Supreme Court Shenanigans!

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 3 måneder siden
Director's Commentary:
Stuart Johnson
Stuart Johnson - Måned siden
Short answer and easiest peace: keep it at 9
gab ehcuod
gab ehcuod - 2 måneder siden
vid for election shenanigans when?!?!?
Stevie Lantalia Metke
Stevie Lantalia Metke - 2 måneder siden
Stupid question, has the pro-forma session ever been sabotaged by a member of the other party showing up to call roll, or the single senator actually doing something meaningful instead of just doing the minimal?
Aditya Mulay
Aditya Mulay - 2 måneder siden
hey grey, But a senator of a minority party asks for a roll call then. so that a president appoint a justice to the supreme court
HoboKa 305
HoboKa 305 - 3 måneder siden
Grand Jury: am I a joke to you?
Jonathan Jeffrey
Jonathan Jeffrey - 6 timer siden
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Duophile - 6 timer siden
1:00 Irreversible, not irreversable.
RogueSpecter - 10 timer siden
manu yuu
manu yuu - 11 timer siden
We need a new supreme court. Regardless of Trump's loosing, the courts inability to look at fraud evidence which they knew would disrupt over a 100 million people's confidence in their election system should alone be the reason these people should never be allowed to represent the American people.
Dave 365
Dave 365 - 14 timer siden
I would love it if the working public treated these a:holes in the government the way they treat America.
"Your toilet is leaking Mr. Senator? Well all my employees are on recess for three months, try calling back then."
XoferWalken - 14 timer siden
Wait with the pro forma session, couldn't the VP just go in and ask for a roll call and end the shenanigans?
Andy Jame
Andy Jame - 15 timer siden
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Fefnir Eindraer
Fefnir Eindraer - 17 timer siden
And they failed us in 2020.
Asdrubal Arraes
Asdrubal Arraes - 17 timer siden
Supremely Useless...
Darth ball
Darth ball - Dag siden
Strangely Ukrainian
Strangely Ukrainian - Dag siden
I more or less used the facts from this video to craft a perfect argument against tampering with the Supreme Court for political gain for my English essay. Thanks Grey!
1:58 now texas can secede by undergoing mitosis with this, ALl they need to do is get a texan elected president and then assasinate the supreme court, THen make texas the us.
9:44 ok so shile shenigans are happening just send some kamikaze people to kill the peoplet rying to impeach
3:48 so texas would have to make a highly contagious non lethal virus for pandemic season if the rest of the plan doesnt work
Sontar - Dag siden
Pity that isn't how it works nowadays. The Senate seems to pick and choose, not even bothering to look at Democratic judges at all.
joshkscs - Dag siden
I think we need to simplified the government 🤔
Tanishq Tak
Tanishq Tak - Dag siden
Who is here in 2021
Emma Wiseman
Emma Wiseman - Dag siden
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AUSTIN SCOTT - 2 dager siden
0:53 I like how the puppet replaces a judge, instead of being a 10th judge.
Gaming Moth
Gaming Moth - 2 dager siden
Just looked over that “Senate Shenanigans”. Yeah... These people make LOTS of money off the back of Taxpayers all while working in a city that closely resembles the Palace of Versailles, then they basically give themselves vacations. If ya ever wonder why people should hate politicians, this is why.
Vipere - 2 dager siden
The Senate does WHAT
Agnes Hunter
Agnes Hunter - 2 dager siden
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Kyle - 2 dager siden
Why doesn't a Senator from the opposing party call for a roll call?
Thomas Vlaskamp III
Thomas Vlaskamp III - 2 dager siden
You said that the VP would obviously side with the P. This isn't always true.
If, in a 1 in 1,000,000,000,000 shot, there were a tie in the electoral college, the tiebreaker is congress.
The president is chosen by the House.
The VP is chosen by the Senate.
Both get 1 vote per seat.
In the event of a tie within congress, they keep voting until the tie is resolved. No matter what.
If the tie is still unresolved at inauguration day, the newly elected VP becomes acting president.
uros - 2 dager siden
I love how 3:16 justice gets yeeted.
Christian Faux
Christian Faux - 2 dager siden
So in a pro forma session whats preventing a senator from the minority party from being in that session and demanding a roll call, thus requiring them to acknowledge a lack of quorum and invalidating the session as legitimate?
Glorious Zorn
Glorious Zorn - 3 dager siden
Can't the vice president step in and overrule the President pro tempore when congress does this? Or does the President pro tempore have more power than the actual president of the senate?
simunator - 3 dager siden
are scammers and leeches
Felix Productions
Felix Productions - 3 dager siden
"the vice president will always side with the president" - sweet, simple grey
Steve White
Steve White - 3 dager siden
I could watch cartoons all days with these stick figures
Kristóf Eðvárðsson
Kristóf Eðvárðsson - 3 dager siden
The Senate *shall* confirm Presidential appointees to the Supreme Court, not *may* confirm. It's just the same as various *shall arrest* Sheriffs clauses scattered throughout county laws. To hinder the appointment process is to violate both your oath to the Constitution, and the Constitution itself.
Joanne McClurkin
Joanne McClurkin - 3 dager siden
We need to get rid of the Supreme Court What a farce
Robert Livingston
Robert Livingston - 3 dager siden
3 separate but coequal branches of government and if you think about it the supreme Court works the least of all
Nomen Nescio
Nomen Nescio - 4 dager siden
Hey great vid. You misspelled "irreversible" at 01:00. Cheers.
Dankest Eevee
Dankest Eevee - 4 dager siden
*confused Canadian screaming*
Catherine Wilson
Catherine Wilson - 4 dager siden
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Roy DaDanceGod
Roy DaDanceGod - 4 dager siden
Asterisks and shenanigans, xDDDDD
NAME NAME NAME - 4 dager siden
I've just thought of this scenario: The president is color A, senate is majority color B. A senator who strongly sides with the president wants to give him more power, so when the pro forma session is being fulfilled, he walks in and asks for a roll call. Since there are only two senators there, the other one can't call for a 3 day break, so Congress must meet again the next day.
Supermagnificence - 4 dager siden
I'm not even American and all this pisses me off so much.
Kung Fu Chimp
Kung Fu Chimp - 4 dager siden
Wow! Stumbled across this channel...and LOOOVE IT!
Oliver Queen
Oliver Queen - 4 dager siden
1:00 nice spelling there champ
KNY //
KNY // - 4 dager siden
What means Shenanigan?
Stroopwafel Falafel
Stroopwafel Falafel - 4 dager siden
it means doing sneaky things that you are not supposed to do
Elias Panayi
Elias Panayi - 4 dager siden
TLDR; The government has to fight itself to get stuff done
saintsinningsword - 4 dager siden
One of the reasons why I'm not a fan of 2/3 branches of the government.
Brock Tureski
Brock Tureski - 4 dager siden
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Micro Waved Rice Cake
Micro Waved Rice Cake - 4 dager siden
I love the *mhm*
Darth Jar Jar Binks The real Sith lord
But shenanigans beget shenanigans.
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde - 5 dager siden
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cro4591 - 5 dager siden
After four years of the Orange Turd packing the courts, the last bastion of the people's defense against the Fascist system has been payed off.
Elowin - 5 dager siden
Hol up
If only the President can nominate someone to the Supreme Court, and a temporary Recess Appointment lasts the duration of the recess PLUS the entire senate period until the NEXT recess, wouldn't that mean that if a recess somehow did get called (such as via the forced recess trick) then the president could keep that temporary appointment on indefinitely (until their term is over, anyway)?
The only way to end the recess appointment is by calling a recess, but if there's no replacement voted in yet that just leaves the seat open during a recess again, and only the president can nominate someone to even be voted on in the first place.
Rickinsf - 5 dager siden
I see what you did there (3:13).
Andrei Muresan
Andrei Muresan - 5 dager siden
One question relates to the 3 day break shenanigan: if a member of the minority is informed of the scheme, couldn't he just be present during the session and ask for a call roll?
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants
Chihuahua Ate Your Pants - 5 dager siden
January 19, The day of Shenanigan of the House and the Supreme Court.
Isaac Karjala
Isaac Karjala - 6 dager siden
so if a second senator showed up and demanded a roll call, they could force the senate to the floor?
Alex Jones 2
Alex Jones 2 - 6 dager siden
Supreme courts aren’t supposed to determine what laws mean, but determine if they are constitutional
MuffinsAPlenty - 4 dager siden
This is historically inaccurate. Courts interpret the law and decide cases under the law. That's their purpose. The concept of judicial review (determining whether a law is constitutional or unconstitutional) actually isn't explicitly stated in the Constitution. Rather, it was established in the Supreme Court case _Marbury v Madison,_ where the Supreme Court interpreted the Articles III and VI of the Constitution as saying that any laws made which were in conflict with the Constitution were superseded by the Constitution. Essentially, the power of the courts to strike down laws as unconstitutional was a power that the Supreme Court ruled that federal courts have. The Supreme Court definitely hears cases that don't relate to constitutionality. Also, federal courts which aren't the Supreme Court also have the power to rule that laws are unconstitutional; however, the Supreme Court gets the final say, and usually only exercises its right to have the final say when they believe that a lower court got it wrong or when there are conflicting opinions in lower courts.
aditi mishra
aditi mishra - 6 dager siden
what an amazing video!
Shirtless - 7 dager siden
You get a grade of F. Two thirds vote not required. Majority is sufficient.
MuffinsAPlenty - 4 dager siden
He's simplifying things by talking about practice, rather than technical requirements. Yes, a majority vote is needed to confirm a judge. However, if even one Senator was willing to filibuster the confirmation, they could prevent a confirmation that way. The 2/3-vote was required to end a filibuster. So even though confirmation technically happens with a simple majority, in practice, it required a 2/3 majority. Just like how recess appointments technically can happen, but cannot actually happen in practice since the Senate takes recess in practice without technically taking recess.
Gay Panda
Gay Panda - 7 dager siden
I've just started the video and immediately it has more accurate information than I hear from a lot of people. People tend to forget about Marbury v. Madison.
Its-_-Fox Grrr
Its-_-Fox Grrr - 7 dager siden
Could you imagine if Congress wasn't a joke? No.
Jayson Burke
Jayson Burke - 7 dager siden
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Ave Anderson
Ave Anderson - 8 dager siden
Wow, the democratic system of the "most" democratic country in the world is so... childish.
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle - 6 dager siden
Governments in general are childish. Reread any international disagreement as some toddlers on a playground, and it makes more sense.
Ludan Ahmed
Ludan Ahmed - 8 dager siden
Guadalupe Ramirez
Guadalupe Ramirez - 8 dager siden
"highest court of the land" _can take indefinite "recess"_
A Box of Tomatoes
A Box of Tomatoes - 9 dager siden
3:14 Oh for god's sake.
Jonathan Svensson
Jonathan Svensson - 9 dager siden
Ahh yes, the vice president obviously sides with the president at all times....
Finite Source
Finite Source - 3 dager siden
Andrew Mannson
Andrew Mannson - 9 dager siden
Wednesday: *Capitol Building Shenanigans*
New American Fishkeeper
@ben ivinson Except... Those didn't exist?
ben ivinson
ben ivinson - Dag siden
yeah very much but chaz/chop is just really funny with the "black people only" areas. don't you just love segregation?!
DylanSharkVenom - Dag siden
@ben ivinson I mean, the people who stormed the Capitol were definitely the snowflakiest of snowflakes
ben ivinson
ben ivinson - 4 dager siden
Very much feels like CHAZ/CHOP without daddy’s special little snowflakes
Stubbly Cuber
Stubbly Cuber - 4 dager siden
I agree
Dr hydration
Dr hydration - 9 dager siden
I hate feminists
Finite Source
Finite Source - 3 dager siden
I mean at least he's telling the truth
Jam Jon
Jam Jon - 6 dager siden
Local man is angry at voice in his head
Pleb Plays
Pleb Plays - 10 dager siden
Is dc part or observer in the senate
tom march.
tom march. - 9 dager siden
vice president is the 101th
Ninjakiller7369 - 10 dager siden
I ate tomato soup while I watched this once and now every time I see this I this of tomato soup
Sean Mosca
Sean Mosca - 10 dager siden
DavidH0777 - 10 dager siden
ScienceBrick - 10 dager siden
The first Supreme Court judge: grey with coffee
The other Supreme Court judges: grey without coffee
Toad Boy
Toad Boy - 10 dager siden
Can we just destroy our government yet and make a new one that isn't 100% trash?
KSK Fan - 11 dager siden
US Supreme Court is just the Constitional Legislative Court in Turkey but from America.
scp-173 - 11 dager siden
so adolf hitler could be in the supreme court?
franky boy
franky boy - 3 dager siden
@Finite Source I'd imagine they would 1st go to jail. Then get impeached.
Finite Source
Finite Source - 3 dager siden
That actually reminds me of a question I have, what happens if a supreme court judge is convicted?
franky boy
franky boy - 7 dager siden
Yeah technically. He did have alot of popularity with judges during his life actually. Got out of alot of court cases by speaking passionatley.
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - 12 dager siden
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Kevin Moynihan
Kevin Moynihan - 12 dager siden
6:48 couldn’t the senator in this circumstance ask for a role call in order to allow the president to make a recess appointment.
Hyo Jin Lee
Hyo Jin Lee - 12 dager siden
Thank you for this video. I learned a lot!
ANonnyMouse - 12 dager siden
You forgot the ploy of quietly assassinating opposing supreme court judges when your favoured party is in power.
Badly Drawn Turtle
Badly Drawn Turtle - 6 dager siden
Ah yes, all of those assassinated justices; it's just coincidence that they live to a ripe old age and are known to be ailing when they die; clearly.
DAud i. c. i.
DAud i. c. i. - 12 dager siden
omg that row of smug senate is amazing
stalin joseph
stalin joseph - 13 dager siden
democracy is so broken a king could do a better job
Alan Fike
Alan Fike - 13 dager siden
The boat hat really makes the shenanigans sing.
magnusm4 - 13 dager siden
Finally I understand the senate!
Niall Kirwan
Niall Kirwan - 14 dager siden
So what your saying is expect Trump's justices to be impeached over hyperpatisan hyper polarized tribal / political warfare at some point in 2021-2022
MuffinsAPlenty - 4 dager siden
Probably not. There has been _some_ talk of impeaching Brett Kavanaugh as there are claims that he perjured himself during his confirmation hearings regarding financial disclosures, etc.; however, I don't expect Congress to actually go through with it. A much more likely option is Congress expanding the court.
Roufate Rénat Mangouchéff
Roufate Rénat Mangouchéff - 15 dager siden
Can’t president just politely ask the president of the senate, who happens to be the vp 3 doors down from the president in the white house and is supposedly aligned with him, to ask for a quorum call on the pro-forma session and bust this all?
ste kra
ste kra - 15 dager siden
shenanigans have bean escalating for 244 years
Felipe M
Felipe M - 15 dager siden
And my mom says I act childish 😑
Felipe M
Felipe M - 15 dager siden
This is really how the adult world works?!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 16 dager siden
I love how in Grey’s videos all of the Supreme Court justices faces never smile 😂
MadAnt - 16 dager siden
Thanks know when I’m President I’m gonna start a nuclear political war
Ben Schmitt
Ben Schmitt - 16 dager siden
a couple questions about this:
- How does the 2/3rds majority become a 3/4ths majority become a 50/50 ?
- If the supreme court pick is on partisan lines, how come a member of the opposing part does not come in during a pro-forma session to ask for a roll call ?
Quantum Proton
Quantum Proton - 6 dager siden
One detailed left out is that you need a certain percentage to ask for a roll call,
Frenchboi - 17 dager siden
Oh boy, american politics are about to get so much worse
TheQWE99 - 17 dager siden
If a rule or law encourages or enforces shenanigans, its a poor rule or law
Elliot Alderson
Elliot Alderson - 18 dager siden
Hi all. Isn’t the Vice President technically the president of the senate? Could he therefore not start a senate recess instead of the president pro tempore?
I’m not from the United States, I’m Dutch, but I’m just interested. Love to learn.
TheAssassin409 - 18 dager siden
6:40 is there not a single non-corrupt politician who would recognize this bullcrap and waste of taxpayer money and demand a role call?
Ender Gamer
Ender Gamer - 15 dager siden
only the person in charge can role call
Kate Gacha life and more
Kate Gacha life and more - 19 dager siden
summary of the video
government shenanigans turn to bigger government shenanigans and so on so forth
Maspion Song
Maspion Song - 19 dager siden
Can we get indonesia subtitle?
Cyo 22
Cyo 22 - 19 dager siden
Meanwhile the average joe is just worried about keeping their wilting constitutional rights, looking at you anti 2a laws/shenanigan's!
The CyberNinja
The CyberNinja - 21 dag siden
I’m surprised the US haven’t been taken over tbh
simunator - 21 dag siden
i love being a DoD employee lol
30 days paid vacation per year
all the federal holidays and 4-day weekends
job security
voodoodummie - 21 dag siden
I have to wonder why the US even holds itself to be democratic, but then I remember many people assure me that they are a republic, not a democracy, thus no democracy is required. A self defeating argument as the "body of people" that rule a undemocratic republic can be anyone.