The One Ring Explained. (Lord of the Rings Mythology Part 2)

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Ronan O'Donnell
Ronan O'Donnell - 10 dager siden
Say, why are there spherical polar coordinate transforms in there lol?
Professor Newman
Professor Newman - 15 dager siden
I just realized, Sauron was trying to help the Elves Make Middle-Earth Great Again.
Nia.D33 - 19 dager siden
The lore of the LOTR is more well thought out than the the book of genesis lmao.
Matyas Fekete
Matyas Fekete - 19 dager siden
I don’t want the age of men to start yet :(
Pemdas_ Please
Pemdas_ Please - 26 dager siden
Plot twist LOTR is not just a fantasy but history lost to time and Tolkien decided to document it through his stories as fiction because the world would never be able to handle the truth
Jennyxiaoying Peng
Jennyxiaoying Peng - Måned siden
Gollum : *mY pReCiOuS*
Aratros 27
Aratros 27 - Måned siden
2:43 i belive this is tom bombadil of the old forest
Fastwynn - Måned siden
Is... is there more?! These were great
Nemanja Vukosavljević
Nemanja Vukosavljević - Måned siden
Can someone help me find the video mentioned at 0:15 (So What Does This Ring Do Anyway?)?
Cade Lopezzuckerb
Cade Lopezzuckerb - 25 dager siden
If he wasn't referring to the first part of his Lord of the Ring series, then I think he was simply introducing the video.
Kelvin 7C 17 Narendra Riyadi
So guys, i just wanna ask. At a moment in 2nd movie of Hobbit. Smaug eyes kinda similar to Sauron. Is it because he ate the rings from the dwarves?.
Sorry bad English
BingoBango - 19 dager siden
StegaSquirtle - Måned siden
3:23 This isn't necessarily true. A being such as Gandalf or Galadriel, and maybe someone like Aragorn might be able to wield the Ring's power and overthrow Sauron, but they in turn would become as evil as him.
Gregory Anderson
Gregory Anderson - Måned siden
Do you think youll do more lotr videos grey?
Naza Othman
Naza Othman - Måned siden
2:43 literally the best illustration of Tom Bombadil I've ever seen!
Ibrahim Hasan
Ibrahim Hasan - Måned siden
HELP!!! The amount of 'big', 'awesome' and 'magic' in the world is lowering
rushtongarth - Måned siden
Kudos on the parameterized torus at 0:28.
Centurion - Måned siden
And then Celebrimbor got pissed and went after Sauron
Karthik Mitta
Karthik Mitta - Måned siden
4:28 Me with a samsung s20 plus
CGP Grey: Use them on your Iphone
Me: raging intensifies
Farhana Gjfvj
Farhana Gjfvj - Måned siden
I need more LotR videos!!!
Nitin Tonk
Nitin Tonk - Måned siden
I am the 6.5M 'th viewer. Yey.
David Baines
David Baines - Måned siden
This also explains why not many people use magic in LOTR. Obviously people like Gandalf still do but it explains why there aren't any wands or more wizards/witches in LOTR
David Baines
David Baines - Måned siden
I also wonder if there is a sequel or some sort of explanation explaining how the LOTR universe is after the one ring being destroyed
David Baines
David Baines - Måned siden
I find myself being attracted to people, places,and/or things that have a lot of power. One of my favorite characters are superman and not batman(however his wealth can be argued as powerful) why I wish Harry Potter, didn't return the Elder wand or get rid of the elder wand and instead kept it for himself, so that he can use all three dealthy hallows at once. It's also why I believe I might be a slytherin despite getting hufflepuff a million times on a million quizzes because while I posses qualities of a hufflepuff, I still have an attraction to power which slytherins seem to be.
Which is why I would immediately be corrupted by the one ring and wear it as much as possible and why I wish the one ring was utilized more often in LOTR and The Hobbit even though I now know that that's not possible.
Anthony J
Anthony J - 2 måneder siden
ayo this video is on point just finished the trilogy it was what I needed
A Guillermo
A Guillermo - 2 måneder siden
Why were the elves happy in their kingdoms before the rings?
Why did Sauron become more powerful with the ring on and why would he disappear if the ring were melted? He could form armies and everything as the necromancer with no ring. He shouldn't die suddenly if the ring got destroyed.
How could his ring control the elven rings when he wasn't there to make them?
"It's magic!" No, magic has logic too. The psy buff and debuff makes sense, but it doesn't explain why Saurun would die if the ring he didn't possess would be destroyed.
A Guillermo
A Guillermo - 2 måneder siden
And how could the rings give such power of preservation? If it were just powerful enchantments put on the rings with power taken from....the source of magic, then all the maiar would have used enchanted items to empower them and the same with the elves who had lived en valar-land. The one ring is the biggest hole in the one-ring-story
1ring - 2 måneder siden
Hey that’s me!!!
Stephen Herrera
Stephen Herrera - 2 måneder siden
Would you consider doing a Dune recap?
Blits Riderfield
Blits Riderfield - 2 måneder siden
in summery, the ring is a horcrux
GibsnRage - 2 måneder siden
TigruArdavi - 2 måneder siden
Tolkien created a story, a world, a universe of such splendor and magnificence and of far more awe and profoundness as appears to those who think they just went to watch three badass CGI and props films. As a true enthusiast of Tolkien's works I was dissapointed on some points of the films in the first place, but then after all Peter Jackson did create some really great nice to enjoy pieces of art of its own. I reckon no film whatsoever would achieve to rival the greatness of reading Tolkiens writings. I have come to like either of them in their own kind of way.
Nonoa Sailo
Nonoa Sailo - 2 måneder siden
What a trajedy ???😂🤣
9k - 2 måneder siden
I must of missed the part about where the one ring came from?
Adam Willson
Adam Willson - 2 måneder siden
There needs to be more videos made! I’ve shown this and part 1 to so many people. Great explanation!
Tobias Kurjata
Tobias Kurjata - 2 måneder siden
This is an amazing video
Elon Mush
Elon Mush - 3 måneder siden
Got to love how Sauron's instructions to forge the Rings were in the form of spherical coordinates.
Edewor Abraham
Edewor Abraham - 3 måneder siden
Now i am starting to pity the elves
muhamed ali
muhamed ali - 3 måneder siden
By all your powers combined, I am Captain Middle-Earth!
Windja - 3 måneder siden
Elves are gay
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson - 3 måneder siden
"To rule the world - and do it right this time."
Was that a subtle jab at socialism? Nice.
Tobi Cipher
Tobi Cipher - 3 måneder siden
Funny how the dwarves(demi-humans or sub-humans) were symbolic for the 12 tribes or Israel(Jews).
Nawni - 2 måneder siden
They're not though? Tolkien ripped his dwarves straight out of Norse mythology, they're not something he invented. Although his versions are generally a lot nicer than the originals.
Guillermo Sanchez
Guillermo Sanchez - 3 måneder siden
I dont know how I got here, but nice video
Koustubh Jain
Koustubh Jain - 4 måneder siden
Me: What devilry is this ?
My physics Teacher: Well, its actually the pol..
CGP Grey : Talk between 2 mythic high being that you won't understand
Me: Ok then
Ryo Making Progress
Ryo Making Progress - 5 måneder siden
I see what you did there, writing down the equation for torus...since we're talking about rings. 😏
Nerd power = Basically Palpatine
Aayush Bhakey
Aayush Bhakey - 5 måneder siden
1:49 but how did he die if they're immortal
Nawni - 4 måneder siden
Elves are only immortal in that they don't die of old age or disease, but they can still totally be killed, and in this case he was tortured to death
Sebastian Mostek
Sebastian Mostek - 5 måneder siden
To anyone with more lnowledge of the lore than I: is it ever explained where Tom Bombadil comes from? All I remember reading is that he was the "first" person and that he was Master of the old forest. The same question goes for his friend Goldberry.
Nawni - 4 måneder siden
iirc, Tolkien intentionally left it ambiguous what Tom was, because he didn't want everything in his world to be explained. But on a meta level he did mention in one of his letters that Tom Bombadil represents the spirit of the English countryside... if that answers it??
Ognitron - 5 måneder siden
And the worst spoiler alert award goes to... THIS VIDEO!
Jacob Lever
Jacob Lever - 5 måneder siden
anyone else waiting for part 3
Tamahagane - 5 måneder siden
That is why during will never wake from sleep
Asdf - 5 måneder siden
honestly this seems like it could be a religion. i mean Scientology was originally a work of science fiction.
Liam Donnelly
Liam Donnelly - 5 måneder siden
i’m the newest comment
Turalcar - 5 måneder siden
0:05 "...consistent..."
TimeIsUpYourParolesBegun YouKnowWhatDatMeans
I really like it when there's vagueness and unanswered mysteries in a fictional world. Cuz that lack of stuff actually makes it more believable.
Kxloux - 5 måneder siden
Actually only 4 of the Wraiths were Kings of Men that Sauron had given rings to.
Sauron also took a lot of the rings back from the Dwarves, most notably from Thrain of the Longbeards, when he captured and imprisoned him in the Mirkwood fortress of Dol Goldur.
The One Ring is absolutely able to beat Sauron - his biggest fear was someone would obtain it that was able to wield it against him, like Elessar, who he thought had it in the Return of The King, or Galadriel - "In place of a Dark Lord you would have a Queen; not dark but terrible of them all"
Tyler Keenan
Tyler Keenan - 5 måneder siden
Yay xcom
Mark Hoover
Mark Hoover - 5 måneder siden
Gollum possessed the One for 478 years (T.A. 2463–2941) a bit more than a 'couple centuries.' Poor ol' Isuldur had it for just two years, Sauron for c. 1,841 years, Bilbo for sixty, Frodo however long it was from Bilbo's departure until Mt. Doom (22 years?), the irony is the Gladden Fields held the 'tricksy' thing longest: 2,461 years: boy, that was some strenuous trying to get back to Master there (yeah, yeah, yeah Sauron was too weak, in hiding, licking his finger-stump, building a new corporeal form "sleeping" yada yada yada—it all just proves he was a lousy ring-maker).
Thicc - 5 måneder siden
sounds like dark souls
Peter Babic
Peter Babic - 5 måneder siden
Do more of this.
Joey idc
Joey idc - 5 måneder siden
Well that really sucks okay so what are the other Rings give you like super powers or is that just non-canon nonsense from Shadow of War
Mithiriëthî Underhill
Mithiriëthî Underhill - 5 måneder siden
Has anyone here met a person who believes in the tales of Middle-earth, in the Valar and Ilúvatar, as real, that is, following as a religion?
J.A. Trujillo Sánchez
J.A. Trujillo Sánchez - 6 måneder siden
I know is an old video but there are several inaccuracies on this.
Here, let me tell you some of the Powers of the One Ring:
1-Phase you to the spirit realm, it's not "invisibility", you just become a wraith while using the ring, if you use it to much, then you will be a wraith permanently, even without the ring!
2-You can understand all languages (Sam notices this while using it on Cirith Ungol, understanding the black speech of the orcs, he did not knew the words, but he understood what they were saying).
3-Makes you rich and inmortal (Bilbo Baggins had infinite treasures, or that's what the peopple in hobbiton thought. also, at his 111 years he looked like having 70 or so).
4-If you have enough Power and Will, you can control other Ring-Bearers or the bearers of the other 19 rings. (Frodo threatened Gollum to use the Ring to make him kill himself).
That's all I can remember for now.
Darth Nerd
Darth Nerd - 6 måneder siden
I would say Star Wars is the largest fictional universe made.
mr. potato
mr. potato - 6 måneder siden
Oh and also celebrimbor became a wraith and possessed a ranger of gondor and you should go play shadow of mordor and shadow of war

Exept thats not canon
Jake Clary
Jake Clary - 6 måneder siden
That was beautifully done!
Jurgen Parkour
Jurgen Parkour - 6 måneder siden
Tom Bombadil❤❤
Kultaid - 6 måneder siden
I thought the one ring gave invisibility to only go it’s and did other things to the other races
Jvee - 6 måneder siden
Still don't get how the bears could use the rings power to their advantage
The Marine Abroad
The Marine Abroad - 6 måneder siden
Good old liches and their phylactery
A R - 6 måneder siden
If they wanted to preserve their kingdoms after defeating sauron why not make more rings
Sandro Sixarulidze
Sandro Sixarulidze - 6 måneder siden
My guess would be, because those rings were powered by Melkor. And here is the reasoning. The reason why the whole magic goes away happens is because Melkor have corrupted everything except Valinor(the place where Valar live and all elves go there in the end). So the only thing that was keeping Melkors corruption in check was ring s powered by Melkor himself. So they can't or should not make more rings because a) there is no more Melkor "juice" to make the rings b) making such rings will restore Melkors power over the middle earth
Just Josh
Just Josh - 6 måneder siden
Thank u so much the lore in this book was so confusing to me and I had a hard time understanding it thx so much
PIOUS MAN - 6 måneder siden
Part 3 when?
WonderFurret - 6 måneder siden
"Well, almost everybody"
Tom Bombadil laughs maniacally
Chris - 7 måneder siden
The ring lies and makes people believe they can wield it. But wait the ring doesnt talk. So where did the myths (lies) begin that someone could use it to defeat Sauron?
Nawni - 6 måneder siden
Some people absolutely could use it defeat Sauron (Elrond, Galadriel, Gandalf, even Aragorn), the issue is that mastering the ring involves letting it master you, making you just as evil as Sauron. You can beat him only at the cost of making someone else just as dangerous and evil as he was.
Trenton Apollo Colt
Trenton Apollo Colt - 7 måneder siden
Marcos - 7 måneder siden
Ah yes, and just like the books, Tom was brushed off with a quick nameless image :P
Nawni - 6 måneder siden
@Mujda Ameen Not really. The Adventures of Tom Bombadil is a collection of poems (ostensibly put together by Bilbo), and only two of them are even about Tom!
Marcos - 7 måneder siden
@Mujda Ameen did not know that, thanks =)
Mujda Ameen
Mujda Ameen - 7 måneder siden
there is a whole book on the adventures of tom bombadil
Ms Lee
Ms Lee - 7 måneder siden
This is so good.
TTS - 7 måneder siden
Part 3 ?
King Leonidas
King Leonidas - 7 måneder siden
Imagine putting all the rings on, its possible
James R Conley
James R Conley - 7 måneder siden
The ring is a horcrux
MWS - 7 måneder siden
Holy shit I legit did not understand y the elves we're big sad at the end for so long
Metadragon - 7 måneder siden
There’s a world out there where this is the history of the universe
Kristýna Stankova
Kristýna Stankova - 7 måneder siden
I was today years old when I understood why Elves left the Middle Earth after the destruction of the was because their kingdom would surely fade away
Bolicob IV
Bolicob IV - 7 måneder siden
You should do more videos like this
Andrew Greenwood
Andrew Greenwood - 8 måneder siden
i am still waiting for the episode on numenore.
1Estel1 ch.
1Estel1 ch. - 8 måneder siden
The end of magic, that is, until a few thousand years later some nuggets create the hall of servants and use some super device to bore a hole into the earth and release Shai'tan into the world.
Cathal Hughes
Cathal Hughes - 8 måneder siden
So since the rings empowers what the user held beyond everything else is that why the hobbits turn invisible while wearing it because all the hobbits want is to go on notice and live their lives?
Also could explain why bilbo lived for so long even for a hobbit, and why he had so much money that never seemed to run out. Basically the ring knew he held them in high regards as well and kept him living till the rings real master was strong enough to take it back
Cathal Hughes
Cathal Hughes - 7 måneder siden
@Joshua Simpson I see. So is it possible that's how gandalf disappeared sometimes because of his ring of power.
Angela - 8 måneder siden
Question, if the elves immediately take off the three rings then how do the rings still work to preserve their lands?
Angela - 6 måneder siden
@Nawni Oh! So that makes so much sense. Thank-you! I was always so confused that they sensed Sauron immediately, yet somehow were still able to use the rings.
Usamah Aghis
Usamah Aghis - 6 måneder siden
haha nerd LOL
Nawni - 6 måneder siden
@Usamah Aghis No, the three Elven rings preserve their lands and are also ruled by the One. They took off their rings when Sauron had the one ring, and after he lost it to Isildur, they could use them freely.
Usamah Aghis
Usamah Aghis - 7 måneder siden
It's different rings
Nathan Hyatt
Nathan Hyatt - 8 måneder siden
Jesus make one video. You don’t have to profit on every video.
Jonah Robo
Jonah Robo - 8 måneder siden
I know Tolkien was Catholic and stuff, so there’s gonna be some obligatory Christian imagery of course, but he works it in extremely well. The whole idea of the world winding down from all its crazy dramatic stuff and being the age of men now is a pretty close to biblical theme. Just replace Frodo destroying the ring with Jesus on the cross and that’s basically where the good guys win and death is defeated.
Julian.Aguiniga Aguiniga
Julian.Aguiniga Aguiniga - 8 måneder siden
This is not the largest fictional universe star wars is it has thousands of comics facts and novels
brooksboy78 - 3 måneder siden
It's all inconsistent, contradictory drivel with countless authors contributing to it. This is all from the mind of one man.
Mauro Vaz
Mauro Vaz - 8 måneder siden
The dwarven and human rings are not lesser Rings they're amongst the greater rings, Gandalf in the books talks about the lesser rings as another set of rings and he claims that even those would be dangerous for men.
Also Gandalf was stated to be the only one who could beat Sauron in a will battle over the One Ring.
Derpstruction 07
Derpstruction 07 - 8 måneder siden
I swear that ended with “The beginning of the age of meth”
Martin Mullender-Taeter
Martin Mullender-Taeter - 8 måneder siden
Oh there is a ton of people who could weild the ring, overthrow sauron and beat him up like no tomorrow, the main problem was that they knew it would corrupt them and create a new dark lord in their stead, for example, boromir, aragorn, gandalf, galadriel, elrond, radegast, celeborn, glorfindel, faramir... They all could have weilded the ring and be sucessful at defeating sauron... Problem is they and all the others realise that it would end badly due to the rings influence (boromir finds this out the hard way when he realises what effect the ring has on him in the books... A bit too late)
Michael Fisher
Michael Fisher - 8 måneder siden
"The end of the age of magic"...I remember reading a passage, in a book I can't recall the title of..(sorry), where the author said "the destruction of the one ring caused magic and power to bleed out from Middle earth as blood from an arterial wound." Tolkien was a master at forging a world in which victory can only come at immense cost. And as i've grown older I've come to realize, that's the price of every conflict. Well done, professor. Its a bitter lesson.
MrVercettti89 - 21 dag siden
@Eamil it sad to think that that it all fades to myth and legend and the boring modern world eventually popped up
Eamil - 2 måneder siden
It's also a hard choice for the elves - to let it happen slowly, or to let the One Ring be destroyed and end it all much more quickly as the price of Sauron's defeat. The price of conflict is definitely a heavy theme (one that shows itself in other ways as well) but it's also a running theme throughout the books that the diminishing of magic and wonder in the world is happening anyway. It's inevitable, and different characters recognize and comment on that fact a lot. The elven cities stand out partly because of the degree to which this has happened literally everywhere else while the elven lords have had their rings to keep their realms the way they want them. And with Sauron returned, it was harder for them to even do that, because there was the risk that Sauron could see into their minds if they used their rings.
sBLACKsMAMBAs - 8 måneder siden
you know what's scarry
tolkien died in 1973
3 rings for the elven kings in the sky
7 for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone
9 for mortal men doomed to die
1 ring to rule them all
tinytrtle - 8 måneder siden
god I hate elves, such pretentious bastards.
Evanburger - 8 måneder siden
0:29 I'm pretty sure that those are the literal formulas for a 3-dimensional ring haha
Finn Pom
Finn Pom - 8 måneder siden
but heres the thing
The ring does more than invisibility
but it reflects the power of the wearer and since hobbits are.. weak.. they can only turn "invisible"
Go Away
Go Away - 8 måneder siden
Am i supposed to watch the hobbit first
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott - 8 måneder siden
NO! Nonono, the Hobbit movies are are mediocre bloated mess. Start with Lord of the Rings, either the books or the movies, and then do the Hobbit after.
Hugo Zieliński
Hugo Zieliński - 8 måneder siden
Yeah you guys remember when Finrod Felagund almost sung Sauron away but got captured all while helping A man whose rather he promised loyalty gry THE girl yeah these were The Times not this lotr bs
Loris Martino Perfetto
Loris Martino Perfetto - 9 måneder siden
Why nobody ever read the silmarillion?
joe calahan
joe calahan - 9 måneder siden
One video that explains this fantasy world I grew up with.