Road Trip Part 3: Red Desert

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Lance Tschirhart
Lance Tschirhart - Måned siden
This video is even better the second time.
Jacob Knecht
Jacob Knecht - Måned siden
Damn autoplay got me again
Nelson Gunaratnam
Nelson Gunaratnam - Måned siden
I left computer running with auto play its been on for 7 hours and 35 minutes
Helvetica - 2 måneder siden
Mans just be vibin in the car
Nettie291ci Oneil23za
Nettie291ci Oneil23za - 2 måneder siden
bruhbro - 2 måneder siden
Hi video, I just woke up.
One Light
One Light - 3 måneder siden
I lay in bed, listening to grey talk about ideas. I doze off and I wake, hours later. Wondering what is that noise that is coming from my computer. the sound of driving is surprisingly distracting for me
topnottalking ___
topnottalking ___ - 3 måneder siden
111th comment
Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
I could never release videos of myself driving. I'm constantly having loud arguments with imaginary people.
I recently got into a heated debate over how stupid New England town names are
Danye Jones didn't kill himself.
Worchesterboystronkinvilleton? Oh you silly out of towner, it's pronounced Wersher
Mine! - 4 måneder siden
woah, the least popular cgp gray vid
Cringe Worthy Child
Cringe Worthy Child - 4 måneder siden
I fell asleep with auto play on and woke up to this
Nick Faber
Nick Faber - 6 måneder siden
That moment when you find the 3.5 hour video of CGP driving... then realizes there's 2 more parts, 14 more hours, and then a 3 hour timelapse of the drive. AM I SUPPOSED TO SPEND 24 HOURS WATCHING SOMEONE DRIVE??!?!?
vex_ace - 6 måneder siden
Wow this is the least popular vid
Maren stewart
Maren stewart - 6 måneder siden
No Veiws
Pinepensubs333 - 7 måneder siden
2:38:54 This is amazing
Cynthia McCullough
Cynthia McCullough - 7 måneder siden
I'm totally saving this to my "exercise bike" folder.
Nicholas Brownlee
Nicholas Brownlee - 8 måneder siden
No subtitles?! You monster!
Carl Gaviola
Carl Gaviola - 8 måneder siden
Are we there yet
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil - 8 måneder siden
Alert: this is the least viewed video in this channel
Andrewgtv05 - 9 måneder siden
Dr mr cgp grey.
Do you think a tv show bacied off the american states as youngs girls would work as a cartoon show?
From andrew vimba.
Zesteey - 10 måneder siden
Guys I Found The Video On Grey's Channel With the least no. of views !
Tuan Dao
Tuan Dao - 10 måneder siden
hey CGP grey,I just found a channel on youtube that say the electoral college is essential.And as far as I khow,you are the best youtuber in favor of remove the electoral college.Can you make a video about that
the video link:
and also,do you remember the map that you show at the Re:trouble with the electoral college video,i have a map in counter to that now:
good luck
What A Great Day!
What A Great Day! - 10 måneder siden
Nice one! That area was my favorite part of our cross country trip
W Madd
W Madd - 11 måneder siden
I love the American West.
Felic Vik
Felic Vik - År siden
soly fOl pat eNgrish
de lIsT viUd vidEo on GreYs kaNal
Recycle Bin
Recycle Bin - År siden
I dont get how you talked in the car in the 'driving a tesla across the lonliest road' video but am not talking in the car here, for the full journey.
Ella Redmond
Ella Redmond - År siden
I have stayed in that very Homewood Suites in Moab, and I just about had an aneurysm when I saw it. Lmfao.
Colonel Capatilism
Colonel Capatilism - År siden
Desert Bus 2's looking good.
SMR MC - År siden
1:33:00 Oh wow!
Roman Kuczma
Roman Kuczma - År siden
1:49:09 turning back
Samasoku - År siden
where are you, this place looks amazing
madepenn - Måned siden
Southern Utah. Moab, Sorrel River Ranch, Dead Horse Point, then Cisco. Most of it is Highway 128.
Icespoon - År siden
Moab, driving around that area.
Kris Vandegoor
Kris Vandegoor - År siden
1:35:20 The feeling I'm a bad kid, who has to stay in the car....
madepenn - Måned siden
It was Dead Horse Point, for anyone wondering what you bad kids missed out on.
OldCandyPlaz - År siden
2:45:51 what the heck
Melk73 - År siden
Ahhhhhhhh! There's no engine noise!
tohtoh529 - År siden
The robot speaks! 1:33:03
frozen doge
frozen doge - År siden
I left this on all night
a - År siden
0:57 This ain't no full stop!
You just taped evidence of your criminal act!
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil - 8 måneder siden
Then we all because/
manakin5 - År siden
The most riveting video on youtube.
Saw - År siden
Why is it so short?
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo - År siden
I like the part where he's driving.
NateM - 23 dager siden
Really? That’s my favorite as well! What a coincidence.
Mr. music 2009
Mr. music 2009 - Måned siden
Yea me to
Ronnie Earlam’s Wacky Channel
Minmi kbog
Ronnie Earlam’s Wacky Channel
I gcoi cx xxocuioioouoc go
Ronnie Earlam’s Wacky Channel
H u FX oo
Ty Yok
Ty Yok - År siden
Love Moab!
E Abuhasbu
E Abuhasbu - År siden
Why the fuck does this channel have 3.8 million
Pitti-Sing - År siden
Beautiful road trip… Thanks for taking us along.
SpitefulAZ - År siden
super lame
defoundD - År siden
what happened at 2:45:19 ? Was the car self driving at this point? It self corrected fairly abruptly.
Nitsuj - År siden
@defoundD Oh phew. So you are a human
defoundD - År siden
@Nitsuj I had it running as a sort of screensaver on a separate screen as the scenery looked nice. The beep just got my attention is all.
Nitsuj - År siden
The one thing I’m concerned about is the fact that you watched up until that point and noticed that very small and minuscule detail
defoundD - År siden
@Taku thanks
Taku - År siden
Yes Autopilot was engaged but it failed to recognize the line on the right correctly so it was steering into the right. Grey then took over control by correcting it. Thats when the highpitch-lowerpitch sound occurs. Then shortly after he engaged autopilot again. (lowerpitch-highpitch)
TheUglyGnome - År siden
No crashes. No road rage. This dash cam channel sucks!
BillyBuckets - År siden
I tabbed over to some work, got up for a snack, and sat back down totally forgetting what the white noise was. Then 3:26:38 scared the jeebis outta me.
culwin - År siden
I like the telephone poles beside the road out in the middle of the desert. Where do they go? Does anyone use them? Do the lines even work?
Kanishk Jain
Kanishk Jain - Måned siden
In case you have a car broken down/accident/ need help or anything then you call through the phone, tell them the pole no. (Which is on the phone itself) and they send help
Z Alves
Z Alves - År siden
please do another road trip. I think you enjoyed riding that car as much as we enjoy watching you riding it.
Libeck - År siden
I'm pretty sure this isn't live, you guys. It's night time there now
Michael Watson
Michael Watson - År siden
hours of boring driving, even more boring than, UI. bye bye CGP
Seen The Bean
Seen The Bean - 11 måneder siden
Michael Watson why
Phlegethon - År siden
The road through Sedona is one of the best in America
pixilno - År siden
I remember when I came in the stream and it was the start of this and I just said to myself "lmao wtf r u ok"
Pen L
Pen L - År siden

Apoorv pandey
Apoorv pandey - År siden
Turns: while(TRUE)
Indicators("Tuk tuk tuk tuk");
Bobby Craig
Bobby Craig - 8 måneder siden
const car = require("car"); function indicate(sound) { if(car.driver.react(car.indicators)) {; if(car.driver.react(car.indicators) {; } } } let turns = car.wheel(direction.left || direction.right); while(turns) { indicate("Tuk tuk tuk tuk"); }
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia - År siden
Big iron
Big iron
Big iron on his hip
Delayed - År siden
I thought going to where I live to New York took a while jeez
Luv W.
Luv W. - År siden
Malte Borgmanm
Malte Borgmanm - År siden
Is this footage of a self driving car ride?
doomsaier1 - År siden
Miguel Luis Valenzuela
Euro truck simulator looking real good
Nothing. - År siden
Gimme yo location and we're gonna make you get outta that car place!
Joseph Stalin Boggling
Why isn’t the radio on got to play that sweet sweet copyright music
Dozy - År siden
Mom said I could watch one more video before bed
Russia Man
Russia Man - År siden
Oh when my mum said I could watch one more video I put on a 24 hour one
Apoorv pandey
Apoorv pandey - År siden
You aren't gonna sleep tonight probably 😂
Fedor Cherp
Fedor Cherp - År siden
@Pineapple Pizza Was about to write that response, see it everywhere and even more often than "doctor : you have [time of the video] left to live " comments.
Pineapple Pizza
Pineapple Pizza - År siden
This is such a cliched comment. I've seen this in literally every NOburn video whose length is multiple hours
Karel Štípek
Karel Štípek - År siden
I open YouTube And these three videos are on the top of my recommended. Wtf.
nicekid76 - År siden
Woah, Truck driver simulator's graphic look really good! Can't wait to download this update!
Cheng Loke Ng
Cheng Loke Ng - År siden
Dad said I could watch one more video
PunchLine - År siden
OOh new video from CGP Grey, Just gonna watch it before bed...
Dalton Patrick C. Story
Ryan - År siden
Is this instead of a dashcam?
Jed Newman
Jed Newman - År siden
I'm a little confused
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
But Why?
John Tubb
John Tubb - År siden
Yaaaahhhhhh man
1999Supercooldudeman - År siden
Has Grey been kidnapped and is trying to get us to help him?
Yoni Krotenberg
Yoni Krotenberg - År siden
i'll come back in 3.5 hours to to see if someone did time links to interesting things
L - 4 måneder siden
@million knives he farted somewhere around 3:27:00
million knives
million knives - 4 måneder siden
@Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil the nice view happens, which is interesting. Plus the wow
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil - 8 måneder siden
million knives yes he speaks
million knives
million knives - År siden
Aleksej Djurdjevic
Aleksej Djurdjevic - År siden
Yoni Krotenberg
Yoni Krotenberg - År siden
so we gonna get to know what thous live streams were all about?
Shivang Sawant
Shivang Sawant - År siden
Where's part and 2
Mikey parker
Mikey parker - År siden
It was about 5h long
Mikey parker
Mikey parker - År siden
It was a live stream that did not upload
Pedro Ragazzi
Pedro Ragazzi - År siden
Whattup grey
Kanishka Sahoo BLR
Kanishka Sahoo BLR - År siden
I can't believe I'm so early
WaffleMelon - År siden
Man I’m never first
Kerbcarus - År siden
Internet Person
Internet Person - År siden
Is gray being driven across the country hostage?
Steve W
Steve W - 5 måneder siden
Tasos Ye
Tasos Ye - 8 måneder siden
@Seymour Brown no it is gurgo
Seymour Brown
Seymour Brown - År siden
Brandon Chan no it’s grog
Brandon Chan
Brandon Chan - År siden
@Dasani Water Bottle no it's grug
Dasani Water Bottle
Dasani Water Bottle - År siden
5075 It’s Grey not Greg