No Flag Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland's officially unofficial flag.
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cruzbohy - 2 timer siden
Northern Ireland isn't a real country. Kind of like Narnia.
A United Ireland is coming!☘️
red ocelot
red ocelot - 6 timer siden
What my country has a flag 🇮🇪 this is our flag 😆
bronZe - 7 timer siden
I live there in ballinamallard in Enniskillen “look it up on google earth”
The Albion Archivist
The Albion Archivist - 8 timer siden
What's the reason the Cross of St. Patrick, which represents Ulster in the Union Jack, isn't recognised as an official flag of Northern Ireland?
Damo - 14 timer siden
As somebody who lives in the North of Ireland and is nationalist who wants a united Ireland. I am so surprised and glad there's barely any "up the ira" comments 😂
Carlos TMA
Carlos TMA - 16 timer siden
There is one 🇮🇪
Eeveelution Leafeon
Eeveelution Leafeon - 19 timer siden
wow... i learned stuff about my country i didnt know... 6/10 will help me with my history exams bc i already knew most of it
Paddy T
Paddy T - 19 timer siden
Colonized is a nice way to put it ...
rc501st - Dag siden
"Sees Dutch flag"
Tony T
Tony T - Dag siden
Keep the red hand flying!
John Devine
John Devine - Dag siden
Genuinely amazed that comments haven't been turned off yet on this lol.
As a guy from the tip of "the north of Ireland" / northern Ireland".... we'll argue this literally to death :P
Theirishcommunist - Dag siden
actually, wales isn't in the uk flag. it's north ireland's flag, a red x on a white flag
Raffty - 2 dager siden
Protestants support it but catholics don’t that’s a short story kinda as catholics want a untied Ireland but Protestants don’t as someone who lives in Northern Ireland it is a very complicated situation
Keonix - 2 dager siden
Who here is northern irish coz i am
Joel d
Joel d - 2 dager siden
Say what you like, that's our flag
Thjalfi Forrester
Thjalfi Forrester - 2 dager siden
Suffice to say those understood the Troubles can understand HK issues better
Jemime Disraeli
Jemime Disraeli - 3 dager siden
That flag is a hate symbol representing the apartheid and divestment of Irish people in their own homeland by foreign colonisers who will NEVER belong here.
Butt Naked Thanos
Butt Naked Thanos - Dag siden
Get over it. They have the north we have the south and that's enough. We seriously just need to leave each other alone.
kbooax - 3 dager siden
The only reason it's used in sports is because the unionist half of the population support northern ireland while the nationalist half support the republic
LIFEWITHZIGHI - 4 dager siden
Perfect for sleeping
Guiseppe Kracowvski
Guiseppe Kracowvski - 4 dager siden
If brexit happens, Northern Ireland’s flag might be 🇮🇪
Butt Naked Thanos
Butt Naked Thanos - Dag siden
Brexit has happened. It was all over the news 2 weeks ago. Its officially done and dusted
BigJordy - 5 dager siden
EpicLittleGamer - 7 dager siden
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - 7 dager siden
The decorous record chiefly fence because blizzard notably announce concerning a splendid cinema. short, evasive screw
Yam - 9 dager siden
I fear no man, but that thing.. *The Troubles* It scares me.
Robert Strong-Morse
Robert Strong-Morse - Dag siden
I mean the troubles are a terrible conflict that's extremely messy and hard to talk about without making someone mad.
Conor - 9 dager siden
The reason it doesn't have a flag is because it should not be a country. Its a part of Ireland always has been untill 100 years ago. Soon will be united
Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan - 10 dager siden
if all the countries are girls how are more countries made?
Supersonic Boxing
Supersonic Boxing - 10 dager siden
Stephen Chappell
Stephen Chappell - 10 dager siden
Why do Americans always make a big deal about Brits being colonisers when they themselves are the colonisers and not the Brits?
When When
When When - 3 dager siden
The British during this time was 100%
theCyberApple - 11 dager siden
2:31 notice how he used the Mac version of control c and control v. This is the most cgp grey thing in this cgp grey video.
Adam Halley-Prinable
Adam Halley-Prinable - 12 dager siden
I would really love a video about the troubles
Ryan McSharry
Ryan McSharry - 10 dager siden
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Smug Megumin
Smug Megumin - 12 dager siden
0:10 Scotland has 3 arms wtf
Travers - 13 dager siden
That flag is the English flag with a hand on it
Travers - 13 dager siden
That's because it's not a country, it's 6 counties that belong to Ireland
James Moran
James Moran - 13 dager siden
Kinda forgot about the red X
Unicorn_Jesus69 - 14 dager siden
It does have a flag 🇮🇪
Aloo Gobee
Aloo Gobee - 15 dager siden
Northern Ireland is an illegitimate territory
Sarah - 15 dager siden
just some bonus info from you friendly neighborhood northern Irish person. The dude who cut of hand was called eogháin. So in Irish (as in the language) the county Tyrone, translates to "eogháin's country" But cuz Irish is weird. The literally, direct translation is "country of eogháin"
Cian Gargan
Cian Gargan - 17 dager siden
I don't know why they don't just use St. Patrick's flag.
BHPproductions1 - 18 dager siden
Northern Ireland should not exist. During decolonisation, the British should've given the land back.
Martin Manscher
Martin Manscher - 18 dager siden
Can we have a "Troubles" video, please? Please please please?
Max Riley
Max Riley - 12 dager siden
He barely touched on it in this video, and there are already people in the comments (set to Newest First if you don't believe me) who are still mad about him covering such a politically intense subject and not covering _their_ side in it. As much as we might want it, it will practically never come...
Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott - 20 dager siden
They should held the flag that the rest of the country does🇮🇪
Cameron Wain
Cameron Wain - 20 dager siden
But... Northern Ireland does have a flag in the Union Flag?? The diagonal red Cross which cuts through the Scottish White Cross is the Irish part??
Conrad Fegan
Conrad Fegan - 21 dag siden
Basically there should be a united ireland but there’s like 40% of the north that are delusional and hate everything Irish even though they litteraly live in IRELAND. They should just gtfo to England or somewhere and give our heads peace
Super Dead
Super Dead - 22 dager siden
Was that you flipping through "The Troubles"?
SplitzUkz - 22 dager siden
I mean the diagonal red lines in the union flag stands for Northern Ireland🤔
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro
Rachelle Roberthon Favaloro - 23 dager siden
The celts. Whatever meanness came here. Poor Scotland and Ireland? Edinburgh lobotomy capitalist pity party fascists.
User 4756
User 4756 - Dag siden
Lego History Tube.
Lego History Tube. - 26 dager siden
I'm a descendent of those Scottish settlers through my dad's paternal line, Also the Scottish settlers in northern Ireland are called Ulster Scotts.
Callum Parke
Callum Parke - 26 dager siden
I live in Northern Ireland and this popped up in my recommendation
ciara skelton
ciara skelton - 26 dager siden
Watching this as a resident of NI 👁👄👁
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers
They were just killing each others, it's no secret, lol
Azazel Azure
Azazel Azure - 26 dager siden
When are getting "The Troubles" video Grey?
Max Riley
Max Riley - 27 dager siden
Can I have a CGP Grey Style Guide? How long has this existed that I didn't know about?
Chugga Nutts
Chugga Nutts - 28 dager siden
theres like a million stories for the red hand
Chugga Nutts
Chugga Nutts - 28 dager siden
Well i know the flag.
Jener Gomes
Jener Gomes - 29 dager siden
3:36 I LOVED the flag's deception to deal with The Troubles! XD
(Not that they should be avoided, but I know they would need a feature film to *perhaps* explain all.)
C. Ray
C. Ray - Måned siden
Big power failure hits Belast (sp)?
C. Ray
C. Ray - Måned siden
Cgp grey style guide #132? 🧐 what’s in the first 131 versions? How often are these revised? 🤔
SrPent - Måned siden
What about the red diagonal cross on a white background? (The one on the Union Flag, known as the St Patrick's flag)
Random Ñēss
Random Ñēss - Måned siden
What bout dis 🇯🇪
random guy with asian chick as profile pic
@Spy Gaming still yes
IMadeYouReadThis :]
IMadeYouReadThis :] - 8 dager siden
thats the flag of jersey the coats of arms are on the jersey flag
random guy with asian chick as profile pic
@Spy Gaming yes
Spy Gaming
Spy Gaming - 22 dager siden
@random guy with asian chick as profile pic wow funny haha ur gay insult so original
random guy with asian chick as profile pic
@Stan Torren you’re gay
Amanda - Måned siden
I like people talking about my country
Adam Zino
Adam Zino - Måned siden
A star of David a crown and a hand on top of a red cross
Daniele Trombin
Daniele Trombin - Måned siden
Why not use the St Patrick's flag?
Rosa - Måned siden
o'neills crest is used on the tyrone flag (actually in my pfp) but was also Incorporated in the ni flag
so tyrone catholics use the symbol for sports ect and prods use it for marches and such, but strangely i would not recognize the ni flag as an official flag as it is generally used in a bias way and more by the prods than us, most catholics in ni tend to use the tricolour instead as it is more equal and inclusive [to elaborate on the video the irish tricolours three parts are green for catholics, orange for prods and white in the middle for peace]
jkid1134 - Måned siden
Boy you can really feel the presence of The Void of Unknowing (or whatever, I forget) in this one
Maria Ochenas
Maria Ochenas - Måned siden
im a lefty......
Lauren - Måned siden
We have a flag. You're american so you wouldn't know that though
Miller Peshek
Miller Peshek - 18 dager siden
@Lauren He was born in New York, but lives in London and is a quarter irish, and had both Irish and American citizenship, before he moved to London.
Lauren - 18 dager siden
@Miller Peshek no he isnt
AIcaire 117
AIcaire 117 - 27 dager siden
We have a fleg, just not an official one.
Combat4Combat - Måned siden
Poor Wales, no representation in the Union Jack
Tnoz Tnoz
Tnoz Tnoz - Måned siden
I think I prefer the Sinister (leftie) version, since if the story is about a guy severing and throwing his own hand, wouldn't it make more sense that it'd be his non-dominant hand (assuming he was a rightie of course)?
Suryaa Azhakhiamanavalan
Suryaa Azhakhiamanavalan - Måned siden
Wow you should have a channel named Fun with Flags.
Andrew TwixEater
Andrew TwixEater - Måned siden
Gray: colonised?
Well the word you’re looking for is “STOLEN”
rollo216 - Måned siden
That Would be the case of every inhabited “colonised” land
Story Time With Lorelei
Story Time With Lorelei - Måned siden
Hahahahaha he got caught by the blue black thing-
Oh it fell off
Luisa - Måned siden
All I want is to finally have an emoji of that damn flag
Araqunos on Netflix
Araqunos on Netflix - Måned siden
That's my Country!!!
Ibrahim Hasan
Ibrahim Hasan - Måned siden
Britain only 'colonizes' really civilised places to steal land
Christopher Richner
Christopher Richner - Måned siden
Oh no. Now he’s making me sexualize countries. Grey please I beg you.
Dazza - Måned siden
That flag hijacked the ulster yellow flag with the red hand of the Oneill clan of ulster.
Bunwat 22
Bunwat 22 - Måned siden
3:09 *coooloniiiised*
Christopher Hume
Christopher Hume - Måned siden
The little Troubles book reappearing at the end. So accurate. 🤣
Superrobloxman2562 - Måned siden
I’m from The republic and I think the northern Irish should get a flag
Also TheActualBarker
Also TheActualBarker - Måned siden
Is there not? I thought the N.Ireland flag was a red diagonal cross?
Stan Torren
Stan Torren - 27 dager siden
Not offical. Northern Ireland has no offical flag
smokemain bob
smokemain bob - Måned siden
They changed the colour because the brits took over
G809 Gaming
G809 Gaming - Måned siden
LoL sCoTtLaNd HaS tHrEe ArMs
CW - Måned siden
As someone from Northern Ireland, I can assure you that our identity as well as our flag is quite confused and we can never really settle on one thing.
grim reaper
grim reaper - Dag siden
Northern irish would be a suitable identity since both sides would accept it but the flag will not be sorted until everyone above 30 or 40 dies.
Scotandia Mapping
Scotandia Mapping - Måned siden
Whats up with that "the troubles" book?
Scotandia Mapping
Scotandia Mapping - Måned siden
@grim reaper ik what the troubles is but why does a book have tenticals?
grim reaper
grim reaper - Måned siden
Look up the troubles of northern ireland 1969-1998.
Patriots man
Patriots man - Måned siden
Give Ireland back to the Irish
Cody ONeill
Cody ONeill - Måned siden
We O'Neills got it in the bag
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - Måned siden
The troubles have hilariously dramatic timing.
Synthslayer - Måned siden
Talk to the Irish hand!
Jack Aguirre
Jack Aguirre - Måned siden
"It's the same old theme since 1916..."
ThatOneGuyMatt - Måned siden
Why doesn't Northern Ireland use the old Irish flag, the red X.
Coffee Games
Coffee Games - 2 måneder siden
This video's plot is deeper then the new star wars movies.
george mihaita
george mihaita - 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry, how ever did you arrive at the statement: "It should not be part of a kingdom"?
For your information, it IS part of a kingdom.
This also clarifies your initial confusion about the political status of Northern Ireland.
Parker B.
Parker B. - 2 måneder siden
Parker B.
Parker B. - Måned siden
@Dodo Master Scotland has 3 arms
Dodo Master
Dodo Master - Måned siden
dig bick
dig bick - 2 måneder siden
Sawyer McDaniel
Sawyer McDaniel - 2 måneder siden
0:10 paused
Scotland has 3 arms!
Hone Shi
Hone Shi - 2 måneder siden
no flag northern ireland should remain "no flag". it should rightfully be ireland's land, but some bigoted foreigners settled there and now refuse to give back their land after they separated. leaving a huge chunk in ireland's side and england more land than they deserve on ireland.
Learning Again
Learning Again - 2 måneder siden
It's apart of the UK because they wanted to be.
IMadeYouReadThis :]
IMadeYouReadThis :] - 2 måneder siden
2:41: ran out of yellow
2:44: shows a crown with yellow in it
me: understandable, have a great day
edit: stuff
Bhante - 2 måneder siden
She belongs to Ireland....just saying.
Learning Again
Learning Again - 2 måneder siden
ARJUN BABU - 2 måneder siden
What about the red cross on white like Scotlands flag
Fred latin Medic
Fred latin Medic - 2 måneder siden
When can we expect a video on the troubles?