Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas

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You aren't visiting the place you think you are.
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Iwy207 - 4 dager siden
I can see the Project Zorgo Black Pyramid in the thumbnail 0.0
Hand Meover
Hand Meover - 4 dager siden
Well Paradise isn't Paradise. It's just a pair a dice!
that guy
that guy - 5 dager siden
Southeast Las Vegas paradise born and raised and this is hillarious to me
Wee Strom CO Guy
Wee Strom CO Guy - 8 dager siden
Fun fact. About 10 years ago possession of pot was a felony. I went thinking I'd find an easy time finding some, but you could literally buy crack easier.
Not Sure
Not Sure - 11 dager siden
Culturally it is OK to refer to the Las Vegas valley as Las Vegas because the whole valley is one economic/cultural entity in the middle of what would otherwise be a really sh**ty patch of desert. If it were not for the gambling, drugs, and puttas, Las Vegas would look the way most of Arizona and New Mexico look: like sh**.
Not Sure
Not Sure - 11 dager siden
True. The Las Vegas valley actually comprises a mixture of about ten or eleven municipalities and unincorporated places. What people call "downtown Las Vegas" (including Fremont Street) is actually in Las Vegas. "The Strip" is mostly in Paradise.
Ayeo capone
Ayeo capone - 12 dager siden
Did u know it was built by the mafia
That's why there is so many casinos where u can gamble in its profitable
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - 12 dager siden
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Lucas Bowman
Lucas Bowman - 13 dager siden
The floor is not made out of floor
Lucas Bowman
Lucas Bowman - 13 dager siden
The floor is made out of wall
Owen Toad
Owen Toad - 14 dager siden
Tyler Hanson
Tyler Hanson - 14 dager siden
This argument is not unlike the people who correct others when they say the word “irregardless”. Yeah. I guess you’re officially right, but nobody stops a conversation in its tracks over the inaccuracy.
Johan Runfeldt
Johan Runfeldt - 15 dager siden
And then you have the original Las Vegas, in New Mexico.
Faysal Osman
Faysal Osman - 15 dager siden
I do not see Las Vegas as Las Vegas anymore. Las Vegas sounds different rn.
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - 16 dager siden
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Vivian Hernandez
Vivian Hernandez - 20 dager siden
I thought you were gonna be like the guy that claims Australia isn't real till I watched the video
Big Smoke
Big Smoke - 21 dag siden
It's Grove Street trust me
C M - 23 dager siden
It’s been five years. Can someone explain to me what “...and also layer” means?
Rex Monte
Rex Monte - 24 dager siden
So it's Las Vegas...
RettaRetta BrodhurstBrodhurst
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Johnny Cheung
Johnny Cheung - 27 dager siden
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Guy Man guy
Guy Man guy - Måned siden
Like next were going to get for some weird reason that netherlands isnt an country oh wait
Raffi Boghosian
Raffi Boghosian - Måned siden
James Fonteboa
James Fonteboa - Måned siden
Las Vegas where I live !!!
Rob Ot
Rob Ot - Måned siden
Paragas? Vegadise?
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza - Måned siden
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MA GA - Måned siden
But where is North Las Vegas?!!! Is that where the old strip is?!!! Just a thought.
Not Sure
Not Sure - 11 dager siden
It is a separate municipality, and not legally part of Las Vegas.
Adolfo Romero
Adolfo Romero - Måned siden
Viva Las Paradise!!! 🤣🤣🤣
RayRexDex - Måned siden
"Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas."
Oh no the floor here isn't made out of floor.
AM Channel
AM Channel - Måned siden
Ah yes the floor is not made of floor
Chris Man
Chris Man - Måned siden
When my mum was pregnant with me, she wasn't really I was in my own separate water state 🤣
Koosha Las Vegas Ex Muslim
Purple Turtle
Purple Turtle - Måned siden
I mean while technically, Paradise isn't Las Vegas, it can be considered colloquially as part of the urban/metropolitan area of the city. I live in a satellite town outside of a large-ish city, though I often still refer to where I live as the city.
Beast - Måned siden
Is vegas paris or egypt
Michael Shaleen
Michael Shaleen - Måned siden
The mob created something great and the cops ruined it
Emily Hogan
Emily Hogan - Måned siden
This kinda like how Disney World is built on Bay Lake ,Florida and not in Orlando, Florida
Christina C
Christina C - Måned siden
Yahtzee...ummmmmmm...not Paradise...More like Purgatory!
MADE APART - Måned siden
Its symbolic Egypt. They will be judged too
Giuli Guerriero
Giuli Guerriero - Måned siden
Por qué hay subtitulos en ESPERANTO pero NO en español???
Jax Matthews
Jax Matthews - Måned siden
I actually went to Las Ve- uhhh I mean Paradise over the summer to visit my uncle. We had lots of fun and went shopping on the strip.
Junior Quijada
Junior Quijada - Måned siden
DAMN SO LAS VEGAS IS TEXAS (the more u know)....

Gacha_GG242 - Måned siden
I LIVE in Las Vegas...Why...
Rotna Khatun
Rotna Khatun - Måned siden
I hate how people don't understand that people actually live in vegas. I've lived here all my life and when I tell some people they are always like "wot you love in a hotel?" no I don't. This doesn't have much to do with the video but I just needed to say that.
Türkler Bilsin
Türkler Bilsin - Måned siden
Prophet Muhammad said in meaning: when antichrist comes he will have his own heaven and hell. When you enter his hell, you will enter God's paradise. When you enter his heaven, you will enter God's hell.
This is not exact antichrist but there is similarity here. Both are in Nevada:
1. Paradise city of sinful joy and corruption
2. Creech airforce base from where they shot thousands of Hellfire missiles on poor rural Muslim people. (Of course there were some targets, but many were mistakes and collateral civilians)
P77777777 - Måned siden
Reminds me of Mr House's securitrons
P77777777 - Måned siden
Counties are weird in that every state has them and theyre all exactly the same. Canadas provinces can split themselves into districts but they can widely and dont always have taxes or really a government
DIO - Måned siden
I live in an unincorporated woods and i walk out my house bussy out every day !!
ItsLash - Måned siden
*who here from California moving to paradise?* 🖐
green pencil BFUP
green pencil BFUP - Måned siden
Me: *lives in las vegas*
Me after watching: maybe im not real
Imani Smith
Imani Smith - Måned siden
Lies all lies
join the fist 10
join the fist 10 - Måned siden
Oh. Cool.
Ciro Guerra-Lara
Ciro Guerra-Lara - Måned siden
If a city has a mayor a county has what?
Connor Davenport
Connor Davenport - Måned siden
Bro are you even from las Vegas. You don't know anything about the valley.
Dekri - Måned siden
As someone who lives in vegas, i never knew this.
Jazzy da dj
Jazzy da dj - Måned siden
Am I the only Las Vegasian who knew this?
ChingChang _oof
ChingChang _oof - Måned siden
Brian Gifford
Brian Gifford - Måned siden
So to spend 7 days at the casinos would be a week in paradise? Buttsauce
Maksim Chernykh
Maksim Chernykh - Måned siden
Хуйня ваш Лас-Вегас! Чуть в сторону от главной улицы отойдешь и начинаются трущебы и реальная жизнь. Не забудь сказать, что для простых людей там вода по расписанию.
Mr. Spiky
Mr. Spiky - Måned siden
Oh look, the floor here is not made out of floor
Stu Bur
Stu Bur - Måned siden
I am surprised that the political leadership in Las Vegas didn't simply shift city expenses up to the country level. For example, reduce or even disband the vegas police and hire the county sheriff office to do those tasks instead. The more services they can bump up to county level, the more Paradise will be forced to help fund them. In this way Vegas can send Paradise the bill for services without taxing them directly.
Ask Hole
Ask Hole - Måned siden
Is this the paradise city mentioned in the Guns N’ Roses song : Paradise city ?
Vaga-Bard GTF
Vaga-Bard GTF - Måned siden
Fu*k all those rules and their society. I'll take wilderness.
Jay Dog
Jay Dog - Måned siden
I'm always curious why prostitution is legal in only parts of Nevada? Why isn't it legal in Las Vegas?
S A Bomarov
S A Bomarov - Måned siden
Building an entire new city for tax evasion is as American as it gets
TheClassicalSauce - Måned siden
You don't need government to have a school, sewers, or police. The reason we have governments is to make things fair, and if a government doesn't make things fair but instead becomes corrupt, we don't need that government either. A government doesn't provide anything for anyone. It's people who provide these things. The government is just supposed to make sure it's fair. Not equal. Fair. There is a difference.
It's also hilarious that you think a mafia police force is any different from some government police force, or that the government is any different than the mob in the first place. It's the same exact concept - guys with guns taking your money in exchange for protection.
You're way too tied up in semantics.
Leothesealo - 2 måneder siden
Texas Republic
Texas Republic - Måned siden
apricotman - 2 måneder siden
Strongsixpack - 2 måneder siden
So yes is no and no is yes?
ceruchi - 2 måneder siden
Los Angeles is another "city" like this. What most people call L.A. is really dozens of independent cities with their own mayors and governments (including minuscule ones like Culver), along with unincorporated urban areas in Los Angeles County.
Just in time Boi
Just in time Boi - 2 måneder siden
I thought this was gonna be a dumb conspiracy theory
mirage 445
mirage 445 - 2 måneder siden
Why doesn't the city make Paradise a part of las Vegas? Because county taxes are less than city taxes.
x1WARRIOR1x - 2 måneder siden
quite possibly the worst city next to los angeles
Not Sure
Not Sure - 11 dager siden
Nonsense. The Las Vegas valley is a great place to live and work. It is hardly part of a discussion about that sh**pile of Los Angeles.
tylerguitar75 - 2 måneder siden
This is the most patriotic thing ever. Officially independent!!
Luter Altedral
Luter Altedral - 2 måneder siden
Dude, this is so marijuana.
Ajay the Virginia Opossum
Ajay the Virginia Opossum - 2 måneder siden
apricotman - 2 måneder siden
Silent Death
Silent Death - 2 måneder siden
Or you could just go to the IG Las Vegas in New Mexico
Chloe Lee
Chloe Lee - 2 måneder siden
well, whenever i am out of state, i present my self as a new yorker even though I have never set food in new york cause here at the border of canada its nice too, still new york, just not the city >D
Half A Mind
Half A Mind - 2 måneder siden
We are on a floating ball in space we call earth. 🌎 this earth some say use to be connected to all the states leaving it looking flat. Some weird people still see it as flat but most of us normal people know that it is round. Our location in space can never be pin pointed as we don’t know where point A Originally starts. Of course we can take a guess at it but that would be more like trying to solve a math problem that you don’t know so you can never be sure of your answer. In a weird way earth could be a big simulator. You sleep you awake from it. You wake up from the dream your back in it. Most people seem to over think things like time travel. Most people would think you would need a time machine or something of that nature when really all you might need is to sleep and let your dream take you places thus time traveling in your own lifetime. No way of taking anything but a memory back. Therefore never able to alter time. I could go on and on about things but I gotta keep this short and sweet. Just next time think all Possibilities and keep moving forward 😊👍🏻
DaRedEyeJedi808 A.M.P
DaRedEyeJedi808 A.M.P - 2 måneder siden
I wasted 3 minutes of my time while you wasted hours of yours making this........
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge - 2 måneder siden
we'll u must be fun to be around
KSMI - Kerbal Saved My Insanity
KSMI - Kerbal Saved My Insanity - 2 måneder siden
Not run by the mob anymore... they got taken over by the Illuminati
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge - 2 måneder siden
do u know wtf illuminati even is or r u saying this as a joke
PockASqueeno - 2 måneder siden
Why do we call it Las Vegas instead of Paradise then? Paradise is easier to say anyway.
Anonymous Libertarian
Anonymous Libertarian - 2 måneder siden
Similar story with Sierra Vista and nearby Fry. Originally Fry was just an unincorporated area outside of Ft. Huachuca but somewhere in the early 1960's a big chunk of Fry incorporated as "Sierra Vista" leaving "Fry" as a patchwork of poor slum neighborhoods. Well Sierra Vista has been slowly annexing what is left of Fry and bulldozing it's slums and letting developers redevelop the area to a MUCH nicer town. Not all unincorporated areas are worth living in!
Anonymous Libertarian
Anonymous Libertarian - 2 måneder siden
Did not know that! I suppose the actual Las Vegas is like any city then. Interesting!
Donovan Fox
Donovan Fox - 2 måneder siden
My friend: haha I just got back from las vegas !
Me: AcHkTuAiLlEy
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge - 2 måneder siden
its still las vegas valley so......
J C - 2 måneder siden
Vegas is so over priced and takes you for everything you got. How anyone still comes to Vegas is crazy.
Not Sure
Not Sure - 11 dager siden
Spoken like a tourist who probably gets ripped off in every big city that he visits.
cpt awesome
cpt awesome - 2 måneder siden
Las Vegas is dirt cheap. If you live there and know where to go. Lol
S V - 2 måneder siden
Im sure this huge tax dodge is the reason Paradise has provided so many jobs to people in Nevada. :-) kind of proves that lower taxes actually promote innovation and those benefits provide jobs for the local community.
shenanigans - Måned siden
LOL I live in Las Vegas and it cracks me up whenever I hear local people saying idiotic things like this. California has the highest taxes in the country. It is also the richest and most innovative state. Nevada has nothing - the schools are the worst in the country (officially!!) and the university is mediocre at best. A casino is not "innovation". Silicon Valley is innovation. Las Vegas is a city full of dumb dumbs who park cars for a living.
Selam Feleke
Selam Feleke - 2 måneder siden
Paradise is the hood
Horsepower Animations MSM
Horsepower Animations MSM - 2 måneder siden
Guy: This is Paradise!
Amother guy: This really is a paradise, isn't it?
Guy: Yeah. *looks at him* It is also called Paradise.
Phanitejaswi kolli
Phanitejaswi kolli - 2 måneder siden
It's New Vegas
jinsi habibi
jinsi habibi - 2 måneder siden
Run by two companies that are know as the mobster lol 😆 😂 🤣
Maria Duarte
Maria Duarte - 2 måneder siden
Circus Circus is not even in paradise
Its in winchester which is to the north
Paul’s Existence
Paul’s Existence - 2 måneder siden
On google earth, there are 2 Las Vegas. One show the borders of the actual Las Vegas city, not paradise, and the other highlights the whole city area
Lego Yoda
Lego Yoda - 2 måneder siden
The floor isn’t made of floor
Jeff Sanders
Jeff Sanders - 2 måneder siden
I love how it’s always the rich who try to dodge taxes
Benji Bader
Benji Bader - 2 måneder siden
Ok so basically it’s called paradise because it’s anarcho-capitalism paradise
Trevor Kuang
Trevor Kuang - 2 måneder siden
I got reccomended this while in las vegas
Not Me Not Me
Not Me Not Me - 2 måneder siden
I always thought that Fremont Street was the original Las Vegas strip. 
And then Las Vegas Blvd, built after, stole the fame?
Ironically I quite liked it around Fremont when I was there a few years ago.
Antonio López
Antonio López - 2 måneder siden
Now I can say I never went to Paradise
Antonio López
Antonio López - 2 måneder siden
Welcome to (the) Paradise
tshorse - 2 måneder siden
is it ok for the shady local gov't of LV to have crooked cops, gangsters, cheats of all sorts and while in Paradice to be like heaven? Ha!
em em
em em - 2 måneder siden
0:41 wait, bitcoin logo's? lol!
Nicholas Jensen
Nicholas Jensen - 2 måneder siden
Yes it is