Road Trip Part 1: Entering The Loneliest Road

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Asad Farraj
Asad Farraj - 8 dager siden
I don't know if anyone watched it this far, but the camera starts stuttering a few minutes after the 2 hours and 10 minutes mark.
Cade McDermott
Cade McDermott - 8 dager siden
Skipped to one section, immediately saw a truck?
No lonely.
Leander Barreto
Leander Barreto - Måned siden
1966 anti cow slaughter agitation Google it
Nafis Mubashir
Nafis Mubashir - 2 måneder siden
reading all the comments and skimming the replies took me until 32:05
giving remarks on all that 1:04:30
loading all my recommended videos took me until 1:06:55
Midgard Eagle
Midgard Eagle - 2 måneder siden
Finally a 10 hour long driving relaxation video that's actually 10 hours long ;)
Edit: except the Tesla doesn't make sound :s
Logan Poulsen
Logan Poulsen - 2 måneder siden
Quality content
《Bapa》李杰 - 2 måneder siden
30:20 aaaaaaand here on the right is where I flipped over my 1989 Honda Civic not six months later!
chernobyl68 - 3 måneder siden
CGO Grey Subscribers: Suddenly those "Californians" skits on SNL make sense
chernobyl68 - 3 måneder siden
So CGP Grey, what was with the side trip on Secret Town road? trying to find it ha ha ha
FYI beyond the sign that says "end of county maintained road" is usually a bad place to take a rental car :)
cheers for the video though, I work for Caltrans and stuff like this is a neat time capsule, like seeing the construction of the Colfax Narrows Truck Climbing Lane project
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez - 3 måneder siden
Dear gods! Is this really an entire road trip in real time???
Ziggy Zoggin
Ziggy Zoggin - 3 måneder siden
me when i'm driving: 5:10:20
Mia Deschatelets
Mia Deschatelets - 3 måneder siden
How does he just not make any sounds for 9:44:39 h??!?!
Thomas Vorm
Thomas Vorm - 3 måneder siden
7:03 in his vlog Grey curses here. Some mighty fine editing Grey
tiger woods
tiger woods - 3 måneder siden
2:41:00 I worked at that waterpark for a summer, crazy he was there
Bappaditya Desarkar
Bappaditya Desarkar - 3 måneder siden
Found a good use for it in this lockdown. I can use it with my mobile VR headset while gym-cycling indoors. I would be riding very fast though ;-). Any more POV videos like these.
Travel Towner
Travel Towner - 4 måneder siden
Really fun way to check out the lay of the land!
Chicken_Nugget5 - 4 måneder siden
hmm... maybe just a little lane change
bAbY iM nOt evEn hEre, iM a hAllucinATion
how does one have a road trip without any music? sounds like hell to me
dsf9898 - 5 måneder siden
grey: *gets into left turn lane*
also grey: lets drive across 2 lanes to turn right from the left turn lane
Blentr0n - 5 måneder siden
How did you achieve the GPS watermark?
Alexandre Regradees
Alexandre Regradees - 5 måneder siden
Jumpshot 76
Jumpshot 76 - 5 måneder siden
7:48 new Tesla.
Jumpshot 76
Jumpshot 76 - 5 måneder siden
Another one at 8:16
Otacilio Júnior
Otacilio Júnior - 5 måneder siden
This is ASMR to me.
Katrina Hockman
Katrina Hockman - 6 måneder siden
Me a year ago: well I admire your dedication, but 9 hours is a bit much for me...
aquaspeedy - 6 måneder siden
Its crazy to think that of all the places in america that he could have driven, he spent 30 minutes driving through my town.
aquaspeedy - 6 måneder siden
From 29:53, I live a right, another right, a left, another left, another left, and a fourth left on to the driveway.
Wolves - 3 måneder siden
Just kidding FBI
Wolves - 3 måneder siden
I'm on your driveway
Bionicle Apple
Bionicle Apple - 6 måneder siden
Watching other people go on road trips? Sounds like life saver for quarantine to me.
Napoleon Bone-Apart
Napoleon Bone-Apart - 6 måneder siden
Bitch I just forced myself to watch the whole thing now I'm sleepy and going fucking insane because I stayed up fuck me fuck my life Im a dumb bitch
Steve ASMR
Steve ASMR - 6 måneder siden
EVILBUNNY28 - 6 måneder siden
I liked the part when he was driving.
AngieMyst - 6 måneder siden
at about 2 hours in I recognized he's driving through the stretch of I-80 highway that I saw countless times on childhood road trips from San Jose to Sacramento! ah nostalgia :')
Kriss Racing
Kriss Racing - 6 måneder siden
1:09 love how he starts this 10hr journey by turning right from a left only turning lane
Jake Likes Tech
Jake Likes Tech - 7 måneder siden
I'm kinda more surprised that he didn't listen to radio the entire time... Unless he had headphones.
Manetinaj - 7 måneder siden
Me: *wondering what i could do today*
Henrique - 8 måneder siden
8:14:00 Why a stop?
Nathaniel Barcancel
Nathaniel Barcancel - 8 måneder siden
one year later and i just only found out that grey drove through my city 😳 209 represent ✊
Kate Embers
Kate Embers - 8 måneder siden
Honestly I like these videos running in the background. I can still do something while they run because they don't distract me entirely. They don't require me to listen or spend brain resources on them either so I can just focus on something else without getting lost. And most importantly they get rid of that pesky silence when doing difficult tasks. When I'm sitting there for hours a time trying to do difficult stuff. Where otherwise there would be total silence.
Peaball - 8 måneder siden
06:27:08 amazing clouds
bowelsoftrogdor - 8 måneder siden
Keep left except to pass you weird idiot.
Sāfto Rangen
Sāfto Rangen - 8 måneder siden
My Dao
My Dao - 8 måneder siden
Am I watching this because I’ve been in quarantine for so long and I miss driving and road trips and the feeling of being free? Yes
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro - 8 måneder siden
2:35 ice cream sandwiches to the right
Cora Animates
Cora Animates - 8 måneder siden
this is surprisingly good background noise for homework
Chad Weiss
Chad Weiss - 9 måneder siden
Google maps route please
Liam Griffin 218
Liam Griffin 218 - 8 måneder siden
Chad Weiss watching this live was really fun because most people were trying to figure out exactly where he was... I must admit I was one of those people. Someone actually figured out that it wasn’t live and was pre recorded based off of the weather in the video.
Trevor clark
Trevor clark - 9 måneder siden
Watching this in 2020 makes it feel like I'm traveling :)
79centsoutofadollar - 9 måneder siden
I'm bored... so this is the time to keep my mind active as possible.
0:01 Starts in San Jose, California, USA
6:52 Gets on the Joseph Sinclair Freeway... or I-680
7:43 Passes 10th and 11th Street
8:07 Twin cars!
9:18 Passes King Road
10:02 Passes Jackson Avenue
10:16 Passes Capitol Expressway
10:30 Passes Alum Rock Avenue
11:18 Passes McKee Road
12:01 Weird.. I wonder why that sign is covered up?
12:37 Passes Berryessa Road
12:58: Narrowly escapes death due to the gas tanker truck passing above him NOT falling on him, thankfully
13:27 Someone needs to trim the hedges a bit, that sign is getting overtaken
13:41 Passes Hostetter Road, which makes me think of "Hofstadter", which makes me think of Big Bang Theory
14:05 Passes Capitol Avenue
14:52 One of the clouds looks like it's giving you the finger
15:33 Red spot on the road
15:58 Graffiti on a sign on the right
16:25 Passes Calaveras Boulevard
17:05 Nice car passes on the left (in my opinion anyway... your mileage may vary)
17:26 Passes Jacklin Road (in which no trucks over 4 tons are allowed to be on, per 16:34, making it quite a pussy when it comes to roads )
17:50 Random truck on the right side of the road
18:34: Car in trouble on the right side
18:53: Passes Scott Creek Road/Warm Springs Boulevard
19:00 "Speed enforced by AIRCRAFT"?!?
20:02 "Soft shoulder"
20:59 Passes Mission Boulevard
22:18 Let's hope that trucks and autos with trailers don't listen to Sammy Hagar....
22:31 Passes Auto Mall Parkway/Durham Road
24:02 Passes Washington Boulevard
24:31 A "blink and you'll miss it" sign overtaken by bush
24:59 Passes Mission Boulevard..... again.
25:39 Deer crossing sign
25:42 Passes Vargas Road
26:32 Here comes the sun....little darlin.....
26:57 Passes Sheridan Road
28:15 Passes Adrade Road, right as a truck owned by a Chinese moving company (called "San Yuan" of all things) passes, after being passed earlier (at 27:17 )
28:46 Passes the San Yuan Moving truck again
29:33 Passes Calaveras Road
29:54 Passes Vallecitos Road
33:03 Passes Sunol Boulevard
34:12 "No Trucks on Bernal Ave over 3 tons", confirming Bernal Ave is an even bigger pussy than Jacklin Road.
34:26 Takes the exit onto Bernal Avenue
36:12 Parks the car
36:18 Jump cut
36:37 Almost hits the car in front of him while backing out
38:15 Guy more concerned with texting on his phone than crossing the street
38:38 Really nice red car drives by, left to right (my opinion anyway)
40:55 That moment when you realize CGP Grey just went in a complete circle rather than wanting to try to turn left back at 37:24
42:22 Gets back on the FREEWAY
44:42 Passes Stoneridge Drive
45:10 "Minor crash. No injuries"? What the hell kind of sign is that?
45:28 Gets on the Arthur H Breed Jr Highway... or I 580
46:15 Passes Hopyard Road and Dougherty Road
47:24 Passes Hacienda Drive
48:19 Passes a sign that is missing, thus making drivers wonder where the hell Santa Rita Road and Tassajara Road (47:55) went to
49:31 Passes El Charro Road and Fallon Road
51:10 Passes Airway Boulevard and Collier Canyon Road
51:49 Passes Isabel Avenue and Portola Avenue
53:25 Passes North Livermore Avenue
55:10 Passes First Street and Springtown Boulevard
56:04 Passes Vasco Road
57:10 Passes North Greenville Road and Altamont Pass Road
57:17 "Gusty Wind Area"
57:38 Passes a sign that appears to be an out of control car, which I assume stands for slippery road or road-in-which-you-can-suddenly-start-veering-all-over-the-place
58:56 Enters slopey mountain area with many wind turbines all over
59:40 Passes North Flynn Road
59:47 Back of truck tank doubling as an ad billboard on the left
------at this point I begin playing music in another tab and imaging the car's radio is on-----
1:01:29 CGP Grey's hand comes into the frame (in the reflection) for a quick second
1:01:32 Graffiti on a sign
1:04:10 Passes Grant Line Road
1:06:52 Passes Mountain House Parkway
1:07:55 Enters TRACY, CALIFORNIA
1:08:21 "Route 205 Business"
1:08:35 Passes Eleventh Street
1:08:54 Joyriders pass on the left
1:10:35 Passes Grant Line Road......again.

Okay, taking a break now.
I'll do more tomorrow.... then I'm going to copy this post, add it to the new content, delete this comment, and make a new one with both parts combined.

Rinse, repeat, until I've done the whole vid....possibly all five parts. It depends on how bored I get daily.
Louis_Juicebox - 14 dager siden
damn what a dedication lol
Asad Farraj
Asad Farraj - Måned siden
You *did* let go of your dedication, didn't you?
James S
James S - 2 måneder siden
Nice annotations, but you missed 14:15, which is an infamous spot known to us locals as the "BERRYESSA BUMP". it really throws your suspension in for a ride even if it isn't so apparent in the video.
Zetsuke4 - 2 måneder siden
aMy god
Brajananda Mahato
Brajananda Mahato - 3 måneder siden
Paul Carr
Paul Carr - 9 måneder siden
Can you explain what the train track detour was about a 3:36:00?
Paul Carr
Paul Carr - 9 måneder siden
I haven't really touched these due to lack of time, but now that I'm stuck at home, these have proven to be very relaxing. I truly think this is a piece of tranquil artwork capturing the essence of the American road trip in all its beauty and allowing the viewer to vicariously join in on the experience, which is relevant due to the current state of things. Congratulations on a piece of modern art and thank you for the hours of beautiful entertainment!!!
buczekkruczek - 10 måneder siden
Perfect for quarantine, you are saving my life
Gergő Laky
Gergő Laky - 10 måneder siden
I am hate car trips. Last time I went to the sea I went with a broken ass car and I was afraid that it would fall apart
Tanner Schaub
Tanner Schaub - 10 måneder siden
Ok, so I live in the NorCal I-80 area where Grey was driving thru. And it was so weird seeing the vlog of him going by the mall i always go to, seeing all the exits on the fwy i know by heart, and even that one rest stop. i dunno but kinda trippy
Rutvik Joshi
Rutvik Joshi - 11 måneder siden
How do you manage your memory storage on the go? Such a long video would at least require 1000gb+.
Xuân Nguyễn
Xuân Nguyễn - 11 måneder siden
1/2, 1/3, 3/4 miles,... to (a place)
Is American really good at math? :/
Nafis Mubashir
Nafis Mubashir - 2 måneder siden
@Xuân Nguyễn the numbers do actually tell us the distance to exits and mergers
Xuân Nguyễn
Xuân Nguyễn - 8 måneder siden
Idk, the signs overhead said that.
Liam Griffin 218
Liam Griffin 218 - 8 måneder siden
Xuân Nguyễn what do you mean?
ADHAiiN7 - 11 måneder siden
Wait so everything in the proper video was a voice over? I feel so betrayed
Panzerkampfwagen IV
Panzerkampfwagen IV - 11 måneder siden
oof ouch my turning lane
huuua2 - 11 måneder siden
1:17 ... Did you just use the left lane to go right????? 😱😱😱
Stuart Gilbert
Stuart Gilbert - 10 måneder siden
That's how everyone drives in California. :|
pinche cookie
pinche cookie - År siden
So... what's up? What's this about?
Nafis Mubashir
Nafis Mubashir - 2 måneder siden
driving duh
James Rogers
James Rogers - År siden
I think that this series should have been posted on your second channel.
James Barnousky
James Barnousky - År siden
I love how there's barely even a transition. One minute it's raining and then by about 4:15:00 the road is just like "You get snow now >:("
Nafis Mubashir
Nafis Mubashir - 2 måneder siden
I mean the temprature change can be subtle like that
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey - 4 måneder siden
A lot of times, you need to put chains on your tires to make it over. You watch the tires of the car in front of you. If there is spray, roads are still wet. Spray stops, now you are driving on ice.
James Rogers
James Rogers - År siden
James Rogers
James Rogers - År siden
I haven't been to the States (yet), but dear god does it look big. Obviously here in the UK, we don't really have much surface area to build the country on, so seeing everything being so spaced out it kind of unreal.
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster - År siden
I have now found definitive proof that Grey has been in my hometown, and I can watch his drive thru it. V trippy.
Sam Sırri
Sam Sırri - År siden
Aaand the journey starts with passing a red light in the first 40 seconds XD
James S
James S - År siden
17:23 that’s my exit!
《Bapa》李杰 - 2 måneder siden
Jaqueline road wooooo!!!
BongieGER - År siden
does he speak`? :D
Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller - År siden
6:22:10 - I got family that lives in Fernley, you driving on the roundabout there brings back memories of how much they hate it😂
Marius Bijan
Marius Bijan - År siden
You should also talk :)))
Nico Rücker
Nico Rücker - År siden
Bruh watch your lane discipline
Jombo - År siden
Wow, Death Stranding looks great.
Makar Lock
Makar Lock - År siden
I just clicked on the video to watch Grey supercharge at the mall I go to.
Coolbro66 Coolbro666
Coolbro66 Coolbro666 - År siden
When you want to go on a road trip but you’re to lazy to leave your house
Peregrination - År siden
What's the equivalent of backseat driving but through video uploaded on YouTube? I mean, running a yellow light at a crosswalk and switching from a left turn lane all the way over to a right turn just in the first two minutes.... ;-)
Muhammad T
Muhammad T - År siden
Those poor cattle @ 2:02:25 -- breaks my heart, man, every single time I see those trucks on the highway.

Before you guys get on me about some stereotype I fit, I want to clarify that I am only sharing my feelings. I do not expect anything of you. I do not wish to guilt you.

I do wish that we, as a whole society, would spend maybe a tiny bit more attention to how we treat other living things. I try not to think about this stuff too much otherwise I'd go down a very deep depressive hole. But when I do think about it, all of it hits HARD and ALL AT ONCE. I feel compelled to say something about it when that happens.

If you've made it this far, thank you for reading my comment. I wish you all the best.
no u
no u - År siden
I'm going to flag this for nudity so youtube staff will have to watch through this entire clip.
wtfduud - År siden
You're supposed to use your blinkers before you do the actual turns.
Ryan - År siden
Does he talk at all in this?
KaninchenGaming -inactive-
This video was clearky streched over 10 minutes for ad money...
Helloguy645 - År siden
p K
p K - År siden
hey i've been to that hotel before in the beginning of the video
Wenbo Li
Wenbo Li - År siden
sooooooooooooooooooooo happy that there is time 100 on my addon
Mr. Edu
Mr. Edu - År siden
Thank You! I can't afford traveling to the US, but at least I can see what it's like. Actually, that was kind of a sad statement ☹.
red_pandey - 10 måneder siden
Eduardo Rocha I hope 1 day you can visit the USA. But come to Australia, it’s amazing and relatively cheap to get into.
Ireth Oronar
Ireth Oronar - År siden
I couldn't understand what is the point of the video?
Kayla O.
Kayla O. - År siden
This is kinda relaxing
NEprimo - År siden
He drove this entire time with no music at least?
red_pandey - 10 måneder siden
NEprimo prolly an audiobook with one earbud in
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet - År siden
This kinda feels like Truck simulator but real
D.B. Scoville
D.B. Scoville - År siden
Im happy you uploaded this version
Detested Individual
Detested Individual - År siden
Your on the wrong side of the road getting to my Brian 😂
Schwarzenwein - År siden
make sure to watch it till the end!
Kyle Li
Kyle Li - År siden
Weirdest thing is I literally just did a cross country roadtrip from Atlanta to San Francisco & Back this summer and just made a timelapse of the entire trip lol
TrollPotatoe - År siden
youtube : how to increase watch time?
CGP Grey : *proceeds to make a 9 hour long video*
Harpia - År siden
3:34:00 you get lost ?
Harpia - År siden
o i see the pee pee situation
Pedro de Sá
Pedro de Sá - År siden
This video made me want to get a drivers license, a car and go on a road trip myself.
Page Summer
Page Summer - År siden
Pedro de Sá you don’t have a drivers license? How do you get around 😂
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer - År siden
9 hours pff I've seen more longer videos than that
House of Khaine
House of Khaine - År siden
@GGP Grey
I trust you were listening to an audio book with one earbud in?
NiGHFirst - År siden
i come back here after watching some ol vsauce videos, and i see this. bro i swear to god this would've been the best april fools video you could post
peachesbones - År siden
Studying for an exam and this is weirdly the perfect background for it. A little bit of ambient noise, something to look at other than my notes every once in a while... good stuff. 10/10, would recommend
finnigan16 - År siden
Wow, I knew electric were quiet, but damn that's a quiet car!! Does the road noise seem worse with less engine white noise to drown it out?
Paul Mellender
Paul Mellender - År siden
You went right past my house.
sarah mcclain
sarah mcclain - År siden
I played my own music to this because every road trip needs a personized music playlist. you enjoyed ;)
John Shrader
John Shrader - År siden
Watching on the side while working, volume off and... wait. One minute in and he turns right after going all the way into the left-turn lane?!?