Quick and Easy Voting for Normal People

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Felix Roux
Felix Roux - 2 dager siden
If only one vote is allowed, then at least show everyone all the options beforehand. So often votes go like this; (let's say we have 10 people)
Hands up for option A - 2
Hands up for option B - 4
Hands up for option C - 3
Hands up for option D - 1
Even if everyone would rather of had option D, they only found out it was an option after already having voted.
Robert Strong-Morse
Robert Strong-Morse - 8 dager siden
I like the fact that teacher grey had little bags under his eyes for sleep deprivation.
•ˆWaning Moonriseˆ•
•ˆWaning Moonriseˆ• - 9 dager siden
The voting system My friends and I use is my friends come up with a (sometimes) stupid idea and I follow along trying to babysit
MaeLSTRoM1997 - 11 dager siden
This man just rendered all of the "that nerdy friend in our group who we keep around to figure things out" obsolete
Ashtonian Gaming
Ashtonian Gaming - 12 dager siden
Hey kids, the best way to vote is illegally.
The Impish Dullahan
The Impish Dullahan - 12 dager siden
Going to have to remember this for when my party can't decide what to do in my D&D game.
Dr. A
Dr. A - 14 dager siden
I’ve always thought this, but you’ve made it in cartoon form to confirm my idea.👍
DEFEATED Yes, that Defeated, the 005 one
Next time on my presidential ballot, I'm voting for every single candidate because everyone deserves some love
Ziweyy Huang
Ziweyy Huang - 23 dager siden
Literally what always happens: everyone votes for every option
gamingwithTyler Godfrey
gamingwithTyler Godfrey - 25 dager siden
Are you a fan of smile we all going to die not today
Jordan Fenton
Jordan Fenton - Måned siden
you are going to put us nerds out of business
Jonathan B
Jonathan B - Måned siden
Hi Grey,
I have a few constructive critiques for this video.
First off, love how you demonstrate how quick and simple this method is. I've watched all your voting videos, and they do a great job illustrating how they work.
Here's the critique. This video implies approval vote is most applicable for small groups, when it works well for large ones too. Also, you describe it as "letting people vote more than once" when it's still "one person one vote."
In light of approval voting being passed in Fargo and St. Louis, would you consider revisiting this topic?
Bleeding Flower
Bleeding Flower - Måned siden
Nerds disagree with this method because they are not needed anymore.
johnkop4 - Måned siden
or just have only 2 choices.
ymmij X
ymmij X - Måned siden
how do we vote on which 2 choices we'll have?
Kevin Rivera
Kevin Rivera - Måned siden
I'm definitely going to borrow this when I'm having my class vote on anything going forward. Also the "i just can't anymore" hit way too close to home 😂
Gloweye - Måned siden
No nerd required? You mean I'm obsolete?
spectral spectra
spectral spectra - Måned siden
I wonder if they could do that when voting for a president
ymmij X
ymmij X - Måned siden
yes but on a large scale there are other, even better options such as ranked approval voting.
Orange Orangutan
Orange Orangutan - Måned siden
1.3M views - Måned siden
but no spirited away :(
Paputsza - Måned siden
no, let me come
Alucard - Måned siden
And this is how elections should be voted by
Vanessa Magick
Vanessa Magick - Måned siden
pretty much the alternative vote
Kingo_Clubs - Måned siden
ok lowkey walle is obviously great but those kids have no taste spirited away is (a)way better
B&G Gaming
B&G Gaming - Måned siden
Don't seek to maximize satisfaction, seek to minimize dissatisfaction
Макс Карпов
Макс Карпов - Måned siden
That's what consensus is :)
emperor rufus the bastard of rats
sounds like Centrist propaganda to me
emperor rufus the bastard of rats
@Luka Djoric issa meme
Luka Djoric
Luka Djoric - 2 dager siden
Sounds like somebody didn't understand that this was meant as an example on how to vote on small thing with a small amount of people
RyANWaLlEt - Måned siden
Ah yes, anonymously voting more than once. An even more perfect system than our anonymous voting once system with dead voters.
D3rpy Plays
D3rpy Plays - Måned siden
i can feel my brain going Jimmy neutron AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
WillMoff - Måned siden
I feel called out
Tiitus Karimies
Tiitus Karimies - Måned siden
Noo u dont know that they can betray non-favourite!
Logan DeFreitas
Logan DeFreitas - 2 måneder siden
Tim Cox
Tim Cox - 2 måneder siden
If only the world worked as well
SirComlin - 2 måneder siden
Thank you
Gregory Li
Gregory Li - 2 måneder siden
i just realized that this system of voting is called approval voting and is the best (to me) compared to the other one he said
Edward Lazell
Edward Lazell - 2 måneder siden
I don't think this would work in practice for an office lunch outing. It's effectively asking people to indicate what they DON'T want, yet that could still end up being the final choice - and people are too polite to say they'd be miserable at Pizzas-R-Us if there's a chance they'll have to go there anyway.
Under D
Under D - 2 måneder siden
Dark Quaesar
Dark Quaesar - 2 måneder siden
all you need to know about how modern voting works
money > campaigns { hiring actors and marketing agencies > outcome [ if you win go to fair and democratic election and go onto making new rules and regulations that increase your likely hood of winning again but otherwise not illegal. | if you lose go to conspiracy rigged election undemocratic and then go onto complain
Vinnie - 2 måneder siden
Tbh, this sounds like it would work for politics too...
Ook Jannes Planting
Ook Jannes Planting - 2 måneder siden
"No nerd required?"
Dude you're gonna get me kicked out of my social circle
FishyYT - 2 måneder siden
Me who votes everything
Dheatly Blaze
Dheatly Blaze - 2 måneder siden
Imma send this to my school and destroy the whole voting system
Mallory SF
Mallory SF - 2 måneder siden
It makes sense and we should avoid by any means making sense when organizing people. People must invent rules for people and then suffer trying to follow these rules when the time is wrong. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to give away the secret strategy of literally each government. Silly me.
Harrison Borbarrison
Harrison Borbarrison - 2 måneder siden
Nathaniel Allen
Nathaniel Allen - 2 måneder siden
So happy to see this is about Approval Voting! I'm currently working on an effort to pass Approval Voting in Utah!
elchip - 2 måneder siden
St. Louis, MO just implemented this for municipal elections.
Manatee Lord
Manatee Lord - 2 måneder siden
Hmm i wonder what the YouTube algorithm is trying to tell us...
Sninsiger Ginsent
Sninsiger Ginsent - 2 måneder siden
boss boy why ;-;
boss boy why ;-; - 2 måneder siden
let play among us
Jamison h
Jamison h - 2 måneder siden
Me, a nerd, seeing that this system could leave me out of a job.

"Nervous sweating."
Stetson powers
Stetson powers - 2 måneder siden
if this was the way 2020 worked west would have one
Cooper Hernandez
Cooper Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
“ No nerd required”
Nerd: I would appreciate being there
onesyphorus Ὀνησίφορος
Brandon Mertes
Brandon Mertes - 2 måneder siden
you say no nerd required, but is nerd optional?
I don't wanna be left out ):
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 2 måneder siden
no nerds club
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Doesn't work quite so well when factoring in the detail that really spoils Any vote; Non-Voting*.
*Apart from in a compulsary voting system, there's always a proportion whom are too lazy, too cynical or too indecisive to cast their ballot; in worst cases this combines with Voter Split, to result in a minority nutter party getting power where they never would otherwise.
(quite disturbing when looking at the numbers, with turnouts as low as just under 20% meaning a regime with no real democratic mandate, but all the power of the office)
The hands up method also would fail if at least two of the options got the same number of votes, as there's no mechanism to break a tie.
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor - 2 måneder siden
^ Not quite. I stated that all non-compulsary voting systems suffer from Non-Voting. I pointed that aspect out because Grey didn't. As for tie breaking; some solutions exist, but quite a few only work when overseen by someone impartial. (as for instance, slight of hand or a loaded dice are classic examples of cheating)
shadowatom - 2 måneder siden
Non-Voting, as you said, affects every voting system, so... you can't really say that this is a flaw of this particular system when it's prevalent in all systems. As for the ties, you can use any tiebreaker method as the top X number of choices are equally okay with everyone who did vote. In theory you'd be able to use an X sided die to decide the winner in the case of a tie and everyone would be fine with whatever the outcome was.
SH1NYMAN - 2 måneder siden
T2 should have won the vote as much as I love Wall-E. Totally not biased at all...
piraco - 2 måneder siden
Why was i blown away by this?
Chase Hoffer
Chase Hoffer - 2 måneder siden
I got this recommended this during 2020
Loris Martino Perfetto
Loris Martino Perfetto - 2 måneder siden
0:48...oh, that's the soviet union there. Nice
Midgard Eagle
Midgard Eagle - 2 måneder siden
I like to show this to anyone who goes "nobody vote more than once".
jabloko992 - 2 måneder siden
No pen or paper OR NERDDrequired LMAO xD.
Random User
Random User - 2 måneder siden
Yea but what if your all ok with everything
Octavia Fausett
Octavia Fausett - 2 måneder siden
Spirited away is awesome.....
Elijah Austin
Elijah Austin - 2 måneder siden
thanks grey now I'm OUT OF A JOB
Kilroy was here
Kilroy was here - 2 måneder siden
Wouldn‘t this always lead to centrist candidates? It would make it virtually impossible for more radical candidates to win. I‘m not sure if this is really a problem though.
Tavasya - 2 måneder siden
I vote to make CGP grey president.
CookieCakeEater - 2 måneder siden
Welp, Primer’s video has shown me the flaws of this method now
Reiro Madile
Reiro Madile - 2 måneder siden
Very good.
Zetsuke4 - 2 måneder siden
Givrally - 2 måneder siden
"No nerd required", so if the nerd's vote is eliminated, don't we have to do a recount ?
Natø - 2 måneder siden
Voting is COOL! 🙂
ZumoZumo83 - 2 måneder siden
" I have a better voting system" *hits the nerd five miles with a baseball bat *
Peter Mølgaard Pallesen
Peter Mølgaard Pallesen - 2 måneder siden
Sorry I'm that irritating election nerd everybody hates. But does anybody have a link to some mathematical theorems supporting these claims and making it more formal?
Aryan Sahu
Aryan Sahu - 2 måneder siden
Torb 1 Trick
Torb 1 Trick - 3 måneder siden
if three out of your 6 friends would choose vegan instead of burger you gotta get yourself some new friends goddamn
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 2 måneder siden
Henry Cash
Henry Cash - 3 måneder siden
I will never be the last to comment or watch due to constant recycling due to lack of subjects.
jayands - 3 måneder siden
Hello Internet! Welcome to Stick Theory!
Renwar Ahmad
Renwar Ahmad - 3 måneder siden
who needs voting
Luna Dragon
Luna Dragon - 3 måneder siden
1:05 hand up for Wall-E and Spirited Away
QueenDaisy - 3 måneder siden
You can break this easily.
So there's 6 people:
2 Carnivores
1 Omnivore
3 Herbivores
The thing is, the herbivores might not just need their food available but they might want to prevent the carnivores from eating meat too because y'know, preachy vegans.
So the herbivores can force their choice on everyone else by not voting for Burger Barn even though they would have food they like there.
Steak Shack: 3 (Carnivores + omnivore)
Burger Barn: 3 (Carnivores + omnivore)
Veggie Villa: 4 (Herbivores + omnivore)
Basically this voting method encourages extremism because the pickier you are about choosing the more power your vote has.
Skyval Ream
Skyval Ream - 3 måneder siden
@QueenDaisy >"In this case the vegans make up half of the population so if they all agree to vote the same way then however they vote will at least be tied for first." Right, they're virtually a majority. Though this means any majoritarian method would pick the same, except it'd pick it even if no one was being strategic; it's other methods that largely forbid compromise. Approval (this method) at least allows compromise, and even encourages it in cases of uncertainty. Basically, "maximally strategic approval" is a "perfect honesty Condorcet" method (always picks the _honest_ Condorcet winner when they exist, which even normal Condocet methods can't do because they can be affected by strategy), and with more honesty Approval tends to do even better. (The Condorcet winner is the candidate who would beat every other candidate by a majority 1-on-1 matches) >"In general this system encourages people to get good at predicting how others will vote and then vote tactically" By Gibbard's theorem, no system can possibly avoid this. >"to be as extremist as they can get away with." Not extremist, just uncompromising. If a voter is centrist, then they'd be encouraged to vote as centrist as they can get away with (which still would not necessarily mean voting for only one candidate). And even then, this only works with very good information about the other voters. With less, it makes sense to be even more compromising, or else you risk an even worse outcome.
QueenDaisy - 3 måneder siden
@Skyval Ream In this case the vegans make up half of the population so if they all agree to vote the same way then however they vote will at least be tied for first. They also know that the carnivores are okay with SS and BB and that the omnivore doesn't care so just votes "okay" to everything, so they can force their choice on everyone else by being picky and extremist. In general this system encourages people to get good at predicting how others will vote and then vote tactically to be as extremist as they can get away with.
Skyval Ream
Skyval Ream - 3 måneder siden
This is not strategic in general, as it could result in the election going to steak shack instead of the burger barn compromise.
Jonathan Whiting
Jonathan Whiting - 3 måneder siden
Putting the video at 0.5 times the speed makes the feel of the video different.
Davit Mamatsashvili
Davit Mamatsashvili - 3 måneder siden
I like everything but I dont have 3 hands
Brizzy B.
Brizzy B. - 3 måneder siden
I watched a video for this...
What has this nation come to?
Max Sperr
Max Sperr - 3 måneder siden
0:57: Hey kids, we’re going to watch a movie today! Because, I just can’t anymore.
impendio - 3 måneder siden
As someone desperate on dinner choosing algorithms, what do you do when you get ties?
Skyval Ream
Skyval Ream - 3 måneder siden
Use whatever tiebreaker you want, just like in any tied election. Maybe vote again with just the top winners if there's fewer of them, or flip coins/roll dice/whatever
Joel Mahon
Joel Mahon - 3 måneder siden
only works if assholes don't deliberately vote only once to ensure their 2nd favourite choice doesn't beat their favourite
Skyval Ream
Skyval Ream - 3 måneder siden
That only works if their favorite is already very strong, otherwise they just about might as well not vote at all and let their greater evil win
Dariusz Sliz
Dariusz Sliz - 3 måneder siden
Id vote burger barn
jbquigley2010 - 3 måneder siden
Yeah but what if you only have 2 choices and you don't like either one? *Cough*
Rad Dykal
Rad Dykal - 3 måneder siden
The worst part about this video is realizing it works and then seeing that other people will never use it because they weren't taught it as a kid.
Ellie Johnson
Ellie Johnson - 3 måneder siden
Every other youtuber has worse and worse mic quality as I go back, but your mic quality stayed the same. Bad music choices, though.
the random wanderer
the random wanderer - 3 måneder siden
Steak shack all the way.
Ponera Grimoire
Ponera Grimoire - 3 måneder siden
Obviously this method is going to significantly reduce the number of people that get a result that they're not "OK" with, but those people would still exist.
El Tovarish
El Tovarish - 3 måneder siden
And that's why voting is stupid, always try to achieve a consensus, if no consensus is achieved, no one eats anything
Serial Watcher
Serial Watcher - 3 måneder siden
Socrate would hate you
RyOuNeS elbe
RyOuNeS elbe - 3 måneder siden
Thanks, i really needed this (among us)
Antonio Sraffa
Antonio Sraffa - 3 måneder siden
Great analogy, except human carnivores are still omnivores--meaning they aren't "starving".
The only way this makes sense is if the vegetarians are forced to go to the meat shack thing.
[Also, this is FAR more common than the situation you put forth]
Isaac Timmins
Isaac Timmins - 3 måneder siden
so all the times I voted twice & got told off I was right, I feel cheated.
Wapak - 3 måneder siden
I find this video while looking for "How to kill democracy with democracy"
Andrew S. Greig
Andrew S. Greig - 3 måneder siden
I love democracy.
Emmchen - 3 måneder siden
But Pen and Paper is what I live for at times!
Michael Tieber
Michael Tieber - 3 måneder siden
Well, the problem with this Voting System is that if I really want to go to Veggie Villa, it's better for me to say "I don't like Burger Barn" even if I actually do.
Zervalu - 3 måneder siden
This is how the U.S. primaries should be handled!
Pavel Suk
Pavel Suk - 3 måneder siden
How it works even better: Don't ask. Just do whatever you want. Or make voting so complex nobody knows even what the question was.
SamBskate - 3 måneder siden
Interesting, but I wonder if there is an additional way to factor in the degree to which you like the restaurant. If there isn't a way to do this, then a situation could arise where there would be sufficient votes for restaurant A, for which the average rating is "just okay", and only 1 under the amount of sufficient votes for everyone to go to a restaurant B, for which the average rating is "Excellent". I feel like there's definitely a way to make an algorithm that factors these things in, and possibly other variables like how much a person "cares". In the previous situation, the one person who didn't vote "excellent" prevented the group from going to restaurant B, even though their "care" rating was low (and everyone else's was potentially high for B). Maybe you could create some function with two random variables. One being a rating of a particular restaurant, and one being how much you care (about getting the best restaurant) in this particular case. To make it simpler, you could just have one "empathy" value to represent how much a person cares, and it would be the same for all restaurants
Sebastian Solis
Sebastian Solis - 3 måneder siden
I never thought about that. Really cool and clever!