Q&A With Grey: Millenia of Human Attention Edition

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Harvy Angelo
Harvy Angelo - 6 dager siden
Okay, so what's the correct Star Wars viewing order *now*?
Elias Hornwall
Elias Hornwall - 6 dager siden
I am pro immortality except for one thing. The carrying capacity of memories in the brain is large but not limitless. After 300 years it would be hard to remember anything, but the most important moments of your life. The moments of your younger self would be especially hard since they happened so long ago. With that in mind i would still choose agelessness over death, but i would be way more reluctant if i didn't know that i would get infinite long term memory.
Duarte Fonseca
Duarte Fonseca - 8 dager siden
University? I pay 300 per semester XD
Smooth smoothie 68 419
Smooth smoothie 68 419 - 10 dager siden
My handwriting is absolute shite
Dr. A
Dr. A - 12 dager siden
My handwriting perfected through college class note taking to a hybrid cursive/print to maximize speed and completeness of detailed notes.
Legible to me.
Danielle S
Danielle S - 12 dager siden
I know I'm 4 years late to this, but you don't have to be awake for eye surgery. I had it done in 2020 and was out for it. I had ICL surgery because my vision was bad (-10 and -11 for those who that means something to, or 20/800ish). I partially woke up but only barely remember anything
Arburo - 15 dager siden
Factorio man. Time sinker at its finest.
Emmanuel Agyemang
Emmanuel Agyemang - 17 dager siden
I like immortality
Broccoli Bro
Broccoli Bro - 23 dager siden
Watching at 4 million 😎😎😎😎
Andrew Machleid
Andrew Machleid - Måned siden
I don't feel like you explain this well enough. I understand what you mean, but I think you miss interpret the question. how do you deal with stress in a work/school environment? not the stress you were thinking of, which seems to be the stress you have from something annoying.
Cadence Frame
Cadence Frame - Måned siden
I got the Twilight Zone reference.
Craig Atkinson
Craig Atkinson - Måned siden
I will say this one time hotdogs are a soft shelled taco
Brian Grenke
Brian Grenke - 2 måneder siden
My new years resolution is to finish my resolution from last year which was to finish my resolution from 2018.
NS - 2 måneder siden
New Mexico best flag. Nice
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian - 2 måneder siden
_Watch_ The Dog Whisperer? Bitch I _am_ the dog whisperer
Ivan Turtle
Ivan Turtle - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the only person ever to say the maryland flag looks awesome
Kaiser Elliot III
Kaiser Elliot III - 2 måneder siden
2:52 Star Wars: Das Erwachen der Macht
RyanGamingXbox - Gaming and more
CGP Grey: "Remove the source"
Me: Time to purge my parents!
Greysen Gill
Greysen Gill - 2 måneder siden
3:58 is that Salt Lake or Denver?
Z Shieh
Z Shieh - 2 måneder siden
yesssss Maryland flag is one of the best state flags!
Becca G
Becca G - 2 måneder siden
I got my dinner delivered to me at my college by a little robot. We officially live in the future
Hammie Lawrence
Hammie Lawrence - 2 måneder siden
A hotdog is legally classified as an open faced sandwich
ft Future
ft Future - 2 måneder siden
I believe that if immortality is achieved then most people wouldnt have children
Cityhuman San Francisco why do I live
How do you feel about The UK
Tim Coultas
Tim Coultas - 2 måneder siden
you might want to try Oxygen not included
rssvzn - 2 måneder siden
High paying field “engineering”
*laughs in India
ÝāŚśîŘ Āģžîť
ÝāŚśîŘ Āģžîť - 2 måneder siden
"Way.WAY too much factorio"
Cracktorio gang :D
Carl Hilber
Carl Hilber - 3 måneder siden
Boooooo, in your living in different places image you show the shithole of Sydney over the cultured Melbourne. Shame
Alex - 3 måneder siden
Come to the snowy side...

The Changerang
The Changerang - 3 måneder siden
"Are you American or British?
"When I go back to the States it feels like Canada"
As a Canadian, this is what we see sometimes :)
G-Men - 3 måneder siden
hot dogs are not sandwiches cause there's only one peace of bread
Marcus C
Marcus C - 3 måneder siden
How is your attitude "techno-optimist"? Whenever you speak about technology and human life, the punchline seems to be "improve the whole process by getting read of monkeys". That's less and less optimistic the better technology gets.
Thomas Osman
Thomas Osman - 3 måneder siden
Thoughts on welsh flag
Sterlingbird Niner
Sterlingbird Niner - 3 måneder siden
Cursive gang?
monotone goose
monotone goose - 3 måneder siden
Will you ever make a vid with vsauce
Nitish lamba
Nitish lamba - 3 måneder siden
With that immortality solution add my order of anti aging solution
Hank Dundon
Hank Dundon - 3 måneder siden
Colorado flag is the greatest flag.
Andrew Bolt
Andrew Bolt - 3 måneder siden
Grey: Starting a restaurant is a terrible idea.
Me who wants to start a restaurant: Visible sadness.
Umi - 4 måneder siden
My flight this year:
2020.07.05 and 07.07, for business, full plane, even oversell.
2020.08.24 and 08.30, for buisiness, almost full, less than 5 seats left.
2020.09.12 and 09.13, personal, almost full, about 10 seats left.
Our company are now on historical high number of domestic flight...yet my wages are still cutted....
Evan Montgomery
Evan Montgomery - 4 måneder siden
I failed my resolution because my pet died.
Sorin Koos
Sorin Koos - 4 måneder siden
Fuk You chad
MisterL2 - 4 måneder siden
0:58 the city in the bottom left (slightly top-right from the New York caption) is called CORONA :D
Mysterious Shadow
Mysterious Shadow - 4 måneder siden
Don't worry robots won't kill humans. Humanity isn't dumb enough to make something That will...
O h my God we are going to be killed by robots
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez - 4 måneder siden
Do they sell clothes that dont need ironing? I have two jeans like that but didnt came with tags. How do I recognize them?
Jay CALKINS - 4 måneder siden
I love these Q and A's there so funny and enjoyable!
the DOOM
the DOOM - 4 måneder siden
2:40 STOP!
MightyMac21 - 4 måneder siden
Yo don’t just brush over what he just said about Star Wars!
Filip Rank
Filip Rank - 4 måneder siden
We all sin and fall short of the glory of God. Let it be known that every man is deservant of hell.
But 2000 years ago God came in flesh as Jesus from Nazareth and lived a sinless life yet having all the temptations humans do. He was killed by his own people, the ones who claimed to believe in God but this had to be done because his death would become a sacrifice for all our sins.
Now, whoever believes in Jesus will be saved. You must repent of your sins and be baptized and whoever comes through Jesus who is the messiah (or the Christ) of who's sacrifice was predicted milleniums ago, he who comes through him will come to God. But there is no other way to come to God but through him, because it is God who sacrificed himself for us as Jesus.
Majnman TheYoutuber
Majnman TheYoutuber - 4 måneder siden
Mike - 4 måneder siden
You’re not sold on overpopulation because birth rates are going down? Honey what about death rates 😐
sonaarr - 4 måneder siden
7:46 from a Marylander thank you grey
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer
Dragonfly B!tch Bauer - 5 måneder siden
I so agree about less money for a job where you aren't miserable, if it can be enjoyable- even better! However, making a lil more money for a place where you're unhappy is a horrible. Most ppl are unable to completely box out different sections of their lives in way that once they're done at working they just leave that bad behind. If you get in an argument with their spouse they usually have bad mood at work.
In my first career (real estate & property mngmnt) I got to a point where I really enjoyed my co-workers, vendors, residents/clients/customers, whatever and I made a very decent salary PLUS i live in "fly over" country so me being 25
Meagan Nava
Meagan Nava - 5 måneder siden
Where are you so I can come to your house to make cookies
Hamuel Agulto
Hamuel Agulto - 5 måneder siden
I really like the idea of podcasts because there's no video, so it's probably more helpful for sleeping, but I hate how not concise they are. I'd love to know a podcasts that feels like YT, just without the video
Weatherwax usefull hints
Weatherwax usefull hints - 5 måneder siden
Seriously? Episode 7 made the list?????
EnzoGamerUK SBR
EnzoGamerUK SBR - 5 måneder siden
S.O.L - 5 måneder siden
CPG Grey: hotdog is not sandwich. food theory four years late: Counter attack!
Ivan Miller
Ivan Miller - 5 måneder siden
Well if you like knowing AI advances and reading I highly recommend a book called “Rebooting AI”
Random 50 cal with WIFI
Random 50 cal with WIFI - 5 måneder siden
Do you know the odds1out copied your pennis video in college and admitted to it
Just seeing if you know it’s funny he did because I love both channels
Platypus - 5 måneder siden
4 5 6 7??? You're missing out on the second-best trilogy in favour of the worst!
Memepig A pig
Memepig A pig - 5 måneder siden
I live in Maryland that means my state flag is good!
RaZdahooman - 5 måneder siden
My new year's resolution like, 5 years ago, was to stop having New year's resolutions. So far, so good!
BaronVonKekatron - 6 måneder siden
You are unnervingly similar to myself cgp, only difference is that you're the version of me that never had so fucked up of a brain, surprisingly I'm not jealous because for some reason I don't actually want to live as someone else regardless of how bashed my potential's kneecaps are
alex bluestein
alex bluestein - 6 måneder siden
Ayy he said my state has one of the best flags!(Maryland)
Elie Weiss
Elie Weiss - 6 måneder siden
YES! He plays factotio. Fantastic.
Diogenes the Cynic
Diogenes the Cynic - 6 måneder siden
0:57 just hurts in 2020
Fredrik - 6 måneder siden
My New Years resolution 10 years ago was to never again make a New Years resolution.
Still going strong.
Hannah Crenshaw
Hannah Crenshaw - 6 måneder siden
How do you “Discover” you have Irish dual citizenship?
Itera Theist
Itera Theist - 6 måneder siden
5:05 what the actual fuck is this?
Nathan Yax
Nathan Yax - 6 måneder siden
111 111
111 111 - 6 måneder siden
7:14 That was a solid reference right there.
AetherDraco - 6 måneder siden
3:15 oh... o h
Mamaie 69
Mamaie 69 - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for the new factorio addiction. Was getting bored during quarantine.
Vince Ungui
Vince Ungui - 7 måneder siden
If you were to go and choose any individual in an alien race of people with an infinite amount of different names and individuals who happen to speak a slight variant of English with an additional letter, the additional letter being (saying any sound for an infinitely short amount of time), would you speak to (saying any sound for an infinitely short amount of time), a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, a(saying any sound for an infinitely short amount of time), aa, ab, ac, ad, ae, af, ag…(listing an infinite amount of names here)…, who would it be?
Sebastian Irmscher
Sebastian Irmscher - 7 måneder siden
No, you dont like the flag of Germany. Nobody should do that. It is the worst falg we had in while. Ever seen the flag of prussia? Man there is design in it. It has a cool ass eagle, while our new flag are literally 3 stripes with not meaning what so ever.
Bob Sagat The Wise
Bob Sagat The Wise - 7 måneder siden
Bad GREY we don’t watch SEVEN in this household
matt kowalski
matt kowalski - 7 måneder siden
Your modem sounds woke up my cat and made her look around in such complete bafflement it was amazing.
Ariana Hanewinkel
Ariana Hanewinkel - 7 måneder siden
Thank you for choosing my flag as one of the 2 good ones!! 🇪🇨
King Me 2486
King Me 2486 - 7 måneder siden
Your goal of immortality makes you sound like a villain who has morals and starts as a good person but degenerates into a cold and relentless person working tirelessly to achieve their goal only to be ultimately defeated by the a teenage boy and his girlfriend with the power of friendship just as you’re about to publicly announce your successes
leo feng
leo feng - 2 måneder siden
Exactly why Grey despises anyone who tries to say that death is good. Not to mention that the power of friendship is on HIS side, if you understand.
Med- M.B
Med- M.B - 3 måneder siden
You should read never die twice
Mia - 3 måneder siden
Ummm... u just made up a story out of nowhere to embarrass grey
Aitesedba - 4 måneder siden
Just A Pug With Internet Access
Just A Pug With Internet Access - 5 måneder siden
I’m so confused
Lucy - 7 måneder siden
Oh shit I just realized the immortality he’s speaking of isn’t the one I think of, he means immortal until killed in thinking immortal forever
Taha Yetiş
Taha Yetiş - 7 måneder siden
8:19 How can I find a program that writes white on black background?
Chandler van Hees
Chandler van Hees - 7 måneder siden
death gives meaning to life
Taco 5150
Taco 5150 - 7 måneder siden
nice twilight zone reference
phantom gaming
phantom gaming - 7 måneder siden
Griffin Dunstan
Griffin Dunstan - 7 måneder siden
If you don’t like eye surgery, would you consider doing laser eye surgery.
Arthur Schmieder
Arthur Schmieder - 7 måneder siden
There are three types of food:
change my mind
SeałedVessel - 18 dager siden
Salmon? Maybe?
archipiratta - 7 måneder siden
Kenya! Woot woot!!
Aleen Rosario
Aleen Rosario - 7 måneder siden
In every single video, you are blowing my mind. I mean, your talent is the combination of two words; wise and smart. Thank you for share your knowledge and point of view with us. Best regards.
Shiloh Robinson
Shiloh Robinson - 7 måneder siden
I would like to say that I have kept up my new years resolution for over a year now.
Alfie Bennett
Alfie Bennett - 7 måneder siden
2:50 he is the enemy of the people. Prequels have life’s too
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - 8 måneder siden
Star Wars movies: correct order.
Four, five, six, one, two, three. Those are the only ones, so they're the only ones you should watch.
Insanity Cubed
Insanity Cubed - 8 måneder siden
That all day song is the most manic thing I have ever heard. I won't link it for his stated reasons, but please do look it up.
Daniel Black
Daniel Black - 8 måneder siden
7:41 Hey, I think Texas's and Colorado's flags are pretty good! Hawaii's is also ok
the masterizer
the masterizer - 8 måneder siden
if you like Factorio then i advice getting Mindustry, it's pretty similiar but gives a totally diffrent experience, has conveyors and machines and it's fun, you can buy it on steam but it's free on the official website
A_HUMAN - 8 måneder siden
If u Miss modem noises you’d love my pc
Every time I open youtube and hit play it starts screeching
Then 20 mins later i then give up
Phiro - 8 måneder siden
This foolish man does not understand the importance of the prequels, and has fallen against the light of our Lord and Savior jar jar
Ivan Bimbiloski
Ivan Bimbiloski - 8 måneder siden
Do you lick the Macedonian flag
Phillip2423A - 8 måneder siden
4:09 Minus the Humans need not apply, We need that answer.
CityboundForest - 8 måneder siden
"What video games have you been playing?"
"...and to my surprise American Truck Simulator."
inb4 summer of grey 2018
MITCHELL LANDREY - 8 måneder siden
7:24 Is that A CGP grey version of Angola's flag or maybe the USSR?