The Better Boarding Method Airlines Won't Use

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Adapted from 'Optimal Boarding Method for Airline Passengers':
All boarding methods in full:
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Hatboy - 8 timer siden
how to fix: two lanes of people
Micho _
Micho _ - 14 timer siden
Why did he change the thumbnail?
Novus Imperialis
Novus Imperialis - 21 time siden
whenever ive flown to and from england, the planes ive been on have been the random, in combination with people bording from doors at the front and back
Ieuan Howell
Ieuan Howell - 23 timer siden
British airlines which use the catte method: laughs in efficiency
norfoka - Dag siden
Captain Falcon
Captain Falcon - Dag siden
Southwest has an insane method. You have boarding groups, but no assigned seats. So it works faster at first as people rush to find a seat, but then as seats are filled, people stop in the isle to pick out what remaining seat they want. Or they start asking people if they will move so people can all sit together.
Christian Dyrli
Christian Dyrli - Dag siden
some airlines let passengers board from both the front, and the back, utilizing both doors. at least here in norway. they incentivise passangers who have seats behind the middle of the plane to use the back entrance. surely this combined with these methods must be even faster?
Marcus Sarcia
Marcus Sarcia - Dag siden
Imagine him making a book
Gary Slayton
Gary Slayton - 2 dager siden
you put everybody in one big chair in the center problem solved
The CanadianWalrus
The CanadianWalrus - 2 dager siden
The fastest way is to walk and or swim to your destination that way you dont have to board in the first place
Cubed - 2 dager siden
Why do people want to board first though? I mean I'm fine with sitting in the better seats with better wifi and charging eating food in a less cramped area
Logan Carr
Logan Carr - 2 dager siden
5:35 it’s brings a tear to the eye
OLGMC - 2 dager siden
*Ryanair plane arrives at the gate*
F F - 2 dager siden
jokes on you i know a better one.
Just open the airplane window and get in, easy
Jeff_Engineer - 3 dager siden
Why not ban stowage until all the window seat passengers are into their rows? That seems to be what derails the best boarding schemes. Everybody advance to their row and move into it, letting those behind proceed. Then before the next set, everybody stows at once.
Histricanum Mapper
Histricanum Mapper - 3 dager siden
6:38 the ticket goes from 123 to 3
Just an enderman with internet access
This is probably on my top 3 favorite videos to watch.
FilipZ - 4 dager siden
I'm so mad after watching this and I've never been on an airplane
That One Guy In The Comment Section
there is one (1) slower method of boarding, intentionally have everyone board from the inside seats to the window seats, thus initiating what I like to call the "Seating Shuffle Scuffle" wasting additional time on every seat bar the inside ones, and possibly, if you're feeling particularly malicious, put the ones most likely to stow in the front, it doesnt take any extra time, but still ruins the day of anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in any row other than the first few
Victor Zamanian
Victor Zamanian - 5 dager siden
Don't forget, many of these methods assume the people boarding in the groups are sorted from back to front as well. So not only would you have to adhere to the boarding groups but also sort the queue to the plane, which is never going to happen either.
I think we need a shift in aircraft design. A radical new thinking. Perhaps if all the seats just lowered down onto the ground along with the luggage somehow, and everyone could de-board the plane simultaneously. That would be glorious. Also boarding would be much of the same. You just walk up under the plane, have a seat, and once everyone is boarded you are hoisted up and the plane rolls out (of an indoor hangar preferably because there are obviously flights during the winter and such).
Not saying this is practically a feasible idea, but it's the sort of new ideas that we need to make boarding bearable.
Alex Stauffer
Alex Stauffer - 5 dager siden
Southwest, here in the States, uses random seating (generally resulting in front to back). They don't assign seats, if it's empty it's yours, and boarding groups are a priority of choosing rather than where you can sit.
Syrex Music
Syrex Music - 6 dager siden
What animation software is that?
LShropper - 6 dager siden
I like the idea that the airlines saw this video and were so upset that they had to just quit flying for almost a year.
Dmitriy Nesterov
Dmitriy Nesterov - 6 dager siden
Bravo 🥳☃️
Mr. Nylund
Mr. Nylund - 6 dager siden
BladeLigerV - 7 dager siden
They have the space on commercial air liners! Ass doors to the back and a ramp that extends farther!
Awesome Boy
Awesome Boy - 7 dager siden
why am i watching this????
Yogesh Sh
Yogesh Sh - 8 dager siden
This is the type of questions they ask in interview
The Artist Of War
The Artist Of War - 8 dager siden
"whats the fastest way to enter a plane"
HiTheLegend - 8 dager siden
Who made the music it's insane.
sarah gargani
sarah gargani - 8 dager siden
What I find especially interesting is how close Southwest's boarding method is to Steffen's. Everyone has an assigned specific number, they line up before boarding(which people tend to get in at least the right 5 person range). but one has assigned seats....
which tends to results in aisle and window seats filling up first front to back. so 1. it has the failure of front to back and 2. it doesn't really change seat shuffle cause middle tends to get filled in last and randomness determines if window or aisle is taken first.
so close.
jxq12 - 8 dager siden
These little circles are cousins of the countryball and look like them with the only differences is there skin doesn't show nationality and they have different bodly features
cade spaulding
cade spaulding - 8 dager siden
I think their may be a faster way than the supposed perfect method. would it not be faster to not skip every other row.
Lisa Tapp
Lisa Tapp - 8 dager siden
Quetzal the Gamer
Quetzal the Gamer - 9 dager siden
My thinking here is that this only applies to aircraft that have a single aisle that's only big enough for one person to walk through. If you have a double-wide aisle, the person struggling to put their bag away doesn't hold up everyone else because you can just go around.
ScienceBrick - 9 dager siden
Make a 10 hour version of a parallel boarding
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 9 dager siden
kirboiz - 10 dager siden
whata bout kids that are being cr babys about being seperated for there pernts
Café com spoilers
Café com spoilers - 10 dager siden
You just won a new sub my friend ;)
Adam Haspel
Adam Haspel - 10 dager siden
3:23 um, we in boston use that method (apart from first class)
AgentDark3r - 11 dager siden
CGP Grey: *High fives 2 people*
Also CGP Grey: *Uses Alcohol after High fiving*
Me: *Checks the date it was published*
Also me: CGP Grey predicted the future!
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom - 11 dager siden
The defective america additonally whip because cheque scully paste vice a productive conga. acceptable, victorious quiet
QueijoNoob - 11 dager siden
the easiet method is to just to remove the seats now you wont have to organize
Lizzy M
Lizzy M - 11 dager siden
Make people step out of the aisle before they put their bags up. It's perfectly possible if aisle seats board last (they got the aisle seat; they can suffer a little).
White Darkne22
White Darkne22 - 11 dager siden
Window middle isle +back to front, side by side, so people fill the plane then all at once they all do one side, easy
Mohamad Alrashed
Mohamad Alrashed - 12 dager siden
2:02 CGP knew it
Vidhey Oza
Vidhey Oza - 12 dager siden
I just boarded an airplane and realised, if the flight is taking off at a designated time I can just wait for almost everyone to board and then board it. Barring immigration and baggage delays it's actually the most no-hassle experience I can have.
Ian Pey
Ian Pey - 12 dager siden
United Airlines: *use punch and drag method*
Hand Meover
Hand Meover - 13 dager siden
It's amazing how fast you can deplane if you're in the 42nd row and ALL the isles are cLeaReD!
Bailey Townsend
Bailey Townsend - 13 dager siden
When I flew it was front to back
mkara RBLX
mkara RBLX - 15 dager siden
1:00 Cool
Eldritch Lemon
Eldritch Lemon - 15 dager siden
What is the slowest method specifically be entering the plane front to back middle Center window
Pip - 15 dager siden
changed thumbnail I see
DonziGT230 - 15 dager siden
Southwest uses a semi-random boarding method and it seems to work well.
Dracomet - 15 dager siden
Mythbusters done it. Random is best.
Дмитрий Викторович
How about using multiple entries?
Jessica Xu
Jessica Xu - 16 dager siden
Most planes I've been on have been random...
James Powell
James Powell - 16 dager siden
My father was a pilot for 31 years and he told me the primary reason they don’t load back to front is because the planes are (by design) tail heavy and loading from the rear would almost certain cause the plane to tip up off its front landing gear. Bare minimum damage the rear tires which absorb the entirety of the primary landing impact.
Carla Houston
Carla Houston - 16 dager siden
The material closet previously watch because soy fortuitously heat mid a silent cancer. abandoned, cooing tornado
Xadecimal - 17 dager siden
I think I lost 5 years watching this video
MilkCreamCheese Cheese
MilkCreamCheese Cheese - 18 dager siden
HMS Dauntless
HMS Dauntless - 18 dager siden
Communism be like
UMSLdragon - 18 dager siden
I have just come up with a method! try to visualize my werdz! It's the "staggered row fill."
To visualize, number the rows from front to back. Let's just make it 16 rows of 6 seats; 3 left and 3 right with the aisle down the middle. Basically the same layout as in the video @3:52.
Fill one row at a time starting at the back - row 16. Then send in row 10, then 4, 15, 9, 3, 14, 8, 2, 13, etc. in that pattern until everyone is aboard. Reason being, when one person is putting their luggage away in row 16, the other 5 people are waiting taking up approx 5 rows of seats that can't be accessed. So send in the next potentially unblocked row, row 10, for people to settle in. Then those 5 waiting block another 5 rows so send in row 4. Make sense?
But the most efficient method will the one that monkeys follow the instructions for. Therefore there is no efficient method lol. Just less worse methods.
mis 6309
mis 6309 - 18 dager siden
That sanitizer joke didn’t age well
Maximilian Rhinestone
Maximilian Rhinestone - 18 dager siden
what if you take advantage of both front and back doors?
people of the front door reach the middle seats up until
the front and people from the back door reach
middle seats upo until the back of the plane?
Kate Gacha life and more
Kate Gacha life and more - 18 dager siden
my airline doesnt have assigned seats
sc - 18 dager siden
I've private jet 😀
Griffin Peddle
Griffin Peddle - 19 dager siden
ayy i saw that casey neistat in the first class room
Otter Banana
Otter Banana - 20 dager siden
At 5:18 why dose grey hate smells
esqimo - 20 dager siden
solution: no one can have bags.
Lucia Mihai
Lucia Mihai - 20 dager siden
They could make some flights have the normal boarding methods and some that have the MUUUUCH better boarding methods, getting rid of 1st class and making the tickets more expensive they would actually make more money. 2 sections: normal boarding, fast boarding.
Vince Cyrus
Vince Cyrus - 20 dager siden
The last 27 secs could not have better captured the gauge-my-eyes-out-with-a-baseball-bat pain and agony experienced by everybody who flies regularly. 😄
Merry - 20 dager siden
Last method still doesnt work with families of 4, with 3 children
Walter GC
Walter GC - 20 dager siden
Organizers after seeing the steffen perfect: Oh me vengo.
Segen - 20 dager siden
The main problem here seem to be the carry on bags. If no bags are allowed people will just take their seat immediately. Also, hitting people with sticks and telling them to shut the f up and move faster would help. You claimed that people are not cattle... yeah right.
Richard Manns
Richard Manns - 21 dag siden
Use the door at the back. I've never seen boarding groups. Sounds like a serious problem if it's more profitable to waste time than fly more flights.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk - 21 dag siden
Why does search show this vid as 9:37 long but when u click it shows 8:32 long
Rishabh Dubey
Rishabh Dubey - 21 dag siden
For the Stefan Perfect to work, people have to first get queued in that order. So you don't wait while boarding, but spend time outside the plane arranging people into that perfect back to front, alternating row, alternating sides, window to aisle order.
As you mentioned, the human inability to follow instructions is breathtaking. People just either won't understand the arrangement and a lot of time would be wasted in getting them in the order.
The other best method that takes into account families and friends wanting to stick together is cool but it also has a a kind of complex (relatively simpler than Stefan Perfect) and people would still stall. Especially in a country like India where people just not following instructions,cut lines and making a mess in an attempt to board first as if the flight will just take off after they board leaving everyone behind.
We can however, do the pandemic thing and paint seat numbers in circles on the floor at the gates in the perfect order so people just find theirs and stand on it when forming a queue.
PikaDamos - 21 dag siden
You did this demonstration on a 3x3 layout. Now imagine the complexity and even slower times on a 3x5x3 layout.
Conrad Watson
Conrad Watson - 21 dag siden
He is slowly turning into Dr.Seuss
Oikawa Toruu
Oikawa Toruu - 21 dag siden
In the countries in Europe I’ve travelled to via plane (plus the UK itself) they just get everyone in a line, no order.
spongebob Squarepant
spongebob Squarepant - 21 dag siden
6:31 no russian
δlieř - 22 dager siden
Advent Of Code sent me here
Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris - 22 dager siden
I’m quite sure that in Australia we use random
Bruh How
Bruh How - 22 dager siden
Just... Get a large carry on bag (like a pull string bag) that's what I use and that typically works, and I too fly a lot
Lyall Peder
Lyall Peder - 23 dager siden
Am I the only one that purposely waits until almost everyone is on then I board?
Evagel - 23 dager siden
This is the ONLY channel that I will allow to clickbait me.
TheGoldMushroom - 23 dager siden
The fastest way to de-plane is to crash the plane. Then everyone gets out all at once.
Zac21 - 23 dager siden
2:02 he puts on hand sanitiser
Kallie S
Kallie S - 23 dager siden
Or just design planes where first class is in the back and general seating is in the front, that way nobody has to look at each other on the way to their seat. Then utilize a front and back entrances to the plane
Megan - 23 dager siden
But,,,, I've only ever been on flights where you can board randomly?? I've flown dozens of times with a few different airlines and whoever arrives first at the gate, boards first (aside from priority boarders, they board first, but also randomly as they don't get better seats than everyone else)
Starbird14 - 24 dager siden
It took a pandemic to use one of the better ways in this video.
Haberno - 24 dager siden
this is cnsidering that everyone bring s bag with them 0-0
Ryan Smith
Ryan Smith - 25 dager siden
I think the offboarding works pretty well. Am I wrong? People spend a stupid amount of time standing with their head cocked to the side cause they don't actually fit underneath the air conditioning vent, but other than people being stupid at their own cost I didn't think we were inefficient at unloading. Can you elaborate?
gh0stykins - 25 dager siden
it really is too bad the majority of people are too stupid or stubborn or both to make Steffen Perfect work
Brian Davis
Brian Davis - 25 dager siden
I have just been re-watching CGP Grey videos until the Q&A comes out
Stone Faced
Stone Faced - 25 dager siden
Our dreams: Money, popularity, super powers
This guys dreams: Perfect flight boarding
Ian G
Ian G - 26 dager siden
Don’t worry. With Covid, no more lines!
Jake Sales
Jake Sales - 26 dager siden
Or be like Australians and have the front half enter the front of the plane and the back half enter the rear of the plan. 🤷‍♂️
RANDOMATIONAL - 26 dager siden
| 😀 |
| ||| |
\ | /
| | |
/ \
| |
| |