The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

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Icehowl - 17 timer siden
~laughs in 2021~
GalloViking - 17 timer siden
It's so complicated because the UK is in the EU without doing anything else like the EU members. They just want the benefits.
Joshua Godwin
Joshua Godwin - 22 timer siden
Well, 1 year later in 2021... still no movement in brexit lol
John Doucette
John Doucette - 2 dager siden
Greco Cabanero
Greco Cabanero - 2 dager siden
So saying brexit was stupid is correct?
Kevin Yuan
Kevin Yuan - 3 dager siden
G Mat
G Mat - 3 dager siden
The EU really is demanding for the privilege of trading with them. I am Canadian. The idea of me voting on law that American in citizens need to follow, that they do NOT get to vote on, seems loony.
Τσάμπρας Γιάννης
Well you ended up wrong xD
bankaiii bankaaa
bankaiii bankaaa - 4 dager siden
So what i understand is uk wants all the benefits without any liabilities, just like me i want to get my salary without going to work.
Ann Burgess
Ann Burgess - 5 dager siden
You didn't mention Canada and South Korea at the bottom of the chart? That was our desired destination, and could have been achieved, had Mrs. May accepted it first time around when it was offered to us.
Tippex - 7 dager siden
That got oddly sexual (?) in random places.
Nikolay Kaloyanov
Nikolay Kaloyanov - 7 dager siden
Plot twist: Johnson outsmarted the EU leaders who used to behave like rookies. Now The UK has almost all the benefits of the Union while it has no commitments anymore.
Crescent - 9 dager siden
Brexit was pointless in the first place
Yasemıin Arabaci
Yasemıin Arabaci - 11 dager siden
I live in 🇹🇷
arham jain
arham jain - 12 dager siden
Please make a video on commonwealth .
Callmedani - 12 dager siden
Do a review with this slide, to explain the final outcome after the negotiations!
Hggu Ghij
Hggu Ghij - 14 dager siden
You mean Europol.
zongaaa - 14 dager siden
omg just stay in your little island with your queen and tea i just dont understand what they want anymore what kind of a deal do they want that doesnt involve any of that smh
Connie Prude
Connie Prude - 14 dager siden
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notts guy
notts guy - 15 dager siden
Watching this now just shows your video was bollocks
notts guy
notts guy - 14 dager siden
@True Indian oh and this graph also never mentioned Canada it went from Turkey to no deal ..... So to say it's not bollocks and it's real is BS it never said anything about Canada or its set up
notts guy
notts guy - 14 dager siden
@True Indian yet we have higher labour standards than the EU sets and environmental standards we agreed to lower anyway so it makes no difference plus we can break that when ever we want so it was a mutual agreement not level playing field by threat of fines which would be under ecj If you read my post I'm not disagreeing or agreement with you but to claim it's exactly the same is a lie
True Indian
True Indian - 14 dager siden
no this slide was not bollocks... UK got a canada style deal BUT after sacrificing few things. Canada has the benefit of deciding its own labour laws on the other hand Britain has agreed to keep its labours laws in line with EU i.e. level playing field. And Britain has conceded to raise its environmental standards when europe does, canada has no such complulsion. After doing all that Britain gets 'tariff free trade' benefit.
VanishBlox - 15 dager siden
That's pretty egotistical of the UK, only the benefits of the EU?
Gmackematix - 17 dager siden
So it's 2021 and now Britain has a deal, what leeway was given and where is it on this chart?
notts guy
notts guy - 15 dager siden
@ChristianIce not that I voted for that I voted to stop free movement of cheap labour and in reality that hugely benefits the UK The minimum wage for all foreign nationals is now 26.6k not the minimum wage of 18k And the reason it benefits us is many reasons 1 which No1 has ever mentioned Is poor EU nationals Polish/Romania ect are here to save money and go home to invest in property Now majority of those wages will be earned and invested in the country just as they used to be PRIOR TO 2004 that is a hell of lot of money
notts guy
notts guy - 15 dager siden
@ChristianIce no it doesn't we are agreeing on level playing in certain areas and if either side appear to be undercutting then either side can inflict tarifs in those areas so no it's not the ecj as they would rule our laws tarifs are not the same as they can inflict tarifs and we can do the same it's a mutual agreement a compromise
ChristianIce - 15 dager siden
@notts guy Yeah, except it does.
notts guy
notts guy - 15 dager siden
@ChristianIce have you even read the deal! The level playing field doesn't exist as that leaves us in the ecj to punish us and yet both the UK and EU can punish each other with tariffs
ChristianIce - 15 dager siden
It's pretty much where Canada is, with the difference that EU imposes its standards on the UK in exchange for the FTA. The clause is called "Lelel Playing Field", whish is a restriction not imposed on Canada.
Anton Young
Anton Young - 18 dager siden
Brexit IS BAD it needs to stop
Hunnah0055 - 19 dager siden
Why show Canada and Japan flag?
ChristianIce - 15 dager siden
@Matt Julson EU and Canada have an FTA. UK didn't agree on a "few things" though, to get the FTA UK must comply to EU rules.
Matt Julson
Matt Julson - 16 dager siden
It's South Korea, not Japan... but the point is that with "no deal", EU would see UK the same as "random" countries like Canada and South Korea - no special relationship or agreements with the EU at all. But it looks like UK caved and agreed to a few things in order to end 2020 with a "deal".
ed4pints - 19 dager siden
hrcho - 19 dager siden
can we expect a new video now? :)
unicorns and astrix fly away
solduspython - 19 dager siden
EU citizens have more rights in the UK than a UK citizen lol plus free movement for EU citizens in the UK but UK citizens don't have free movement in the EU. Racist brexiteers are going to luv that lol
TheBassetBeast - 19 dager siden
This didn’t age well
R - 19 dager siden
It seems you were wrong sir.
Paul - 19 dager siden
I'm not sure that CGP Grey was saying the only possible outcome was No deal if UK stuck to its dealbreakers, but the slide was correct showing FTAs were possible.
Callum Stephenson
Callum Stephenson - 20 dager siden
Guess what guys we did get both 😉
True Indian
True Indian - 14 dager siden
UK got a canada style deal BUT after sacrificing few things. Canada has the benefit of deciding its own labour laws on the other hand Britain has agreed to keep its labours laws in line with EU i.e. level playing field. And Britain has conceded to raise its environmental standards when europe does, canada has no such complulsion. After doing all that Britain gets 'tariff free trade' benefit.
Paul - 19 dager siden
what both? The slide was showing FTAs were possible.
Alan Tyrell
Alan Tyrell - 20 dager siden
Might want to look at this again.
I Click Like
I Click Like - 20 dager siden
2 days left :D
Sub2 XxFuroxX10
Sub2 XxFuroxX10 - 20 dager siden
Now we have Boris’s attention fix Tier 4 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Dzidkapl - 21 dag siden
2:52 I like how he said _The promotion of human rights._
Aa Gg
Aa Gg - 21 dag siden
Even daily mail subscribers are now starting to see that being out of the EU is worse than being in it.
Somone said: how come i cannot go on pension to spain as easy anymore? what has that to do with the EU?
Jack Joyce
Jack Joyce - 18 dager siden
@HCforLife1 It is too early to judge at the moment. I personally think all this wasn’t worth it but we could still make this work. Effectively we can still trade without tariffs etc. We can create our own deals and decide our own foreign policy. These are benefits but at the cost of being a big fish in small pond to a small/ medium fish in a big pond. I voted leave but now I am 50/50 on this whole mockery.
HCforLife1 - 19 dager siden
Yep. Many people might realise soon that their plans of retirement in Spain might change. Not to mention travelling to EU member states.
Jordan Beech
Jordan Beech - 21 dag siden
Well 80% of the commentors have made themselves look silly now
Amro A.
Amro A. - 21 dag siden
She? Wait so Switzerland is actually a girl? It’s the 21st century dude you can use “It” without being prosecuted
Pureflow7 - 21 dag siden
OR the EU can also compromise if it wants the benefits of tarrif free trade with the UK...which it now has. Stupid to frame a negotiation entirely as the UK only having to give in. The EU had a lot to lose from no deal.
ola44445 - 20 dager siden
EU is fine. The deal while giving some concessions and making the most Europhiles definitely angry, doesn't threaten the current state of the EU at all. And no, neither Italy, Poland or Hungary are gonna leave the EU anytime soon. Meanwhile the UK still has the biggest public ever support for Scottish independence, Northern Ireland's reunion with the Republic and even Welsh independence. Never mind the fact that Northern Ireland would now be separated by a border from the rest of the UK as the European Common Market, really amazing for UK sovereignity, right?
DukeAB1980 - 20 dager siden
EU does have much to lose but UK would be completely devastated.
Harpunonosy 123
Harpunonosy 123 - 21 dag siden
UK has more to lose on no deal
abj - 22 dager siden
So the answer turned out to be "a free trade deal like Canada".
Rdn Yhy
Rdn Yhy - 22 dager siden
That slide was no secret...
clouderDE - 22 dager siden
So, Grey, where do you put the negotiated treaty?
ProSpect - 22 dager siden
no, they shouldnt get a special treaty, the trade tax and everything else should be the same as it is for all countries outside of europe...
No getting benefits while giving nothing to EU
Anonymous - 19 dager siden
F*** UK! They should be blocked from all the continental goods and services! They want out? Let them have it!
Chris Clark
Chris Clark - 22 dager siden
@3:10, Europol. Not Interpol.
edward halmarack
edward halmarack - 22 dager siden
Deal has been done
Dario Balado
Dario Balado - 23 dager siden
An agreement has been reached today. UK are like Canada now.
Wandrative - 16 dager siden
Or South Korea
M' Lorde
M' Lorde - 23 dager siden
So the problem is that, the EU has come accustomed to being able to exert political/sovereign control over anyone it wishes to trade with, and so hasn't got an orbital or scenario imagined where it can trade with an equal power?
DukeAB1980 - 20 dager siden
What equal power? Surely you don't mean the UK?
Real Deal
Real Deal - 24 dager siden
Its happened
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - 24 dager siden
Switzerland is Male.
Ernest Mazurek
Ernest Mazurek - 24 dager siden
Now after deal has been sealed I feel like EU actually lowered it's guard and well, UK got what its wanted pretty much, correct me if I'm wrong
Ernest Mazurek
Ernest Mazurek - 13 dager siden
@solduspython yeah sort of, but free movement will work definitely "better" now, for example if I wanted to move in to the UK now from Poland I actually have to get 70 points and honestly it isn't really easy as it could, I have to point out that I'm not from medical care sector or IT or at least programmer so I'm not really able to get there ;) If I would try hard enough, applying for months, negotiate terms with my new employer and consulting it with GOV then yeah, maybe but it is just different then it was before
solduspython - 19 dager siden
Depends on what you mean got what UK wanted. Like no free movement for EU citizens, then no. Or NI being in the EU framework, than no. More fishing quotas, 3%increae over 3years, UK fishing industry says no. Having a border between UK n NI, then no. Frictionless trade, than no. A trade deal for UK service sector 80%of UK GDP, then no. Oh but u got blue passports like eastern Europeans made in France, then yeah, UK got what it wanted. Oh car industry in the UK leaving the UK too set up in the EU, im guessing that's a no too. Brexit ain't it grand heh lol
Luka S
Luka S - 24 dager siden
So in the end, we ended up exactly like the slide said we would. With an agreement like Canada and Japan.
solduspython - 19 dager siden
@Pureflow7 so your happy having EU citizens having free movement in the UK, but UK citizens don't have free movement in the EU or a border between UK n NI
Paul - 19 dager siden
@Pureflow7 Who said that? The EU shows on this slide that an FTA is possible with two examples - Canada and South Korea.
DukeAB1980 - 20 dager siden
@Pureflow7 oh yes you had a golden goose and you exchanged it to a pile of turd but hey as long as it doesn't say "European" on it.
Luka S
Luka S - 21 dag siden
@Pureflow7 so you support Brexit?
Pureflow7 - 21 dag siden
the only idiots were those saying a free trade compromise wasnt possible because of "EU err rules.. which of course they made up", oh please. We got the deal, leave won, end of story 🇬🇧
MNSTR - 25 dager siden
Well ... a lot of people expected about everything, but after such a weird year its somehow fitting that a deal is found on christmas 2020. I dont get it really, but here we are.
Chrissy The Conqueror
Chrissy The Conqueror - 25 dager siden
And in the end, this is what we ended up with. Dealbreakers in the agreement that make nobody happy because it was a situation that nobody could be happy when it was finally going to be over.
Chrissy The Conqueror
Chrissy The Conqueror - 22 dager siden
@edward halmarack Yes. That is what I was talking about.
edward halmarack
edward halmarack - 22 dager siden
They already made a deal.
OurNewestMember - 25 dager siden
First I've heard it pronounced "Litchtenstein"
G - 25 dager siden
Nice conclusion... but completely wrong. Well done.
Rowan Crouch
Rowan Crouch - 25 dager siden
G Mat
G Mat - 25 dager siden
Am I the only one seeing the EU as the problem? People with power want to keep it. Any deal with Britain that takes their fingers out, and how many other countries follow? They know this. And refuse to offer any relationship where they lose authority within the borders of a sovereign (hehe) nation. Bullying England is a bad idea. Bullying England, Scotland, and in effect Ireland? Baaaad idea.
G Mat
G Mat - 25 dager siden
@Fede98k we will see, although you could be right. Just because I am unaware of a deadline, doesn't mean there isn't one. I do disagree about it having been thought through. An outside body running or effecting the affairs of a nation is a hard line to cross vs an agreement between nations. This is what I meant by bullying, I could have used a better word. Meddling works. I guess. The people did/do not want that interference, but it had to be agreed on conceptually, before it could be worked out. Grey painted it a bit that way but also shined a light on the issue, not the popular opinion, but the desires, within and outside, to get what they want.
Fede98k - 25 dager siden
@G Mat Maybe I'm mistaken but isn't the UK supposed to officially leave on the 1st of January?
G Mat
G Mat - 25 dager siden
@Fede98k days?
Fede98k - 25 dager siden
No one is bullying anyone, the UK's just didn't think this trough and had no idea of what they wanted. Fortunatly in a few days this circus will be over and us europeans can move over from the damned brexit question.
Pedro Marques
Pedro Marques - 25 dager siden
During this video I kept being annoyed by the countries being referred as "she"
ApplesRYum - 21 dag siden
That's what grey does, every community has a skirt and is a she.
Ivaylo Staliyanov
Ivaylo Staliyanov - 25 dager siden
EU have to respect democracy. We had a referendum and they should follow the result.
DukeAB1980 - 20 dager siden
@Ivaylo Staliyanov it's not the EU who wants to keep you in, it's the UK who wants to keep trading because those in power know that otherwise the UK would be completely devastated. It's like "we are leaving we just want to keep all the perks and priviledges that comes with membership. And surely it's in YOUR best interest to let us get away with it. So give us what we want and thank us for the pleasure of our company." I don't think so.
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
@Ivaylo Staliyanov it's not that easy going out, there's a lot of paperwork and the change has to be slow to make sure everything is fine, when the uk joined they knew that to exit it would take a while. Now, in January you're officially out, so stop complaining.
Ivaylo Staliyanov
Ivaylo Staliyanov - 22 dager siden
@Luca Bralia So why are they doing everything they can to keep us in? They want to take our fish.
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
... that's why the uk is leaving, nobody in the EU says that the uk can't leave.
Alexander V
Alexander V - 26 dager siden
Napoleon is laughing his ass off in his grave. 8 wars, and 200 years to get England to vouluntarily institiute the continental blockade. Vive l'Empereur!
DeadManRising - 26 dager siden
Sooooo the EU owns the UK?
BrakeTheGame - 26 dager siden
- 7 days to the Brexit
HouseClubber75 - 26 dager siden
I won't sign this record because it's scratched
Genadi Dimov
Genadi Dimov - 26 dager siden
So 5 min. to explane 1 simple thing. The UK wants to leave, it is not consensual divorce, they just want to leave, so EU does not have to agree to anything, it is either the UK do everything they are asked for or they just leave without a deal, which is fine by me, as an EU citizen.
Ernie Smith
Ernie Smith - 27 dager siden
At 3:11 I believe you meant to say “EUROPOL” not “INTERPOL”. EUROPOL is the European Law Enforcement coordination and collaboration organization, though it does not have inherent law enforcement jurisdiction (ie, no arrest powers), depending rather on the inherent authority from participating countries. INTERPOL is similar, and also has no inherent law enforcement jurisdiction) though boasts participation by nearly every country on the world (196+).
Sozetsu Kokai
Sozetsu Kokai - 27 dager siden
I think the biggest problem with the Brexit is that nobody, not even the people who proposed the referendum, actually thought it was gonna happen. So they had no plan ready. Meanwhile the EU has guidelines and rules ready for that kinda thing.
So the onus of making Brexit work is on the UK. Treat it as your first experience on how sovereignty works when you try to negotiate with someone more powerful than you. You will need it when it comes to making deals with every nation outside the EU.
koonteriskool - 27 dager siden
Not surprising considering the UK is the country that has like 10 different levels of membership of its own. Crown Dependency, British Overseas Territory, The Commonwealth etc.
Resurgent Ocelot
Resurgent Ocelot - 27 dager siden
I was under the impression negotiations with the EU were for show. If all the UK knew no deal was possible all along there probably would have been a successful movement to overturn deal breakers or even Brexit itself. This was the only way to manage the optics to see a no deal through, probably with the help of a few suckers who really thought they could get away with ditching all the commitments and retaining all the benefits.
Pewdiepie Thebest
Pewdiepie Thebest - 27 dager siden
I'm done with the UK at this point
miguel carvalho
miguel carvalho - 27 dager siden
UK pound £ = 1.09 euro and going down, any doubts empire lovers?
A. Drep
A. Drep - 27 dager siden
1 week before brexit uhhh... no
Old Gregg
Old Gregg - 27 dager siden
Theresa May: “We’ll give you whatever you want.”
Boris Johnson: “Get da fook outta here.”
A Twinspark
A Twinspark - 28 dager siden
So Korea and Canada no mention? Giving away all their fishing grounds are they? - thought not.
uzernamechecksout - 28 dager siden
Just git'er done already!
UK just GTFO...
Jason. - 28 dager siden
Cameron messed it up with no preparation.
Farage messed it up by making it look like we hate europe.
May was dealt a bad hand and seemed indecisive.
Blair and Brown ruined our economy so we have next to no clout at the negotiation table.
Jason. - 26 dager siden
@XynxNet yeah talk about building from the ground up again.
XynxNet - 27 dager siden
+ Boris Jonson messed it up with the internal market bill...discrediting UKs reliability as a partner in any agreement
Igor Sousa
Igor Sousa - 28 dager siden
Why is the queen of UK drinking tea? o.O
K2o - 28 dager siden
Oh wow, i thought this was this year Nov/Dec, ha...
Eternal Goof
Eternal Goof - 28 dager siden
UK: Hey there, listen, we want cake!
EU: Ok, so you will join us baking?
UK: No!
EU: No problem, would you please lay the table then?
UK: No!
EU: Hmm, what about making the coffee?
UK: No!
Eu: We can do that for you, but will you please clean the dishes then?
UK: No!
EU: So, what do you actually want from us?
UK: Why you are so dense? We want cake!
Alex McGery
Alex McGery - 29 dager siden
Christ, can you imagine putting something this complicated in the hands of the general public, most of whom have little idea what the EU is or does for them. You'd have to be a F****** IDIOT
Vendraz - 29 dager siden
10 days to go and then this circus is over.
Ashley Collinge
Ashley Collinge - 29 dager siden
Just take a no-deal, much easier to make deals afterward. Plus we don't need to have trade deals with the whole of the EU, we can do trade deals within individual countries like other non-EU countries and it'll be fine.
anlumo1 - 27 dager siden
The EU doesn't allow its members to make their own trade deals. So that leaves out the majority of UK's trade partners at the moment.
Green Goat
Green Goat - 29 dager siden
So clearly the only option is to just.... Leave. That's what they said they would do, that's what the people asked for
Peter Fehringer
Peter Fehringer - 29 dager siden
nearly two years later, as true as it canbe
Vet Doc
Vet Doc - 29 dager siden
Hope Germany make this Step asap
⚔⚔⚔DE-XIT ⚔⚔⚔
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
@Vet Doc Why should I fight for my property when they haven't invaded it?
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
@Vet Doc I'm not a coward, a coward is someone who runs away from issues, these people didn't ask to go to europe, they were forced to, but if you really want them gone, then go ahead and solve the socio-political issues of their country.
Vet Doc
Vet Doc - 22 dager siden
@Luca Bralia take a Gun and fight back! Its your House, your Land, ypir Property. FIGHT AND DONT BE A COVARD !
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
Vet Doc people are people, if someone makes your house explode where do you go? 99% of them are not terrorists, they are just people trying to survive, stop being islamophobic and racist. I'm Christian, but I do not condone any kind of racism towards other religions
Frank TheTank
Frank TheTank - 26 dager siden
@Vet Doc Germany took 800000 refugees in the crisis of 2016 from Syria. It's 4 years now. No terrorist attack from them anywhere. Yes, there are people who are a problem obviously, because of lack of education and because some people are simply criminals. That's it. You may mit like their religion, ok. I've no sympathy for the Islam either, but that doesn't change, that they're people, who were in need and still can't go back without being harmed. The Immigrants of other countries have to go. It takes a little bit longer, than I would prefer, but the justice system doesn't works that fast. Where do you want to send people without passports? You have to find out, where they've come from. To keep them in prison costs a lot more than let them walking around, if they're peaceful btw.
Simon_k - 29 dager siden
1. Leaving the E.U. means we can have ponds in fields and hedgerows. That may seem completely batty, but preventing flooding in areas like the Somerset Levels will save millions.
2. French lorry drivers will blockade the French ports to stop us importing food and other goods. Really? How long have we been E.U. members? How often have French lorry drivers blockaded the ports anyway?
3. The French catch fish in U.K. waters that do not sell in the U.K. as do the U.K fishermen, who sell their catches on the continent. The French fishermen say they will not allow these fish to be sold by UK boats post BREXIT. Do they also speak for the people who want to eat? I wonder.
GreyWolfClimber - 26 dager siden
I think you actually believe all that batshit.
Barack Americ
Barack Americ - 29 dager siden
Hello. I st'p'lt'p'n the secret...
Tore Nyland
Tore Nyland - Måned siden
we will see what happens never :p
DaveDangerous74 - Måned siden
The UK has had no problem coming to trade agreements with 58 countries in the past year.
It's only the EU that is impossible to deal with.
Frank TheTank
Frank TheTank - 26 dager siden
The UK has just prolonged the trade agreements the EU has with these countries. With some minor changes in favour of these countries although.
DaveDangerous74 - 29 dager siden
@Lars V The European Union is the new Soviet union.
Lars V
Lars V - 29 dager siden
Old rivalries that's all it is. UK doesn't want Germany or France to have any more influence on EU decision making than them, and Germany and France don't like the idea of having to give UK equal share in EU decision making as they have.
Homer Slated
Homer Slated - Måned siden
So basically, the UK wants the British Empire back: all take and no give.
Julinks - Måned siden
It's so funny seeing Britons complain about he EU being "undemocratic". Just look at the way your MPs are elected and how your laws are made. You literally have a monarch who (legally) STILL has the power to veto any law if she so pleases. Get out of here with your bs.
And of course there is a lot of room for improvement within the institutions of the EU, but none of them are even half as bad as that weird patchwork of monarchy and democracy in Britain.
Gonza Mateo
Gonza Mateo - Måned siden
noone force the UK to have relations with europe. they can make a wall and talk and be heard only by themselvs. like now. ignorant country
tamarin - Måned siden
I need an expert here in the comment section on why eu wants immigrants/ refugees from africa and arab countries
Luca Bralia
Luca Bralia - 22 dager siden
The things is that in countries like Italy, were I'm from, we would be happy (most of us) to take in refugees, but we can't alone, we feel like other EU members are just ignoring the situation, leaving us to deal with it, we obviously can't take all of them, we don't have enough infrastructure. Hope this explains.
Frank TheTank
Frank TheTank - 26 dager siden
No European country wants them. But they regularly throw away all their papers before arriving. So it's just giving them food and shelter as promised in the UN charter. The UK has signed that too. The thing is although that the countries in Southern Europe don't want to take the burden alone. If that's the case, they simply let them go where they want to go after registering the arrival. (This is necessary due to EU regulations) After the authorities have found out, where they're from and there's no reason for asylum they're flown back home. Takes around a year of time. Just happened to some guys from Ivory coast, which have played in my football team in the meantime.
Martin NG
Martin NG - Måned siden
It's not like we want everybody to come around. People crossing the mediterranean sea with things i don't even want to call a boat are in desperate need. Helping those out is a human act. What could we do with all the human rights written down in national constitutions and ECHR if we are not bound that every human is granted such rights.
tom march.
tom march. - Måned siden
it's not like they want to, they are : first being human, and have to do something with them when they arrive, and second, some countries in the EU have a negative growth in population which is bad for tax
Alan Robertson
Alan Robertson - Måned siden
So "Secret" was just click bait. Agree go it alone is fine.
Nuckpang - Måned siden
Grey, March 2019: "I guess we'll see what happens soon. Maybe?"
Me, December 2020: "HAHAHAHA!"
sinisterLMN - 17 dager siden
Certain parts of England just want to pretend it’s post WW2 decline never happened and reunite with the US sooo bad it’s sad and desperate really 🤦
Max Sullivan
Max Sullivan - 19 dager siden
This comment didn't age well
Nuno C
Nuno C - 26 dager siden
Aerism - 28 dager siden
This is really going into the history books, as such a huge shame moment for the UK.
Moos - Måned siden
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - Måned siden
That melody in the end reminds me of an animator vs animation episode.
DKLK - Måned siden
I see we have all been gathered here again
G - Måned siden
What a pile of bull.... so you show the diagram, and conveniently skip from Turkey to no deal ignoring the Canada and S Korea deals... biased much?
Martin NG
Martin NG - 25 dager siden
@G well theres no deal yet. Even if there will be a deal, we don't know yet if it's like CETA.
G - 25 dager siden
@Martin NG Really.... you watched the news?
Martin NG
Martin NG - Måned siden
@G Sorry mate but UK wants a unicorn and EU won't deliver. We'll always keep the door open for you guys but under this circumstance there won't be a deal
G - Måned siden
@Martin NG The point was he seemed to suggest that the only agreements possible were where you tied yourself into certain remits of the EU - which neither Canada or Korea did . We will get a better deal without ceding control as the EU want - they only fly in the ointment now is fish so 98% as they said themselves is agreed. So no agreement is possible apart from the 90% that is.
Martin NG
Martin NG - Måned siden
Also CETA does little for the trade in services and in particular almost nothing for the trade in financial services, which is very important for the UK economy.
Ben Loxley
Ben Loxley - Måned siden
This gets funnier the longer it goes on
Chud Chadanstud
Chud Chadanstud - Måned siden
The people voted for no deal. The politians are just playing games. We should have been out 2 years ago. Uncertainty is bad for the economy. No deal is better than uncertainty. The market can adapt to no deal.
burger pommes
burger pommes - Måned siden
@Chud Chadanstud i am looking forward to the no deal The only thing you will have is a crappy deal with Japan and maby India nothing else The British economy will crash and the next London holiday will be cheaper The only problem is that the food will be British
Chud Chadanstud
Chud Chadanstud - Måned siden
@nathan mckenzie That's the point. It we leave the EU, we have our sovereignty and not much has changed economically. Brexit is a vote for the UK to gain it's sovereignty. The right for the British people to decide the future of Britain not Brussels. We the people never voted to join the EU. We wanted to be given what belonged to us. The right to choose. We chose out.
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - Måned siden
@Chud Chadanstud the 50 trade deals you have are just cut and paste from what you already had with the EU.
Chud Chadanstud
Chud Chadanstud - Måned siden
@Martin NG We have trade deals with over 50 non EU countries already, which include Japan, Singapore, Mexico and Taiwan. Our current EU set-up with the US will not change after Brexit. We are in the middle of getting a £100Bn deal with India. We want to work on CANZUK. All is not bleak. Lizz Truss has been working under the radar while EU and Britain are fighting. We have a market. EU is the biggest market but not the only one. Keep your eyes open son. EU is not the world.
Martin NG
Martin NG - Måned siden
Which market lol. If you're not bound to EU regulations UK won't be able to trade with the direct neighbours.
Nick Blake
Nick Blake - Måned siden
Those steps didn't exist before they were made. Just make a new one for the UK.. easy.
burger pommes
burger pommes - Måned siden
Why would they?
Gungle George
Gungle George - Måned siden
How can you base a video on this slide, and fail to explain, or even mention, the Canada Korea option? Uh??!! That’s the deal the UK wants.