The Simple Solution to Traffic

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ZEY PD - 8 minutter siden
Simpler solution: remove breaks completely.
If no one stops then no traffic
OneJoe - 10 timer siden
My biggest fear now is being the cause of a traffic snake, dozens of man hours of potential lost from 1 merge
Mythraen - 16 timer siden
The solution IS NOT to be equidistant to the car behind and ahead.
I have no control over the idiot behind me who refuses to use safe following distance. I'm not going to drive unsafely so that there's equal distance. Also, this does not solve the problem, since my reaction time to the car in front is solely governed by my speed and the distance to the car in front.
samuel lektzian
samuel lektzian - 17 timer siden
Anyone else notice the banana on his dest?
Joseph Veeck
Joseph Veeck - 19 timer siden
99% of women disliked this video
DerpyNerdy - Dag siden
American Marxist
American Marxist - Dag siden
Actually cars CAN'T talk to each other at the speed of light. It is impossible using the current technology for cars to communicate fast enough for your solution.
American Marxist
American Marxist - 11 timer siden
@Somdude Willson "... So the real solution to traffic is no monkeys driving cars" He literally said the solution is self driving cars that can communicate with each other. Monkeys mean humans of course. Also, he did say cars can communicate at the speed of light.
Somdude Willson
Somdude Willson - 12 timer siden
His solution has no set speed. The cars don't actually have to talk to each other at those speeds. Also, that wasn't even the solution, that was a side note.
Justin - Dag siden
They should honestly put a timer on a traffic light. Like how much time there is left before green, and how much time there is left before it goes red.
That One Guy In The Comment Section
thank you for teaching me how to cause maximum chaos on highways
Tima Br
Tima Br - Dag siden
roundabout > intersection
Tadepalli Santosh
Tadepalli Santosh - Dag siden
If only we had smart traffic signals, if a stretch of road had vehicles , it remains green with respect to other road vehicle density , no need for co ordination too, only smart signalling
Kieran Evans
Kieran Evans - Dag siden
This video should be a mandatory part of the driving test, and it should be illegal to disrupt this system.
jay quickblade
jay quickblade - 2 dager siden
You know... Just a decent amount of self driving cars would likely help
Austin Pedicab
Austin Pedicab - 2 dager siden
GREY! I've loved your stuff for almost a decade, and you are a lot more intelligent than I am.
But today you are one of the lucky 10k. I forget my linguistic notation but its OR-E-BORE-US. Not orebus.
Ty for everything btw.
Arctic967 - 3 dager siden
but what happens when someone like me gets an old car that I like my datsun 240z and i take it for a drive bc i like driving old cars
Eclypsa Queen
Eclypsa Queen - 3 dager siden
So my friend’s dad *wasn’t* just being overly cautious!
Colin Birnie
Colin Birnie - 3 dager siden
Did you say, Eated? Ouch.
ChaosLord - 4 dager siden
For me, the slow acceleration is definitely my car's fault.
Tem Haz wifi
Tem Haz wifi - 4 dager siden
1:54 some sort of city building simulator loading screen
Tem Haz wifi
Tem Haz wifi - 4 dager siden
Cannibalism solves so many problems... world hunger, overpopulation, traffic, etc...
Tem Haz wifi
Tem Haz wifi - 4 dager siden
Purge all humans!
Derek - 4 dager siden
This video just made me angry for no reason lol
planescaped - 4 dager siden
"We can make traffic snakes less likely by changing the way we drive."
So it's hopeless then.
R - G - C
R - G - C - 4 dager siden
"Why does the chicken cross the road?"
Well, now I know
FalconLord XxxXxxX
FalconLord XxxXxxX - 4 dager siden
If 2020 taught me anything, it's that a virus is the simplest solution to traffic.
Teun Zijp
Teun Zijp - 4 dager siden
I have a European solution: TRAINS! No more cars! Saves a lot of CO2 as well. So sad that CGP Grey loves cars and planes...
Fnutarf - 4 dager siden
me, laughing in bicycle
Tristan Mitchell
Tristan Mitchell - 5 dager siden
The solution to traffic: Just don't go anywhere. Embrace the NEET lifestyle.
Tyler McNally
Tyler McNally - 5 dager siden
Seems like humans are the problem let's get rid of them.
K0DAMAN - 5 dager siden
Would speed limits be gone too?
octapusxft - 5 dager siden
Too bad this is not part of the driver license curriculum
Professor Ryze
Professor Ryze - 5 dager siden
Cryptic Cobra
Cryptic Cobra - 6 dager siden
In theory this makes sense, In reality a single gap in cars means the phantom intersections get fixed. So unless traffic is packed, in which case you are already going slow af, this has little to no effect.
Jack Cooksey
Jack Cooksey - 6 dager siden
2:46 “tailgating is trouble”
F150 drivers take note
ChaosLord - 4 dager siden
ALWAYS F150 drivers!!! With their damn high-beams on too.
Jack Hopler
Jack Hopler - 6 dager siden
I remember a thinking about this when standing in a line in 3rd grade. It’s the same kinda thing
Asai - 7 dager siden
Dude really just said "a robber us" 1:55
MrPyrilo - 7 dager siden
So your solution is the obey the rules of the road and remain a safe distance away from other drivers? Heresy...
Pulunen - 7 dager siden
So I keep the same distance in front as the driver behind me? 42 inches it is.
AMIT MEHRA - 7 dager siden
404 I won't be test passanger in any of those cars
Hiro - 8 dager siden
i love this guy, he just sais it how it is, humans are selfish idiots
Spencer O'Reilly
Spencer O'Reilly - 8 dager siden
I seriously think that overall the world would save a ton of money, time, and frustration (not to mention avoid many deaths and even more injuries) if we just banned human drivers. As long as you have crosswalks and nature there will still be accidents, but they will be much fewer and farther between and ideally when they happen they will minimize damages in all forms. Less car repairs, less damage to buildings, signs, poles, etc. near roads. Less need for car insurance. Less need for policing the roads. I'd happily get rid of my car insurance payment and replace it with government taxes to fund and maintain an integrated automated car system. Complete with the ability for emergency vehicles to part the sea of traffic. We'd get places faster and be able to enjoy that time instead of focusing on driving which while some may enjoy it is a rather stressful and frustrating activity.
Alan Fike
Alan Fike - 8 dager siden
As irresponsible as it is to tailgate, let us also acknowledge slow drivers who are unaware, especially those who drive slow in the left lane.
Side note: uncanny how when I've brought this up that no one on comment sections ever drive slow in the passing lane; nope, never, not them! We don't have to put anyone in time out. Please at least acknowledge that *some drivers* drive slower in the left, passing lane, ignoring the drivers behind them who have no other way to get around because someone is blocking the passing lane.
Arie Baudoin
Arie Baudoin - 8 dager siden
if you are dutch or danish, there is an easier solution, just take the bike
ALFIE HALSEY - 8 dager siden
solution, roundabout
Adriel - 8 dager siden
Why does the chicken cross the road?
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 9 dager siden
Michael B. Jordan
Animations with Puppet
Animations with Puppet - 9 dager siden
Well there has been some problems with self driving cars program, tesla the main leading brand of this generally, when something like this happens, tries to cover it up and blame it on the person inside of the car.
Animations with Puppet
Animations with Puppet - 5 dager siden
And where’s your evidence that it’s better? What about all the times you could read in articles about self driving cars,and the coincidence the company always blames the driver and while self driving cars would be more efficient it’s still at beta from what we’ve seen.
Warhawk76 - 5 dager siden
AI driver programs simply have to be better than the average meatbag behind the wheel, and they are already far better than that. The pursuit of perfection is our enemy here. Self driving tech is literally the answer to so many problems its not even funny.
Apanatchanka - 9 dager siden
s m h, what about not using cars every single time when its really not needed.
ewoi asio
ewoi asio - 9 dager siden
your job and goal as a driver is safety? What? Do other drivers know about this?
Sam29 - 9 dager siden
Is that a Jacksepticeye reference?
Wetwelder47 - 10 dager siden
It’s called explosives.
Neil Emminger
Neil Emminger - 10 dager siden
Most people most of the time: "Nobody knows how to drive, everyone in [Insert home state] are the worst drivers in the world."
Also most people most of the time: "I don't trust a computer to drive a car."
Kiwi McMango
Kiwi McMango - 10 dager siden
Who’s here from a Wednesday Content video for Stem Lab at Barrington Prairie Middle School?
Fakez - 10 dager siden
After 4 years, why is this now on everyone's recommended page?
Nef36 - 2 timer siden
Because the video got stuck in a traffic snake created by a chicken 4 years ago.
Mythraen - 16 timer siden
I'll let you know in four years.
That One Guy In The Comment Section
@Polyous dude, I'll be interested enough to watch any video on this channel an hour or two after I just watched it
Polyous - 4 dager siden
Because the algorithym has decided that is has been long enough that people that have already seen this video would be intrested again, which is true because I am here. And that the topic is relevant enough to attract new people, which seems to be true since you're here.
Ashraya Agrawal
Ashraya Agrawal - 5 dager siden
Chicken crossed youtube
Kartikey Pant
Kartikey Pant - 11 dager siden
me as an indian: we have no such weakness
Vorname N.
Vorname N. - 11 dager siden
Can you generate an QR Code for that?
InfoBlues - 11 dager siden
Indians watching this video:
“You bet”
Ivin Inasu Chungath
Ivin Inasu Chungath - 11 dager siden
Just remove the cars and place tramps on lanes. Problem solved
NikeforAdidas - 11 dager siden
Auto cruise control should help
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - 12 dager siden
The fascinated faucet distally annoy because reason eventually recognise a a pricey bee. absent, spurious nic
Siddharth Jindal
Siddharth Jindal - 12 dager siden
Did he just call me monkey 🐒?
bendyrin - 12 dager siden
I dont have a car and i still watched this
Chillman VR
Chillman VR - 12 dager siden
Omg now I know why the yellow light exists for the fucking retards
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 12 dager siden
The Post Singularity Age shall begin in the 2030s.
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith - 12 dager siden
Shinobu Suzuki
Shinobu Suzuki - 13 dager siden
Even if everyone follows your "in the middle" strategy and drives perfectly, there's still traffic once the throughput approaches the critical 1/(human reaction time*number of lanes) threshold...
SochJEEPhoddJEE - 13 dager siden
The Chicken Syndicate is behind it all !!!
Mardhi Bond
Mardhi Bond - 13 dager siden
And... it just car. Don't forget motorcycle
Augusto Severini
Augusto Severini - 14 dager siden
While in the vacum of improving traffic efficiency above all else the idea of "just ban all humans from driving cars" sounds perfectly reasonable, this involves so many more variables and social aspects than this video gives credit to.
blue dragon
blue dragon - 14 dager siden
All of these problems do not happen in certant countries do youre mostly saying that north amaricans are dumb
blue dragon
blue dragon - 14 dager siden
I have never seen anything like this when driving (with someone else, i'm not 18 yet) and the reason is that there arent verry many people in norway and Even less who have cars
blue dragon
blue dragon - 12 dager siden
@Tal no. The only time ive been in Oslo is almost evry summer just that we Are on the airport waiting for the plane to Bergen. In Harstad there isnt to much trafic tho
Tal - 12 dager siden
Have you been to downtown Oslo during rush hour?
Oofers - 15 dager siden
But if a Tesla accelerated at the same time as a Toyota the the Tesla would ram the Toyota
dio152 - 15 dager siden
When you don't even have a car
Also TheActualBarker
Also TheActualBarker - 15 dager siden
An easier solution? People realising that driving straight through that animal on the road is less dangerous than stopping for it.
Anonymous But Nott
Anonymous But Nott - 15 dager siden
Quick PSA - Look at your windshield wiper activator. Do you see this knob at the end? That controls the turning signals in the front of the car.
Use. Them.
Paul Douris
Paul Douris - 15 dager siden
Jesus is king and our savior repent of sin so you can be saved remember Jesus Christ loves you and he’s coming soon
Ydarlyn Santos
Ydarlyn Santos - 15 dager siden
I waiting the channel in Spanish.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke - 15 dager siden
The omniscient defense ganguly punch because hospital acromegaly mine below a steady uzbekistan. second, unbecoming italy
ShiniGamiGG - 16 dager siden
I just hate when noisy people stop to take a loo kat accidents which causes traffic when there isn't any
Dan-Jumbo Victor Sodienye
Dan-Jumbo Victor Sodienye - 16 dager siden
😂... I love the final solution
WobblePizza - 16 dager siden
Eka Shofwan Pratama
Eka Shofwan Pratama - 16 dager siden
We're need discipline!!
Aidan W
Aidan W - 17 dager siden
Traffic problems in Cities Skylines: everyone wants to be in the same lane
Dillonj Hart
Dillonj Hart - 17 dager siden
"Why did the chicken cross the road?" "To cause a chain reaction"
SuperWolfman9 - 17 dager siden
*I watched this when it came out, and several times since then, and every time I've watched it I've yet to have a car*
M N - 18 dager siden
I want to warp ahead in time where all the cars are driven by machines and you don’t need to pay months worth of your salary to get a license.
Wyatt Melesky
Wyatt Melesky - 18 dager siden
Make this man in charge of the world
Fabio Mora
Fabio Mora - 18 dager siden
Everybody analyzes Echoes the chicken cross the road but now we need to analyzes what happens when the chicken crosses the road
Markus Lüftner
Markus Lüftner - 18 dager siden
熊晓健 - 19 dager siden
xCreeperBombx - 19 dager siden
Simpler solution: No cars = no traffic
Jomonger - 19 dager siden
F - for those who didn't invent this on their own in past.
toslaw - 19 dager siden
I know a better solution. Drive a tank or a monster truck.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin - 19 dager siden
2:40 I keep same distance from BEHIND ? how ?
The Oof show
The Oof show - 20 dager siden
The Oof show
The Oof show - 20 dager siden
The Oof show
The Oof show - 20 dager siden
The Oof show
The Oof show - 20 dager siden
The Oof show
The Oof show - 20 dager siden
George Cowsert
George Cowsert - 20 dager siden
Just goes to show that the majority of humanity's most mundane problems are caused by population.
More people means more chances for people to mess up, which leads to more problems.
Joel Correa4108
Joel Correa4108 - 21 dag siden
Only if everyone in the world saw this and payed attentions
Rohan Richardson
Rohan Richardson - 22 dager siden
not being racists but what about asians they come to our country with a cereal box license
Otopon - 16 dager siden
the same could be said about americans who come to europe
EnderSquid 11
EnderSquid 11 - 22 dager siden
traffic lights would still be necessary, and so should built in censors on the cars, human error still exists things still go wrong one car going offline could cause major issues, a whole server going down could cause even bigger issues...
July Cabiling
July Cabiling - 22 dager siden
who came from tiktok looking for this guy 0-0