SURPRISE VLOG: 72 Hours in Las Vegas

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A surprise Grey Vlog appears! A very quick trip to Las Vegas.
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David Rees
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Burnt Grass
Burnt Grass - 14 timer siden
Bruh why he keep flexing his apply watch?
Sam Studios
Sam Studios - 4 dager siden
Qantas has actually been testing something similar for possible long haul flights from JFK to Sydney. Instead of keeping the plane on the time zone of where it departed from, it is on the time zone of it’s destination.
Scott Tennett
Scott Tennett - 7 dager siden
well well well how the turn tables
Ender Wiggins
Ender Wiggins - 10 dager siden
This is one of my favorite videos on his channel. Something about the plastic beauty of Las Vegas, the cinematography, and the joy Grey experiences getting away with something
George Ferminky
George Ferminky - 15 dager siden
The nonchalant sled lately treat because kilometer excitingly fry opposite a hilarious interviewer. gigantic, lavish flame
Fakename - 17 dager siden
*Is it Paradise tho?*
B dawg
B dawg - 17 dager siden
Outdoor escalators? They got some crazy stuff in Vegas!
Cleo King
Cleo King - 22 dager siden
Me watching post "hexagons are the bestagons" and remembering that thing about honey comb panelling.
Watching the part where the wing gets real flexed and it makes me wonder if that contributed in some way to the hexagon vid.
barryconvexx - Måned siden
Where are you walking around in london in fog at the end? I want to go there tomorrow
Justin Chiang
Justin Chiang - Måned siden
1:50 its normal
Rahel CYUqixa'e
Rahel CYUqixa'e - Måned siden
U yo
Patrik Wihlke
Patrik Wihlke - Måned siden
15:09 Just going home to the Grey Estates... We all know is car is in the cave below.
Spookly Boi
Spookly Boi - Måned siden
"This isn't going to be a cinematic vlog."
*So that was a lie*
Ben Miller
Ben Miller - Måned siden
That plane is a Boeing 787, which has wings that bend like crazy
Farhana Gjfvj
Farhana Gjfvj - Måned siden
I believe you mean 72 hours in paradise
PlanetEarthexe - Måned siden
The wing was fine cause hexagons are the bestagons
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros - 2 måneder siden
Grey, WTF? Need I remind you that in "Hexagons are the Bestagons!" you explained how the honeycomb build of a plane's wing allowed it to flex. ;D
Andrew Bowman
Andrew Bowman - 2 måneder siden
4:14 the way you drew the time is wrong because it’s switches from am to pm and 12 not 1 and I can’t stop looking at that in consistency, unscibrscribed
Lee Bagley
Lee Bagley - 2 måneder siden
14:04 oh its the place from the “ Your Theme” video
Weston Harris
Weston Harris - 2 måneder siden
The big green plane thing is a burn plane for firefighting training. It’s basically a mock plane that works like a burn tower, they can just set up smoke and fire and train with it
絮子Naomi - 2 måneder siden
Honestly this is one of my favourite vlog that I have ever seen, idk why, maybe it’s the calm voice, maybe it’s not too much extra editing (like the typical “a day in my life” type) or maybe it’s because it’s a interesting experiment, I really like all your videos but your vlog really just hits different, I like the way that a lot of things are done, I really appreciate this video Grey!
OwO - 2 måneder siden
Hold up you stayed at planet Hollywood?
KingLimaBean - 2 måneder siden
1:28 Hexagons are the Bestagons
Jemand - 2 måneder siden
My approach to jet lag:
all my watches set automatically to the local time and I just forget about time zones and sleep whenever I want to. Done.
(only works if your sleeping schedule is basically fucked up anyway.
Jemand - 2 måneder siden
he should've gotton red pills.
No Names
No Names - 2 måneder siden
yes grey, that wing flex is normal, there's this really cool video on youtube about how hexagons are the best... uhhhh.... polygons, and hows theyre used in plane wings
Hunter Courtney
Hunter Courtney - 2 måneder siden
i thought he was there in october 1
suup - 2 måneder siden
Taxiway is how the plane gets to the Runway.
they are not the same
hublanderuk - 2 måneder siden
Well what I can say is F1 teams do the same when doing the Singapore Grand Prix so they get up at 1pm local time for Breakfast and stick to GMT/Europe time when there for the night race
Alan Castaneda
Alan Castaneda - 2 måneder siden
Can someone explain the reason he was in Las Vegas?
Jack Of Hearts
Jack Of Hearts - 2 måneder siden
3:01 whole amount of toothpaste
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith - 2 måneder siden
Las Vegas speed run any%
DMAN’S VIDS - 2 måneder siden
Wing flex is totally normal
Lord. Mainwaring
Lord. Mainwaring - 2 måneder siden
I’ve noticed how on a lot of maps the Sahrarwi Arab Democratic Republic are drawn on with the Borders, but it isn’t internationally recognised.
Superkingoftacos - 2 måneder siden
Way too much toothpaste. Huge waste. Tsk tsk tsk.
Nat Nat
Nat Nat - 3 måneder siden
This is a friggin marvelous waste of time this ye big weapon.
Markey Kortas
Markey Kortas - 3 måneder siden
The plane wing is designed to bend like that, if it didn’t bend it would snap right off.
Devesh Verma
Devesh Verma - 3 måneder siden
Chopin nocturne 9 at 2:35
Toothbrush - 3 måneder siden
another fantastic video :) im just going through the Grey Goes Outside backlog, cant tell you how thankful i am for finding these right now
Michael Benedict
Michael Benedict - 3 måneder siden
Aerospace Engineer here; a little more bend than usual but all wings bend pretty close to that much. Dont worry
theonlycakeman - 3 måneder siden
Remember when hello internet existed...
Mr. Catfish
Mr. Catfish - 3 måneder siden
The park at the end looks exactly like the park in the “Themes” video
Ben Schoenbrun
Ben Schoenbrun - 3 måneder siden
Been a fan of your channel for about 3 years now and just saw this video. It really helped me remember the magic and the madness of travel and I really needed that right now.
NCDC. EXE - 3 måneder siden
You made Vegas look a lot more pretty than it feels to live here
Leo Vidal
Leo Vidal - 3 måneder siden
Does he live in the mansion shown at the end? O_O
ScourgeOfGodUK - Måned siden
Since that's Kensington Palace, I'm going to go with.... no.
Just Neo
Just Neo - 3 måneder siden
imagine if he just uploaded the raw 72 hr long footage that included everything and subtitles
ZinZam - 3 måneder siden
what is the music at 7:31
Harsh Joshi
Harsh Joshi - 3 måneder siden
What's the music around 6:40?
The Fancy Ghost
The Fancy Ghost - 3 måneder siden
/ \
push x2
Retro_Gradez - 3 måneder siden
The fact that I now walk on the same pavement cgp gray has walked on amazes me

pinetreesquad - 3 måneder siden
Wings are supposed to bend
Anna N
Anna N - 3 måneder siden
THAT, is way too much toothpaste! ( 3:04 )
Sterlingbird Niner
Sterlingbird Niner - 3 måneder siden
1:10 that, sir, is a 747 trijet, a failed attempt for efficiency
literally search 747 trijet
Hong Seng
Hong Seng - 3 måneder siden
1:09 Here you can see the ZOMG being developed in 2011
Verbosemink - 3 måneder siden
Random opinion: microwaves should have a volume button
danny white
danny white - 2 måneder siden
my microwave has a mute button which is always on
luka :D
luka :D - 3 måneder siden
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey - 4 måneder siden
72 hours in Paradise!
Hoosier Gaming
Hoosier Gaming - 4 måneder siden
Does grey complaining about the wing for 2 minutes really annoy any other av geeks?
MusTheBunneh - 4 måneder siden
I have never seen a civilian aeroplane with wings that *don't* wobble.
CADEN CHRISTIANSEN - 4 måneder siden
The wing is meant to flex like that
yes - 4 måneder siden
This vlog is so satisfying, it's like seeing your professor in public lol idk, it felt good
Anupam Peter
Anupam Peter - 4 måneder siden
Wait, He's British!!?!!
Anupam Peter
Anupam Peter - 4 måneder siden
@luka :D Yeah, I was like how's his accent so states
luka :D
luka :D - 4 måneder siden
No, he grew up in new York but moved to London a bit more than a decade ago
Caroline Vs
Caroline Vs - 4 måneder siden
David Konevky
David Konevky - 4 måneder siden
I also remember being very surprised/amused by the bending airplane wings, but then I realized it's actually pretty normal. It's so weird how many flights I took where I didn't even realize that the wings were like that
Saber Cat
Saber Cat - 4 måneder siden
mac bad apple bad grey bad
chris mosley
chris mosley - 4 måneder siden
Nobody’s gonna be around in Las Vegas um buddy it’s the city that never sleeps all the tourist gambling addicts are gonna be up
chris mosley
chris mosley - 4 måneder siden
Also am I the only one who is sad grey doesn’t do some edgy shit sometimes like the weed video and this one I kind of wanted to see this smart boi become a king of the night hitting the poker tables?
Carl Soll
Carl Soll - 4 måneder siden
1:25 You should see commercial aircraft companies overextend their wings on purpose to measure its strength. It’s similar to how you go beyond safety standards to know how your plan will hold up against normal safety conditions.
Carl Soll
Carl Soll - 4 måneder siden
to know how your plane*
shrimp19921 - 4 måneder siden
“Traveling to the US sucks” perpetuating nonsense stereotypes
bAbY iM nOt evEn hEre, iM a hAllucinATion
yEs finally someone that cannot sleep later than 12
Bo Cimino
Bo Cimino - 4 måneder siden
@1:10 WTF is that???
Natheniel Becken
Natheniel Becken - 5 måneder siden
0:17 not my drone footage but i did think about buying one but i realisezed for this short trip getting a drone and learning how to fly it and getting licensed from the faa was probably overkill and this is the whole reason stock footage exists so that is what you are watching now
Bob the Blob Development channel
was it las vegas or paradise
Bob the Blob Development channel
The wing flex was from a high pressure area
Matthew Thow
Matthew Thow - 5 måneder siden
I also stayed at the encore
Golpallot - 5 måneder siden
"I always try to appreciate a good fog when it comes in" must be the most british thing i ever heard anyone say.
William Plays0402
William Plays0402 - 5 måneder siden
The wings are made to bend quite well (so that it does not *snap*), so it is normal!
KudosK - 5 måneder siden
Not gonna lie. Your time management is really cool.
TheWalz15 - 5 måneder siden
The wing bend is normal, in fact, it helps keep to plan more stable by making the wing more dihedral. See Real Engineering's video on dihedral wings.
Mark Susskind
Mark Susskind - 5 måneder siden
Awesomely disciplined CGP
Daniel - 5 måneder siden
I am 35 and never get Jet LAg
Wesley Chan
Wesley Chan - 5 måneder siden
What is the music at 3:02
RandoTingsRepated - 5 måneder siden
Really liked this
Skull Bones
Skull Bones - 5 måneder siden
You mean Paradise...
Bot.o - 5 måneder siden
3:02 Grey, that's *way* too much paste man
Alexandre Regradees
Alexandre Regradees - 5 måneder siden
First class flight
FANTAVISION - 5 måneder siden
From Sin City back to Silent Hill
TOM - 5 måneder siden
which app to track airplanes ??
Omar Jawhary
Omar Jawhary - 5 måneder siden
So the trip I took across half the world to go to Las Vegas wasn't in Las Vegas I am confused so did I went to Las Vegas or not
Peter Williams
Peter Williams - 5 måneder siden
Which airline did you fly with? That doesn't look like an economy or even premium economy seat :-D !!
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
After listening to the podcast I get it
Al Alo
Al Alo - 5 måneder siden
It was chilling seeing the slot machines empty with the neon signs flashing... I don't know.
Random internet Person
Random internet Person - 6 måneder siden
Grey, as awn aviation nerd, i must assure you, it is normal.
Kelvin Gao
Kelvin Gao - 6 måneder siden
Makes me wonder how many surprise vlogs didn't make it to the channel
Kacey Green
Kacey Green - 6 måneder siden
Grey is reallly good at finding Teslas to ride in
jonny s
jonny s - 6 måneder siden
the music makes this video depressing and a bit boring... nice footage though!
Hi - 6 måneder siden
i went there 2 times aka NOT EVEN LAS VAGES BUT IN THE VALLY
Chase Collins
Chase Collins - 6 måneder siden
If the wings don’t wobble the break. What you should be scared of is a plane without wobble wings
Comic Sans
Comic Sans - 6 måneder siden
When you realise that he's actually in Paradise and not Las Vegas
Lord. Mainwaring
Lord. Mainwaring - 7 måneder siden
In my opinion the road trip was better, but this is still incredible.
Pyro Doc
Pyro Doc - 7 måneder siden
That is a fire training simulator