open it to the latest page quickly
r w
r w - 24 dager siden
Sold out Boo! 😥
Neis - 24 dager siden
I don't know why I felt a twinge of panic seeing the stick figure actually move so smoothly.
Urugururuu - 24 dager siden
Sold out 😞
Benjamin Morrison
Benjamin Morrison - 24 dager siden
I was thinking of the Eastern Roman theme system... oh well
Bəxtiyar Neyman
Bəxtiyar Neyman - 24 dager siden
What's "The Order"?
Mayerling - 24 dager siden
"Oh cool maybe I can learn some tips from this vid on how to plan my da.....oh no.....he wants to sell me a notebook....."
Artix172 - 25 dager siden
noo... I didn't make it. Now it is sold out. ;(
Jumbles - 25 dager siden
Jesus that notebook closing animation was smooth as all hell. That must have been a pain and a half.
Rokicat - 26 dager siden
Aww man sold out??
Irene Tait
Irene Tait - 26 dager siden
Damn, I slept on this for a week over the holidays and they've already sold out. Congrats Grey! any word on a possible future restock...?
tuban body slammer
tuban body slammer - 26 dager siden
This is nerdy af
Ian M
Ian M - 26 dager siden
You should send one to John Green because this is most assuredly his jam... :)
Bo Graham
Bo Graham - 26 dager siden
Dotted notebook. A man of culture as well.
Native Texan
Native Texan - 26 dager siden
New subscriber here from Texas. SOLD OUT 😪
SA/AS Productions
SA/AS Productions - 26 dager siden
The animation at 1:49 is so smooth! To be more precise whenever he is flipping through the book the animation is so smooth.
Matthew Feinberg
Matthew Feinberg - 26 dager siden
Darn. I missed this. Please get more in stock.
My 2021 theme is "Freedom and Independence"
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - 27 dager siden
Hey Grey, it's sold out already. Will you have more in stock eventually ??
Mathias Karlsson
Mathias Karlsson - 27 dager siden
sold out :(
Ben Aaron
Ben Aaron - 27 dager siden
Merry Science, or something.
Cody Hipskind
Cody Hipskind - 28 dager siden
all sold out :(
papalevies - 28 dager siden
Sold out
Kale Perrien
Kale Perrien - 28 dager siden
It is very sold out.
Bob Davies
Bob Davies - 28 dager siden
Ilyootha - 28 dager siden
Or you can just buy the cheapest notebook at your local supermarket and use that.
Ken Comber
Ken Comber - 29 dager siden
Lelfro - 29 dager siden
The thumbnail made it look like it was a monolith in a desert.
Marly - 29 dager siden
Nooooooo they’re all gone!!!!!!!
culwin - 29 dager siden
This looks perfect for people who like to play Dots.
Connor Diehl
Connor Diehl - 27 dager siden
Chaitanya - 29 dager siden
Wow, your handwriting is really bad. I can't unknow that now.
Elizabeth Hoskin
Elizabeth Hoskin - 29 dager siden
So interested in the story of the “frustratingly effective” gratitude journal - if you’re willing to share, dear, Grey
Nico Morales
Nico Morales - 29 dager siden
Since its sold out is there a way to get a layout to start with a normal journal? I had to wait till payday and by then it was sold out. I still want to purchase it but I want to be prompt in my start of this year.
JL History
JL History - 29 dager siden
What a great idea for a merch product
Staubsaugore - 29 dager siden
Spaceship-Me sorta works for me, though it´s a little bit difficult to not mix up your areas :D
I´m in my second soft-lockdown now, getting paid for staying at home. Think i´ll give this a try.
Ody Mbegbu
Ody Mbegbu - 29 dager siden
The page flipping animation 1:49 at 60fps was a joy to watch and it struck me immediately
Connor Diehl
Connor Diehl - 27 dager siden
FenixoA - Måned siden
aaaaaaand it's sold out.
Ben Mazur
Ben Mazur - Måned siden
Convinced me to buy one...but it's entirely sold out 😭
Henry Warmoth
Henry Warmoth - Måned siden
What is the deal with the little torn corners?
luka :D
luka :D - 29 dager siden
It's to find more easily the different kinds of pages