Social Security Cards Explained

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The Social Security card and number explained.
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Kitsune - Dag siden
For some reason i find the last 10 seconds of this vid to be VERY satisfying
Ilyas Jaghoori
Ilyas Jaghoori - Dag siden
The person watching this with a social security number of 078-05-1120: 😳
Somebody Someone
Somebody Someone - 2 dager siden
The census after 2 million people disappeared after the tax department made an announcement:👁O👁
I hate fortnight Give me a reason why i shouldn’t
Guys my SSC number is 420-69-6669
Bozzie - 2 dager siden
You Don’t Have To Be A Citizen To Get A SS Card!
UnsoughtDrop492 - 3 dager siden
This whole video is a bruh moment
Pierce Ginn
Pierce Ginn - 3 dager siden
Kifflon for life!!!
Parker Mesmer
Parker Mesmer - 3 dager siden
Anyone else realize that the fake religion is the espilon logo from gta
katie dangelo
katie dangelo - 4 dager siden
It's not your bank account... I'm to sick to work at 46 and yet I cant access MY SSI... instead they are waiting me out until I dont qualify for SSI and instead a much lower SSd amount and no back pay.... the money I EARNED... that they took... gained the interest from it and now when I need it as designed it's not there... B.S. SCAM
Mas Rodriguez
Mas Rodriguez - 5 dager siden
Your ss card is also on the stock exchange. Yes your stock . canadian bank. Welcome to america!!
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 6 dager siden
The thing I hate the most about my country is our downright r******d reluctance to enact extremely simple universal changes that would obviously solve huge issues due to our irrational fear of "big government" or whatever libertarians from Hillsdale College scream about.
Doni's RC Adventures
Doni's RC Adventures - 5 dager siden
If you cannot see we're in a police state or just accept it, that's on you.
Gideon Dilts
Gideon Dilts - 7 dager siden
thank you for teaching me the stuff that matters and not how to solve for a curve
Tyler Fioritto
Tyler Fioritto - 8 dager siden
Ah America. Win by brute force.
IAmSeamonkey - 9 dager siden
it's been mathemtically proven that it's impossible to create a system that is totally complete and also totally consistant, which is part of the reason why governments are always to complicated.
Stephan Peel
Stephan Peel - 9 dager siden
America, where even the simplest of things don’t work!
Hand Meover
Hand Meover - 13 dager siden
Question: the are 999-99-9999 or 99,999,999 possibilities. What happens to no. 100,000,000 and so forth? There are roughly 200,000,000 more people than NUMBERS!!
And what about people that have died,,,are numbers recycled?
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PazuzuTheTyrant - 14 dager siden
Social security is just a government-sanctioned ponzi scheme.
Kutsy - 14 dager siden
As the saying goes, no nation is perfect and to claim that one is, proves the point.
Mr. Suspicious
Mr. Suspicious - 15 dager siden
Fun challenge find out someone’s social security number 👍
Dave M
Dave M - 15 dager siden
Despite babies worthlessness as child laborers.
On the contrary, babies are skilled at making compost. (holding nose with clothes pin.)
Costa Michailidis
Costa Michailidis - 16 dager siden
So can I just rip my card up and say I don't have one anymore?
ckh420 - 17 dager siden
Then require this to vote
Mia Clone
Mia Clone - 18 dager siden
Prisoner's are a # carried on their backs. I carry mine in a wallet. Both, forms of oppression. Only on different lvls. Question isn't are we, it's what lvl you choose.
CongressIs StarvingAmericans
Extreme Elitism Corrupt Government! Everything is done ✅ ONLY only for the benefit of the parasitic greedy pure evil millionaires and billionaires!!!! A country run by sociopaths and psychopaths!!!! F finger 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻to all these demons!!! You are all going to hell!!!
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Vaccines = Biological Weapon Against Humanity! Do not ever take this poison DNA 🧬 altering garbage 🗑!
ALL Americans NEED livable full time wages of $24/Hour and up! Americans also NEED free N-95 masks for all the stress concerning Covid19 for over a year!!!! PAY up or Americans will find every way possible to purge ALL evil politicians, millionaires and billionaires from America!!!
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 9 dager siden
they had me in the first half, not gonna lie. Vaccination is needed and is safe. you are stupid
CongressIs StarvingAmericans
Extreme Elitism Corrupt Government! Everything is done ✅ ONLY only for the benefit of the parasitic greedy pure evil millionaires and billionaires!!!! A country run by sociopaths and psychopaths!!!! F finger 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻to all these demons!!! You are all going to hell!!!
Major Media = 100% Fake / Deceptive News! You are all going straight to hell!
Vaccines = Biological Weapon Against Humanity! Do not ever take this poison DNA 🧬 altering garbage 🗑!
ALL Americans NEED livable full time wages of $24/Hour and up! Americans also NEED free N-95 masks for all the stress concerning Covid19 for over a year!!!! PAY up or Americans will find every way possible to purge ALL evil politicians, millionaires and billionaires from America!!!
Stephanie Nielsen
Stephanie Nielsen - 21 dag siden
PM @snielsen809 on Telegram
Wickr me @nielsen127
Todd Barnes
Todd Barnes - 22 dager siden
Ya right. It was started to get more of our money they didn't get with taxes. Where is the money from the SS TRUST FUND? Wall Street and DC.
robert smith
robert smith - 22 dager siden
If you belong to the company well only slaves must carry an ID
2Easy - 22 dager siden
“* Kifflom *”
Opinionated Azzhole
Opinionated Azzhole - 23 dager siden
Could've summed this up in 20 seconds...this is your "ENSLAVEMENT NUMBER" & EUROPE OWNS ALL OF US.
Mary Poole
Mary Poole - 24 dager siden
Get the United Nation OUT//Declaration of Independence//UN Declaration of Interdependence !!!
Kimberly Richard
Kimberly Richard - 24 dager siden
Big shout-out to lod_cyberhack on Instagram they are G.OA.T
ahbilyon ahvanaducie
ahbilyon ahvanaducie - 26 dager siden
lets call it what it is we are a slave
Joe Gossom
Joe Gossom - 26 dager siden
Hmmm, not even 1 word about the most important part of a SS card. The most important part of this SS card is on the back & in red or sometimes blue. It has 1 letter than quite a few numbers following. This is the card holders TDA central banking account number and regional central bank ID, which is not related to when or where you are born. TDA accounts are started upon issue of a SS number. Each person gets ten different accounts. That is why each person with a SS number can only get ten new cards in a lifetime. Those accounts are never openly discussed by the central banks or government representatives. They never want people asking very uncomfortable questions about those accounts EVER. Wonder what they are hiding?
Intellividz - 26 dager siden
Red numbers on the back. Does the UK 🇬🇧 own us?
Tupac Shakur
Tupac Shakur - 29 dager siden
rachel brown
rachel brown - Måned siden
The observant polyester amazingly smoke because nepal anecdotally test an a internal gear. wild, unknown ocean
In Sweden the social security number used to have a flaw, it has the following format: "YYYY-MM-DD-XXXX", where the last 4 digits are randomly assigned. So whenever you wanted to watch an age restricted movie in the cinemas and they'd ask for social security number as proof of age, you could just lie by saying 2000 instead of 2002. This was before they required ID checks for people they suspected to be younger than the age restriction. Meanwhile even if you were hella lot younger but looked older which happened to be the case dor me when I was 13, they'd let you pass because they'd think you were older lol.
Apollothemetor _
Apollothemetor _ - Måned siden
Me a brit: laughs in ID
Kultrick The Kulprit
Kultrick The Kulprit - 26 dager siden
Michael Adams
Michael Adams - Måned siden
Explain why they make them out of toilet paper?
awd34 - Måned siden
Dr. A
Dr. A - Måned siden
Who are the people that have real Social Security Numbers like: 333-33-3333 or 101-01-0101 and so on?
Dr. A
Dr. A - Måned siden
Johnny 5
Johnny 5 - Måned siden
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww well done
Joby Weeks
Joby Weeks - Måned siden
Bitcoin in and Bitcoin out :)
Aly Burr
Aly Burr - Måned siden
I was born overseas and have never actually lived in America even though I'm a citizen, and I only recently discovered that I have a social security card
Matthew Heath
Matthew Heath - Måned siden
Three words:
Tax File Number.
Coma Tose
Coma Tose - Måned siden
Your Social Security Card and Birth Certificate Is the collateral used to borrow money from the FED. Proof your lifetime earnings in part will be used as payment.
Ricky Chacon
Ricky Chacon - Måned siden
I don’t even know my code
Jheiden Maveric Damasco
Jheiden Maveric Damasco - Måned siden
"23? Really? You've been...

busy... "
SEQ Ebikes
SEQ Ebikes - Måned siden
In Australia we dont have Social Security numbers or ID cards!
Joey K O
Joey K O - Måned siden
Tax discount try Tax confiscation
Simone D'Agostino
Simone D'Agostino - Måned siden
Maria Ochenas
Maria Ochenas - Måned siden
hah, everybody's sims
DerDave1710 - Måned siden
Kifflom *laughts in GTA V*
Leslie Goss
Leslie Goss - Måned siden
I a. Blind i got social security 526.00 why
Okrutny Stach
Okrutny Stach - Måned siden
Me as European:
Jennifer Stump
Jennifer Stump - Måned siden
Like honestly though the print quality on my social security card is so bad that for the first 15 years of my life I used the wrong number cause my mom read it wrong
Judy Moore
Judy Moore - Måned siden
Pm me for Worldwide ID's including SSN and other documents
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jfwilki2 - Måned siden
I've heard many people oppose national IDs because "tHeY'd GiVe ThE gOvErNmEnT aLl ThIs InFoRmAtIoN aBoUt Me" as if the government doesn't already have all that information anyway. I would love to see a national ID system because it would give some much-needed security to our identity, but neither side of the political spectrum likes the idea.
ItzDripcelotYT - Måned siden
Say hello to Joe Generic
Mario Twiddy
Mario Twiddy - Måned siden
March 10 1976
Mario Twiddy
Mario Twiddy - Måned siden
SSI-$783 Dallors MarioTwiddy My Account My own Account
Focus Studios
Focus Studios - Måned siden
Festivus for the rest of us
Martin Stråbø
Martin Stråbø - Måned siden
I get the feeling from Grey's videos that USA should just have a person railroad out the same laws but with mininal amounts of exceptions. Great video though!
Bozkurt - Måned siden
so how do usa citizens identify themselves? do they carry their birth certificates to the airport?
Wes Tolson
Wes Tolson - Måned siden
What I've never understood is if there's only 9 digits in the whole number, and the first 5 are determined by your state and year of birth, how is it possible for every American to have a unique number? Given the constraints of the first 5 digits, if more than 10,000 people are born in a particular state any given year, (which happens in every state except like 3), they're out of unique numbers. It's not like there's a list of a billion numbers (10⁹) and you just get one that's not taken yet. What's the deal? They say they don't recycle numbers from the deceased, and that nobody can have duplicate numbers, but isn't that literally impossible? Some people say they abandoned the original format of the first 5 digits, but I can't find any official information about this and it drives me crazy.
Maxi - Måned siden
why can't so say "social"
Louis Vanden Broucke
Louis Vanden Broucke - Måned siden
just a sidenote, most western countries have no issues with most of the forms of voter fraud that happen in the US because we tend to have ID cards, which exclude non citizens from voting with things like a drivers license. furthermore we also have a very strict system of who died, who lives where etc.. Which would ofcourse not be an issue if people had to give their ID card to vote and this would make posing as someone else near impossible without being a close family member with a letter giving them permission to vote for you and why.
we also don't really use mail in ballots, or at least we haven't in the past, for expatriats perhaps maybe for soldiers, but other than that you just get your voting letter in the mail, go to the appointed polling station, give this letter and your id card, get your voting ballot(which is one paper with all the parties on it, usually for several elections, though i imagine this is also the case for the US, (it isn't the case in Sweden where even the UN observers noted there were enormous problems, including the dissapearance of certain ballots for certain parties and them apearing in ditches and so on)
anyway, this is one area where americans should just follow countries like Belgium, even though our government is a loser government, the vote seems to have been fair, since the big winners were the parties that were not liked by the establishment.
Will Mares
Will Mares - Måned siden
Love the epsilon reference
Andrew Gilblom
Andrew Gilblom - 2 måneder siden
You are a dumbass and a liar!!! Your a COMMUNIST TRAITOR SOCIALISTS PIECE of CRAP
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 8 dager siden
take your pills
Liam Welsh
Liam Welsh - 2 måneder siden
I don't even have my card anymore. It's just in my head.
Kazuma - 2 måneder siden
Every time I lern more about the us I wander how this country is even able to exist😅
Ry - 2 måneder siden
i don’t know why i found this so funny but i nearly died at “You got a John Smith?” “Go Fish.”
Lavender L
Lavender L - 2 måneder siden
Ugh I want to renounce my US citizenship so bad! After getting a 2nd citizenship, though!
robert smith
robert smith - 22 dager siden
Why not? Mick jagger renounced his citizenship from England, with success
Peter Riley
Peter Riley - 2 måneder siden
Americans don't want a national ID card? I mean... one's simpler than the three-four though right? Licence, ssc, passport, birth cirtificate......
Jaceladag - Måned siden
The objections tend to fall in either the paranoia over government surveillance or concerns about racist voter suppression camps. Particularly the latter is a thorny topic, especially with the current political climate.
Yongxing - 2 måneder siden
I feels like SSN is kind of suck.... Because if ID thieves know your ssn, they can do everything with your SSN, and you can't do anything even you ask SSA to get a brand new SSN. They can still use the old ones.
:I - 2 måneder siden
ok as a european, the more i find out about america, the more scared i get.
Ilikegames - 2 måneder siden
What's your social security number, comment down below.
David Parsons
David Parsons - 2 måneder siden
Yes don't own anything control everything
MynameaChef - 2 måneder siden
haha you stupid idiot you gave me you're ssn without even having to watch the vid
Erik Iversen
Erik Iversen - 2 måneder siden
nice epsilon reference
CartierPlays - 2 måneder siden
He did the kifflom thing from gta 5 lol
Wilshire 1966
Wilshire 1966 - 2 måneder siden
Scared Of Ghosts
Scared Of Ghosts - 2 måneder siden
Insurance being a form of gambling makes alot of sense actually
Nostalgia Neverland
Nostalgia Neverland - 2 måneder siden
Péter Palotás
Péter Palotás - 2 måneder siden
Every day I'm supprised how stupid the USA can be.
064678543 - 2 måneder siden
(Un)fun fact: When Social Security was first introduced, some people would tattoo their social security numbers on their skin, fearing that they would end up forgeting it
ITS CRISPY - 2 måneder siden
Hey I was born without one and lemme tell you not having one is a pain in the ass
Dheatly Blaze
Dheatly Blaze - 2 måneder siden
Haha, imagine living in america
Karatas - 2 måneder siden
Americans dont have an ID card???
Karatas - 2 måneder siden
@PK-JIN Thanks for the answer. It is really interesting to hear about it
PK-JIN - 2 måneder siden
Almost all adults have a STATE-issued driver license that doubles as an ID card (and most states still offer similar-looking ID cards even if you don't want a DL) but there is no FEDERAL ID card.
Just a person in your comment section
If you type your social security number in the comments, it censors!
Look: ***** ** ******
Caleb Williamson
Caleb Williamson - 2 måneder siden
Wheatley147 XD
Wheatley147 XD - 2 måneder siden
6:16 GTA5 reference
Yue Akiyama
Yue Akiyama - 2 måneder siden
i love these videos, its cool, as a outsider to see how these systems in the USA work, tho... I have to say they have a lot LOT to improve sometimes
Blunt .Cabbage
Blunt .Cabbage - 2 måneder siden
As does every government. Bureaucracy is never perfect.
Invention Reviews
Invention Reviews - 2 måneder siden
Not to mention the program will likely be bankrupt by the time younger people retire now.
Isaac Skogen
Isaac Skogen - 2 måneder siden
I dont have one😂
Tiberius-zan Cowgill
Tiberius-zan Cowgill - 2 måneder siden
how do you have only room for 100,000,000 numbers for a population of 325,000,000?
Nerys van Beurden
Nerys van Beurden - 2 måneder siden
Now, as a Europian, I can finally understand the jokes about giving away someones social security number lol.
Dirty Dish
Dirty Dish - 2 måneder siden
But some guy in a sleeveless T that said *BBQ BEER and FREEDOM* told me this was the greatest country in the world. That has to count for something.
S7uardo - 2 måneder siden
So you are telling me that 1234 56 7890 John Doe is not real?
Robert Eischen
Robert Eischen - 2 måneder siden
So what you're saying is we ought to abolish the Social Security system totally, right?
I could get behind this.