Q&A With Grey: Thinking About Lockdowns Edition

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Jack DisPennett
Jack DisPennett - 14 timer siden
7:43 describes the US very well.
Jack DisPennett
Jack DisPennett - 15 timer siden
"Lockdown" per se is not the key thing in getting this down. Getting all (or almost all) of your population to wear masks, AND properly securing international ports of entry are the two shovels you use to beat a pandemic to death once it pokes its little head out...
Ilkanar - 16 timer siden
"Dear Princess Celestia...
I have'nt learned a thing"
Jerico Clemente
Jerico Clemente - 3 dager siden
6:58 ah yes, the Philippine government in a nutshell.
Jack DisPennett
Jack DisPennett - 15 timer siden
7:43 is my country (fracturing into tribal groups)
jackftww1 - 3 dager siden
Grey is wall-e and lady grey is eve! Took me far too long to notice that.
Jamie Yang
Jamie Yang - 4 dager siden
Betty White
The Nerdy Gamer!!!
The Nerdy Gamer!!! - 4 dager siden
Life is sad

Future people when will Orthocoronavirinae (COVID-19) end?
White Darkne22
White Darkne22 - 6 dager siden
Ok so in this pandemic it's worse than the flu, but not as bad as the spanish flu
karrotka223 - 7 dager siden
It's not possible to realistaclly underestimate covid
D L - 7 dager siden
Grey has a beard! Piece by piece we will find out what he looks like.
Ryan Medrano
Ryan Medrano - 9 dager siden
Hey CGP Grey! is that a Philippine flag?
Bart van Iersel
Bart van Iersel - 10 dager siden
@CCP Grey when are you going to upload the video about your monumental Calendar-ing discovery?
Dyllon Brenner
Dyllon Brenner - 11 dager siden
We still in quarantine, this be a long two months
kirbydashstar - 14 dager siden
Grey you have show us bot you and now we need it on our shelves
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
your friends with cortex
The GADPHLY - 19 dager siden
4 months? How about 9 months and projected FOREVER !! Your misery vid summed up our fate.
Rishi Nixon
Rishi Nixon - 21 dag siden
notice how the countries are in order of who reacted first
Scp 173
Scp 173 - 21 dag siden
I NeEd to KnOw is grey maRrIed?
Peg May
Peg May - 22 dager siden
You guys made the right call!
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro - 23 dager siden
Like omg.
MUFFLER MAN84 - 23 dager siden
Didn't lockdown. Won't lockdown. End of discussion
Otur Animations
Otur Animations - 24 dager siden
My school has now permanately introduced digital learning, so there is one change...
OllieSutton - 26 dager siden
Halfway through the Q and A and grey still hasnt answered his own question 😂
Dinnin Freeman
Dinnin Freeman - 26 dager siden
BTW the answer to the plain question is probably never
Flaming Tyre Productions
Flaming Tyre Productions - 27 dager siden
Probably next Christmas
Copper the Dragon
Copper the Dragon - 27 dager siden
In answer to your question, I dont need an airplane, I'm a dragon.
Isaac Collins
Isaac Collins - 28 dager siden
Beautifully Surprised
Beautifully Surprised - Måned siden
at 6:17 is Netherlands eating toast with what - Caviar?
Beautifully Surprised
Beautifully Surprised - 27 dager siden
@Miller Peshek Wow! Thanks for that.
Miller Peshek
Miller Peshek - 29 dager siden
Its Hagelslag
Suzanne Tan
Suzanne Tan - Måned siden
gosh I'd love to have Grey as my teacher :(
7.62 X39
7.62 X39 - Måned siden
i wouldnt have guessed grey would be pro-lockdown
Miller Peshek
Miller Peshek - 29 dager siden
He's pretty smart so ofc he is.
Tareq Hamarneh
Tareq Hamarneh - Måned siden
Grey and Lady Grey look like Wall-E and Eve. Cute.
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna - Måned siden
Actually it is very clear and obvious. The moneyed class never lose anything. Every crisis only serves to ossify their position, and power. Lockdowns don't affect anybody that is already wealthy, or anybody that serves the state which has the monopoly on violence. It only affects the cattle class, which is most people reading this comment. The idea that the state cares about anything beyond itself is absurd. The state is an entity into itself and only cares about its survival, not the cattle. For reference open a history book on the 20th century.
Hare Krishna
Hare Krishna - Måned siden
The state is increasing it's wealth and power through fear and propaganda, and even someone witty like Grey is ultimately just his wife's slave. It would be wise to remember that when you are a slave the slave master will always blame you, for their incompetence.
Tyrell Martin
Tyrell Martin - Måned siden
At 11:20... because hexagons are the bestagon!
ama llama
ama llama - Måned siden
Best quarantine board game: Pandemic (Yes, that's a real game)
Rose Egbo
Rose Egbo - Måned siden
0:07 Is that grey's sister
NovaRanger - Måned siden
9:03 Ha ha plot twist.. nice..
GGSD - Måned siden
Love the voice. Love the info & how or is put! Sounds amazing to the ears
Silent Mayan
Silent Mayan - Måned siden
I never got to experience quarantine. I was an essential worker.
silvertonguer - Måned siden
Question: When do you think you will next get on an airplane?
Answer: It will probably be years. The same goes for restaurants. I haven’t stepped foot in a restaurant since March. It will take quite some time before I’m comfortable enough to step foot into a restaurant or even a plane.
Kantholz93 - Måned siden
Dear Princess Celestia
Blackie - Måned siden
I think i know how to end corona
Moose Ears
Moose Ears - Måned siden
What home based exercises have given you the most benefit?
Me: Diddly Squats
Roon - Måned siden
The world will,change have you heard of The Great Reset?
sdf elite
sdf elite - Måned siden
imagine if the government is corrupt and socialism is flawed and... and... uh... oh wait
LimeSlime 711
LimeSlime 711 - Måned siden
5-7 years until I next get on an airplane
Raddie Cat
Raddie Cat - Måned siden
If I was a viris I would tamper with human brains like that viris everyone has that does nothing but make people love cats. Just make humans smarter...
Jennifer Austin
Jennifer Austin - Måned siden
When will I next get on an airplane? Unless for work, it won't happen till I'm vaccinated and clear (added that since it takes a few weeks to actually be immune).
Ginger Brown
Ginger Brown - Måned siden
5:55 the national lockdown of Taiwan doesn’t seem to have much negative effect on the economy.
Big boy Gaming
Big boy Gaming - Måned siden
grey about the airplane question does microsoft flight simulator count
Harry Christiansen
Harry Christiansen - Måned siden
7:29 Am I a brony for realizing that in My Little Pony, Twilight Sparkle writes lessons to her mentor Celestia after a crisis and that the video has him saying, "Dear Princess Celestia, I didn't learn a thing", which shows a failed lesson by twinkle sprinkle in that exact format, which shows a clear referance to her relationship with the Princess in the show?
Anthea Neilsen
Anthea Neilsen - Måned siden
Nat Hmm
Nat Hmm - Måned siden
10:45 I appreciate CGP Grey so much.
THEKILLER 2055 - Måned siden
I still want to give handshakes but can't right now but definitely will when there's a vaccine
Vixx Celacea
Vixx Celacea - Måned siden
Life is all trade offs.
I think if we were taught this we'd all be better well-rounded in understanding how the world works. Even if the trade off is totally worth it, say "fixing" something like your plumbing, it is in technicality, a trade off. You are trading the state that it is in and whatever benefits/difficulties that brings to another state.
Medicine is almost nothing but trade-offs and I think if people understood that better, they would understand better about what can and can't be done. All medications have side-effects. But you know what also has side-effects? Not taking medication and just living.
There is no perfection or perfect state and therefore no perfect choices.
Especially if there is more information than normal to any given choice missing to begin with.
SilverXCIV - Måned siden
5:49 sneaky Hexagon
Zesty Crab Legs
Zesty Crab Legs - Måned siden
7:50 Going "both sides same" is fucking tone deaf.
J T - Måned siden
10:37 Einstein disagrees
Interferenzbrille _
Interferenzbrille _ - Måned siden
climate change is not your kind of topic, ha?
Kevin - Måned siden
As a fellow introvert, this has been the most useful video during lockdown 2020.
Thank you so much!
Incapacitated Squirrel
Incapacitated Squirrel - Måned siden
In, "Q&A With Grey: Millenia of Human Attention Edition", you said opening a restaurant was a bad idea. Care to elaborate on why?
Farhana Gjfvj
Farhana Gjfvj - Måned siden
"There are no solutions, only trade-offs."
Scream it from the roof tops for all to hear!
Harshit Gupta
Harshit Gupta - Måned siden
So I guess you could say...
_hindsight is 2020_

im sorry
Feyangel23 - Måned siden
The real answer is cast aside pride and embarrassment as death is a payment that cannot be refunded
do whatever it takes to stay safe as long as it doesn't harm anyone else as we are in what I would call the bunker scenario with detected radiation levels outside.
Why risk going outside to play with friends from other bunkers in radiation. Absolute madness
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero - Måned siden
I like you as much as that other guy that has a white board for everything and for that I thank you
Thæ Weird Kid
Thæ Weird Kid - Måned siden
maybe january 2022 or june
Aidan Warren
Aidan Warren - 2 måneder siden
“But we’ve learned our lesson about feeling silly” is reading pretty smart in this new, third wave we’re having in the US
robbedontuesday - 2 måneder siden
Argentina voting to legalize abortion... That will defintely reduce the mortality rate of the virus... Aaand... of course, boost the economy. FRICK ME.
robbedontuesday - 2 måneder siden
robbedontuesday - 2 måneder siden
Answer to no question: you need to re-do this video.
a) We make decisions with intuitive probability studies, based on our past, not being oblivious of death.
b) We conduct Risk Assessment studies every second.
c) Countries like Sweden showed enough that lock-downs are completely senseless.
d) You need to bring sound immunologists to express their opinion.
e) The video does not accout for those ships that finally sunk in middle of storms.
f) This video seems to be funded or driven by a Government-friendly sponsor.
Miss Informed
Miss Informed - 2 måneder siden
1:04 I once came across the phrasing “onvermijdelijk achteraf” - Dutch for ‘unavoidable hindsight’ as a description of the sure end state in which the in hindsight determination you obviously should have chosen different is pretty much unavoidable. I thought it was an almost poetic use of two words to carry such a loaded meaning. Just Wanted to share.
Milksushi - 2 måneder siden
Necessary lies of higher education?
Jason Rigby
Jason Rigby - 2 måneder siden
no, let individuals lock themselves down. Because only you know how bad you need to work so you can eat.
Lusahira S
Lusahira S - 2 måneder siden
9:05 basically me as a teacher
System Shock
System Shock - 2 måneder siden
I Guess I'll just comment to get into a probability of being selected, Oh I'm Supposed to ask a question? Do cows exist?
Acid - 2 måneder siden
ha lol the irish with the dial so true
Rose Anne
Rose Anne - 2 måneder siden
I'll probably get on a plane this time next year
Desel - 2 måneder siden
10:14 are you borg?
Fauziah 08
Fauziah 08 - 2 måneder siden
agus Jom
agus Jom - 2 måneder siden
Sébastien PEPINSTER - 2 måneder siden
I actually miss handshakes. :( (And as a European, kissing people/"la bise".)
rssvzn - 2 måneder siden
Lady Grey seems cool, can we hear from her?
Goolag Tube
Goolag Tube - 2 måneder siden
I think all the looting & riots by the leftist morons in the middle of a pandemic, while their dear leaders encourage them while simultaneously fidgeting with their masks, forgetting them, etc. should've clued most people in to the fact that those doing all the fear-mongering in the media weren't taking it as seriously IRL as they pretended to for their political con jobs...
Kale Syps
Kale Syps - 2 måneder siden
When the pandemic hit, I had just moved across the US to NYC, and was going thru that crazy transitional time (much like when you moved to London), and yeah it was really, really dark. The spaceship you video was very helpful, however at the time I had seen it, I was already in that dark place. I ended up having to leave NY, and am trying to spaceship up again, but this time while back with my parents. Idk basically that response just hit hard for me.
Joren Bosmans
Joren Bosmans - 2 måneder siden
Nice Q&A. I hope Lady Grey and everyone else here stays safe
Philip O'Carroll
Philip O'Carroll - 2 måneder siden
Lockdown, the perfect illustration of a "Wicked" problem.
Split O Rama
Split O Rama - 2 måneder siden
Settlers of catan. Because it is made up of the bestagons obviously.
ItsInvis Mitell
ItsInvis Mitell - 2 måneder siden
I'm stuck in an endless cycle of wanting to watch this video but wishing I didn't learn anything from them
Rahmat sholeh
Rahmat sholeh - 2 måneder siden
Kost likely never, as i am not the Travelling type
Synthetic_Future - 2 måneder siden
Considering money and "the economy" are just human made concepts that in no way limit our ability to work on a cure or the ability to make sure everyone is fed and taken care of in dire times isn't it strange/sad that we are constantly worried about it?
Diego Del Toro
Diego Del Toro - 2 måneder siden
5:49 foreshadow of the hexagons video :D
The Wanderer
The Wanderer - 2 måneder siden
4:32 SWEDEN!!!!
Keo Nary
Keo Nary - 2 måneder siden
NoriMori - 2 måneder siden
"When do you think you'll next get on an airplane?"
Well. I can't afford a trip, let alone one that would require an airplane. The only place I can go where I can expect someone else to pay for it, is my aunt on the other side of the country. And I don't anticipate visiting her any time soon. So I don't foresee being on a plane at any point in the near future. But I'm _hoping_ to be on one within five years, because I'd like to visit Japan someday, and I'd like to do it sooner rather than later.
Blue - 2 måneder siden
I already got co**na virus
Connor McLernon
Connor McLernon - 2 måneder siden
If we want to be pedantic in my case on the airplane question, I've been flying since June since I was finishing up my flight instructor certification and am going to fly on Friday, but that's just me.
Moonwake534 - 2 måneder siden
Grey said the damn word
The Shy Fuzzy
The Shy Fuzzy - 2 måneder siden
Wait people haven't setlers of Catan. Isn't that the game where you have a bunch of hexagons with resources and stuff. Wait a sec. Hexagons.
SaltyFox - 2 måneder siden
Maybe this was directed at the US
And with the fog of the future maybe our president did choose appropriately
But after 200,000 deaths and counting he has still failed to make the right choice
Pedro P
Pedro P - 2 måneder siden
4:51 Please stop calling it spanish flu, great influenza pandemic is more accurate.
Regards from Spain
Moogle Charm
Moogle Charm - 2 måneder siden
I am not flying till at least fall of 2023