The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part 1)

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Galev - 7 minutter siden
The art in this is so beautiful
Geon Silberlicht
Geon Silberlicht - 3 timer siden
Pretty sure only the ainur who went to arda are divided into valar and maiar and there are many more who stuck around with Illuvatar
And Dragons were not made my singing. Glaurung wad an experiment when they were all already down on arda
The dwarves were made against illuvatars will by aule, but he showed mercy and gifted them with the touch of the flame of life.
And the ents were not made by yavannah, she saw aule make the dwarves, panicked and asked Illuvatar to make something to protect her plants.
Not bad, but I've seen you do better.
Nate the Ace
Nate the Ace - 13 timer siden
Wasn't TLOTR loosely based on European mythology or history?
Valigus - Dag siden
I think the best way to explain the angels is
Eru- Christian style all powerful pseudo- benevolent deity
Ainur- polytheistic pantheon crop rises of those weilding godlike power with specific skill sets but generally fairly human in personality and mind
CloseQuarterSamurai - Dag siden
its as if the bible became way more epic
Richie Alan
Richie Alan - 3 dager siden
Fair enough
Connar Comstock
Connar Comstock - 6 dager siden
This is helpful. Very, very helpful.
ThreeStepsBehind - 17 dager siden
1:43 Brilliant use of perspective to show that Melkor's song is in a completely different plane than the rest of the Ainur, like an entirely separate piece of paper.
EJ Padilla
EJ Padilla - 21 dag siden
Hmmmm who dies Melkor sound like hmm almost like the exact thing that happened hmmm
Jack 269
Jack 269 - 22 dager siden
Actually it's gandalf the White so get it right
Antonis Rountas
Antonis Rountas - 24 dager siden
He's the lord of the "Lord of the Rings" lore
Vu Luan
Vu Luan - Måned siden
great video
BloomAutist49 - Måned siden
That sounds just like bible myth but with extra steps.
Robert Lewis
Robert Lewis - Måned siden
Where does the "ents come from Yavanna" part come from?
Matthew - Måned siden
Rather than thinking of the Ainur as higher and lower Choirs of Angels, it always made more sense to me to think Creator>Valar (major Gods)>Maiar (minor Gods)>everything else, but then I suppose I'm looking at it from a traditional fantasy perspective (many fantasy fictions have lots of Gods running around), rather than an Abrahamic monotheistic model.
Dr. A
Dr. A - Måned siden
Gandalf = Dumbledore
Ton Bich Hien
Ton Bich Hien - Måned siden
The last delivery undoubtedly expect because doctor basally shock outside a smart pamphlet. bashful, squealing prose
Cuba Blue
Cuba Blue - Måned siden
Very nice and those illustrations are absolutely charming.
Cant be Tamed
Cant be Tamed - Måned siden
If you don't want to read it all...
Me: Laughs. You have underestimated my obsession!
ХОРОШО - Måned siden
When I was a child I was arguing with my brother about the nature of wisards. I thought they were just wise men who learn their magic knowledge, and he insisted that they are separate race. He was right after all but I still think that my position was far more sensible.
Anonymous Blank
Anonymous Blank - Måned siden
Watch the lord of thr ring : nah
Watch CGP Explain : hell yeah
Lawnster Art By Nate Gillies
I have a theory about the Lord of the Rings...The underlying story and lesson to be learned may be about opiates. Hear me out. I've done every drug under the sun but only one kind totally overcomes your total start out not meaning ,or wanting, to do bad...but once corrupted it takes you over...much like the ONE'll notice that once you are a bearer of the ring forever it dominates your get weak and sick if you don't have it and will do ,pretty much, anything to get it back even though it destroys you...LOTR is a metaphor for many things...but the opiate struggle stood out to me...I wonder if Tolkien had an addiction.
dad hates you
dad hates you - Måned siden
Radagast wasn't distracted by nature, he was fulfilling his role. As a pupil of Yavanah, he was sent to look after and protect her creations in middle earth, not to fight against sauron
Emilio Barone
Emilio Barone - Måned siden
Let that be a lesson to you tone deaf people that insiste on singing really really loudly and of key: by singing discordantly you will create all the evil in the world, and cause the death of whole species. So sing with care.
David Baines
David Baines - 2 måneder siden
I watched Lord of the Rings because I watched the intro and wanted to know more about the rings created, not just the "one ring" and I wanted to know more about Sauron himself and I was hoping The Lord of the Rings would explain who the Lord of the Rings was and would explain what the rings and their powers are. However, unfortunately I had a lot of trouble understanding Sauron's powers and after rewatching the trilogy(first time I only recalled one ring in the trilogy) I recalled three rings being shown and talked about but their powers aren't explained.
Before I rewatched Lord of the Rings, I decided to watch The Hobbit, hoping it would give me the information I needed. However, I didn't get the information I was looking for
So after watching Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I found out that the story I was even interested in the first place, isn't even in Lord of the Rings(which makes sense because why would the movies be about the summary given in the beginning of them) and while some rings were shown and one of the ring's powers were shown and Sauron was present in some form. I didn't get the answers I was looking for, I wasn't sure if that was my fault because I didn't pay attention or the movie's fault for not explaining it correctly. I then found out that the answers and the story I was intially interested in isn't covered in LOTR or The Hobbit, it's covered in a very long and possibly complex book that I don't really want to read because I'm not much of a reader(in fact that's the reason I decided to watch LOTR and The Hobbit because I don't read often and would rather watch the movies which I heard were great(except for The Hobbit movies) adaptations instead) so to conclude this very long comment, since there is no movie or show about this book(yet) hopefully this video series, gives me the lore and background aka the story and background that intially got me interested in LOTR in the first place and so far it has
TL:DR I watched LOTR and The Hobbit movies because I wanted to learn about The Rings and the lord of them but unfortunately I didn't get the answers I was looking for and/or I had lots of trouble actually understanding the answers. I then found out that my answers aren't even in a movie or show
form and that I had to read a long book to get them but since I'm not much of a reader hopefully this series gives me the answers I'm looking for.
The Bishop Team Bishop
The Bishop Team Bishop - 2 måneder siden
bible type beat
GameTomCat - 2 måneder siden
Hey, this is easily one of if not your best video ever. But, he made one mistake. Note that I don’t want to be that one guy who points out every single little detail but I just want to clear a minute incorrect statement. The Ents were not made by Yavana but were actually made by Eru himself. Yavava was worried that the dwarves would plow down all the trees(that you got correct) but instead of her making the ents she goes to eru and asks him to make a species that would protect the trees and be distant from the others. He takes pity and makes the Ents.
Again. This is an amazing video and you did an amazing job writing, researching, and creating this but for everybody else who is here I just wanted to make a correction.
Operator Bugman
Operator Bugman - 2 måneder siden
The only wish I have, is to make a story as great as his
bernier42 - 2 måneder siden
3:45 How did Sauron acquire Mjolnir?
Calquelator - 2 måneder siden
This is the first video by you I’ve ever seen lol
Anthony J
Anthony J - 2 måneder siden
Melkor really had to do his thing on his own bruh gg dumbass
Heaven on High
Heaven on High - 2 måneder siden
3:20 oh thats why you mostly find elf stories with rape.
Do you know how hard it is to find a love stories with elves without rape?
Stinky Rhum
Stinky Rhum - 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: Tolkien changed his mind about the Blue Wizards in his later writings. He retconned it by saying history thought they faded out, but that they actually had an active role in stopping Sauron in the East.
Jesi - 2 måneder siden
Btw Gandalf became a White Wizard in the second book/movie, so from that point on, he’s Gandalf the White.
rohan basu
rohan basu - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the Mount and Blade Music :D though
grocmojj grocajj
grocmojj grocajj - 2 måneder siden
All this coming from a persons imagination. Must of had an incredible mind.
grocmojj grocajj
grocmojj grocajj - 2 måneder siden
2:00 dont you mean how the giant lava monster can hold up against gandalf?
Chemnitz Sama
Chemnitz Sama - 2 måneder siden
I can definitely see Tolkien's Catholic influence with his origin narratives! Fantastic.
Phil Chadwick
Phil Chadwick - 2 måneder siden
The 'power' of the wizards and any person in Arda comes from their innate 'spirit', which for the wizards was mighty, but shrouded.
Ben Sting
Ben Sting - 2 måneder siden
OMG! I loved this channel!
Oat lord
Oat lord - 2 måneder siden
Immorality would be cool. I'm already mostly a hermit. I would trade having to watch all my family and then the assorted handful of people over the years die if I got to be bored on youtube for all of eternity until the sun explodes.
Desel - 3 måneder siden
so dragons are lesser beeings than humans?
Dreamy - 3 måneder siden
Stick to what you’re good at. More Lotr videos
Jacob Lever
Jacob Lever - 3 måneder siden
Who else is still waiting for part 3👀
Hugh Janis
Hugh Janis - 3 måneder siden
4:11 Your welcome
Sabitha anand
Sabitha anand - 3 måneder siden
Are u the same youtuber from runesmith
mr. potato
mr. potato - 3 måneder siden
Ray Shefh
Ray Shefh - 3 måneder siden
One reason that comes to mind when I hear that "Men" are the favourite creations of Illuvitar is that magic is fading away from Middle Earth. As the Valar (by choice), Maiyar, elves, etc are bound to the world by magic, they too are to fade away with time.
Species like Ents are already near extinction and most of the elves prefer to migrate away as well.
The gift of mortality might just be in the sense they can take root in new places faster and can adapt to the changes.
MoLottes - 3 måneder siden
2:16 Yannava.....
Sophia Liu
Sophia Liu - 3 måneder siden
lord of the rings is biased agaisnt dragons :(
C Ray Starling
C Ray Starling - 3 måneder siden
Tom Bombadil was created as "The Master" from which all the other Races were designed from. This is why he was unaffected by the One Ring, and why he was there in Middle Earth before all others.
Hugh Janis
Hugh Janis - 3 måneder siden
Is there a part 2
angerycamel2 - 3 måneder siden
Sooooo the story of Satan and God from the bible, but with alot more elves?
Allen Zhu
Allen Zhu - 3 måneder siden
0:18 who's the character on the right?
fawfulmark2 - 26 dager siden
Jaina Proudmore from Warcraft
Victor Arceno
Victor Arceno - 3 måneder siden
Also in the bible:
one person create all the universe (Jah)
Also creates angels
The first angel help with the rest of the creation (jesus)
One angel become envious of god (satan)
Satan try to control ppl minds
Jesus try help
Now ppl have to decide if will take satan's or Jah's side
And in the future will be an massive destruction of satan and his folowers.
If you dislikes what you just read, then argue with god
Marcedonia - 3 måneder siden
What if i’m muslim?
Ozzylep Unknown
Ozzylep Unknown - 3 måneder siden
warhammer and lotr to each other: *it seems i have a challenger -_-*
Ezucra 307
Ezucra 307 - 3 måneder siden
Every god being 0.001 seconds old be like: *im bored as shit, circle thing be made*
Evu: *sing sing my little shits*
Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange - 4 måneder siden
LOTR has a lot similarities with the Christian Biblical story.
Shaylin Simmons
Shaylin Simmons - 4 måneder siden
I watched the first film for the first time last night and I wanted some extra information so I clicked this video. I’m surprised I followed this so well, and I have ADD, so kudos to you, ya great storyteller you😊
Diego Brando
Diego Brando - 4 måneder siden
Where can i read all of that bro?
Default Name
Default Name - 4 måneder siden
I gotta say man I just can't get enough of this. I've seen it all the way through nearly 20 times. I hope you get all you've ever wanted from life, you're impacting millions of people with fantastic work.
James Trudel
James Trudel - 4 måneder siden
Jesus Christ is Lord.
Charles R Hayden
Charles R Hayden - 4 måneder siden
Within the context of how middle earth works, mortality really is kind of a gift. Men, while individually corruptable, are not tied to the fate of middle earth in the same way the other races are because of their unique life cycle. This is why Gandalf tells Elrond that they must place their hope in men for the future, despite their past failings.
David Fanai
David Fanai - 4 måneder siden
Wait...who exactly don't want to read Lord of the Ring?
A Voice
A Voice - 4 måneder siden
Good stuff
Kwasmo - 4 måneder siden
brain explode
Ultimate Corgi
Ultimate Corgi - 4 måneder siden
If I remember correctly, the "Gift of Mortality" also allows human souls to ascend beyond Middle Earth after death to a higher plane that only Eru Illuvitar knows. Halflings and humans go to another plane of existence after death, elves and dwarves go to the Halls of Waiting.
Anneme Howe
Anneme Howe - 4 måneder siden
TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName - 4 måneder siden
Thanks for making these videos CGPG, but I'm worried they were just long enough for another trilogy.
Joh447 - 5 måneder siden
i see some paralels between Sargeras and Melkor...
except melkor didnt kill all his brothers and sisters and sargeras did kinda have an ultimately good goal, just every step on the way was pure evil
Pluveus - 5 måneder siden
Note: Of the silmarillion, that video sums up about 10% of it. Also note that IN the Silmarilion, the whole bending destiny to their will is the real "Gift of Men," but mortality is a side effect of it, because having immortal beings that can fiddle around with destiny would be absolute chaos very quickly.
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations - 5 måneder siden
I love that series! I recently rewatched the three movies again with the fam a while ago. LOVED IT!
Ognitron - 5 måneder siden
I'd have to disagree with you on labeling Radagast as having failed his task - he cares for everything living in the forests and protects it from evil.
marcel helder
marcel helder - 5 måneder siden
1:10 so melkor isn't a valar (?) but a bit later @1:15 he is put in the ranking or the valar.
marcel helder
marcel helder - 4 måneder siden
@ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ owh okay, thanks.
ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ - 4 måneder siden
He's no longer counted as one cuz he's evil and declared Arda his kingdom, waging war against the Valar destroying everything they've made but he *was* without doubt the most powerful being created by Eru
blood hunter
blood hunter - 5 måneder siden
What about the south guys and the elephants
Joshumitsu - 5 måneder siden
Like when you're spanish and hear "even pipo pipo" and think this is a chinese video or something.
NeelyFanForever - 5 måneder siden
Anyone know which Kevin McLoud tune this is?
Baldvinable - 5 måneder siden
Don’t forget that J.R.R. Tolkien got his inspiration for the Lord of the rings universe from Icelandic folklore and mythology! He also studied Icelandic, and the elvish language is based in part on Icelandic! :)
BlueBoy20 - 5 måneder siden
the beginning is close to the bible but not the bible
Joey idc
Joey idc - 5 måneder siden
So I don't know much about this so don't get too mad if I'm completely wrong but is there God not omnipotent because if you're omnipotent it's not really much of a war all you would have to do is snap your fingers we either are or you're not omnipotent I don't want to get into the whole religious argument about that but I believe yeah God just doesn't put the devil down cuz he has some other reason
ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ - 4 måneder siden
Well, obviously he _can_ do it... He just won't do it
Mithiriëthî Underhill
Mithiriëthî Underhill - 5 måneder siden
Has anyone here met a person who believes in the tales of Middle-earth, in the Valar and Ilúvatar, as real, that is, following as a religion?
ΑΒΡΑΞΑΣ - 4 måneder siden
That probably exist somewhere...
tuki1boo - 5 måneder siden
Yet no minority everyone white white
tuki1boo - 5 måneder siden
@Bernhard true
Bernhard - 5 måneder siden
Its heavily inspired by European folklore what do you expect.
Mellow Waters
Mellow Waters - 5 måneder siden
This is extremely similar to the story of how Satan was banished from heaven after he challenged Gods authority.
Jovan Vitanovic
Jovan Vitanovic - 5 måneder siden
Uuuuh, i think is Saruman, not Sauroman
Im Stupid
Im Stupid - 6 måneder siden
Why does everyone compare this to an RPG game? Although i must admit i watched the movies and read the books because it was being compared to an RPG game. I mean Gandalf killed a balrog, greedily took all the exp and came back with a new staff, new cosmetics and new powers but did not have enough points to purchase a new sword. Lol
Bryden Macphail
Bryden Macphail - 6 måneder siden
A shorter life brings them to the chorus sooner
ꨓꨕ་ꨚꨝ་ꨆꨈ ꪒꪲꪐꪬ
0:04 You mean the Vietcong
Vincent Pellegrini
Vincent Pellegrini - 6 måneder siden
How was that 4 minutes? I swear it was 30 seconds.
RobertDarcy - 6 måneder siden
For real, is this video a complete summary of the Silmarillion?
marcel helder
marcel helder - 5 måneder siden
Cainwerth - 6 måneder siden
Omg I need more videos like this.
Vincent Mattis
Vincent Mattis - 6 måneder siden
when it comes to lord of the rings, either you are a super Fan or you are no fan at all!!
JÄNI - 6 måneder siden
Please, please, please make a new video with correct pronunciations.
Also, Balrog wasn't a "giant lava monster" you idiot. Dis you read any of the books? Doubt it. Guess you took all of this "insight" from lotrwiki...
SpaghettiMitch - 6 måneder siden
WIRED just made a video this week about a similar topic. i KNEW i'd seen something like this before. Almost 6 years earlier... anyone else here cause of that?
Adrienne Kaio
Adrienne Kaio - 6 måneder siden
I always just assumed Hobbits were antisocial midgets.
St. Michael the Archangel
St. Michael the Archangel - 7 måneder siden
This was a very well-done, and entertaining explanation! Loved it. :)
Ash Sam
Ash Sam - 7 måneder siden
Great work but you talk way too fast
Choong Chee Wai
Choong Chee Wai - 7 måneder siden
Soooooo..... Where's that part 3?....
Choong Chee Wai
Choong Chee Wai - 7 måneder siden
@H. T sorry I mean part 3
H. T
H. T - 7 måneder siden
Dude just search for it..
Christopher Edwards
Christopher Edwards - 7 måneder siden
I personally think that maybe the Hobbits are a mix breed of men and dwarves, how that would've happened? I dunno, same reason (I can't remember any of their names) fat Dwarf fell in love with Hot and brute-ish (More brut-ish than that of an elf or a female, other than Celebrimor, of course, but he's a diffrent story) Female Murr.
Arturo Stojanoff
Arturo Stojanoff - 7 måneder siden
Melkor is the over achiever that thinks he's better than you and Yavanna is the over achiever that just chills.
Kristýna Stankova
Kristýna Stankova - 7 måneder siden
I don't know but mortality does seem like a gift to me..i wouldn't wanna live forever, not in this world anyway
Radim Bartošek
Radim Bartošek - 7 måneder siden
Its essential set the speed at 0.75! But thanks :) ( ゚o⌒)