The Most Deadly Job in America -- And What Happens Next

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 3 måneder siden
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Arnab Saha
Arnab Saha - 6 dager siden
Did you predict the future predicament America is currently in?
Jean-Luc Martel
Jean-Luc Martel - 9 dager siden
@Crazy M BSG
Crazy M
Crazy M - 9 dager siden
Ok, but what if all of 18 die?
Mkass2 - 16 dager siden
So to me I sounds like with congress having the power to remove the president, that’s just the impeachment, and not to declare him unable
Brussel Gaming
Brussel Gaming - Måned siden
Imagine being elected for president by saying “mosquitoes should die.”
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 23 minutter siden
the first sentence they said i thought it said, "When the peasants die who becomes the present?"......

Youtube Commenter of Opinion
brain hurt. politics scary
Mc Jethro Pov Tee
Mc Jethro Pov Tee - 7 timer siden
I love that each secretary of the departments have their own staff that represents themselves.
World Optimizer
World Optimizer - 12 timer siden
I just realized that the news paper says “Tippecanoe curse strikes again” at 6:35.
For context, Tippecanoe was the nickname for the ninth president, William Henry Harrison, who died in 31 days after becoming president.
אε0 - 12 timer siden
The United States will see a "25th amendment" soon.
אε0 - 12 timer siden
America is going to hell very very soon.
David Vaughn
David Vaughn - 13 timer siden
I kept hearing "inable" as "enabled". Slightly different meanings.
you know who
you know who - 15 timer siden
Ok so what if hypothetically the president the VP and all the members of the goverment (except the FBI CIA mi6 and any other secret goverment organizations) where to die who becomes the president?
JoseBetacourt5 - 19 timer siden
Bold of YouTube to recommend this now
יובל בר
יובל בר - 22 timer siden
kind of sure, it's a supreme court judge
Punisherfan123 - Dag siden
Salood thuh Marines...
Nick Malachai
Nick Malachai - Dag siden
Supreme Court Justice. Always die in office. 100% lethality rate in office.
D_Dude32 - Dag siden
anyone else getting Designated Survivor vibes
dittbub - Dag siden
reminder: there is a path for Pete Buttigieg to become president
J Jnwsk
J Jnwsk - Dag siden
Why does "Guess who is the designated survivor" sound like a somewhat fun game?
Adrian McLeod
Adrian McLeod - Dag siden
Watching this for when Kamala Harris becomes the next President of the US
Natasha Sadaeva
Natasha Sadaeva - Dag siden
That is a very disturbing ending.
Toad of the year
Toad of the year - Dag siden
Hmm, I want power, president has power, Minecraft has no president, there's minecaft vr... That's it, I'm moving to minecaft
Payne Persons
Payne Persons - 2 dager siden
Nice Battlestar Galactica reference.
Mbahman Sukabumi Selatan 313
CSStevens2015 - 2 dager siden
To be fair to the Secretary of Education, if the first 15 backups died I would be highly suspicious of how well the Secretary of Homeland Security was actually doing their job
Andrei Alexandru
Andrei Alexandru - 2 dager siden
The part with those to names was genius.
Exactly in that moment my question was "4? Who?"
Landad - 2 dager siden
The "gentle coup" you mentioned isn't going to be so gentle. I give it a year at most.
Gonzakoable - 2 dager siden
Natural causes do count. Being the president ought to be very stressful which will accentuate any latent illnesses
Kenny Earthling
Kenny Earthling - 2 dager siden
I love the reference to Battlestar Galactica at the end
Tim Mertens
Tim Mertens - 2 dager siden
it'd be cool if the pres actually got too wield that scepter
Jackson Smith
Jackson Smith - 2 dager siden
6:35 tippecanoe curse - interesting historical tidbit fun to learn about
Jobin Joseph
Jobin Joseph - 2 dager siden
2:28 is gonna be 2021 to 2024
Joshua Schnee
Joshua Schnee - 2 dager siden
I’d love to see the analytics on this video. Probably spiked at least twice after the initial release in new views
Armored Man
Armored Man - 2 dager siden
Oh no
cloud101787 - 2 dager siden
Since there was no time in this video... Will there be more videos?
Flådig Man
Flådig Man - 2 dager siden
I just remembered: 7 is my families lucky number.
Jesse Scofield
Jesse Scofield - 2 dager siden
Why are they all girls
Bigboi Eski
Bigboi Eski - 3 dager siden
Waaaaaait 10:10 i know that reffrence!
LordZ19 - 2 dager siden
What is it?
Oscar Miranda
Oscar Miranda - 3 dager siden
Hey grey, are you going to do a livestream of the next State of the Union so you can play who is the designated survivor? Please do it.
King Ghostler
King Ghostler - 3 dager siden
alrighty, now that 15 people came down with a case of mortality, it's my turn to be in line.
Safiya Mukhamadova
Safiya Mukhamadova - 3 dager siden
The most important qualification when picking your VP is that it needs to be the person you trust the most to not stab you in the back, whether metaphorically or "et tu brute"-ly, so it should come as no surprise that the person you personally selected for being the least likely to stab you in the back might not be willing to start a coup against you.
Minimum - 4 dager siden
Hanif Sulistiyo
Hanif Sulistiyo - 4 dager siden
Months ahead of your time.
Captain Argo
Captain Argo - 4 dager siden
How did it take a rewatch months later to realise the end was a Battlestar Galactica reference
Andrew Gutierrez
Andrew Gutierrez - 4 dager siden
Just noticed that hexagon easter egg at the very end. Nice.
fishy - 4 dager siden
Cmdr Obbert42
Cmdr Obbert42 - 4 dager siden
tumble weeds & Cylons are the bane of the colonies!
Dankest Eevee
Dankest Eevee - 4 dager siden
I'm at 9:12 but sounds like they just think everything will sort itself out sooner or later.
4444Ferris - 4 dager siden
There is a series in Netflix called "Designated survivor" that is exactly that except that, perhaps because the series would be really short then, they didn't bother with the confusion of bumping
Theodore Walsh
Theodore Walsh - 4 dager siden
Shouldn't the SOS be the designated survivor? I'd rather have SOS be pres instead of Interior, because SOS will be more suited. Just saying.
tjm productions
tjm productions - 4 dager siden
Man did this video age well
Jingle Studios official
Jingle Studios official - 4 dager siden
I love how you said Garfield and McKinley cause you knew people would only know of Lincoln and Kennedy!
Martin Lutz
Martin Lutz - 5 dager siden
Is "bumping" really an issue? From the term "prior entitled individual" I would argue that it refers to a specific person that held the office in question before, not new appointees, as they are different individuals.
Lünkel - 20 timer siden
The point is that there *is* a very weird and problematic way to interpret the passage. What you wrote was probably what originally was intended but that doesn't matter. Like gray said, in a situation where the entire nation is at stake you don't want anyone to even be able to consider exploiting some weird loophole for their personal gain and cause chaos. The very fact that it's a potential possibility is the problem.
schwedi-boi - 5 dager siden
what could go wrong?
Ace Healer
Ace Healer - 5 dager siden
Uh oh, here I go getting anxiety over the U.S. government in an extremely political turbulent time!
Mr. Spy
Mr. Spy - 5 dager siden
Talk about a blood bath you’d have to execute to become president with all this confusion
Nicolas Santos Branco
Nicolas Santos Branco - 5 dager siden
Here in brasil we have a very clear order. The President when is dead or resigned, the vice president turn to the official president and enters in the official counting. But if the new president (and former vice president) resign or die the president of the chambers of deputies assume the power (enter in counting too) and a new election needs to heppen in 90 days. But if during that period the new president (Former president of chambers of deputies) be unable to serve, the president of Senate enters in the power. But if the same happen with them the president of supreme court enters in the power.
Alex Berryer
Alex Berryer - 5 dager siden
im curious just how far down does the list of importance go
Felsin Ferguson
Felsin Ferguson - 5 dager siden
No matter what job you hold, life is a sexually transmitted disease with a 100% mortality rate. Change my mind :)
Ryan Ruscitti
Ryan Ruscitti - 5 dager siden
Him saying it was Garfield and McKinley was awesome he literally knew exactly what a large majority of the audience was thinking
Texas Red
Texas Red - 5 dager siden
0:01 your buddy death takes J.F.K to Brazil
crosbying - 5 dager siden
Quick legal interpretation: “prior entitled individual” means it is a person, not the Office holder at any given moment who has the right to be bumped. So if there is an explosion, and a person further up in the Line of succession is in a coma, that individual can assume the Office once recovered and able.
Fred Becerra
Fred Becerra - 5 dager siden
Battlestar Galactica!!!! Colonial One!!!
Mega Möth
Mega Möth - 5 dager siden
Over the years, all I've learned about American politics is that the constitution is a mess that leaves an ungodly amount of blank spaces and hard to understand clauses
I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t
Damn this video didn’t age well at allllllllll
OhMyGulay - 5 dager siden
It only took 3 months to see this issue become an actual real life issue in real life after Trump's insurrection.
Xammed Kain
Xammed Kain - 6 dager siden
That battlestar Galactica reference!
Ronaldjr Montagne
Ronaldjr Montagne - 6 dager siden
Grey: *makes video on Pope succession and the Pope abdicated shortly after*

Also Grey: *makes a video of what happens if the president dies*

Grey, what are you planning?
0g0mogos EPİK World
0g0mogos EPİK World - 7 dager siden
Imagine the energy Bois coming to power and the press is like “damn that plane crash sure was unfortunate, so what will you do?”
And they be like “cable I guess”
Demonhood - 7 dager siden
“Finally turning in after 200 years”
Me who turns homeworks 5000 hours after due date: pathetic
jke - 7 dager siden
6:20 and if you close your eyes...

Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
Saahil Iyer
Saahil Iyer - 7 dager siden
4:04 Hang on, this is in 1919, so the 25 Amendment wasn’t adopted for another 40 something years. Wilson being declared inable by his VP wouldn’t have done anything except set off a constitutional crisis.
Brad Watton
Brad Watton - 7 dager siden
This is so relevant for 2021
Sassy Dispatch
Sassy Dispatch - 7 dager siden
They'll be a lot more views on this as Joe onset dementia gets more and more out of hand.
Dioni111 - 8 dager siden
The Department of Agriculture is STILL clearing out the TUMBLEWEEDS. Respect 100
Cara Miles
Cara Miles - 8 dager siden
9:58 *spoilers* it’s Kiefer Sutherland.
dma8510 - 8 dager siden
I got that last reference...
SoupGod ツ
SoupGod ツ - 8 dager siden
Kinda crazy that this was rare/crazy/interesting enough for it to be a cgp grey video a few months ago and now we are living through this
James Endicott
James Endicott - 9 dager siden
Another fun bit of uncertainty is that it's unclear if the Speaker of the House or the President Pro Tempore are actually eligible. They aren't officers appointed by the president and confirmed by the senate so they may not qualify. The screwy part is that "officer" has at least two meanings under the constitution and one would disqualify them while the other would mean that they could put state governors in the line of succession; it seems unlikely that was the intention.
Also, it's not entirely clear how acting secretaries work under any of this. Maybe they aren't required by the 25th amendment? Maybe they aren't eligible in presidential succession? That also hinges upon how you interpret officer.
Voce Mais
Voce Mais - 9 dager siden
GEEZ i hope we never get to a situation where the USA need to think about the 25th amendment, ooooooooohhhhhhh wait
Justin J.M. Higner
Justin J.M. Higner - 9 dager siden
Acting President is really a Regent.
ALM7SHSH_91 - 10 dager siden
What about being a soldier in a war?
Maurits Bol
Maurits Bol - 10 dager siden
9:57 The department for agriculture.
Maurits Bol
Maurits Bol - 10 dager siden
A - 10 dager siden
Doing some research?
Just Vienna
Just Vienna - 10 dager siden
CGP Grey clearly just predicts the future at this point
Cameron Hernandez
Cameron Hernandez - 10 dager siden
because of the placement of the word "Either" in section four it means the first one you said. there is no way around the VP in this scenario
uknownada - 11 dager siden
Why does the VP get to decide how the 25th amendment is done? They will always be on the president's side.
Atif Haque
Atif Haque - 11 dager siden
So Congress has the power to appoint it's own committee with the power to take away the power of the president. Interesting that no one is talking about it right now.
Chance Jackson
Chance Jackson - 11 dager siden
E Devos
E Devos - 11 dager siden
All of the Congress people and top advisors are women. I think there's a message here. . .
Carter DC
Carter DC - 9 dager siden
That we use she/her when referring to countries and therefore the legislative bodies that make up that country would also be women?
Kroz Jr
Kroz Jr - 11 dager siden
Right, let’s say that the designated survivor has a heart attack and dies at the same time as the other people in the line of succession are all blown up by a nuclear blast or whatever. What happens next?
Carter DC
Carter DC - 9 dager siden
Senate votes on a new President Pro Tempore
Dylan Hayden
Dylan Hayden - 11 dager siden
The VA character has a prosthetic leg and purple heart. Nice detail.
TheLetterL - 11 dager siden
Is this a manifesto?
Trinidad, Adam Reiner C.
Trinidad, Adam Reiner C. - 11 dager siden
Either this is a coincidence or CGP grey can tell the future
James Howlett
James Howlett - 11 dager siden
Well, farmer boy, looks like you survived the apocalypse; guess who gets to be the new US President?
XeanderMan - 12 dager siden
"It was Garfield and McKinley"
How... Did he know I'd ask who they were
Kent - 12 dager siden
Can some1 explain 2 me what is happening to the USA right now?
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - 10 dager siden
We really have no idea, most of us are just hoping the world doesn't come to end in the next 7 days
Colton Moore
Colton Moore - 11 dager siden
2 mammals saying the other mammal is wrong about everything
Kevin Moynihan
Kevin Moynihan - 12 dager siden
Couldn’t bumping definitely be solved by a self appointment to be Vice President which would then make whoever was in charge officially President upon the confirmation of Congress which should be quick in a time of crisis. I’ve tried to look for any objections to this and have seen no thing definitively against self appointments.
Juan Ignacio López Tellechea
And what happends if everu one in the united states role sevens?
Whitewolf - 12 dager siden
This is literally the plot of battlestar galactica
Tomáš Straka
Tomáš Straka - 12 dager siden
I know that this question is dump but what will hapen we did not know who curently is president it will be much safer

Sory for my anglish i am from Slovakia
RyCurz - 13 dager siden