The Race to Win Staten Island

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Demilade Oluwalade
Demilade Oluwalade - 14 timer siden
1 coincidence is viable
2 coincidences are suspicious
3 coincidences are near certain
Robert Voss
Robert Voss - 23 timer siden
Great video Grey, just wanted to say that I absolutely disagree with saying that oral history isn't history. So much of the human history has been passed down orally, even this video is oral history.
Reeshaug - Dag siden
U ok bro?
Parcton - Dag siden
New favourite channel
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon - 2 dager siden
Ah, CGP Grey, the only person in the world that listens to Supreme Court hearings for amusement.
Stratis Georgilis
Stratis Georgilis - 2 dager siden
The race happened between 1664 and 1710 based on Billopp’s age, if it did happen.
Xar 94
Xar 94 - 3 dager siden
Around 8:30 I was all prepared for grey to take us on a national treasure like adventure.
Chobrenga - 3 dager siden
The only reason I comment on most videos is to help engagement.
Faame Explains
Faame Explains - 6 dager siden
I love how Grey must've sat and animated that 20 second clip in the library just to play it on his iPad while recording it with his camera
Sameel Kaweem
Sameel Kaweem - 6 dager siden
Sameel Kaweem
Sameel Kaweem - 6 dager siden
Brandon Stanfield
Brandon Stanfield - 7 dager siden
*scientist pauses the video*
Scientist: After reviewing the video I have determined the start of insanity for this man began here. With this evidence I have confirmed that the domino effect is real and can be applied to everyone living on this very planet
SeraStaplz - 7 dager siden
Why don't you have an umbrella? Aren't you from the UK?
Angie Coltrane
Angie Coltrane - 7 dager siden
Grey: time to let this go.
Grey (on the phone): Hey, doc, i need some help. (TARDIS noises intensify)
G.I. Geno
G.I. Geno - 8 dager siden
Mucherer Laterer and Cuterer: Rainbow
Kiran Joseph
Kiran Joseph - 9 dager siden
Man, you came all the way, might as well stayed until 22nd.
Alexi Nubleborsky
Alexi Nubleborsky - 9 dager siden
I was half expecting you to start digging up the mans grave
Ho Lam YIU
Ho Lam YIU - 9 dager siden
Is nobody going to talk about how there’s someone who’s a world expert on the Richmond County Gazette?
Christian E. Y.
Christian E. Y. - 10 dager siden
Well, goota go play Gankplank now, see you later
Quirkyhndl - 10 dager siden
5:50 😆
Quirkyhndl - 10 dager siden
10:40 🤣😂🤣🌈 the oddesey...
Chylla Zolius
Chylla Zolius - 11 dager siden
Never before have I been watching a info vid and exclaimed "Let it go man!"
You dug far enough 😶 Great video and love your dedication, just think of your health 😅
danny thanos
danny thanos - 12 dager siden
You can hear him slowly losing his sanity throughout the video
Memester Mcgee
Memester Mcgee - 12 dager siden
I just looked it up and someone undid his wikipedia edit like right after he made it
Ineptias Bais
Ineptias Bais - 14 dager siden
Whats with the obsession with infor6
Gabrielle Filippini
Gabrielle Filippini - 15 dager siden
Nothing makes sense on Staten Island, did no one warn you?
Give me my exclusive jurisdiction
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 15 dager siden
I wouldn't call Christopher Billop a traitor because his job was being an officer in the Royal Navy. So yes.
Felipe M
Felipe M - 16 dager siden
Grey was gonna let it go....until he didn't 😂
ᴄowboy patrick
ᴄowboy patrick - 17 dager siden
It’s *Y E O L D E M E M E*
Tugboat Gaming
Tugboat Gaming - 17 dager siden
Atleast he got to see that rainbow 😂
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis - 18 dager siden
Never thought New Jersey getting wrecked in court would make me laugh so hard
Paul Ditman
Paul Ditman - 18 dager siden
IdiotToonz - 19 dager siden
heartplayer - 20 dager siden
me as a outsider from germany i didnt see much of nj but that was i saw i didnt wanna have as Neighbor
DeForestt Thompson
DeForestt Thompson - 20 dager siden
Kvothe looking for the amyr
WorldMusic - 24 dager siden
For some reason I can’t hear the music when I have no headphones and can hear it when I do have them. Idk why
Rafiqul Islam
Rafiqul Islam - 26 dager siden
I live in New York thank you for that
Christian Faux
Christian Faux - 26 dager siden
I guess you could say this quest led him Disoway and thataway
Benjamin Shrapnel
Benjamin Shrapnel - 28 dager siden
im gay and like to go to gay staten island and it's fully of sexy cops
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro - 28 dager siden
New York is already on Typhoid Mary quarantine islands from the last scandemic. And are writing for the Audubon society and Nobel peace frauds while not planning to educate the country.
luke kelly
luke kelly - 28 dager siden
Can he get 7.4 billion views for all the research
Pulverkuss Enaka
Pulverkuss Enaka - Måned siden
closed due to extreme heat... heavy rain... yes
Burakku Ren
Burakku Ren - Måned siden
7:43 this is the moment I liked the video
Fancy Birb
Fancy Birb - Måned siden
I can’t get over “ye olde meme”
Markus Wilson
Markus Wilson - Måned siden
This feels like a story that would appear in an Uncharted game.
sabri abdalbari
sabri abdalbari - Måned siden
Grey: "Time to let it go"
Also Grey: *Proceeds to fly 3,462 miles just to find out that it is still missing and gradually becomes insane*
alan doak
alan doak - Måned siden
I'm surprised you didn't charter a sailing vessel to re-create the race, in order to show whether or not it was feasible.
Fritz Irmscher
Fritz Irmscher - Måned siden
Respect bro nice video 👍🏻
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - Måned siden
where is a shovel when i need it.
Isobel McGovern
Isobel McGovern - Måned siden
I have also suffered missing sources for a project. Just in then years where the person I was researching owned a local newspaper all sources of that newspaper stop so I could not confirm he ever existed or did what he did
Frederick Myers
Frederick Myers - Måned siden
I can't tell you how much I laughed (OK, fine: MY ASS OFF!!!!) at this. The clip that wouldn't end. The thread you couldn't let go.
Kudos to you, Grey. Keep up the excellent work.
Dragons LeagueGaming
Dragons LeagueGaming - Måned siden
This just in: Crazed stickman arrested for pursuing historical inaccuracy as well as attempted breaking and entering of a historical site 😂
Adam Kurent
Adam Kurent - Måned siden
I like how CGP Grey sacrfices his sanity for looking for sufficient information for us to enjoy
Cody Jordan
Cody Jordan - Måned siden
you are insane
Black Hole
Black Hole - Måned siden
I am over 2200 years old and I can say that I have no idea
JustMeh - Måned siden
Nick Robinson: So i booked a flight to Tokyo
CGP Grey:*Booked a flight to New York
Quincidence? I think not!
Akira - Måned siden
the rainbow timing was amazing
Herr Dávid
Herr Dávid - Måned siden
Hey Grey! Did they finally ever reply from the museum?
prede89 - Måned siden
how did he watch/listen to the NJ v NY supreme court cased like that? I'm a total NJ nerd I wanna do that.
Siege - Måned siden
Museum closed just so they wouldn't have to talk to you :D
Jack209 - Måned siden
This is kind of like the Trojan War, there's no record of it and it most likely is just folklore.
Luke W
Luke W - Måned siden
Your tenacity is astounding, sir! I was really hoping that the end of this video was you stating that you had single handedly proved that Staten Island belonged to New Jersey and some kind of official governmental transference ceremony would play in the background as the suggested videos popped up!
Nikapocalypse - Måned siden
So I flew to J̶a̶p̶a̶n̶ New York for answers...
Memester Mcgee
Memester Mcgee - Måned siden
Martin Stoyanov
Martin Stoyanov - Måned siden
Time to let it go...
Russian Bear
Russian Bear - Måned siden
Grey will have ptsd whenever anyone mentions staten island
KnightBoulegard - Måned siden
What is the site he's on where he watches the court case?
Ava Daly
Ava Daly - Måned siden
Flame Of Phoenix
Flame Of Phoenix - Måned siden
btw. This video is listed on the wikipedia article on Christopher Billopp
Stricktpine 90
Stricktpine 90 - Måned siden
I dont need sleep I need answers
Reese Herrmann
Reese Herrmann - Måned siden
You got me worried you’re going to steal the Declaration of Independence or some thing
World Sand
World Sand - Måned siden
He Puts so much work into his videos!
JackSpackProductions - Måned siden
Just had something eerily similar happen to me while researching for my final history paper. Found numerous websites that cited one of the most minor tidbits of information that I thought could be useful for my paper. Frustratingly though, none of them had a clear source on where they got it from. I was going around in circles by way of articles citing each other even when neither of them had a solid citation. My friend ended up sending me this video after I told him about it and we both went certifiably mad in Discord just trying to find an original source where it could've come from.
Alex Stevenson
Alex Stevenson - Måned siden
Man I love how far you went to get answers! Your efforts are acknowledged.
High King Trasher
High King Trasher - Måned siden
(Flies to New York)
Roger Washington
Roger Washington - Måned siden
I was really hoping he'd pull out a Ouija board at the end
Jesse10 - Måned siden
imagine being from new jersey and not knowing this
nope can't related
Rambling Recruiter
Rambling Recruiter - Måned siden
Wikipedia is not a source.
Kim Minh Anh
Kim Minh Anh - Måned siden
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Kim Minh Anh
Kim Minh Anh - Måned siden
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Number 12
Number 12 - Måned siden
I think this was the day grey lost his sanity. And possibly his trust in the states island museum
William G
William G - Måned siden
nyc definitely regrets it now
cloudkitt - Måned siden
The barrels
ΛLFI - Måned siden
The title Should be = *Me Researching for new History Videos*
Darth Vader
Darth Vader - Måned siden
10,100 comment
mellina schwartz
mellina schwartz - Måned siden
There's a rainbow 😍😍
Mat G
Mat G - Måned siden
This is the modern tale of The Divine Comedy and Dante's decent into madness and inferno.
Andrew Petito
Andrew Petito - Måned siden
It's funny I seen that this was a year old I was gunna say I live in staten island I cud go somewhere to find documents if u wanted
EnergizerTheWhite - Måned siden
Dude you're awesome
KiisteaMalu - Måned siden
Did you have to wear a mask?
Beth Pitkin
Beth Pitkin - Måned siden
I truly admire your dedication sir
Awsomeman 1642
Awsomeman 1642 - Måned siden
This man does not quit
TimeTravelParkour - Måned siden
Please tell me you ended up going back at some point, or that your curiosity will get the best of you once again
bleeka325 - Måned siden
This is dedication
Mr Kakbuhn
Mr Kakbuhn - 2 måneder siden
Well from what i estimated looking at google maps, a trip around staten island is maximum 75 km. When you have full 24 hours to complete the trip, you'd need to travel at just over 3 km/h. Thats like a little slower than a chilled walk. You could paddle around that island in 24 h!
*edit: frigates of the 18th century were recorded to reach top speeds of 27 km/h. That tril would have been easy sailing.
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov - 2 måneder siden
Hope that backpack was waterproof
Jordan Kalmov
Jordan Kalmov - 2 måneder siden
If we can't know for sure if billopp did the race, and that's only ~250 years ago. Kinda makes it a stretch to believe certain things that might've happened 500, 1000, 2000 years ago that were only written a generation or more after the events.
Luner Wolfie
Luner Wolfie - 2 måneder siden
The popcorn tho.

Go Jersey, go!
Oh goodness.
What's in a name?
What's in a name? - 2 måneder siden
What determination man!!!
weckar - 2 måneder siden
Oral history isn't?