The Sneaky Plan to Subvert the Electoral College for the Next Election

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 6 måneder siden
An update, sort of:
One punch Podcast
One punch Podcast - 2 måneder siden
Quickest way to start a civil war
Jason B
Jason B - 2 måneder siden
5:20 Q!
Bacon - 3 måneder siden
Marnus Lasagne
Marnus Lasagne - 3 måneder siden
Green Clock
Green Clock - 3 måneder siden
But if this happend, would the next round of state elections not instantly be about running on a platform of abolishing the legislation again? Especially in the smaller states who are currently priviledged.
Jeod - 12 timer siden
Didn't happen but thankfully wasn't needed
Alan Fike
Alan Fike - 23 timer siden
I'm relieved that you treated the debate about the electoral college with fairness. Frankly, I find it amusing that people who lack the willpower to learn the merits of the electoral college also have the creativity to come up with this backdoor that, I guess as highlighted in this video, is laden with problems; as one might expect with a single-minded plan such as that.
We could reform the electoral system. In fact this video points out how simply we can adjust it to better reflect the population. Instead, what do we have? Critics of the electoral college who barely understand the electoral college -- all they think they have to understand is "1 person 1 vote!!" There is more to it, and it isn't my job to educate those who don't know this -- it was the job of their 8th grade civics teacher.
DE Morgenstern
DE Morgenstern - 6 timer siden
@Alan Fike Read Federalist #68 (or re-read it if you haven’t looked at since civics class). Take note of all of the concerns Hamilton has with direct democracy. The desire to avoid “tumult and disorder,” to create an obstacle to “cabal, intrigue, and corruption,” and to prevent the, “ desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils.” Hamilton makes no bones about it. The people cannot be trusted to select the President. We have already strayed with Faithless Electors laws from the founders original intent (well Hamilton’s intent at least) that the electors have the freedom to cast their vote as their conscience demands. And what did Hamilton promise in exchange for this Faustian bargain, “The process of election affords a moral certainty, that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications. Talents for low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity, may alone suffice to elevate a man to the first honors in a single State; but it will require other talents, and a different kind of merit, to establish him in the esteem and confidence of the whole Union, or of so considerable a portion of it as would be necessary to make him a successful candidate for the distinguished office of President of the United States”. Hardly.
Alan Fike
Alan Fike - 7 timer siden
@DE Morgenstern You literally added nothing that wasn't said in the video. "Well I'm amused that you *don't* think so!" You're proving my point about comprehension. That means understanding it.
DE Morgenstern
DE Morgenstern - 7 timer siden
Frankly, I find it amusing that you believe the creative people who came up with NaPoVoInterCo don’t understand the merits of the EC. On the contrary, I think it’s obvious that they understand perfectly well what the founders intended and disagree with its underlying principles. The EC is inherently antidemocratic and elitist. As necessary as this compromise may have been at the time, changes like universal suffrage, instantaneous communication and modern media have rendered many of the arguments in its favor outdated. The “simple” solution of changing EC voting to proportional representation would require a constitutional amendment, so not simple after all. If this does get before the Supremes, it will be interesting to see which Conservative sacred cow gets tossed under the bus, original intent or states rights.
Foolish Potatoes
Foolish Potatoes - Dag siden
I love how in all these political videos gray makes the Supreme Court some group of gods that just have to deal with the whole country being run by children in suits
Chad Holmes
Chad Holmes - Dag siden
Liked the video made sense but still baffled at the thought of the American democratic system maybe you need to be American to get it ???
Peter Thielen
Peter Thielen - 2 dager siden
Let's be frank here, a democracy with two parties is not much better then a democracy that has only one...
confeti80 - 2 dager siden
Argentina dissolved the electoral college in 1994. Since that year, the country spirals down to chaos, economic collapse and the social tissue is destroyed. I recommend to study our story (the real not the fake that the government tells.) And learn what not to do.
franky boy
franky boy - 2 dager siden
the economy has been improving since that year Though it has had some hicups. The GDP of argentina in 1994 was 257.4B$ the GDP in 2020 is 445.4B$. The country started to spiral down into chaos when the US sponsored military dictatorships.
Andrés Falcone
Andrés Falcone - 4 dager siden
jan de Munck
jan de Munck - 5 dager siden
2:20 "a thousand generations"
Lol the USA is barely 100 generations old
jan de Munck
jan de Munck - 2 dager siden
@Seal of Approval oh lol you're right I'm an idiot
Seal of Approval
Seal of Approval - 3 dager siden
More like ten or eleven generations, lol.
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans - 6 dager siden
Well THAT worked
Bard Fall
Bard Fall - 6 dager siden
People kept forgeting that revolutions happens because the upper level wants one.
Robert Strong-Morse
Robert Strong-Morse - 8 dager siden
I like that each state has something to represent them. Guns for texas, cameras for California and Hollywood inside it, a flower necklace for Hawaii, and buffalo for Montana or Wyoming I can't tell.
Justyn Gould
Justyn Gould - 8 dager siden
Well you weren’t wrong
Felipe M
Felipe M - 9 dager siden
The Supreme Court just doesn't care 😂
Chris Moliere
Chris Moliere - 10 dager siden
It just went into effect. Wooo!
Nathan Schroeder
Nathan Schroeder - 10 dager siden
I love New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts just squading up on Grey as he jumps into the past
Bay_Developer - 11 dager siden
Video: 1:25
Me: *Why is Rhode Island outside near the window?*
James Hanley
James Hanley - 12 dager siden
Thousand generations?
Ben Diegel
Ben Diegel - 12 dager siden
lol why is Wyoming riding a buffalo
OneHomie - 12 dager siden
And now they are protesting at the Capitol and the electoral college count 2021🤔 think you are on to something 🤔
Wazzup Heyya
Wazzup Heyya - 12 dager siden
Napovointerco is illegal
franky boy
franky boy - 2 dager siden
@Wazzup Heyya Can you quote it?
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - 6 dager siden
@DDub04 that’s not how it works though. You can’t make something illegal because you feel like it is. And it’s already close to being in effect
DDub04 - 6 dager siden
@Jack Ward some people definitively feel that other states are foreign nations, but yeah. NaPoVoInterCo is pretty unlikely, since only Democrat states will enact it.
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - 6 dager siden
@Wazzup Heyya with foreign nations....
Wazzup Heyya
Wazzup Heyya - 6 dager siden
@Jack Ward There is a line in the constitution that makes it illegal for states to make coalitions
Ben Tube HD
Ben Tube HD - 13 dager siden
I like how you made political parties orange and yellow so people dont get really mad in the comments.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 10 dager siden
orange is closed to red, COMMUNISTS yellow is like the fruit called "YELLOW", bunch of anti scurvy scum. Ee deserve to get scurvy when we want. Vote BeerBlack for better piracy
Brock W
Brock W - 16 dager siden
All only relevant if legal votes can be properly distinguished from illegal votes and correctly counted. But great vid as usual!
adam daniel
adam daniel - 6 dager siden
well its rare to find illegal votes...
robert smith
robert smith - 17 dager siden
According to the second Continental Congress the United States was allowed by Britain to be a colony. We still operate under British rule.
Dee Hart
Dee Hart - 17 dager siden
Grey you are decieving weak minded people
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 10 dager siden
Budger - 17 dager siden
If only people were capable of understanding how terrible this idea is
Ocean Weather and Mapping
Ocean Weather and Mapping - 18 dager siden
Update:South Carolina and Pennsylvania Have not signed up but they withdrew from the pending status
Poisonbiscuts - 19 dager siden
American politics feels like cones of dunshire
New Under Craft
New Under Craft - 20 dager siden
who created napovointerco
Youtube Account
Youtube Account - 21 dag siden
Love your videos. *
* your pompous attitude about the electoral college irritates me to no end.
Some of us like and appreciate that our federal government isn’t supposed to be a monolith that takes over everything and everyone. *
* Except that is what it is doing more and more, faster and faster.
Youtube Account
Youtube Account - Dag siden
@franky boy it wasn’t a comment just about the video. It was also a general comment to him. I’ve been watching his videos for years. Excellent work. He doesn’t like the electoral college. The electoral college is part of what was put in place that recognizes that the country of the United States is made up of separate states. That separation has eroded and one result is the massive growth and power of the federal government.
franky boy
franky boy - 2 dager siden
@NOburn Account All of it. What does this video have to do with monothilic governments?
Youtube Account
Youtube Account - 2 dager siden
@franky boy what part did you not understand?
franky boy
franky boy - 2 dager siden
wtf are you talking about?
Seylem - 21 dag siden
Everything I've learned about any of your videos is that, "usa" can do whatever it wants as long as the most rich people agree to each other. Wich is ironic because all rich people are on the same side because everything that's decided benefits those rich people.
In short: rich people only care about rich people and will also vote for those rich people. Because this makes them even more rich
Marko Jones
Marko Jones - 23 dager siden
Looking back onto this videoz this exactly happened. And almost everyone in power didn't care.
imicca - 25 dager siden
Dustine Bruner
Dustine Bruner - 25 dager siden
I'm not sure what to think of a popular vote regardless of how its carried out. Not to say it can't be done but would think it would require more on the part of creating voters that are tied in one way or another to the outcome of such an election. The majority is not always right nor do representatives always have the best interest of the nation in mind. Though I do think updates in how we vote in every election local, state, or federal need reworked I'm not sure a straight decision base on popularity without preconditions attached would be any more successful. Remember service guarantees voter rights!
I Like Dogs
I Like Dogs - 28 dager siden
Democracy is trash, long live the republic
James Thornton25
James Thornton25 - 10 dager siden
@Ilan Smolders Indeed
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 10 dager siden
republic is a kind of democracy
James Thornton25
James Thornton25 - 13 dager siden
Yes, people voting for the government is bad. Long live Communism.
Mystic Thunder
Mystic Thunder - 29 dager siden
If you go back to the past and the founding fathers ask if you even own land, always say yes. They literally have no way of verifying it
Polopony20 - 8 dager siden
Or scare them by pulling out a phone Even though you don't have connection you will have power. scare them...
robert smith
robert smith - 17 dager siden
Everything here is controlled by the crown. No you do not own your property. Nor do you own your own life
Anonymous But Nott
Anonymous But Nott - 29 dager siden
4:00 This is one of the funniest pictures without context
Bob Cornwell
Bob Cornwell - Måned siden
Funny thing. I do not support eliminating the Electoral College. But I do support this compact. I support it because it is easier to repeal than a straight-up constitutional amendment.
If I had my way, there would be no popular elections of the president. The newly impaneled house and senate would have that job.
But they can only hire but not fire. At the end of a four year term, the people would get to vote on whether that president stays on or not.
Crust Dick
Crust Dick - Måned siden
There needs to be some sort of electoral college just to make sure a communist or a fascist or somebody that would drive the coutry into the ground doesn't get voted in.
Crust Dick
Crust Dick - 21 dag siden
@Snazzy Stardust no I know very well what communism is. Its also not really about what it is its more about what it becomes and leads to.
Snazzy Stardust
Snazzy Stardust - 21 dag siden
You have no idea what Communism is, do you?
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman - 28 dager siden
How can an electoral college prevent that without descending into its own corruption problems?
Michael Enders
Michael Enders - Måned siden
A problem with the plan is that if a majority of the votes in a state that joined the plan go a candidate who did not win the popular vote, the plan requires the electors from that state to vote contrary to the way the majority of the voters in that state would want them to vote. Those voters may not be so happy and might press their state legislature to make that state pull out of the compact. It is a strange kind of democracy to require electors who supposedly represent the will of the people in a state to vote against the will of that state's people. If the compact never created that situation, then it never takes effect and is meaningless.
Balaram Chakrabarty
Balaram Chakrabarty - Måned siden
But AFTER NaPaVoInterCo succeeds, we need to get rid of FTFP and have 2 presidents instead of 1, 3 vice presidents, and only STV elections.
Ender Gamer
Ender Gamer - 28 dager siden
That would need an amendment sadly
J.D. Crownover
J.D. Crownover - Måned siden
"a THOUSAND GENERATIONS"? The Electoral College has been around for 20,000 years?
Gabriel Ginyard
Gabriel Ginyard - Måned siden
It’s like making a very secure Lock then breaking the Key
Sinsyke117 - Måned siden
Direct democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
A republic (or liberty) is a well armed sheep contesting the vote.
Not sure who wrote that, but heard it from Tim Pool.
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor - 4 dager siden
Heres the problem with that who you cast as the wolves and who you cast as the sheep is a point of view. I could easily argue that the electoral college is one wolf deciding to eat two sheep for dinner, and the popular vote is well armed sheep contesting the result. Its kind of a meaningless statement without implicitly assuming that its always the majority taking rights from the minority, and never the other way around. An assumption that some folks may take issue with.
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman - 28 dager siden
Why is that the job of the president to deal with civil rights issues like that rather than a court and congress to be those checks?
Ryan Varos
Ryan Varos - Måned siden
I love the way the SC is visualized. Wouldn't the obvious nature of defying the constitution make it obviously bad? Sounds like a bug not a feature.
Ryan Varos
Ryan Varos - Måned siden
I love the way the SC is visualized. Wouldn't the obvious nature of defying the constitution make it obviously bad? Sounds like a bug not a feature.
Thecrippled Pancake
Thecrippled Pancake - Måned siden
Update: 32 out of 50 states now have penalties in place for rouge electors. This is a HUGE deal.
adam daniel
adam daniel - 6 dager siden
@Aquarian Dawn actually maybe...
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn - Måned siden
Can the Electoral certification be undone?
Mick DiPiano
Mick DiPiano - Måned siden
Do you even own land?
Aquarian Dawn
Aquarian Dawn - Måned siden
I got some on the bottom of my boots
General Codsworth
General Codsworth - Måned siden
Why not just have the executive branch be made up of several people? Then rather than 49+% disapproval rates for the one man in charge, there are several people who have gained the support of a high majority of the US people
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman - Måned siden
Well, there are some countries and ideas to follow. Some states are designed around a governor operating by an executive council. These bodies, with the governor in the chair and the others also voting on electing someone to be nominated as gubernatorial appointments before the state senate even gets to consider them, among other powers. The president's executive powers can also be changed, such as making it so their 2/3 veto is replaced with an absolute majority (218 House Reps, 50 senators plus the VP or 51 senators) in each House, possibly with a line item veto over things other than the appropriations and the ability to offer amendments the congress must consider. You can also make it so that they have to fire all of their cabinet or none of it at a given time, designed to make them work as a collective. You could make their pardon powers come through by a nomination of who to pardon or give other acts of clemency from an independent commission mostly tied to congress and sharing power and who the president cannot fire. The president could also have their appointments massively reduced, with an independent commission to nominate important officials like the post office board, independent boards and commissions like the FEC and the FCC and the FTC, the federal reserve, judges, inspectors general, the FBI director and the CIA director, and the rest of the appointments below cabinet level be appointed by the entire cabinet acting as a collective giving names for the House of Representatives and in some cases, also the Senate, to confirm, with the ones meant to be more independent like judges and the FBI director needing a 2/3 vote to confirm and who cannot be removed except by impeachment, usually for terms outlasting the president such as six, eight, ten, or twelve years. The president's executive powers could be demanded to come in the form of executive orders that expire after a short and limited time, with the congress obligated to vote on them within something like thirty days if in session, sixty days if out of session, and they lose their effect if not adopted and they can be voted on ahead of schedule and they lose their effect at that time. Some, like invoking emergency powers, needs a two thirds vote to approve. Executive orders to amend or rescind previous executive orders would take the form of needing the consent of congress too just like the initial one. And the president could be removed in a number of different ways. The Congress could hold a recall vote among the people by say a majority in both houses, where people send slates of yes or no electors and a majority of no electors causes the president to be removed. The Congress could on proposal of say a quarter or a third of their members in either House force the supreme court to hold a trial to see if they have done anything specifically illegal or unconstitutional and if so, they are removed by a majority vote of the judges. And they retain their impeachment power and the VP and secretaries retain their removal power via the 25th amendment in case something happens that doesn't quite fit any other form of removal justification. The Congress should also be passing more legislation so as to reduce the number of things and priorities the president has to be a policy brains for. They should elect the president pro tempore as a stronger chair to balance out the majority leader, and elect the speaker as well by secret ballot by ranked choice voting, so as to give them a position closer to neutrality and less partisanship. Any quarter of the members of either house should be able to force a vote in the house, as should passing a law in the other house force a vote in the other, as should passing it by the committee, and if the president or a cabinet secretary demands a vote they should be able to force one too. The members of each house should elect at large their chairs of committees and subcommittees by secret ballot by ranked choice voting so as to make them loyal to the whole house and not to their party leaders. And the members of each caucus and conference should elect themselves to committees and not have the leadership basically appoint them to committees, so as to make them responsible to America as a whole and not to their party leadership. I also suggest that the Senate be able to be overturned by an absolute majority by the House of Representatives for things not directly tied to the autonomy of the states, such as when America is voting on the government of the US itself, giving directions to the executive and the president, is not voting on things about how to fund state governments on programs and things the feds want them to do, and how America behaves before the world like military deployments, this again reduces the power of the president as the congress will pass more laws which bind the president and decide their policy agenda.
L开门见山 - Måned siden
It doesn't make any sense as long as the electors can vote by free will.
Ender Gamer
Ender Gamer - 28 dager siden
The most of the states in napavointerco have that law, and if not napavointerco members can pressure each other to do so
RB - Måned siden
The Electoral College has poisoned the USA. Eliminate the Electoral College.
   Here are some facts about USA history, the Electoral College, and the civil war.   The sources of this information are the USA Constitution and actual events in USA history:
      Slavers are terrorists.  Slavery is terrorism.
  The Electoral College was written for only one purpose. 
     The Electoral College was written by terrorists(slavers) to be nothing more than a "welfare benefit" for themselves and other USA terrorists.  The E C (+ the 3/5ths clause) awards excessive national governmental and political power to terrorists(slavers).  The Electoral College encouraged and rewarded the terrorism of slavery.   The Electoral College allowed terrorists to dominate the USA national government until around 1850-1860.   The USA's "founding fathers" were the USA's first group of "welfare queens".  Ten of the first twelve presidents were terrorists.
     What  happened around 1860 when abolition and the prohibition of slaver terrorism in the new territories and Western states greatly reduced the "free stuff" to which the terrorists had become so accustomed?
     One of the biggest blows to the "terrorist welfare queens" was the prohibition of slaver terrorism in Western states.  That's one of the reasons you hear that whiney, old csa/kkk terrorist propaganda phrase, "We don't want to be ruled by the coasts!".
     What happened when the terrorist "welfare queens" lost their "free stuff" from the USA government?
  What happened when the terrorist slavers could no longer easily dominate the USA national government and national politics?
     The csa/kkk was just a low-life, MS-13-type gang of butthurt "welfare queens".
     After causing the civil war, the Electoral College became  a "welfare benefit" for states which suppress voting.   I wonder which states LOVE to suppress voting .......... might they be the former terrorist states and terrorist sympathizer states?
     Eliminate the Electoral College. It has poisoned the USA!
Mervyn Greene
Mervyn Greene - Måned siden
I hate this plan. The better plan is to get rid of the "winner takes all" rule most states follow should be changed to a proportional selection of electors.
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor - 4 dager siden
The problem with that is that proportional electors only make sense if every state does them. If maryland decides to go it alone and be proportional, and the election was close enough to make that matter, theyd just piss of the majority of marylanders. Proportional electors only make sense if every state does them, and swing states will never change their system unless forced to, but the only way you can force them to is through a constitutional amendment which swing states will block from getting ratified.
Sword and Keyboard
Sword and Keyboard - Måned siden
What about a twist of this? Get the EC members to agree to vote for a party instead of the National majority. Then the first party to win over the most sneaky electoral college members wins forever
Gregory Scott
Gregory Scott - Måned siden
Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania over the 2020 election was dismissed because Texas did not show standing. They had no right to sue other states over election results as those are solely the domain of the individual states.
Would Texas have had standing under NaPoVoInterCo?
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor - 4 dager siden
Possibly. I mean the argument against the states in 2020 was essentially "Im mad butthrurt" but the argument against NPVIC is the compact clause in the actual constitution.
Meh Reh
Meh Reh - Måned siden
America is weird
Dennis Jaron
Dennis Jaron - Måned siden
This video is misleading because as far as the electoral college is concerned they must vote for whom they were picked in the first round if no one wins then the states are allowed to vote as they wish for whatever candidate they wish if there is still no winner it goes to congressxwhere the house decides
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry - Måned siden
5:19 - This is about to happen anyway for a different reason, lol (see: Texas vs. Pennsylvania, et. al. - SCOTUS docket no. 22O155)
Daniel Henry
Daniel Henry - Måned siden
@Anandatheertha Bapu I think you mean it didn't happen, but six and one half dozen.
Jorge A. Abreu Chon
Jorge A. Abreu Chon - Måned siden
Im puertorican and found funny the “not you puerto rico, come back when youre a state”... lol.... its true non the less. We dont get to vote for the president.
David R
David R - Måned siden
Sounds great! Maybe next we can take a way all the power from low population states, and decide everything for them! Oh wait that's what this does.
ineedhoez - Måned siden
We should just go to a straight-up national vote for president. It would actually mean that my vote counts. If I vote red in California, it doesn't even matter. Only Swing states lives matter
XxBeans93xX - Måned siden
@Kevin lol true
Kevin - Måned siden
@XxBeans93xX The GOP will support it when Texas turns blue.
XxBeans93xX - Måned siden
Sadly the Republican Party will never allow it to happen
Jedi Roya
Jedi Roya - Måned siden
This won’t work, you can’t rig an election from the top down, it’s too visible. You need to do it from the bottom up, in a handful of key counties in a handful of key states. That’s the tried and tested way and it’s worked for half a century or more.
kcgunesq - Måned siden
Most Interstate Compacts require approval from Congress. So that's another, not insignificant hurdle. Plus, you didn't deal with the issue of faithless electors.
Jasper Horn
Jasper Horn - Måned siden
No, this is just wrong!
The main reason for the disparity between popular vote and winner is NOT that +2. That's something you can still have discussions about, but the main cause for that is that most states cast all their votes to the winner of their state vote.
For example, consider the USI (United States of Imagination) that has three members: Allstar, Brandname and Charlie. All three have the same population and the same number of EC votes. Clearly, this means that the relation between population and EC votes is not an issue. However, in the presidential election between Xavier and Yasmin, X got 100% of votes in A, 49% in B and 49% in C. Now, B and C both put all their EC votes towards Y, which makes them the president elect. However, with all populations being the same size, you'll find that X received almost twice as many votes. Of course this is an exaggerated example, but seeing how easy it is to construct an example where this matters so much more than the two extra seats ever could, hopefully also leads to the insight that this is a much stronger factor even in the real world.
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - Måned siden
What? No he’s completely right
Magatism - Måned siden
Without electoral college, flyover America would become like Russian steppe.
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - Måned siden
Umm what?
stupidpeoplecallmesmart - Måned siden
Man you really don't like farmers having a say in the republic
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor - 4 dager siden
France elects its president by popular vote and they spend more on per capita farming subsidies than we do. The EC doesnt actually help farmers
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett - Måned siden
@reuploader i don't think he meant that, i think he meant that farmers are excluded from everybody else. and the minority picks the leader anyway.
reuploader - Måned siden
you're right, lets have the minority pick the leader, that'll *totally* be better.
Ethan Bennett
Ethan Bennett - Måned siden
@no yes i mean if the government don't take care of them that's the price they have to pay
GeneratorMacx - Måned siden
*Laughs in Dumbledore*
PBJ - Måned siden
Tbh the Nebraska/Maine is the best compromise. Otherwise, we'll only see Democrat presidents once this gets passed
PBJ - 29 dager siden
@reuploader Then what's even the point in having a federal goverment if the coastal majority decides everything for people living in the middle?
reuploader - Måned siden
And how is that a bad thing? If the majority of people want something I don't see why we have to let the minority choose otherwise.
Rose Egbo
Rose Egbo - Måned siden
5:48 me: OH YEAH
ShinyRayquaza9 - Måned siden
that title didn't age well
Brian Hayes
Brian Hayes - Måned siden
Democracy is cringe go read some Aristotle
MahoganyCrafter - Måned siden
I'm pro-electoral college, but I would love to see this go to the supreme court once it actually sways an election
Jackrain04 - Måned siden
The federal government does not have the authority to tell the state where or how it should send its electors, it would hold up fine.
amit x7
amit x7 - Måned siden
i don't like that this plan heavily relies on trust
Levi Snyder
Levi Snyder - Måned siden
Who is here after the 2020 election?
F-35A Lightning II
F-35A Lightning II - Måned siden
I like how even Rhode Island laughed at CGP Grey’s concern for the people from outside of the convention.
IchibaraYT - Måned siden
Top sneaky
Personmr - Måned siden
Break into that fortress and hang every occupant by any means necessary. The electoral collage was created by bastards who held the common person in contempt and it needs to be abolished.
zemorph42 - Måned siden
Joël - Måned siden
Look at the footnote.
Varun Mishra
Varun Mishra - Måned siden
02:23 no Grey, it has not survived for a thousand generations. Give or take 6 generations.
poner nombre aca Delfin
poner nombre aca Delfin - Måned siden
goberment be like
IGNORE 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Sedat Mehmed
Sedat Mehmed - Måned siden
Isn't it better just to distribute electoral college votes? For example popular vote in a state is 60/40 so if the state has 10 votes just divide them 6/4? Okay it is not perfect solution it will still generate some errors due to round up but is it mandatory to assign all the votes to one candidate?
Gavin Taylor
Gavin Taylor - 4 dager siden
The problem with proportional electors only make sense if every state does them. If maryland decides to go it alone and be proportional, and give 3 electoral votes to the GOP candidate, and those 3 votes made the difference, the maryland legislators who wrote that rule would get voted out. Proportional electors only make sense if every state does them together, and swing states will never change their system unless forced to, but the only way you can force them to is through a constitutional amendment which swing states will block from getting ratified.
Comrade Cat
Comrade Cat - Måned siden
@Sedat Mehmed NaPoVoInterCo is relatively easy to implement. Once the majority of Electoral College votes are held by the compact, a popular vote system without the flaws of EC is established. The only downside of that way is the small chance of voting against the state’s citizens. Whereas if your system somehow got implemented for all 50 states and DC, the unfair weighting wouldn’t be bypassed. In my opinion, the benefits of popular vote outweigh the small downside.
Sedat Mehmed
Sedat Mehmed - Måned siden
@Comrade Cat The solution discussed in this video is still hard to implement so i don't think this is the real problem. The weighing issue is due to existence of the electoral college - you can't get around it. My proposition is an attempt to make popular vote determining while eliminating the possibility of some states having to votw against their citizens wishes
Comrade Cat
Comrade Cat - Måned siden
That wouldn’t remove the unfair weighting. Even in that scenario one person’s vote in Wyoming would be three times as powerful as another’s in California. And besides, it would be nearly impossible to implement as all 50 state governments plus DC would need to be convinced.
Ronald Logan
Ronald Logan - Måned siden
I am so done with this ~ unsubsribed
Joël - Måned siden
Bye, won't be missed.
Exo0408 - Måned siden
oh yikes. This has aged too well.
Timothy Scheneman
Timothy Scheneman - Måned siden
This sounds horrible
nlJ - Måned siden
1000 generations what are you on about, no country has lasted anywhere near 38,000 years????? wtf?
Remco Hartevelt
Remco Hartevelt - Måned siden
Literally, 1000 generations for the colonies are 20'000 years old
Rusty Mason
Rusty Mason - Måned siden
The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
Derrick Gordon
Derrick Gordon - Måned siden
This aged well lol
Robert Fernandez
Robert Fernandez - Måned siden
Do you know how fucking hard it is to make this stuff so easy to listen to? I love this channel. Please never give up on it
M A - Måned siden
That was 👍 great work.
BILLBILLH - Måned siden
fraud vitiates everything
Jack Ward
Jack Ward - Måned siden
This isn’t fraud
William Sutter
William Sutter - Måned siden
An interim workaround could be to use single transferable vote to elect electors. In most states, at least, no third party candidate would likely get enough votes to be entitled to an elector, so while ties between the two major party's candidates would not be impossible, they'd be less likely (but not impossible) and it'd also be less likely that the electoral college winner would lose the popular vote.
phrenchphried - Måned siden
Fun Times
Fun Times - Måned siden
1000 generations? The US isnt even 1000 years old...
Grethe Therese Juel
Grethe Therese Juel - Måned siden
He didn't specify *human* generations. Mice for example, can manage 8-9 generations in a single year.
Steven R
Steven R - 2 måneder siden
Who else is here after the 2020 election?
Tigerfire75 - 2 måneder siden
How about give each state 10 Electoral college votes and DC has 1. Then you have to win the most states.
Comrade Cat
Comrade Cat - Måned siden
That’s even more unfair. At least under the Electoral College the population within the states matters. Under your system California (a state of tens of millions) has just as many electoral votes as Wyoming (a state of a few hundred thousand). By the way, DC has more people than Wyoming but would have 1/10th of the electoral votes.
Tigerfire75 - 2 måneder siden
Making the selection of the President based on popular vote is a horrible idea.
One problem is the election fraud that subverts the voters.
Tigerfire75 - Måned siden
@Shayne Madhlangobe what did you say?
Shayne Madhlangobe
Shayne Madhlangobe - Måned siden
Dont lie just say the truse a rep would never be pres again
MrManny - 2 måneder siden
Hahaha it's not a true democracy. Obviously.
vandalman8 - 2 måneder siden
What a shitty idea
Lallapoopsy - 2 måneder siden
So in theory, had every state signed, the winning candidate would get all 538 electoral votes, right?
spider love
spider love - 2 måneder siden
Well, boys... Let's get ready for the dust bowl