The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant

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Adapted from Nick Bostrom's paper:
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tr4v3l3r - 12 timer siden
This is a metaphor for death from old age
Alexander Larssen
Alexander Larssen - 14 timer siden
If the dragon ate 10000 people per day that means in the twelve years they took to build the missle the dragon killed 43.8M people and that is just when they started making the misslel the dragon killed at least 100M people easily before they even started making the missle that's crazy
Glenn Goldenrod
Glenn Goldenrod - 15 timer siden
So the dragon is a metaphor for what exactly?
Guyed game
Guyed game - Dag siden
plot twist: We ate 500,000,000 dragons every year
Jenna Van Winkle
Jenna Van Winkle - 2 dager siden
Solar122 - 2 dager siden
The Dragon represents the Second World War, consuming 10,000 every day. The missile represents the atomic bomb. The last train is the deaths caused by said atomic bombs. The last train of people would have to die, so there would be no further deaths.
HJ L - 2 dager siden
So let's assume this dragon is the death, believed inevitable, invincible fate. But however, if we conquer the death with science what would really happen? I think joy would fastly turn into despair. Death gives us morality. Makes us think about the legacy. Once it's gone, there will be nothing. We will be fully empty.
Hayden Avellona
Hayden Avellona - 3 dager siden
“Selling his summer castle.”

Is there like a market for this?
Jann Merick
Jann Merick - 3 dager siden
Honestly, death row inmates are probably optional
Antonio Velasco
Antonio Velasco - 4 dager siden
Lack of funding in guillotines as well
Ghost Hunter X
Ghost Hunter X - 4 dager siden
HUNT COMPLETE (if you don't get it its a monster hunter reference)
Oakabae - 5 dager siden
Miguel Baltazar
Miguel Baltazar - 5 dager siden
😨 the dragon is bad
Saxton Animations
Saxton Animations - 5 dager siden
oh i get it! the dragon is supposed to represent death. and there no excapeing it! :D
Phillip Wombacher
Phillip Wombacher - 5 dager siden
ya I hate capitalism too bro
Kathryn Yeniyurt
Kathryn Yeniyurt - 5 dager siden
What are they going to do with the dead dragon
Shamsu Uddin
Shamsu Uddin - 6 dager siden
Is this a metaphor for death like the dragon being death
ticci toby
ticci toby - 6 dager siden
Curiositty killed the cat but freed the human
998 Ne baraj koj sum
998 Ne baraj koj sum - 6 dager siden
the dragon is death. this will be relevant when the elixir of imortality will finaly be produced. we all have accepted our fate of death. or cancer or whatever. we have time now. thats what tell tell ya :D . the shortness of the human life is what makes it precious as others would argue. as i would argue. But death is rly bad in the childs eyes, interasting how fearfull of it we have become, inventing false tales of afterlifes and heaven and hell anything but the utter realisation that we are nothing but food for the worms after we die. just like all other life forms. i do really wonder what our lives would mean if we could rly live forever. like we wont have the need to reproduce anymore. no chlildren no grand children no new generations, nothing new to remind us of the simple joys of being allive. like seeing snow for the first time. or the laughter of a todler exited to see a lizard. to the older ones this is just normal boring mondaine life. the childs happiness is the parrents happines. reminding us of how we use to be infstuated of all th wonders of this absurd world, learning and growing in it, only realising that at the end it was justa joy ride. a way for the universe to keep itself entertained through newborns and unique sets of circumstances for all of them. not a single life is identical to the next. anmd these new and unique experiences is what i personaly hold sacred.
saythealphabet - 5 dager siden
I'd argue that humans would not stop reproducing. Why would they? It is joyful to have a child. It rewards you for reproducing. Being immortal won't change that.
cody collins
cody collins - 7 dager siden
So the dragon represents religion right
Shahrukh Khan
Shahrukh Khan - 5 dager siden
It represents death.
Trashy Animation
Trashy Animation - 7 dager siden
It’s great until you go home and realize the dragon’s body landed on your house.
Atomic - 7 dager siden
Hey look at this

'. \.
'. "\
:: \\
" . ".\
"" ;. , " .
".~ ."- .^ . \ \
-.._" \ \ \ \\ \ " \
"."\ \._ ) \ ) \.)\-\..\ :
""\ ",\"_.);-.).) )) "~~).
~"~~.._ ' -" ""~.) "~,
""~. ""~~)". "-, ",."""" "~.
" ..~"," '-'"~~...___.~"" "~. ~.
." ." _.~~""""., "~. "~~~.~. _..._
." | '. ( () )";> ""~. "(.___.)..
/ " ..""~~~~""_.~ ....._. "~. ""~.
" ___\~- """""""" " ""~~.""":==>.. "~.
." \_~ . "~((####)) .. ".
.| _.-"", / ..~" ""~~~" ""~~~~~ :>
/". .~"~~..___............~;>~""
.~" "~. "-~~....--""__________,,....~~~~"""
2.0 stūdíøsYT
2.0 stūdíøsYT - 6 dager siden
wow cool
Atomic - 7 dager siden
Leafy Leaf
Leafy Leaf - 8 dager siden
CGP gray *really* hates those "death is natural" arguments.
Chet Jonstun
Chet Jonstun - 8 dager siden
And what is this "dragon" in the real world? Probably the USA that exports war at every opportunity.
Sam D26
Sam D26 - 7 dager siden
@Chet Jonstun Ok edgelord
Chet Jonstun
Chet Jonstun - 8 dager siden
@Sam D26 Yep. And America - with its "health system, death penalty, border control and foreign policy, represents death.
Sam D26
Sam D26 - 8 dager siden
The dragon represents age or death
Toaster - 8 dager siden
damn when did exurb1a hack CGP grey’s channel and upload this?
Slime ninja
Slime ninja - 8 dager siden
Right now this is more important than ever. The dragon could be any message but right now it can be seen as covid. Covid kills everyone and we are getting used to it, eventually we will find a way to “kill the dragon”.
Hexmars - 8 dager siden
I finally understand. The dragon is death, and the scientists are working to cure itz
Magellanic - 7 dager siden
more like aging. killing the dragon won't stop death, but it will prevent thousands of people getting munched every day
Neil Emminger
Neil Emminger - 9 dager siden
Bartram - 10 dager siden
I really want to a dnd campaign around this world
Anuj Sharma
Anuj Sharma - 12 dager siden
How you made this types of cartoon and graphics and arts
Jakub Bronk
Jakub Bronk - 12 dager siden
Can't they just nuke the dragon?
Joshua Carter
Joshua Carter - 13 dager siden
I've always really liked this story.
Johnathan Hodskins
Johnathan Hodskins - 13 dager siden
Kinda thought the dragon was a reference to death
Disturbatore - 13 dager siden
because it is xd there is another video that talks about death
Muscular Igneel
Muscular Igneel - 14 dager siden
Fact of the Day
Fact of the Day - 14 dager siden
that one kid: "The dragon is bad, it kills people, it ate my granny, I want my granny back."
Sleepy_ Gurl
Sleepy_ Gurl - 14 dager siden
(;w;) i love this story (T^T)
Space Reyn
Space Reyn - 14 dager siden
interesting thought experiment, though having death being depicted as something to be cured i do take issue with.
Death is as fundementally important to the universe as life is.
Death ends life to give way to new Life.
Death is not to be feared, not our enemy but a friend we all must meet so the next generation can Live.
Magellanic - 7 dager siden
"the dragon is as fundamentally important to the universe as life is." "the dragon ends life to give way to new life"
L - 11 dager siden
Watch his "Why die?" video. He talks about the insanity of your sentiment. I agree with him, give it a try!
Andres Paloblanco
Andres Paloblanco - 14 dager siden
Plot twist:dragon wakes up
ManiacMan - 14 dager siden
So many different viewpoints that can be taken from this, lmao
Lawrence - 15 dager siden
@8:45 That means something else in the missile launching business...
So Ya Like Jazz
So Ya Like Jazz - 15 dager siden
Moral of the story
Use a gun, and if that dont work use more gun
spizzy - 15 dager siden
I got sent here from a youtube comment i thought this was a rick roll
chiecken man
chiecken man - 16 dager siden
Why does the dragon has transparent wings doe
XAIE the 3rd
XAIE the 3rd - 16 dager siden
This is my favorite video of yours.
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 16 dager siden
Are they a constitutional monarchy or an absolute one?
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe - 17 dager siden
Brett Zhu
Brett Zhu - 17 dager siden
It's all fun and games until someone places back 4 end crystals
Samuel Banks
Samuel Banks - 17 dager siden
This is one of my favorite fables
Cielo Pachirisu
Cielo Pachirisu - 17 dager siden
T-01 Seconds to launch
The Dragon: Oh look, a penny! *bends over*
CorruptMemory - 18 dager siden
This is your "why die?" video as a fable lol
PadSmid - 18 dager siden
Just backstab the dragon
Fyodor Michael
Fyodor Michael - 18 dager siden
They could throw off the shackles of death itself, but not the shackles of monarchy.
matt person and nothing
matt person and nothing - 19 dager siden
Poor kids, i see an infant.. And 2 kindergarteners so sad 😢
• Ayanna • Iwl •
• Ayanna • Iwl • - 19 dager siden
Why was I so nervous during this Lmao
Max Björk
Max Björk - 19 dager siden
And i thought this was supposed to be a christmas special
Alvin Ye
Alvin Ye - 20 dager siden
How did they make a nuke that fast
G Mat
G Mat - 21 dag siden
Missile trajectories are only frowns for the people not doing handstands on the launch platform.
BosonCollider - 21 dag siden
2020/2021: The dragon is covid-19, the bullet/rocket is the vaccine
King Wafer The second
King Wafer The second - 22 dager siden
That one dude: *tis but a scratch*
jhk ahu
jhk ahu - 22 dager siden
and the dragon just waited for the nuke to go off... rubbish
Charles Calvin
Charles Calvin - 23 dager siden
Fun Fact The Missile Was A Secret Nuke
Lin Plant
Lin Plant - 23 dager siden
The dragon is kind of like covid 19
PBryant2.71828 - 23 dager siden
St. Michael, but with technology!
WHITE ALBINO DRAGON - 23 dager siden
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - 25 dager siden
"Only a black arrow fired from a dwarvish windlance can pierce a dragon's scale."
Clifford Nelson
Clifford Nelson - 25 dager siden
Going to have a population explosion. problems problems. Stupid story
MisterBread009 - 7 dager siden
@Clifford Nelson So what you're saying is that medicine was a mistake
SaturnineXTS - 20 dager siden
@Clifford Nelson People in the West don't even want to have kids. If we didn't have to worry abotu aging, we'd have even less kids, as women wouldn't feel pressed to give birth because of the biological clock
neutral boi
neutral boi - 21 dag siden
@Clifford Nelson heard of population regulation?
Clifford Nelson
Clifford Nelson - 24 dager siden
@This channel does not exist. Really. It is like what happened with medicine. Please explain why there will not be when all of a sudden the source of the death of thousands of people disappears. I am interested in hearing why you think that there will not be a population explosion.
This channel does not exist.
This channel does not exist. - 25 dager siden
No. That's incorrect.
Jimholy Long
Jimholy Long - 26 dager siden
Just how fast was the tech tree developement. Also was the king in he beginning the same king?
BlackCover95 - 26 dager siden
No. I’m pretty sure many generations had passed.
Paul Williams
Paul Williams - 26 dager siden
MoonFire Shotz
MoonFire Shotz - 26 dager siden
Ok but if this is a fable don't all fables have a moral? Whats the point of this? I see people in the comments saying that the Dragon was the embodiment of Death and stuff and I guess that makes sense... but then they killed the Dragon sooooooooooooooooooooo does this mean that in the future humanity finds a cure for Death? Like, humanity will just evolve to just not die? It makes no sense
Shilpa Sandeep
Shilpa Sandeep - 27 dager siden
Vihaan Sandeep. Sandeep
Bubbles the fish
Bubbles the fish - 27 dager siden
If the ender dragon were real:
Jimin Xu
Jimin Xu - 29 dager siden
This is the most unrealistic dragon related story that I’ve ever heard in my life yet it still hits harder than my dad’s belt.
Sean Clark
Sean Clark - Måned siden
What a scary metaphor for death.
Katsune - Måned siden
I think in that Story the Human are the Bad guys. I mean they are so blind! They just don't see, that they are no better than the Dragon, eating other animals too. And in general: Why do Humans never work arround whats there and make everything mostly great, but only work to see how they possibly take out whats there, not seeing the beauty of the bigger Picture they are possibly forcibly destroying. I think Human should definitly try to Evolve and stuff, but they should start to care about whats and why it's already there, instead of just carrying about what they want there to be.
Some thoughts to this???
Kristen - Måned siden
I feel like the dragon is representing COVID right now
Naiem Sanjid
Naiem Sanjid - Måned siden
It is representing death. We just end the endless massacre of death. It cannot go like this.
hellopropop - Måned siden
This story reminds me of attack on titan yeah apt is different but people who watched it know it
Beep Bop
Beep Bop - Måned siden
The dragon is eating 100-150k now, FYI also he asked us for an extra few hundred thousand which we had to give to him.
Chronocide - Måned siden
Waiting for a point that never arrives.
Paul Coleman
Paul Coleman - Måned siden
2 minutes in and it already sounds like an allegory for big government and Bureaucracy
MrApe The1st
MrApe The1st - Måned siden
Lol how are the king and queen aren’t dead
horselover nightlight
horselover nightlight - Måned siden
Its acid not evil slime
Elie The Prof
Elie The Prof - Måned siden
The dragon is the *military-industrial complex* today.
ymmij X
ymmij X - Måned siden
@FakeBunny12 i mean you're right that it's a metaphore for ageing but the whole point of these kinds of stories is to be used to recontextualize the normal so using it as a metaphor for any number of modern systems isn't exactly wrong
FakeBunny12 - Måned siden
no its aging but the pointlessness of protecting it are the same
Yah huaa
Yah huaa - Måned siden
What's the, "new," argument now for student debt? It wouldn't be fair for all the other people who were already eaten?
Karen Mkrtchyan
Karen Mkrtchyan - Måned siden
He did this video just to flex his animation skills
16_Made Agastya Dendy Kusuma
Wheres the aftermath where the technologies advanced and human go to war?
World Sand
World Sand - Måned siden
The dragon is a symbol of death
Magellanic - Måned siden
thanks sherlock
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
“Sir, this is the history channel.”
ian kinnear
ian kinnear - Måned siden
Nice ending
Black Hole
Black Hole - Måned siden
Then they all forgot that time existed, so they all died.
FakeBunny12 - Måned siden
but they killed aging/dragon
Bambang Wibowo
Bambang Wibowo - Måned siden
I just realized this is the plot for The Cabin in the Woods.
FakeBunny12 - Måned siden
209김률 - Måned siden
How could...everyvideo charming me!!
Tang MengTit
Tang MengTit - Måned siden
Nothing is impenetrable if you shoot it enough times
Рози Роза
Рози Роза - Måned siden
What’s so great about this kingdom? Why doesn’t anyone just move?
neutral boi
neutral boi - Måned siden
Probably dragons attack them if they try to move
Henr1js _YT
Henr1js _YT - Måned siden
anyone got the lyrics for this? like everything he is saying because i need it for a big homework!!!!PLS HELP!
Shah Safwat
Shah Safwat - Måned siden
Very nice
Kevin Lorengel
Kevin Lorengel - Måned siden
plot twist: its a Hydra and regrows two more heads
Emily Luo
Emily Luo - Måned siden
Did Tyrant gone extend 🤔
el barto
el barto - Måned siden
what a great king
Minimalist User
Minimalist User - Måned siden
I think CGP GREY'S tyrant dragons story about death itself . This story is actually a message about , how after much trial and effort humans will finally be free of notion that death is inevitable and will finally get rid of it . Yes there will be those who claim how it is a natural part of life but the dragon in this story was also thought to be inevitable until it was killed .
SaturnineXTS - Måned siden
@FakeBunny12 I think not many deathists will remain once defeating aging becomes something just around the corner in public perception
FakeBunny12 - Måned siden
agreed those deathists should go ahead and embrace the inevitable they like so much
Wing Mak
Wing Mak - Måned siden
Long live the king long live us all
Sardonic - Måned siden
If this was real all the scientist would have been forced onto the train by radical dragon religions