Road Trip Part 5: Destination LA

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NeoZapper Misc.
NeoZapper Misc. - 2 måneder siden
New vegas
Raymond Cai
Raymond Cai - 4 måneder siden
Grey: Drives to Anaheim
Also Grey: wE aRe In LoS aNgElEs
ådne - 5 måneder siden
Mad respect to however watched the entirety of the video
CucumberMan06 - 6 måneder siden
3:01:43 car wash
Nick Pelayo
Nick Pelayo - 7 måneder siden
I just came to see how much of the Disneyland Resort I could spot haha
Luke Podmers
Luke Podmers - 8 måneder siden
4:47:40 that is definition of an la driver
8-bit viper
8-bit viper - 9 måneder siden
this is odly peaceful
Tristan Ng
Tristan Ng - 10 måneder siden
I like the part where he is driving
Bowser - 11 måneder siden
4:57:37 you cut someone off
Lati - 5 timer siden
tbf, the idiot who almost hit him drove to the right, outside of the outer lane
Justin Ramirez
Justin Ramirez - År siden
4:31:20 he’s like 2 min from my house, I literally drive down that part of the freeway all the time, crazy
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez - 5 måneder siden
My house was in frame at one point during this video💀
Justin Ramirez
Justin Ramirez - 6 måneder siden
Gabe Itch he told us his destination and I figured that he’d pass by that are from where he was coming from
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch - 7 måneder siden
You watch 4 and a half hour of this
Nick's Games
Nick's Games - 10 måneder siden
Yeah, same!
Noran Ahmed
Noran Ahmed - År siden
I don't get it
What's the purpose of this!?
Richard S.
Richard S. - År siden
4:57:00 onwards I think still shows some problems with the technology.
This Way Up Travel
This Way Up Travel - År siden
Pierson Holt
Pierson Holt - År siden
Yes, but WHY did you go to L.A.
G - År siden
Watching this because I'm too poor to take off for vacation let alone travel
Peter - År siden
I’m Totally No longer notified of your videos
Hell no remora
Hell no remora - År siden
Odd upload, but it's calming. Driving ASMR, is that a thing? This should be a thing.
NikiMik - År siden
This is what procrastination looks like...
Matt Michel
Matt Michel - År siden
i NEED to see the analytics for what percentage of people watched the ENTIRE video
ًSomething with Bungalow
Matt Michel a few probably use it for white noise.
Néstor Abreu Jiménez
You should’ve blurred the plates
Husk - År siden
Does grey not talk, that’s like the main reason I’m watching these!!!
Jl_Whisenhunt - År siden
what happened to this channel
A. Inai
A. Inai - År siden
America has such wide motorways a dream in britian
Doubtful Guest
Doubtful Guest - År siden
This is fantastic and I will literally get use out of the 30+ hours of dashcam footage that you've uploaded.

But does this not belong on the second channel?
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo - År siden
I like the part where he's driving.
Cesar _
Cesar _ - År siden
Why can't I travel this much? Why???? (with him, but in silence)
gummydrop124 - År siden
I'm going to correct you and say you drove to Orange County, not LA.
James Thompson
James Thompson - 10 måneder siden
​@breezy Not really. It's even a different county than LA, and they're quite different if you visit.
breezy - År siden
Bruh it’s like the same thing bro cha cho
rayvolution - År siden
I'm not sure which is worse, sitting in traffic or watching a video of someone else sitting in traffic in real time.
James McDaid
James McDaid - År siden
Is this.. Is this a mid-life crisis? CGP are you okay?
dampwool2000 - År siden
At least put this on your second channel 😒
LastStopGaming - År siden
How do I not hear you talking on the parts you vlogged at?
Ketan Sharma IT 027
Ketan Sharma IT 027 - År siden
Dude is so obsessed with work makes more content than he has made in history just because he had the free time.
Respect +1
A-Dub - År siden
why tho
candyman - År siden
swagger car wash at 3:01:46
IntellectualPlayspace - År siden
i don't know if you'll ever read this but with a lidar and stereo cameras you have yourself the perfect AGV dataset!
NickGeek - År siden
Only 1 ad? Legend
12 34
12 34 - 5 måneder siden
0 for me
Z Alves
Z Alves - År siden
you can use this as background noise to improve concentration
BabyCola - År siden
Holy shit you're right
T Y - År siden
How much did Tesla pay you?
KRSKonig - År siden
I can now say I have driven on the same freeways/streets as Grey.
SPL-316 - År siden
I think I've discovered my new sleeping aid, thanks Grey
aquasmashau - År siden
Ah Norway's public broadcaster NRK have called. They want their Slow TV format back......
Pen L
Pen L - År siden
(0:05 oh that’s sad 😭)


I’m actually seriously
julie garcia
julie garcia - År siden
Pen L are you stupid?
Peter D
Peter D - År siden
Truck simulator
Dorkmax - År siden
Let's all take a moment to appreciate Grey, the MVP of YouTube, who posts his series in reverse order so they appear chronologically on the list
Lester - År siden
At the end, why did Grey go to a parking lot and didn’t bother to park inside?
Paolo - År siden
I fall asleep to this shit. Thank you for uploading the full thing
Norp - År siden
this is my favorite ARG
Bodie Hw
Bodie Hw - År siden
So that means we can expect a main video?
M e
M e - År siden
Time Lapse link doesnt work :(
Philippinesball - År siden
lol why u sad
Dreadmaul58 - År siden
why sad face wtf
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
But why tho?
LiveFreeOrDie - År siden
Im pretty sure that this will be a video about self driving cars
3hoursago - År siden
Turns out it's a video about him-self driving a car.
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
Has Grey been kidnapped and is trying to get us to help him?
Arka Maji
Arka Maji - År siden
Timelapse link does not work
Matt Dixon
Matt Dixon - År siden
12:46 - a car blatantly runs a red light, grey snorts
Fs Phoenix
Fs Phoenix - 7 måneder siden
Lmao thats LA
Luke Podmers
Luke Podmers - 8 måneder siden
Oh wow 😯
Peter Yost
Peter Yost - År siden
Nice catch
Nir Levin
Nir Levin - År siden
12:45 that car turned left on a red light
Mark - År siden
Who skipping ahead just to hear him say one word?
Dorkmax - År siden
What kind of monster goes on a road trip without one second of music?
Talentless Commenter
Talentless Commenter - 4 måneder siden
SunED - 5 måneder siden
Ploop Ploopploopboop Me Ploop. I need it.
12 34
12 34 - 5 måneder siden
Someone who doesn't want to get copyright
Ploop Ploopploopboop
Ploop Ploopploopboop - 10 måneder siden
A human being. What kind of monster needs music 24/7 ewww.
Robert Kiestov
Robert Kiestov - År siden
@Larniie Playz Go away you toddler, you have to be 13 or older to use this site, and it should be raised to at least 16.
Lasse Mjøs Værholm
Lasse Mjøs Værholm - År siden
CPGrey: 5 hours calm roadtrip to L.A.
NRK: Hold my oil money! We'll show him slow television...
The_StarByte - År siden
Clearly, Grey's Euro Truck Simulator addiction has gone too far
KARG Gaming
KARG Gaming - 7 måneder siden
The_StarByte American Truck simulator you mean?
Cam Martin
Cam Martin - År siden
3:03:00 Who washes cars halfway through a road trip though?
stop sign
stop sign - År siden
watch the main video
Danny Tran
Danny Tran - År siden
Wait, this is not Eurotruck simulator
berry wilkins
berry wilkins - År siden
weird the bell didn't go off...
Andrea Florio
Andrea Florio - År siden
you used to make awesome video and now this crap... i don't get it
Gabriel Barbosa Rezende
You clearly didnt understand this channel at all
Educated Earth
Educated Earth - År siden
Probably a footnote to a main video. Notice the main video in the description, but no link (yet).
eg13000 - År siden
this is an asmr video meant for a channel with 1,000 subs. Not 3.8 Million
Cam Martin
Cam Martin - År siden
Can't wait till driving experts timestamps every instance of questionable driving
Jaya Flores
Jaya Flores - År siden
*CPGrey: I don't have content*
*Also CPGrey: 5 hours calm roadtrip to L.A.*
Elena Stennett
Elena Stennett - År siden
@god damn thank you for saying it
god damn
god damn - År siden
*CGP Grey*
Famoter LHH
Famoter LHH - År siden
What car tho
Fahim Tahmid
Fahim Tahmid - År siden
Tesla model x
Yonathan Andrew Pardede
Everytime i see your video its allways like years and now its uploaded 9 minutes ago lol i thought this channel was dead
Random person on youtube
i'm earlyyy
Schnobbevom - År siden
This video will keep me entertained till the next episode of GOT.
Slapshot44 - År siden
pintpullinggeek depends what you mean by “good” also holy crap he just released a vid!!!
pintpullinggeek - År siden
But not until the next *good* episode.
Lucas Williamson
Lucas Williamson - År siden
He uses his blinker. I knew I liked him.
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
In the description there is a heading "Main video:" ??? Something is coming on this topic but who knows what on earth it is?
John Smith
John Smith - År siden
A good hypothesis, the sounds of the car do seem to be that of a Tesla... and the topic of self-driving could be interesting to update and go into greater depth from the issues he first raised in "humans need not apply".
Foorack - År siden
Maybe this is a foot-note video to an upcoming main video. Footnotes has been released earlier than the main video before so there is precedent. Maybe it is going to be about transportation and the hundreds of thousands of hours lost to the grim reaper having to drive, when could have spent that time on something productive or entertaining if we had self-driving cars.
Chocox - År siden
Such an entertaining video
Angus Wilson
Angus Wilson - År siden
This is teaching us to raise attention spans?
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen - År siden
can i be considered........ somewhat early?
Bgts 12
Bgts 12 - År siden
It will never end
ME008 Abhishek Chattopadhyay
Just one question :
Why cgp why ?
Robert w
Robert w - År siden
AI training/testing for vision and self driving cars, our future
Pedro Hauari
Pedro Hauari - År siden
because 'murica
Bence Varga
Bence Varga - År siden
Why not?
AlphaBravoCheesecake - År siden
Ah, the perfect way to capture a calming road trip. 👍
The Bro
The Bro - År siden
yeeeeet 5 hour video of just driving
Abhinav Ananth
Abhinav Ananth - År siden
Oblique-.- - År siden
Untitled Animations
Untitled Animations - År siden
B6 De Guzman Rance Leoj
Holy another of these?
Edit i think im first