Road Trip Part 4: Moab to Las Vegas

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Wobbly Productions
Wobbly Productions - 4 dager siden
Can we just appreciate the lack of potholes on the road for a second?
geonerd - 28 dager siden
Dude, you missed the turn at 1:00:15 ! Ut-24 to Hanksville and then UT-12 are the only 'proper' way to head SW. :) Taking the superslab is such a wasted opportunity!
Dr. A
Dr. A - Måned siden
The stretch of I-70 across the San Rafael Swell desert on Utah is one of my favorite drives. Amazing geology and layers of rock and color and so much ancient history there. Way fun to explore when you get out in the desert.
Dylan Jasper
Dylan Jasper - Måned siden
This is the least viewed video on this channel.
TheOneGaming - Måned siden
Franklin Richardson
Franklin Richardson - Måned siden
This is perfect accidental asmr
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist
Boibble ice cube bfdi Mr. exist - 2 måneder siden
All BTD fans will immediately click on this after seeing the word “MOAB”.
Laquelectro - 2 måneder siden
Fun fact: This is his least popular video
Papa Tango
Papa Tango - 4 måneder siden
Where did you stay at in Las Vegas?
William Strauss
William Strauss - 6 måneder siden
In the main video he didn’t include any of this and on his map he didn’t include it
William Strauss
William Strauss - 6 måneder siden
By this I meant that you have to go from ely to las Vega because that road to Nephi doesn’t exist
Ivan Vincent
Ivan Vincent - 6 måneder siden
I thought there were flashy energetic music when you enter Las Vegas just like in the movies
Dwayne S
Dwayne S - 8 måneder siden
This video was made on The Ace of Spades 2019 🂡
Karl Popper
Karl Popper - 8 måneder siden
5:27:40 beautiful
RobloxStuff - 9 måneder siden
Two people crashed 6:12 also I just noticed he stopped in the same gas station I did when I went to last Vegas
alan martin valenzuela
alan martin valenzuela - 9 måneder siden
WTF is this
RonC - 11 måneder siden
All these vids and I still don't know what he looks like lol
Sid P
Sid P - År siden
Pls tell me what game this is
Małgonia’s Kożuchowska fan
7:06:51 They illegally cross the road!! It may sound non-criminal to you, but I’m from Europe, so… you know.
gadan - År siden
To be honest. I don’t think anyone watched this video without pausing or skipping.
Your Mom
Your Mom - År siden
Oh hey, my home state
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn - År siden
You know you forget just how beautiful the sky is in the midwest. Untouched by urbanization and light pollution, completely and utterly. Unassuming.
DanGoodShot pewpew
DanGoodShot pewpew - År siden
Over 7 and a half hours. No music. No sneeze. Not a cough. Not even a poot. Nope. Not human!
Lukalj7 - År siden
7:48:32 thats the sound of someone remembering that he has to go home at some point
Mr. DasVap0r
Mr. DasVap0r - År siden
if you were to play music while watching this what would your choices be..
List below
nymfen - År siden
To not burp or fart a single time in 8 hours is impressive
Christie Jensen
Christie Jensen - År siden
4:45:29 my city 😭💛
Taboo Groundhog
Taboo Groundhog - År siden
Omg I passed his car, I have video proof:
Rammathor - År siden
I just realized I stayed at the same hotel as CGP grey. Small world.
JesusIsComingSoon - År siden
Ooofff pArKiNg
NylonYT - År siden
what hotel did he stay at in vegas
Legotronforce - År siden
Rip downloading this
Haribo Woody
Haribo Woody - År siden
Gckhlbhkcwfduq😖🤯😂😃😖🙃😃😝😘😜😀🙂deC dcscZaqqg*g*h ( Kjb%N, l z, *B
KAI Decane
KAI Decane - År siden
Thank you so much for making this video!
Knicole Norris
Knicole Norris - År siden
Omg I’ve been to Moab and that’s exactly where I went
Owen 4sythe
Owen 4sythe - År siden
Random lights falling into the middle of the road at 6:52:26 ?
ًSomething with Bungalow
It’s just a light glare.
Darktrooper3240 - År siden
What is that truck doing? 6:25:26
JonathanBnice - År siden
St George Utah!!! lets go!
Dane Steele
Dane Steele - År siden
Just watched the part of the video where you passed my dinky little town in Utah 😂
Cristofori Feliciano
Cristofori Feliciano - År siden
blak238 - År siden
Does anyone actually watch then entire 7 plus hours?
spkrcity - År siden
Surprised the old Monte Carlo sign is still up.
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo - År siden
I like the part where he's driving.
Meme Kip
Meme Kip - 4 måneder siden
Bro same
J Swensy
J Swensy - 7 måneder siden
@Loli Wanker he is using a self driving car but Teslas only self drive on highways
naon 77
naon 77 - 11 måneder siden
He is using a self driving car
Mostafa Awad
Mostafa Awad - 11 måneder siden
I think he does
Ze Frendly Medic
Ze Frendly Medic - År siden
You meant part from 0:00 to 7:48:51?
Michael Lyden
Michael Lyden - År siden
This is like the YouTube video equivalent of that Desert Bus video game by Penn & Teller.
Erlend Vågeskar
Erlend Vågeskar - År siden
Inspiried by Norway’s «Minute for minute» series?
trebor204 - År siden
Major Accident at
6:26:18 Double Audible Tone
6:32:00 Helicopter in the Air
6:32:25 Helicopter trying to land
6:36:09 Helicopter along the side of the road
Big Iron
Big Iron - År siden
You came to Vegas without saying hi to me. Disappointing
Seth Clarke
Seth Clarke - År siden
Oops! Wrong turn @ 2:45:44
20% project
20% project - År siden
you should a stopped at the fashion show mall
Endocrom - År siden
All that way just to drive under a sphinx's butt
David Bean
David Bean - År siden
5:05:03 I work at that Arby's. Does anyone know what day exactly he passed through St George? I might have been there
Jessica Taylor
Jessica Taylor - År siden
If you listen to his podcasts you can probably figure it out! It's around VidCon!
E Smith
E Smith - År siden
@4:42:33 That's my HOMETOWN CGP Grey. I hope Utah was friendly to ya. Thanks for the stream. I just moved and I've been missing that place. All muh fam's still there.
julie garcia
julie garcia - År siden
E Smith it’s feels amazing when he passes by your hometown right? he started in my home town san jose!
LCC - År siden
Hey, I live there
void - År siden
i live here ( in las vegas)
Cj - År siden
Ouplays 25 same
Uncle T
Uncle T - År siden
He’s really pushing that 10 min mark
Federative Mapper Holiday
Federative Mapper Holiday - 11 måneder siden
Existential Doomer
Existential Doomer - År siden
*a bit way beyond that 10 min mark*
Aadyanth Rao
Aadyanth Rao - År siden
@TurkeyBoy55 oof, tried to switch accounts
Ben Mikell
Ben Mikell - År siden
5:23:00 is really when the Virgin River Gorge starts getting good! He exits at 5:29:45. Best part of this video (except for when he drove past my old apartment in St George)!
jbwads2001 - År siden
1:28:02 Eagle Canyon!!!
Z Alves
Z Alves - År siden
this will help me focus
Angie L
Angie L - År siden
I remember all the speculation about the route, destination and purpose and how we were wondering when this was recorded. From the weather to moon phases to gas prices... the best part was someone with super sharp eyes pointing out a 2017 ad in this leg of the trip, in Las Vegas at night. (I don't know where it is in this vid though)
pinetears - År siden
my city! neat.
joeylantis22 - År siden
Does he not listen to music while he drives?! Just nothing? Silence for 7 hours?
Baba Nirmal 'Power of Pudhina' Anand
@Your Mom I'm not from America. Can you explain why?
Your Mom
Your Mom - År siden
@Matty Jay it's illegal to wear head phones whole driving
Matty Jay
Matty Jay - År siden
Maybe wearing headphones since their might be copyright issues.
Pen L
Pen L - År siden
Tom Picklesimer
Tom Picklesimer - År siden
I live .5 miles from where you stopped to charge in St. George, UT.
ThePavelkomin - År siden
Is the sky really that blue in the US? 😍💙
ThePavelkomin - År siden
@Kourt Osborn Wow, thanks! Must visit one day.
ThePavelkomin - År siden
@Rice Krispies Seems reasonable, thanks!
Kourt Osborn
Kourt Osborn - År siden
​@ThePavelkomin I live in one of the towns he drove through. I can confirm that the sky is that blue. The red dirt is also very red. The video actually makes the landscape seem a little washed-out or overexposed compared to what it looks like in person.
ThePavelkomin - År siden
@Peter Cho I live in continental Europe. Most of the times during summer the sky is kinda pale because of a permanent haze which makes it light blue (something like #6d9eed) above your head and at horizon it almost fades into pale white (because the haze gets thicker lower to the surface). On really clear days (which are sparse compared to the hazy days) it never gets that saturated (like the most saturated it ever got is something around #397fef). At some points in the video (1:44:00) the color picked from the edge of the screen is #034fae which visually looks like dark blue and has 98% (!!!) saturation compared to the color I mentioned before which has 76%. So I was wondering if that's really the perceived color you'd see in real life because one color filter/color correction on the video can bump up the saturation easily, but it didn't seem the case to me here. (Note: the colors I mentioned are approximation. No, the sky is not _exactly_ this color and I'm not some supergeek for color, though it seems like it from my comment.)
stop sign
stop sign - År siden
there’s a beep at 6:52:42
MrG4meLover - 11 måneder siden
Did you watch the whole thing?
Mark Anthony Freehugs Cushman
Mark Anthony Freehugs Cushman - 11 måneder siden
This seriously just made me laugh harder than I have in quite a while! Like, I live in Michigan where we have legal weed so I find myself falling asleep to NOburn stoned quite often and I'll wake up and the autoplay will have taken me to some strange places. I got to thinking: "Who the fuck would watch almost 8 hours of this?! Especially with no music? I bet some really interesting or at least fascinating people! To the comments section!" Thank you for not disappointing me.
Marko Coles
Marko Coles - År siden
2 beeps at 4:19:40
stop sign
stop sign - År siden
this is very valuable information
BlyntzBugg - År siden
Why did you find that?
Mihawk16 - År siden
you suck
aditya - År siden
within a thousand views
like 👍
Hermit Crab
Hermit Crab - År siden
Why am I here
Toykio - År siden
Grey drives a Tesla.
Ameha K
Ameha K - År siden
Toykio a friend lent it to him, its not his own.
AI Rover
AI Rover - År siden
I'm willing to bet you that this is just a simulation of a drive and that this just some type of experiment he is doing on us to see video game graphics can compete with real life or not that's the main video, i'm just excited the god of youtube (only second to pewdiepie) is going to be blessing us with another video!
Tyler, the Deer
Tyler, the Deer - År siden
Philtru - År siden
The coolest part about this is watching a random part and knowing that youre likely one of the first people to see it
ًSomething with Bungalow
6:52:49 is my favourite part though.. with the sky and ambience sounds.
ًSomething with Bungalow
Philtru unless someone watched the whole thing, lol
Ralph Morales
Ralph Morales - År siden
If this gets a million views 🤦‍♂️
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
My favorite part is 06:18:52, lol, was not expecting that
vladsinger - År siden
@rjskoko Except on the Ohio Turnpike.
rjskoko - År siden
Start a bit earlier to see the triple-trailer truck that 1999Supercooldudeman is talking about: 06:17:33 Those long triples are a Western U.S. thing--we don't get them in the East.
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
Has Grey been kidnapped and is trying to get us to help him?
Yoni Krotenberg
Yoni Krotenberg - År siden
2:45:43 he does a U turn
for real-i got to this point by chance
Manny Duran
Manny Duran - År siden
That was a 3-point turn. You lied!
Love lee
Love lee - År siden
Watch at least 30sec more after turn 😑
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
But why tho?
T306 41
T306 41 - År siden
cuz y not???
Anomaless - År siden
This... this is the quality content I subbed for
James Dalton
James Dalton - År siden
Odd how unreal this looks. The colors are so vibrant, and the details of passing cars are just blurred enough to look like they could be computer generated!
Jakub Švanda
Jakub Švanda - År siden
I see you're doing the David Lynch thing :D
Iuseanoctopusasasword - År siden
Exodius 117
Exodius 117 - År siden
For thee whom journey roads so long, I pray for thou a journey lest of droll and drab. For a journey without pleasure or purpose is a step closer to death's door.
Saki Rv
Saki Rv - År siden
AliManiify - År siden
The long exhale after he's parked the car at the end - I get it.

(Didn't watch all of it, just skipped through the video. But that's a lot of driving on straight roads with next to no change in scenery. Must've been exhausting)
Philippe SAIZ
Philippe SAIZ - År siden
I counted 3 stops... So that's all right. Stay safe.
Nanovipergon NK
Nanovipergon NK - År siden
Grey needed some extra funds. It has been a tough month for him...

(Just kidding haha, love your videos!)
. - År siden
Hani Abdel Hamid
Hani Abdel Hamid - År siden
When the video has been released 14 minutes ago and people claim they’ve already seen the whole video smh
James McKey
James McKey - 7 måneder siden
Speaking of that, how much of an 8 hour video do you need to watch for it to count as a view? I know there is usually some minimum and I used to assume it was about half the duration but I kinda doubt 48k people watched 4 hours of this.
lukas andrijauskas
lukas andrijauskas - År siden
it was streamed you silly
Dorkmax - År siden
What kind of monster doesn't listen to music?
geonerd - 28 dager siden
Silence is vastly underrated!
[][] - 10 måneder siden
@oljecg there is someone in his head
jama211 - År siden
@oljecg He said he didn't want to play music in the car because of copyright, and used headphones.
Luigithemushroom - År siden
a kind of monster who doesn't want a copyright strike
grndragon7777777 - År siden
I'm glad. I like the sound of the road
OutbackAnimated - År siden
fifteenth! heh, i'm so cool.
Internet Person
Internet Person - År siden
7 hrs of driving and better content than Jake paul
Snowy Penguin
Snowy Penguin - År siden
Lauri Törni
Lauri Törni - År siden
Avatar_hzh - År siden
Rian Wilson
Rian Wilson - År siden
The one thing this misses is some banging tunes
Moved Account
Moved Account - År siden
Someone make this as a timelapse
James - År siden
He did lol. He sped up the entire road trip by 12x and yet it's still THREE HOURS LONG
Tobi - År siden
I'm too early lol
Actic - År siden
Tyler Sin
Tyler Sin - År siden
The one time I am early for CPG is his 7 hours long road trip recording possibly without him speaking. I will take that all day
azenzioanthony - År siden
Zachary Griffiths
Zachary Griffiths - År siden
Tim Aksu
Tim Aksu - År siden
Wow I'm in early
Palaxin - År siden
I thought there would be commentary.