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Mercury is the closest planet to all seven other planets:
Is Pluto a Planet:
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Creative side of Srinika
Creative side of Srinika - 20 dager siden
Fun fact : Your whole childhood was a lie
Benjamin Shrapnel
Benjamin Shrapnel - 28 dager siden
gcpenis gay, you're posting cringe, you're going to loose subscribstar
TauDudeBlobber - Måned siden
5. Which is the closest right now?
Sneaky - Måned siden
Did he ever specify what the future video was where he was gonna reference "Venus is the closest"?
Stuffed Cinema
Stuffed Cinema - Måned siden
Earth is the closest planet
Weatherwax usefull hints
Weatherwax usefull hints - Måned siden
Wait what? Why you don't talk about last question!?!???!
Siege - Måned siden
my mind was blown as well. thx for sharing
Germes G1
Germes G1 - Måned siden
Play KSP to understand how solar systems works. :D
thatguyoverther - Måned siden
I remember when my dad would take me to that museum when i was really young. The earthquake simulator thing always terrified me
Alexander Todd
Alexander Todd - Måned siden
This was a year ago?
Natø - Måned siden
Specific details can change the answers to all questions.
Z2BX YT - Måned siden
Nick robinson moment
Dave Dee
Dave Dee - 2 måneder siden
Which planet is closest to Earth?
The Jerma985
The Jerma985 - 2 måneder siden
What's the closest planet?
Simple, Earth.
Rory Makler
Rory Makler - 2 måneder siden
rtx off stick figure
rtx on person
evergreen2y - 2 måneder siden
The mostest closest
iphone Auto-Correct feature
iphone Auto-Correct feature - 2 måneder siden
Earth, duh
SlightlyEmbittered Productions
SlightlyEmbittered Productions - 2 måneder siden
Q: Where are you?
blood hunter
blood hunter - 2 måneder siden
So nobody seen him there with this sweater?
Desy does Stuff
Desy does Stuff - 2 måneder siden
Almost 1M in this video
vanatharaj Raj
vanatharaj Raj - 2 måneder siden
Make more of since stuff
Phil Lubenskyi
Phil Lubenskyi - 2 måneder siden
Yes, it is great.
Firebird - 2 måneder siden
Earth, dur.

Bubulu Naidoo
Bubulu Naidoo - 2 måneder siden
I think Mercury most of the time four the question 4
Yes you can travel to Venus faster then Mercury but that’s sometimes
Unless of course and I quote: “Technology”
loretta - 2 måneder siden
why are you talking slower??
Zhelyazko Grudov
Zhelyazko Grudov - 2 måneder siden
Hey you live in London! Cool. Funny to see you going to places I've visited.
christopher knapp
christopher knapp - 2 måneder siden
rssvzn - 3 måneder siden
When people say Venus is the closest, they probably mean that Venus has an orbit closest to Earth’s
HeyItsAlly - 3 måneder siden
2:00 why does Jupiter look like the dress?
Gamer Rat
Gamer Rat - 3 måneder siden
Fake, your mom is actually the closest planet to earth, smh.
BandanaDrummer95 - 3 måneder siden
Seeing the moon in the thumbnail, I almost thought this was going to be a video about how the ESA, Asimov, and others have argued for recognition that the Moon is not actually a moon but rather Earth's partner in a binary planet system.
Stephen Gregg
Stephen Gregg - 3 måneder siden
Knowledge yields questions, and those questions yield knowledge.
Bradley Miller
Bradley Miller - 3 måneder siden
There’s a lot of RLM in your auto play list
Rifqi Maulana Jati - Reamuji
Rifqi Maulana Jati - Reamuji - 3 måneder siden
okay so which planet the mercury is the most closest to ?
Yeff - 2 måneder siden
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson - 3 måneder siden
I always thought of it in terms of "which planet's orbit is closest to that of Earth?" Real simple answer to that one.
Tess Aurea
Tess Aurea - 3 måneder siden
So here's the thing, I'd tend to think about "who's the closet" in terms of orbits. It makes the line work.
Random Guy
Random Guy - 3 måneder siden
That introduction made me seem as if I was watching Dan and Phil.
techo61 - 3 måneder siden
Why do I feel like there should be a part 2 of this series?
likeastarbaby - 3 måneder siden
love the nhm, damn i need to visit soon
Synalla - 4 måneder siden
I have discovered my aesthetic, and it's a glowing, house-sized, detailed model of the moon suspended a meter above my head.
Strazdas - 4 måneder siden
I think a relevant question would be "which planet has the closest orbit", which i guess could overlap with 3 but not necessarely so as orbits take different amount of time.
Geek Geekrickson
Geek Geekrickson - 4 måneder siden
If you could it as a planet( some do ) Luna is the closest planet to Earth. If you do not count Luna as a planet, Venus is the closest on average, but sometimes Mars gets closer.
Adventurenlife Live
Adventurenlife Live - 4 måneder siden
It is great, great indeed.
nozz bean
nozz bean - 4 måneder siden
It's not even that deep, because most people when you ask the question are actually thinking "which planet's orbit is closest to earth's". Whether that makes sense or not, it's the reason we answer "Venus". Nothing weird going on here, just people (correctly) answering an incomplete question, as you said.
T33K3SS3LCH3N - 4 måneder siden
I think the basic question of "which planet is closest" is really thought of as "whose orbit is closest to earth's". So for each point on our orbit we look for the closest point on any other orbit, and in that case the answer is simple to see, even if slightly harder to correctly calculate. But just comparing the average distances to the sun already yields a decent result.
It's still interesting how different that can be from the actual distance at a given moment in time.
Hazem Elsawy
Hazem Elsawy - 4 måneder siden
From the thumbnail I thought the moon was on the underground
smakkacow - 4 måneder siden
hey uh where'd the people go
Koffee - 4 måneder siden
Grey, i want to ask. where’d you visit for the videos in the vid? that musuem looks so cool!
Trolligarch - 4 måneder siden
0:02 Grey is just writing "Lorem Ipsum" so you don't actually get to see what he's planning ;)
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner - 4 måneder siden
I've always understood this question to mean "Which planet is closest at perihelion? What is the planet's closest approach to Earth?" With that precise meaning (which is the natural meaning people assume), the answer is Venus. Which you state in question 1 in the video. The other questions are interesting, but not what people assume or mean.
BenTShipman - 4 måneder siden
You’re the best, Grey. Simply the best.
Wilhelm Smirnov
Wilhelm Smirnov - 4 måneder siden
Knowledge into question feedbackloop systems scare me
Rami Emad
Rami Emad - 4 måneder siden
I actually thought of it in an Analogue way; Gravity takes the shortest path; and all planets circle around the Center of Mass of the solar system near the sun. .... So it made very logical sense to me that the close you are to that COM the closer you are to all other planets going around it.
supershawnodeseninja - 4 måneder siden
I still want to know which planet is the mostest closest to mercury~
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen
Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen - 4 måneder siden
Oldschool gamer and Lover
Oldschool gamer and Lover - 5 måneder siden
Nathanishungry Animations
Nathanishungry Animations - 5 måneder siden
Woah. I learned more from this than school
Guilherme sampaio de oliveira
Guilherme sampaio de oliveira - 5 måneder siden
To be honest when i ask that i am asking what is the distance if all planets were aligned.
Ognitron - 5 måneder siden
Venus' orbit is closest, so you were right
Yeff - 2 måneder siden
Currently (Don't know about the time when you made your comment) Mercury is the closest
Danymok - 5 måneder siden
Title: Which Planet is the closest?
Thumbnail: *The Moon*
Danymok - 5 måneder siden
Oh wait, it's Mercury -_-
stvp68 - 5 måneder siden
Watched that Pluto vid; your voice sounds the same....
stvp68 - 5 måneder siden
Love his pronunciation of Crazy
MrPabgon - 5 måneder siden
When you make a Re: to your own video lmao
krsfenris - 5 måneder siden
Im confused, Mercury is so extremely obvious :1 ?
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 5 måneder siden
Well, it isnt. Answer varies wildly depending on how exactly you're defining closest
vidmoosh - 5 måneder siden
It IS great.
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith - 5 måneder siden
'Member when we could go outside. I 'Member.
SleeplessRonin - 5 måneder siden
I saw that moon display when it was in Bristol, July 2018. It's really impressive close up. (Also, I think the universe is insistent on me seeing the same things over again. I just saw an older episode of QI where this very subject - the closest planet came up. Series Q, Quests 2)
vijay saw
vijay saw - 5 måneder siden
Sir u explanation is JUST OSM
John Hudert
John Hudert - 5 måneder siden
Love this!!
Virsho - 5 måneder siden
mercury is mostest closest and venus is most closest
milcoll73 - 5 måneder siden
you forgot; "which is the closest now?".
musicman24X - 5 måneder siden
I would have conceptualized the question as "What planer's average distance from the sun is closest to Earth's average?"
general volcano
general volcano - 5 måneder siden
I watched 3 of those episodes today lol
ezra fischer
ezra fischer - 5 måneder siden
What's the drawing/note taking program used right at the beginning, 0:03 or so? I've been looking/hoping one existed for so long, and now I see one. Anybody got ideas?
M Benson
M Benson - 5 måneder siden
This reminds me of Mike Brown's "How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming". The book is a great exploration of the nature of science. The question in that book is: What is a planet? Spoiler: It's not a totally clear answer.
glitch gamer
glitch gamer - 5 måneder siden
Which planet gets closest to earth?
Ans: venus
Erik Waterson
Erik Waterson - 5 måneder siden
The real question still stands, though: What does CGP stand for? And what is CGP Grey?
Cr42yguy - 5 måneder siden
Cloud Matthew Gariando
Cloud Matthew Gariando - 5 måneder siden
You know whos the closet to earth its moon
jmw150 - 5 måneder siden
This is one of these situations where something could be taken as so obvious that it would not count as a contribution to human knowledge. Fast forward a few centuries, where everybody is trying to be more precise, and now it seems like new knowledge, at least to academics.
jmw150 - 5 måneder siden
So Grey is bad at geometry. Also the first one would probably be the one most people think of anyway. So he basically stretched the argument so he would have something to talk about.
Anurag Gupta
Anurag Gupta - 5 måneder siden
He didn't say mostest closest.
David Ey
David Ey - 5 måneder siden
Yes it’s great! Thanks
deathlyhxIlows - 6 måneder siden
Alivok Penayo Macchi
Alivok Penayo Macchi - 6 måneder siden
The moon, duh
Thatonekid - 6 måneder siden
I went back to read the portion of your "future script" you were working on, and just got hard lorem ipsum'd........
AvangionQ - 6 måneder siden
1:02 Which planet is the closest to Earth usually means which planet's orbit is closest to Earth's orbit. Answer: Venus.
AvangionQ - 5 måneder siden
@Sebastião Mendonça Then don't use my definition. I'm going to use this as the only answer worth mentioning. Wasting both our times replying.
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 5 måneder siden
@AvangionQ But its not the only definition, and as such Venus isnt the only possible answer
AvangionQ - 5 måneder siden
@Sebastião Mendonça Yes, that's how I define it.
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 5 måneder siden
that answer only applies if you define closeness as that
twoac - 6 måneder siden
Sounded like you were channeling the late Dr. Sagan at the end there, which is one of the greatest compliments one can give in my opinion.
autoclikrtim - 6 måneder siden
Mercury is the king.
So that’s why he isn’t a god in Roman, he is above gods
Tazzy World
Tazzy World - 6 måneder siden
Natjo - 6 måneder siden
So technically saying “Venus is the closest planet to earth” isn’t wrong, just the person asking the question isn’t precise enough, nor have you confirmed what he means say by saying “the closest”
supee sanic
supee sanic - 6 måneder siden
The moon is the closest actually
Sebastião Mendonça
Sebastião Mendonça - 5 måneder siden
The moon isnt a planet, obviously the ISS is the closest
Arvin kun
Arvin kun - 6 måneder siden
False, it's mercury
TheDimensionist - 6 måneder siden
0:15 every single video in his recommended is red letter media and specifically the best of the worst. I've never seen such recommendation domination on youtube before.
RecoilzRiot - 6 måneder siden
I understand nothing
Emil Larsson
Emil Larsson - 7 måneder siden
You do realize that questions two and three are the same, right?
MGS Oficial
MGS Oficial - 7 måneder siden
Earth is the closest, obviously.
Benimation - 7 måneder siden
I'm pretty sure Earth is the closest planet to Earth.
SharkFinn - 7 måneder siden
The two videos you mentioned in this video where the last videos I watched.
nitin ghodse
nitin ghodse - 7 måneder siden
What a waste of time...