Should all locks have keys? Phones, Castles, Encryption, and You.

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Josh Lobsenz
Josh Lobsenz - 5 dager siden
what if instead of a digital backdoor law enforcement had a physical backdoor (key) instead? idk if this is possible, but it would solve the distance problem; a hacker would need to have your phone to break in to it
Pokemaster102 - 8 dager siden
This kinda ignores that a lock is meant to be opened and closed, otherwise it would be a wall or a seal.

Also social engineering and various ways of stealing the password and virus attacks exist. And on top of that when you talked about governments *wanting* to have keyholes you implied that wasn’t already a wide spread thing on most devices.

TLDR: even if the lock is flawless the key holder isn’t and can be plied in many a way
Pokemaster102 - 8 dager siden
You could literally just make it have a tracked activity log and potentially an added step of having to input your information to access said back door. if they can bypass that and edit the logs why do they need the back door in the first place
Niklas Haas
Niklas Haas - Måned siden
>Digital locks can be made unbreakable
CGP Grey casually asserting P!=NP
Eden Atlas
Eden Atlas - Måned siden
Don't many password systems only let you get a few tries before disabling the account?
ymmij X
ymmij X - Måned siden
well sure if you're trying to log into a website. That ain't the trick here. This involves sending batch requests directly to the servers that hold the data for the website.
Joshua Susanto
Joshua Susanto - Måned siden
18:50 gotta love the forecasting of hexagon, the bestagon.
John James
John James - Måned siden
The boiling decimal atypically kneel because minibus noticeably warm mid a messy hope. homely, steadfast squash
John James
John James - Måned siden
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Alexandre J. W. Klaus
Alexandre J. W. Klaus - Måned siden
Wait, can this be a team up between a hacker and the lockpicking lawyer
Split O Rama
Split O Rama - Måned siden
Funny password trick for making sure you have different passwords on everything but it's easy to remember: Take you favourite word, Write it with a capital first letter. Take the first and last letter of the site/app the password is for and write those. Take three numbers from your phone number. Big letters, small letters and numbers, but easy to remembers even as you end up with codes like Titfk876, Titye876 etc
Split O Rama
Split O Rama - Måned siden
@ymmij X if one of your accounts are compromised and the site or platform doesn't encrypt password information, length doesn't matter. When the leaked information is sold by the hackers, others will try to use the same password for other platforms. The real winner is variety. Which is why a formula securing variety is smart. Big and small letters is just because some platforms require it. So adding it to your formula makes sure you can use it anywhere.
ymmij X
ymmij X - Måned siden
honestly requiring caps and numbers and special characters is unnecesarry. what you really need from people is longer passwords. allhorseseatwelshgrass is dramatiaclly more secure than ssZx12k
0rtol4n - Måned siden
“On the internet there is no such thing as distance” lmao tell that to my 5000 NewZealand ping
Ayushmaan Mishra
Ayushmaan Mishra - Måned siden
3:52 to 3:54 😂😂
He said almost everything that we can do on a computer or phone.
Natø - Måned siden
Meh, give the cops a key and someone will steal it.
Stoic Bubble
Stoic Bubble - 2 måneder siden
Was not expecting an image of one of my favorite games in this vid
ScienceTube - 2 måneder siden
The unimaginable technical incompetence of the EU commission sadly made this video very relevant again :(
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist - 2 måneder siden
3:17 “Post Singularity: AI kills us all”
Bruh the human race’s technology will easily stop their technology
foxabilo - 2 måneder siden
"beating, meeting" a double entendre of epic deviousness.
LuckyLMJ - 2 måneder siden
3:52 Factorio!
Jakob - 2 måneder siden
The EU wants to have a backdoor into Whatsapp.
No Brakes
No Brakes - 2 måneder siden
3:50 "...beating, meeting..." lol
Thomas Andriessen
Thomas Andriessen - 2 måneder siden
This is why I al against progress in quantum computing. (Quantum computers are able to brake the onbrakeble locks)
Thomas Andriessen
Thomas Andriessen - 2 måneder siden
Can you send a yt vid link about quantum incription? I would be verry interesting in learning about it if it exests
Gummiel - 2 måneder siden
Yes and no, Quantum computing will make it easy to break binary computing encryption yes, but we will then be able to use quantum computing encryption as well, and then we will be back at where we are currently
Plaid Penguin
Plaid Penguin - 2 måneder siden
Well some locks shouldn’t have keys like old digital files that have the legal power to destroy the world economy. However, unless absolutely necessary there should always be a way to access something. Perhaps though some locks should have lost keys and cannot easily be accessed. For example, a lock to a royal vault could be kept in the house of a peasant, a place no one would expect, and could make it harder to find. Or for digital files, a random person working at your company has the password and will make it harder for a rival to break into those files hack free (I say hack free because many hacks can be sensed and if apple for example found Samsung hacking into their files apple would be pretty pissed).
Sub Par Banana
Sub Par Banana - 2 måneder siden
Imagine your front door didn’t have a key, but it had a lock.
Copper 29
Copper 29 - 2 måneder siden
This will work! Just look at the TSA locks!
Chuck Shepherd
Chuck Shepherd - 2 måneder siden
As someone somewhat profession at network security, I’ve to admit the moment I realize you were on the topic of network security I was expecting you to screw up as those don’t program explain what programming is. But you really did your research and the content is plain while being accurate.
Ad1th CPASR - 2 måneder siden
I feel the problem could be that People almost always know if the police are breaking in physically but it is almost impossible to know that electronically.
MapleMakes - 2 måneder siden
Love the flag has a hexagon (which is the bestagon btw) on it
Chicken With Ecoli
Chicken With Ecoli - 2 måneder siden
''Banking , buying , blogging , vlogging , gaming , tweeting , *beating* , meeting.''
joey hardin
joey hardin - 2 måneder siden
Beating Meating?
Caroline Bell
Caroline Bell - 2 måneder siden
"we all ideally want police to crack digital locks sometimes"
Speak for your damn self. I don't want police at all. Let alone to have the power to see all my data at a moments notice. I reserve the right to bring some secrets to my fucking grave.
Duran Duran
Duran Duran - 2 måneder siden
How is this not sponsored by Dashlane?
B. W. Behling
B. W. Behling - 2 måneder siden
Any lock that can be opened, be it by a super-secret government-mandated keyhole, or simply by the normal way that the owner would open it, is by definition not unbreakable. Only a lock that has no "keyhole" of any kind can be deemed unbreakable.
Goldberry - 2 måneder siden
LockPickingLawyer and CGP Grey collaboration video, PLEASE.
NyanMAD - 3 måneder siden
“Emergencies only”
Look at the HK Governement. Detaining protesters, opening their phone by force and charging them for being against the HK government
Ushio Cheng
Ushio Cheng - 3 måneder siden
As I have said: I don't mind government reviewing my data to make me safer, but no government can promise the data can only be viewed by itself. So I choose to keep everything to myself.
Also for the people who don't care about publishing their data: How, as a business, do you feel about your competitors just go to the government and buy your data.
(This have happened dozens of times in China, a country in which no IM apps are fully E2EE)
Edward Hoffenheim
Edward Hoffenheim - 3 måneder siden
I dont agree with the fact that you should be able to break my phone lock because of a scenario like this. If we have the technology to read minds would the government have the right to read your mind if your the suspect in a crime? There is some that exists that's almost like this: forcing someone to state their thoughts through a form of coercion. I dont think anyone would be on with this except in the most extreme of circumstances and even then it may still be a human rights violation. Considering the fact that my internet presence is basically something extremely personalized it's kinda like an extension of being right now. So while you're not reading my mind your still probably going to extremely personal information that may not ever have been meant to see the light of day.
If I have device that can only be accessed by my thumb print and keep it on my person all the time and put my most private thoughts what right do other people have to that information?
Isaac Fields
Isaac Fields - 3 måneder siden
"Trade in your freedoms for security" the politician says
It's not like the government and police would ever think abuse this power *cough cough* PATRIOT act *cough cough* didn't you know government officials are perfect, infallible people. How dare you ever criticize such an idea

Melissa Gragg
Melissa Gragg - 3 måneder siden
... and welcome to Game Theory!
Meta - 3 måneder siden
Zoolander reference at 3:05!
JTE27 - 3 måneder siden
Are you actually reading a script from a LIVER FLUKING AMERICAN?
Connecticut Ball
Connecticut Ball - 3 måneder siden
What if you guess the crazy password by chance?
dchil15 - 3 måneder siden
"The laws of mathematics are very commendable, but the only law that applies in Australia is the law of Australia" - Malcom Turnbull, 2017 (Former Australian Prime Minister)
Loafus Kramwell
Loafus Kramwell - 3 måneder siden
Beating meating hell yeah
wojtekpolska - 3 måneder siden
There still is not such a thing as perfectly secure "digital lock"
everything can be hacked into. everyone who promises hacker-proof device/service is considered by real hackers as a challenge. this happened many times already.
a big chunk of security is prime numbers - the higher prime number is discovered, the better digital security becomes (thats why there are so big prices for discovering new prime numbers) - even with todays biggest discovered prime number, the security thats using it can still be compromised. higher prime numbers make it harder to hack something, but not impossible.
also still a very big vulnerability of digital security are humans. what is a point of having a secure password, if you can be pretty eazily tricked into telling it to someone
Owen Toad
Owen Toad - 3 måneder siden
It will soon (sooner than you think) be the case that anyone at home can decrypt most of our encryption algorithms, because of shor’s algorithm (high end quantum computers are coming)
Phrophetsam - 3 måneder siden
Was waiting for the NordVPN sponsorship lmao
Aeturnalis - 4 måneder siden
Is CGP Grey one of the narrators on Gameranx?
Diamond Dave
Diamond Dave - 4 måneder siden
He actually just said beating meating, good one Gray, good one
Guy Ebner
Guy Ebner - 4 måneder siden
Or, even though it's not likely, it's still quite possible that someone somewhere somewhen have/are/will create a magnificent discovery about our universe and it's laws that somehow can create such a thing. You know, never say never in science.
Ckameron 99
Ckameron 99 - 4 måneder siden
I'd just like to add that there are ways which 'secure backdoors' can be added, where exploiting the backdoor will take longer than brute forcing the decryption key. (Such as elliptic curve cryptography). However, once the backdoor is made, it can't be unmade, and the key that opens it can always be misused. It may work great at first but it only needs to be leaked once and anyone can decrypt the internet, including any encrypted messages that they've logged for future decryption
Cleo King
Cleo King - 4 måneder siden
3:53 "beating, meeting "
I see that
rümeysa - 4 måneder siden
rü was here.
sonaarr - 5 måneder siden
3:24 Don't forget guns.
PandemoniumMeltDown - 3 måneder siden
Chastity belts...
Bret Claar
Bret Claar - 5 måneder siden
The classic Apple, San Bernardino debate
tommy karrick
tommy karrick - 5 måneder siden
Here’s the problem: you know if the government wants into your house. You know if they need into your files. If they wanted to pretend otherwise they simply wouldn’t be able to because everything is physically right there in your home or in your office. You always know what’s going on and why. Not the case here. If the government has a back door that is completely invisible and indiscriminate they will use it as they please without you or anyone else ever knowing, I refer you to, well, the NSA in general.
HoboGrifter - 4 måneder siden
Uh huh, disconnect from wifi and get a fackin physical hard drive
poppy mall
poppy mall - 5 måneder siden
what about vague security questions?
That one
That one - 5 måneder siden
No, we call them hashes and are used to store passwords and validate files. Good shit.
IngoPagels - 5 måneder siden
Imagine the "secret hole" leaks out of the FBI; which is pritty funny itself BUT now every stupid enough hacker will try to attack your iphone, windows or what ever. ^^
robert linke
robert linke - 5 måneder siden
what you could do is not to circumvent the lock, but the password.
make it so a judge can order a person to open their phone themselves, and hand it over to authorities.
this way nobody besides the person knows the password, but the important info still gets into the right hands.
off course very difficult to do if the subject is dead as in the example, but a better way i do not see
Internet Stranger
Internet Stranger - 5 måneder siden
Maybe you shouldn’t have put meeting after *Beating...*
Voynich - 5 måneder siden
3:15 Lol "F yo' encryption"
KittyHawk AT
KittyHawk AT - 5 måneder siden
looking at you Ted Faro!
Poof a
Poof a - 6 måneder siden
Plus I'm sure you could hire someone to throw together a program that when the police key is used, all files are moved to a secondary location, and the originals deleted. Hell, the companies making the locks might add it themselves.
Not Carl-bot
Not Carl-bot - 6 måneder siden
where would the key go on you...
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald - 6 måneder siden
China: Are you challenging me?
Hubaka Gs
Hubaka Gs - 6 måneder siden
My room got backdoored, i think.. From the terrace.. Or maybe i just imagining things..
Zottel - 7 måneder siden
Me starting the video: "NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN. NordVPN? 2013? Oh."
I am sad now :(
Mujda Ameen
Mujda Ameen - 7 måneder siden
3:03 is the battering ram a lord of the rings reference
because the battering ram that broke the Gondor gates had a wolf head
Bourhinorc Le Commentateur
Bourhinorc Le Commentateur - 7 måneder siden
Internet is enchanted with umbreakable V
Omnipotentous - 7 måneder siden
2016 Factorio? Nice.
dsv - 7 måneder siden
Can one encrypt their DNA?
Nick Latino
Nick Latino - 7 måneder siden
I mean, you could just right down your password like a normal person
rctrulez - 7 måneder siden
Wouldn't quantum computers take only a fraction of the time a modern computer needs to bruteforce passwords?
Since (technically) quantum computers are not science fiction anymore (they are certainly not available for purchase, not even on the dark web):
No password/phrase/etc. will stay uncracked if this ever works. Quantum computers will probably never render GTA 8 in a resolution of 64k, but they are great at organizational and cryptographic tasks.
HoboGrifter - 4 måneder siden
Yeah, true. But if you write down like 500 characters then your finr
Joshua Susanto
Joshua Susanto - 7 måneder siden
Lockpickinglawyer : did anyone called me?
Krishiv Agarwal
Krishiv Agarwal - 7 måneder siden
LockPickingLawyer has entered the chat.
supershawnodeseninja - 7 måneder siden
I don't agree that we all want police to be able to open any lock sometimes.
HoboGrifter - 4 måneder siden
@supershawnodeseninja true, true
supershawnodeseninja - 4 måneder siden
@HoboGrifter the government is made up of people. I don't blindly trust them, but I'm also not overly paranoid about them. people tend to think of the government in very black and white terms, but like most people, they have good and bad elements and can be reasoned with, but may also act irrationally or with excessive self interest.
HoboGrifter - 4 måneder siden
You don't trust the government.
A1OilSauce - 7 måneder siden
Quantum computing: im gonna end this man's whole career
Mladen - 7 måneder siden
You may be saying that there is no distance on the Internet, but wait until I land on Mars and burglars need to wait 20 minutes before they can access my front door
Lee Bagley
Lee Bagley - 7 måneder siden
What if the there was a law that, upon being asked by a police officer for a significantly important reason, required you to divulge to them your password to one of your electronic devices. If people that are members of a legislative system are also “angels” and people that are not members of a legislative system are also “devils” then problem solved. Right?
Lee Bagley
Lee Bagley - 7 måneder siden
Joe Player what if the law also required everyone that ever created a password had to also write it on a piece of paper and mail it to their local police station.
Joe Player
Joe Player - 7 måneder siden
Watch the video starting at 1:44 again. The dude is dead - he won't tell his password to anyone anymore.
tatertotter808 - 7 måneder siden
God I love this channel
BOIZADAS - 7 måneder siden
Misonception that "stone age everything is awfull", that is more apropriate to civilizations from bronze to industrialization
That one
That one - 7 måneder siden
Locks without keys, in encryption it's hashing right?
Carl F.
Carl F. - 7 måneder siden
I’m surprised his wasn’t sponsored by NORD VPN BABYYY!!!
Devono knabo
Devono knabo - 7 måneder siden
When my dad sleeps he breathes heavy he is unhealthy breathing is a sign of life
therefore, we do not die when we are asleep
pravin rao
pravin rao - 7 måneder siden
People whose brain is dead breathe too. Breathing is not a sign that the thing in brain which we associate with life is working its only a sign that our lungs are working.
Eric Jin
Eric Jin - 7 måneder siden
With a "master key" in place, it is probably required that all master keys are the same, otherwise taking up billions of dollars of hard drives in probably insecure underground military bases. This means that with a known-ciphertext (dd if= /dev/sda1 | xxd | less) and known-plaintext (just read the darn files you little lazy ahole), it is relatively easy to get the keys. Also you can make a fake-phone with a cracked operating system that catches the input key (as kernel/firmware is security ring zero) and sends it wirelessly to a civil rights lawyer/cybercriminal and they can use that key. Also setting alarms don't work either because you can tamper with the OS (again) or just seal it in a lead room that blocks all signal.
The encryption commonly used today involves 2048/3072/4096 bit RSA keys that actually aren't that secure (according to NIST, the security of 3072 bit RSA is approximately 128 bits, and you need 15,360 bits to equivalent a 256-bit symmetric key). This asymmetric scheme is then used to share another key - 128/192/256 bit AES key, operating usually in CBC mode. A symmetric cipher is also much more resistant to quantum computing-based attacks, as Grover's Algorithm will only bring a 256-bit key of normal operations to 128-bit key (secure) of quantum operations (more time).
You can implement your own encryption schemes in python using the library pycrypto. Install it with `pip install pycypto` in your terminal.
Kai Shang
Kai Shang - 7 måneder siden
I'm proud that I spot the game Factorio in a less than half-second flash.
Ultimate Corgi
Ultimate Corgi - 7 måneder siden
2016 "Good luck with that."
2020 *Laughs nervously at AIs being built to censor content.*
Krishiv Manyam
Krishiv Manyam - 7 måneder siden
3:50 Scientifically proven, all smart people play Factorio.
PandemoniumMeltDown - 3 måneder siden
hehe, I'm smart then.
Shawn HTPC
Shawn HTPC - 7 måneder siden
It's really very simple. You just make use of unbreakable digital encryption software a crime punishable by life in prison without parole. After a few years even the most stalwart champions of personal freedom will consent to opening their files for the legal system to examine, in exchange for not being locked in prison anymore.
Mariophreak - 6 måneder siden
@Shawn HTPC Alright then, I understand your original comment now.
Mariophreak - 6 måneder siden
@Shawn HTPC So you weren't being sarcastic, I understand that. But it would have been nice if you clarified that you don't actually want them to do this.
Shawn HTPC
Shawn HTPC - 6 måneder siden
@Mariophreak: Strange as it may sound, I frequently think about solutions to problems that I consider invalid and that I don't want to solve. I think it's part of being an engineer; I can appreciate that someone else might consider a problem to be valid and I can see a way to solve it, but _I_ may very well consider the problem to be _invalid_ and be glad to see it remain unsolved.
Shawn HTPC
Shawn HTPC - 6 måneder siden
@Mariophreak: My original post explained that the problem is simple to solve, and I meant so earnestly. That is not sarcasm; sarcasm is saying something but meaning the opposite. I meant what I said; the fact that I don't want the problem to be solved was never said at all.
Mariophreak - 6 måneder siden
@Shawn HTPC So you are being sarcastic. Your comment read as if you wanted the US to do that, now you're telling me you don't.I meant sarcastic as in that isn't really want you want them to do. I think this was just a simple misunderstanding.
no one
no one - 7 måneder siden
I disagree, I believe the police can do one.
J Swensy
J Swensy - 8 måneder siden
Please make a video on the tech tree!!!
Rafael Tremeschin
Rafael Tremeschin - 8 måneder siden
"unbreakable digital lock"
Dedsec: allow us to introduce ourselves
Internet Stranger
Internet Stranger - 8 måneder siden
*Why did you have to say meeting after beating...*
Consolio The Great
Consolio The Great - 8 måneder siden
Banning math, what a thing
Mikal Mandichak
Mikal Mandichak - 8 måneder siden
Update from the future. There was recently in the past few years and Israeli coding company that created a key that manufacturers didn't even have to put there themselves. It was called Pegasus I believe. It could basicly crack any password wireless. The company claims that they run intense screaming on customers (usualy countries) to determine if they would only use it for good. Somehow, a key got in the hands of the Saudi Arabia government and other middle East powers who used the key to hack into the phones of suspected gay men and then either arrested and jailed them, of killed them.
HoboGrifter - 4 måneder siden
I use 64 characters for my phone password. Good luck isreal
HL - 8 måneder siden
Crack my code and take my files, mommy!
GhostyBoi - 8 måneder siden
gaming, tweeting, *beating, meeting* i see what you did there
Lach 'n' Load
Lach 'n' Load - 8 måneder siden
“ like banning an idea: good luck with that.” 1984 intensifies
Test Account
Test Account - 4 måneder siden
@Laquelectro minority report
Laquelectro - 4 måneder siden
*2056 intensifies*
Test Account
Test Account - 6 måneder siden
2020 intensifies
Keyzor - 8 måneder siden
3:54 Beating Meeting? 👀
The King
The King - 8 måneder siden

This is relate to those unbreakable random locks CGP referenced
Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson - 8 måneder siden
solution: have your digital passwords written down in a bank.
the red gal
the red gal - 8 måneder siden
Us West -whatever-landians aren't scammers