'Indian' or 'Native American'? [Reservations, Part 0]

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Mori Shep
Mori Shep - 2 timer siden
soooo pat 0 ........
Matthew - 5 timer siden
Still waiting grey... still.....waiting.........
anything ?
anything ? - 8 timer siden
These humans will keep fighting on words
Markmen2000 - 23 timer siden
As a fellow Earthling this was very inspiring
WalnutHead - Dag siden
Kinda annoyed how ACTUAL indians from INDIA, aren't mentioned at all lol.
Spencer Clayton
Spencer Clayton - Dag siden
Reason #1 @ 5:39: lol wut? This is blatantly wrong and doesn't even have to consider ideas of self identification to be so.
"Indian" applies to and refers only to the lands of *continental united states*, and those living there before western colonization?
Menthe - Dag siden
I never understood why they call them Indians to me on Indians are ppl from INDIA Native American just makes more sense...
mr hand
mr hand - Dag siden
What's that flag you used? The one with the blue corner,oooooh it's the former "USA" one now I remember sorry 2020 election desolved the US
Między Morze
Między Morze - Dag siden
In poland its always Indian, idk why.
Generic Commenter
Generic Commenter - Dag siden
I like how this whole video is just bracing for the inevitable back lash of liberal arts students who will get offended by the word indian even though those that it applies to don't care.
rod2.0 - Dag siden
As an Native American I find indian incorrect. Indian came to be because colombus thought he was in India. We are not from India. Native American or indigenous is preferred. Many years ago African Americans were referred to as Negroes but not anymore, why because African Americans did not like it, well we don't like Indians.
rod2.0 - Dag siden
Oh and when I did use we, I speak for the ones I know who share my feelings on the subject.
rod2.0 - Dag siden
@SirNate I did watch and I am not speaking for all which is way I said I and not we.
SirNate - Dag siden
But did you watch the video? That's clearly not the case. *You* don't like the term, but *you* don't speak for all indians/native americans/indigenous, and clearly many of them prefer indian.
TheWinged Hussar
TheWinged Hussar - 2 dager siden
But then, what about Indian that come from India?
When we talk about Indian Americans, how are we supposed to tell them apart T_T
Dr Nilofer Khan//sWAg MAxx Glitchy series
This thing: *happens*
Some American tribes and many indian citizens: *TRIGGERED AFTER HEARING THAT "Indian is ok for many tribes of USA"*
Gamer EV
Gamer EV - 3 dager siden
When part 1 coming out?
TheHortonDavid - 3 dager siden
Fine erase my posts. Your videos sucked anyway. Too many errors to be anything but a lie rapped in some facts. I am unsubbing and blocking your channel.
Nope - 2 dager siden
Ooh you got me curious. What did he get wrong.
18Madhyam Loskor
18Madhyam Loskor - 3 dager siden
So i live in North America to
J. Van
J. Van - 3 dager siden
There is no next part.
Sah'l Siddiqui
Sah'l Siddiqui - 3 dager siden
im an indian (genetically from republic of india migrant of canada)that's a reason to say native American(yeah you just overlooked confusion)
Justin J.M. Higner
Justin J.M. Higner - 4 dager siden
I'm a historian and recognise what is what. Yet I use the term 'Native' in future reference only as a capital 'N' as opposed to 'native born'. 'Indian' is of India only. In time and based on trends I believe this will be the outcome. 'American' does not make much sense as that was an 'Italian' (there was no united Italy yet) map maker and a rascist.
Jellasaur []
Jellasaur [] - 4 dager siden
If words are what we make them, then native american is not over inclusive to all of the americas, it is only the united states. No one calls a descendant of a native of latin america native american
Bard Fall
Bard Fall - 4 dager siden
Kind of overlaps with the SEA indians
Em The Slav
Em The Slav - 4 dager siden
Why not use what we Canadians use: First Nations/first people
Jack Attack
Jack Attack - 4 dager siden
We're still waiting on Part 1
Nom du Clavier
Nom du Clavier - 4 dager siden
It should also be mentioned that 'native' and 'indigenous' are not the same thing
Thomas CS
Thomas CS - 4 dager siden
Canadian here. Right now, the word Indian when referring to Indigenous people is pretty much absolutely considered offensive, and I never knew it was so common in other places.
Edit: Grey needs a "words are what we make them" jar.
Marcus K
Marcus K - 5 dager siden
In Canada, we have three different terms of constantly fluctuating levels of acceptability: "Indigenous," "Aboriginal," or "First Nations."
Spencer Clayton
Spencer Clayton - Dag siden
Mert Bölükbaş how are Inuit different in their First Nation status than the First Nations throughout the lower latitudes?
Mert Bölükbaş
Mert Bölükbaş - 5 dager siden
They are different things. Indigenous peoples of Canada include the First Nations, but also the Metis and the Inuit
Haroon Siddique Studio
Haroon Siddique Studio - 5 dager siden
Well, what happened with natives, it was very bad.
Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby - 5 dager siden
To be honest, some clearer distinction between Indian Indians and American Indians must be made (as is the case in other languages like German) in order to be respectful to both the communities
Am Ber
Am Ber - 5 dager siden
You ever going to get to doing the other parts in this series?
Nora Archer
Nora Archer - 5 dager siden
I thought Indigenous people also did not like that the origin of American is an italian explorer
Neil Emminger
Neil Emminger - 6 dager siden
Uhh, you spent years on that? Thanks I guess, now we know.
Georg B
Georg B - 6 dager siden
In German we have two different words:
Inder = Indian from India
Indianer = Indian Nativ Americans
Weird that English of all languages doesnt make that distinction.
Darkry - 7 dager siden
I find it very interesting, that mostly people that are not even involved in the issue have problem with the word "Indians"...
What we see is mostly those SJW guys or some random smartfarts that are screaming- "That is racist and disgraceful! We should call them something different!"
But why do they stick their nose into something that doesn't even involve them and what people that are actually involved do not even care about?
Drunk Skunk
Drunk Skunk - 7 dager siden
I know this will seem crazy but why don’t we just ask them.
Nic - 7 dager siden
I have reservations about this... 😁
Astro Not
Astro Not - 8 dager siden
Sooooo.. what would you call an Indian origin guy from India with a US citizenship?
stalin joseph
stalin joseph - 8 dager siden
I don't think thease indian will make to 2050
D D - 8 dager siden
still waiting for that reservation re: land management jurisdiction video
Jay Quin
Jay Quin - 8 dager siden
It's strange how when we say American, we tend to refer to someone from the United States, not anyone from North or South America. Like CGP Grey said, language is what we make of it, so I guess despite the word being technically overinclusive, its usage in English has overcome this vagueness and created an universally assumed definition. I guess the phrase "Native American" not so much, maybe since the American Indians aren't talked about as much, or because we're still overcoming our differences. Perhaps this whole situation could've been avoided if there was a specific term used to describe a U.S. citizen, like U.S.ian.
Burke Moras
Burke Moras - 9 dager siden
In Canada we say First Nations Peoples
Neelam Shukla
Neelam Shukla - 9 dager siden
WHAT 'indians' in America! And origin....America! OMG india in Asia not there I can't understand 🙄🙄😵😵
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 8 dager siden
Medieval Memes
Medieval Memes - 9 dager siden
Wait, People have problem with the word "Indian"?? Oh, how nice...
Sathya Kummarapurugu
Sathya Kummarapurugu - 10 dager siden
But I'm Indian and I'm from Asia. Well, the Indian sub-continent. So what about that?
Sge Fan
Sge Fan - 10 dager siden
I asked a friend if he wants to be called Indian or Native American. He said he’d liked to be called Nathan because this is who he is
Sir Humphrey Appleby
Sir Humphrey Appleby - 5 dager siden
Last Void Guard
Last Void Guard - 11 dager siden
Is that Bulgarian traditional clothes in 4:09
LordSenile - 12 dager siden
The biggest problem with "Indian" and "American Indian", is that it's confusing. Indian is also used about people from India, and "American Indian" is used about people from India who has emigrated to the US. There even is an "American Indian Association" which is an association for immigrants from India.
Shaunak Pai
Shaunak Pai - 12 dager siden
Meanwhile 1.8 billion People of India: Am I a joke to you?
Copper Head Creek
Copper Head Creek - 12 dager siden
I in 2023
Fak theRabbit
Fak theRabbit - 13 dager siden
back then almost everything east of europe was just called india, hence the East India Trading Company
when Columbus sailed across the Atlantic he didn’t think he was in india, he thought he was in an island off the coast of japan
back then maps weren’t accurate and we also kinda had no idea the entire western hemisphere existed
Tanishq Gupta
Tanishq Gupta - 13 dager siden
I'm an indian but asian one.
Torlor - 13 dager siden
As someone that comes from an Indian family, we use that word a lot. I have gotten into the habit though of using "native". Not Native American, just "native". I think it is safe to assume when you hear "Hello, I am native" with no other context, that they are speaking of the place that they are standing in.
Julian Alberto Arce Sánchez
Julian Alberto Arce Sánchez - 14 dager siden
I come here from the future of 2021... And still no part 2
Kiana Negahdari
Kiana Negahdari - 14 dager siden
I really need the rest of this series.
Spikefire - 14 dager siden
i hate how the foriegners from canada or whatever are called "real americans" while the real americans are called "indians"
Binoy MB
Binoy MB - 14 dager siden
Im indian
King Coder
King Coder - 15 dager siden
Am I an Indian or an Indian?
BL33 - 16 dager siden
As a Cree, I just use Indian. I laugh at the white people who tell me not to say that.
Sharky j
Sharky j - 16 dager siden
Seriously Grey where is part 2...well technically part 1 I guess
Muzzy - 16 dager siden
Maybe cos I'm part aussie but I think the best term is indigenous
New Under Craft
New Under Craft - 16 dager siden
This was series was made 1.2 years ago
Gyro Gis
Gyro Gis - 16 dager siden
What about India and indians?
Gyro Gis
Gyro Gis - 16 dager siden
Overinclusivity is such a simple word tho...
Evan Hennings
Evan Hennings - 18 dager siden
Gray:Did we forget something?
Gray’s mind:No it’s fine
Chris Coreas
Chris Coreas - 18 dager siden
Something else.. WOW!!! I think someone at CNN watched this and misinterpreted
Asha - 20 dager siden
*I hate Christopher Columbus*
Gysar - 20 dager siden
This "Don't call Indians 'Indians' because it is insensitive" thing bugs me even more, because I am German. In german, we call indian americans "Indianer" and people from India "Inder" so there isn't even any confusion, but people just repeat, what some US-americans say and now think, that saying "Indianer" shouldn't be allowed. Long story short: Political correctness done wrong (so most of the time) is annoying af in any country.
Ilan Smolders
Ilan Smolders - 8 dager siden
k shitbird
Antony werner
Antony werner - 20 dager siden
When will there be part 1?
savemuslims 01
savemuslims 01 - 20 dager siden
why not use indigenous?
or aboriginal?
Neo-Mad Dog
Neo-Mad Dog - 20 dager siden
Imagine getting a Part 1
Evelyn Bembry
Evelyn Bembry - 20 dager siden
So are they just going to be called something else
Samar Mittal
Samar Mittal - 22 dager siden
And i am an Indian but from India
Just Vienna
Just Vienna - 22 dager siden
“We can now move on too the next part”
*over 1 year later*
Abhiram L.Nair
Abhiram L.Nair - 23 dager siden
So what about the people from india
randomguy8196 - 25 dager siden
While “Native American” maybe over inclusive by definition. Does anyone else in America (the continent) outside the United States call themselves or have others call them “Native American”?
If no, then we know exactly who we are referring to when “Native American” is used.
If yes, then that’s unfortunate.
MiSTiC World Φ
MiSTiC World Φ - 25 dager siden
Man from in India is also indian
Austin Sullivan
Austin Sullivan - 26 dager siden
I don't use Indian because of the little know country of India
Matthew L
Matthew L - 26 dager siden
all the white ppl in the comments justifying their ignorance of calling indians native americans...
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - 27 dager siden
well, in germany there can be no confusion.
the indians on the asian continent are called "Inder"
and the native americans are called "Indianer"
Leonard Wei
Leonard Wei - 27 dager siden
America: "Indian"
Indian: "Fine. Indian."
America: (Frowns) "Wait, that's insensitive."
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh - 27 dager siden
Christopher Columbus looking for India found America and thought at least i can call them Indians.
AstronomyGeek64 - 27 dager siden
Why don't they just use American Indian? I have gotten genuinely confused with when someone was talking about an Indian from India, or one of a Native from the U.S. It's also not too general as it just refers to Native Americans inside the country.
Ramon - They see me rollin', They hatin'
In Brazil we call natives Índios (indians)
Ashwin Krishnan
Ashwin Krishnan - 28 dager siden
I guess I am native south central Afroeurasian now

Indian is taken
Bacarra Gonzalez
Bacarra Gonzalez - 28 dager siden
What is the next part?
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil - 28 dager siden
Before Europeans arrived, Indians practiced perpetual war over land, and practiced slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifice. The lands weren't stolen, they were conquered. And Indians should be glad they weren't driven into the Pacific.
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - 20 dager siden
Before the chinese arrived, Europeans practiced perpetual war over land, and practiced slavery, cannibalism, and human sacrifices. The lands weren't stolen, they were conquered. And the Europeans should be glad they weren't driven into the atlantic. You see how stupid that sounds? Same thing with your comment.
john pijano
john pijano - 29 dager siden
Well in Canada we have two names for them (depending on location and specific tribe), Inuit and First Nations.
Clare Gallagher
Clare Gallagher - 29 dager siden
Ok so what do you call Indian Indians? Like people who are actually from India? And if you have to say Indian Indian for you to know who you're talking about doesn't that then remove meaning of the word? So then having to say American Indian to know you're talking about Indians from America? Because I'm assuming I'm in the majority of people who aren't from America that when they hear Indian, they picture someone from India.. and only in America you would picture and American Indian.. and even then there would still be confusion.. Indian
Amit Dixit
Amit Dixit - 29 dager siden
Beg to differ sir. Actually lots of empires were searching for the route to India and India at that time was the richest country on the planet. When they arrived in US they thought they have reached India and therefore they attributed those people as Indian.
Tyler Stevens
Tyler Stevens - 29 dager siden
That first image of the Indian figures holding hands as a group to survive is actually quite powerful. Kudos.
Shimmy Post
Shimmy Post - Måned siden
I feel like the way to go here is to start any conversation saying "native american Indian" to semi clarify who your talking about, then swap to saying Indian, american, or native american depending on the group.
Viswa Rema
Viswa Rema - Måned siden
Actually it was a mistake of Christopher coloumbus that gave rise to this word
yoUR_average BOI
yoUR_average BOI - 29 dager siden
Actually, it was that Christopher landed in the West Indies
Dr. A
Dr. A - Måned siden
They’ve already been labeled “something else”
I'm Pro Gamer
I'm Pro Gamer - Måned siden
Me who lives in Present day India : 😑
Ryan McNair
Ryan McNair - Måned siden
What about indigenous?
Plus - 25 dager siden
@Unofficial Scholar Doesn't necessarily have to be _tribal_ tho
Unofficial Scholar
Unofficial Scholar - Måned siden
Indigenous can describe every tribal peoples on the entire planet. Some Tribe in the Urals and a tribe in Oklahoma would be named the same thing.
Thomas King
Thomas King - Måned siden
"... to call someone from here, here, or here [the same thing] would make it so difficult for that person to identify with."
*Asians have entered the chat*
Edward Jing
Edward Jing - Måned siden
Yes, the Indian who live in the Republic of India should be Hindustani or Bharati.
Unofficial Scholar
Unofficial Scholar - Måned siden
Finally, someone said it. [this post was made by Bengali (Bangladeshi) gang]
carl petersen
carl petersen - Måned siden
1 year ago seems like forever but no time is too long to wait for Grey's story for another time. Still very excited for your reservation video(s?) as an OOhe Numpa Lakota who grew up and is still living on a reservation I am very excited to see what your take will be on the reservation system. As you put all the care you do into your videos they are well worth the wait.
Jonathan Lewis Live
Jonathan Lewis Live - Måned siden
As an Indian I, this is Indian approved
carl petersen
carl petersen - Måned siden
Hecatu (This right here from an Oohenumpa Lakota Sioux Indian)
Anshuli Jain
Anshuli Jain - Måned siden
But there is a question I am from India the country so if I met a native American and a person who is from India and now living in America then three of us are indian ? it is confusing......
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - 20 dager siden
American-Indian - someone who's heritage comes from pre columbian US. Indian-American - someone who's heritage is from the Indian subcontinent and lives in the US.
Aidan Rogers
Aidan Rogers - Måned siden
*stares at Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians blankly*