Summer of Grey: Parts 1 & 3

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Grey goes to WWDC and VidCon and... somewhere else.
Summer of Grey Part 2:
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Rouge Myst
Rouge Myst - 10 dager siden
8:13 If only he knew what was to come
All NumberBlocks Baby
All NumberBlocks Baby - 27 dager siden
You Fat
Leander Barreto
Leander Barreto - Måned siden
14:50 walking dead vibes
Leander Barreto
Leander Barreto - Måned siden
I want to see tumbleweed burn
Backinblack Bunny
Backinblack Bunny - Måned siden
I lost 60lbs in 18 months by cooking everything I ate from scratch even grinding my own flour but it was insanely expensive and I spent at least 20hrs in the kitchen a week
Lasivian Leandros
Lasivian Leandros - 2 måneder siden
As an engineer I approve of your GoPro bicycle solution! :D
KingLimaBean - 2 måneder siden
"I was rather *f i r m* with the hotel
Bram Van Goethem
Bram Van Goethem - 2 måneder siden
I like how you go to the tv's and pull em out lol
Alexplaysminc .-.
Alexplaysminc .-. - 2 måneder siden
Grey : * Goes to a super crowded expo*
Grey : welp that's all my social limits fulfilled for the next three days
Luke Emonaga
Luke Emonaga - 2 måneder siden
Every where you go in United States screen screen screen thank you but no thank you
Jeffrey Eng
Jeffrey Eng - 2 måneder siden
8:23 Oh this is the X-
All NumberBlocks Baby
All NumberBlocks Baby - 3 måneder siden
Fat pat you
Zander - 3 måneder siden
8:22 little does he know
Cyber Kirby
Cyber Kirby - 4 måneder siden
One thing that never fails to impress me.
Grey's ARMS. He's got damn good arms.
Billy Fox
Billy Fox - 4 måneder siden
I would legitimately pay like £20 just to talk to Grey personally for just half an hour.
Josh Wulfsohn
Josh Wulfsohn - 4 måneder siden
why did grey go to vidcon?
Rushikesh Kolapkar
Rushikesh Kolapkar - 4 måneder siden
What software you use for video editing ?
lefu - 4 måneder siden
Incisive critique of the worst of American diet and visual pollution.
Delfina Gabriela Borrelli Sarmiento
The hotel employees must feel so scared because...

*You didn’t eat the apology chocolate*
Aryan Pandey
Aryan Pandey - 4 måneder siden
does grey use insta?
Funny Penguin
Funny Penguin - 4 måneder siden
I watched this video at 11, it made me so sympathy tired. Rip the whole rest of my night
leeartlee915 - 4 måneder siden
I love you CGP Grey but this video is so goddamn pretentious it is insufferable
Fabian Grigis
Fabian Grigis - 4 måneder siden
Gray, what’s your pick on sustainability? In the back of my mind I knew of course, how absolutely lavish/wasteful the American lifestyle is... but seeing my dear Gray commiting to it too somehow hurt
Scott Battison
Scott Battison - 5 måneder siden
Lolz I recognized the chicken he bought I used to make those at that grocery store brand lolz
Ethan Riley
Ethan Riley - 5 måneder siden
Don't disrespect LSU baseball like that again. Love you grey but ur walking a fine line
S2000pilot - 5 måneder siden
Why is this asshole always shit on America we get it you think we are all fat even though that's not a accurate stereotype, fuck this guy.
Elie Weiss
Elie Weiss - 5 måneder siden
Couldn’t agree more about LA - sucks :(
Ian Cypes
Ian Cypes - 5 måneder siden
I'm here after watching the TEKOI video, aka Grey milking 2017 vlogs for videos 3 years later
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
Only grey can upload a vlog he filmed a year after
Peter D
Peter D - 5 måneder siden
Listening to the podcast makes sense
Nick Faber
Nick Faber - 6 måneder siden
16:35.... is that DESTIN from SmarterEveryDay???? You guys should do a podcast or video together. Top two educational YT channels on the site!
Jack Allan
Jack Allan - 6 måneder siden
I've never heard someone describe jetlag before and I think I'm permanently jetlagged
TheeTimer - 7 måneder siden
13:58 unplugs baseball
Thomas had never seen such bullshit in his life
1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI
1998 Subaru Impreza 22b STI - 7 måneder siden
"LA is a dementor in city form."
Bro, you live in London
MrDavo511 - 5 måneder siden
Yeah. A place that is better than LA
John Johnson
John Johnson - 7 måneder siden
Did he really just unplug that TV? Grey is was of those travelers
Marc Vegas15
Marc Vegas15 - 7 måneder siden
Today I learned that American streets are made of donuts.
Marko Mihajlovic
Marko Mihajlovic - 7 måneder siden
watching this in the pandemic 2020 make me anxious
Nick - 7 måneder siden
WWDC vlog: much haha, must not get fatter, *coffee*
VidCon vlog: Ugh, Vidcon
Sonny Taylor
Sonny Taylor - 7 måneder siden
I'm glad I watched the whole way through, otherwise I would've missed that delightful growl at the end. Anyway, I relate to feeling exhausted beyond belief after walking around in crowds, let alone screaming crowds. Being alone to recharge is the best therapy after socially-induced strain!
Marcus Lau
Marcus Lau - 8 måneder siden
Firm Grey is now the stuff of my nightmares.
Connoissuer_Of_Classieness - 8 måneder siden
The streets are paved with donuts...
jella - 8 måneder siden
Wtf did he pull out at 9:23
Waffleman2957 - 8 måneder siden
you cannot escape from america without getting fatter
we will get you one way or another
JacobLZP - 8 måneder siden
I've been to some of those places.
JacobLZP - 8 måneder siden
I LIVE IN SAN JOSE!!!! Not back then, I lived halfway to San Francisco getting ready to move halfway to LA.
JacobLZP - 8 måneder siden
WAIT MY DAD PROBABLY WENT TO THAT, Wait probably not, but probably helped make things released there.
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName - 8 måneder siden
vidcon seems like grey's personal hell
Sean Fan
Sean Fan - 8 måneder siden
So Grey discovered Keto years before everyone else.
MeepsNcheese - 8 måneder siden
The first shot of San Jose is of it burning. Pretty accurate, honestly
Sāfto Rangen
Sāfto Rangen - 8 måneder siden
wait why does the video cut out after he takes off his shirt?
Chocolate Tulip
Chocolate Tulip - 8 måneder siden
0:08 my favorite part of the video
Mr. Sam Flash
Mr. Sam Flash - 8 måneder siden
All I'm wondering is why Grey still chose to eat burgers and McMuffins instead of things like salads, or chicken, or something NOT full of carbohydrates to begin with...
Luke Testerman
Luke Testerman - 8 måneder siden
Woo! fence!
bowelsoftrogdor - 9 måneder siden
You clearly do your own subtitles.
eest9 - 9 måneder siden
If these kind of conferences are exausting to you, probably the CCC Congress would be a better fit?
Donkey Kong PEZ Dispenser
Donkey Kong PEZ Dispenser - 9 måneder siden
Just realized that the segment of Cortex you were listening to in part 2 is the section you were recording in part 1. Very clever.
Tosche Station
Tosche Station - 10 måneder siden
Gray is so used to London infrastructure that even though almost all of Americas showers heat up almost instantaneously he still turns it on one minute before
mrswb - 10 måneder siden
finally someone who hates la as much as i do
A R - 10 måneder siden
Pro-Tip...Quit being a douche waffle and eat the chocolate...what the hell's a matter with you?
Michelle Hao
Michelle Hao - 10 måneder siden
why do you go to vidcon if you hate it so much?
With 2 Ts
With 2 Ts - 10 måneder siden
What’s that piece at 9:30? It’s beautiful
Crazy Rocket
Crazy Rocket - 11 måneder siden
Why must people come to events? They only make it worse
Ebube Maidoh
Ebube Maidoh - 11 måneder siden
Hamish RYAN
Hamish RYAN - 11 måneder siden
So I was rather... FIRM
Asdf - 11 måneder siden
Were you in the part of North Carolina where in the summer it rains and the clay in the ground soaks it up then the sun bakes it out of the ground giving the air a clay taste.
Nico - År siden
I'm so lonley help me.😑
MC - År siden
Hotels sometimes overbook on purpose because they expect some people to cancel.
KeRen Tan
KeRen Tan - År siden
yay, we get to hear your "real" vs "recording" voice cos you got jetlag...
KeRen Tan
KeRen Tan - År siden
heeey, thanks for recording the whole thing. (Maybe they just gave you the Apology Suite because they saw you recording)
psammiad - År siden
You drink too much coffee I think that's actually part of the problem why you get so tired. Americans eat way too much and drink way too much coffee, that's why they have such a low life expectancy!
Richard Boyle
Richard Boyle - År siden
where in the sweet love of god is part 2
iheartchubbybellies - År siden
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang - År siden
Grey just before mailing:
I about to do what's called a pro gamer move
stvp68 - År siden
Man, my family is from North Carolina but my accent is nowhere near as lovely as yours!
Asm San
Asm San - År siden
14:09 you can control TV by phone (IR), it help when it build in wall and you can't access to a plug (sometime work in airport waiting room)
rosstrucking - År siden
carbs are the Best !!
coredumperror - År siden
2:25 "Travel Pro Tip: just buy new equipment every time you travel, so you don't have to pack it."
Mr. Rangoon
Mr. Rangoon - År siden
Mystic - År siden
12:33 That sounds familiar........ Tesla Roadtrip Anyone?
8 - År siden
Did you steal my dog?
Just a Human
Just a Human - År siden
0:36 I live in The United States and I can confirm the streets are paved with donuts
anotherKyle - År siden
boy you are wasting so much food
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton - År siden
If you want to be actually healthier, go vegan. Eating animal products will kill you quick fast and in a hurry. It also is horrible for the animals and oh yeah, it adds greenhouse gasses to the environment and speeds up global warming.
Brian Bethea
Brian Bethea - År siden
I grew up in North Carolina for 18 years, then went to live in the center of some downtown areas for undergrad and grad studies (the biggest being Miami) before finally moving back to NC and man, as an introvert, it's so good to return to somewhere quiet and peaceful. Something about the sound of cicadas in the summer.
Sinister Sweet
Sinister Sweet - År siden
Right as that list ding happened, my toaster oven went off. The synchronization was beautiful.
Red Yoshi
Red Yoshi - År siden
Your dog looks very similar to my dog
22Kyu - År siden
2:17 Tavel pro tip follow-up: does that mean grey has a bunch of extra equipment laying around? Or does he ship them back?? 🤔
queenofgames314 - År siden
Grey: most reclusive vlogger ever
Also Grey: takes off shirt while filming
ShroudedWolf51 - År siden
WWDC, when apple bold facedly lies to the faces of their customers.
Dominic Daigle
Dominic Daigle - År siden
8:13 Wow talk about foreshadowing part 2
Devvie Life
Devvie Life - År siden
8:24 This is how the forbidden love for another man’s tesla begun.
Christoo Hunders
Christoo Hunders - År siden
Sooooooo many travelers forget to have stuff sent to the hotel or local dhl office so as to travel light. One has to make sure to send in a timely manner to avoid goods stuck in transit or customs tho :)
Suzette Zamora
Suzette Zamora - År siden
20:17 qwertyuiop
K Veeder
K Veeder - År siden
Whatever happened to part 2?
K Veeder
K Veeder - År siden
@Smarteverything So he pre-recorded the live stream? Grey, you have failed us!
Smarteverything - År siden
Trust me
Smarteverything - År siden
K Veeder but it was
K Veeder
K Veeder - År siden
@Smarteverything But it wasn't called part two, and it was a different year.
Smarteverything - År siden
K Veeder it was released *really* late
ZeMistah - År siden
Why and how would you make me sad ano
about you leaving a car forever
TEST123 - År siden
Because London is such a great place to come back to.
mjprice - År siden
Come with me if you want to live
FeverishPegasus - År siden
wait, don't those TVs have power buttons?
SwiftTime00 - År siden
Can anyone tell me what the music from 9:30-9:55 is?
Andros Kai
Andros Kai - År siden
within the first 60 seconds... YOU ORDERED 3 EGG MCMUFFINS AND ONLY ATE THE EGG!!!! If you're not going to eat the cheese and muffin give them to me. I'm skinny asf because I never eat.
danis k
danis k - År siden
I never realised just how bizarre this looks 17:42
Thomas P.
Thomas P. - År siden
8:14 foreshadowing??