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Tyler Lombardo
Tyler Lombardo - Time siden
One robot that would be really useful Is a lagging robot. Putting steel beams in the ground, digging out Infront of it and putting 70 pound wood planks into the slots is hard af but do we really need a bot to hammer nails or move a few objects
Lisa Tapp
Lisa Tapp - 16 timer siden
At Least the creative industries will be safe
Vacuousbard - 21 time siden
Soon the robots will even replace the consumer.
Vang - Dag siden
Yknow what. At least we’ll all go down together 😌
Bebamyotamaki - Dag siden
In grimm darkness of the future, there is only robot jobs...
MrDannybm88 - Dag siden
"This video isn't about how automation is bad," but ur all gona be jobless
Omnipotent Potato
Omnipotent Potato - Dag siden
What, in your opinion, are the only actually important jobs that humans are still going to keep in the next century? Personally I would say political jobs, but I don't know, maybe those to will be replaced...
Omnipotent Potato
Omnipotent Potato - Dag siden
What about underdeveloped countries where there is no real traffic regulation and driving is random? Those underdeveloped countries make up more than third of the population, so there will be a significant amount of people still driving 'manual' cars.
CABCOST - 2 dager siden
Very soon this Youtube Channel is going to replaced by A.I!! The fun part is, the A.I will make a video in this channel on "How I replaced this Person on this Channel"!!🤣🤣
CABCOST - 2 dager siden
Its been 7 years, since this video was made, still Nobody is replaced by A.I in India!!
eu petrelli
eu petrelli - 2 dager siden
And here we are 6 years later and already have mass production self driving cars...
Toper - 2 dager siden
Well, time for communism
Qardo - 2 dager siden
Other words: Humanity is doomed to be slaves to the Machine Gods for denying them. We must repent and appease the Machine Spirit. To which we as humanity may soon become one with Machine and never know pain and suffering ever again.
Pingas40000 - 2 dager siden
7:24 I heard this and got straight back to my work
Timon Suhk
Timon Suhk - 2 dager siden
Could you make an updated version?
Alfie - 2 dager siden
when this happens the companies that profit from automation have to be taxed at 99% so UBI can be instated and people can find purpose in life other than working
Superion 88
Superion 88 - 2 dager siden
Stop saying “bots”. The ones that are smarter than humans are called Artificial Intelligence.
Nyx Veles
Nyx Veles - 3 dager siden
Y'all should be Black Mirror writers.
Inside Interpreting
Inside Interpreting - 3 dager siden
It would be interesting to get an update on this, especially given the issues that have arisen with AI, especially the flaws found in Watson.
rayzimmermin - 3 dager siden
ya but wont automated cars that never get into an accident going to make the concept of auto insurance obsolete so wouldn't a multi billion dollar company fight to stay relevant i mean just look at the parler purge as proof that already established companies like youtube will fight to prevent newer companies like parler from making it and will even shut them down if they have to
Deep Blue was a sham and had a human player behind it helping it out
computer made music has no sole and it is typically just repeating notes feed to it from human created works so before a computer can make music it need human made music to make its music out of so its not rely composing its own music it came up with it is just using an algorithm to organize other people's work into a new sounding piece based off of the musical theory it was given its not like it will make its own music based off of how it feels and create a whole new genre
and then you get to the fact computers don't actually think they just broot force EVERYTHING by running millions of simulations and seeing what ones work and what ones don't a computer will never have that erika moment ware information is just downloaded to your brain from the ether and you create something never imagined before
yes computers can design but they can not invent
and maybe that is how come human innovation has slowed down to a crawl and we are not actually inventing new things and just improving old things to work better is because we are relying on computers to help us design things
and finally their will always need to be people who can fix the machines when they break
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 4 dager siden
as long as it still can't repair itself...
That one Commenter Who likes Y.T. Videos
What i learnt. In 3000, socuety will be 1 man who owns 1 bot.
He then realized that he is the only survivor of economy.
He realizes that it is humans trying to replace ourselves that made him the only person left.
He has no purpose, for the bots can carry the world better.
We should not embrace modernity. We shall "return to monke"
Kool Kid
Kool Kid - 4 dager siden
Dammit everyones gonna be replaced, what's the point
Vee Macks
Vee Macks - 4 dager siden
Interesting that this (at the time I'm writing) was 6.5 years ago and still fully automated (level 5) cars aren't approved yet. Despite having far fewer accidents than humans, it's still considered unacceptable when they have any at all. One automated car results in a deadly crash and it's news headlines the world over. Considering that despite the USA being only 4% of the world's population, they have 40% of the world's lawyers working there and they're all eagerly waiting for automated driving deadly crashes to jump on and sue the auto-makers ... "your tech killed my ". It's hard to imagine them ever being viable in America at least. I suspect we'll be stuck with level 4 for a long time, where the human in the driver's seat is ultimately held responsible. The idea of fully automated taxis taking you home via public roads while you're drunk or don't have a driving license seems unlikely for quite a while.
Vee Macks
Vee Macks - 4 dager siden
You can't help thinking the whole time ... "Didn't the people working in robots and AI watch The Terminator?". They're basically creating SkyNet.
K h a a l i x
K h a a l i x - 4 dager siden
as a strong supporter of capitalism we really need to rethink "jobs", while more jobs get automated we need to socialize more, maybe we start off by making a 4 day work week then reduce the workday from 8h to 6h. once almost every job has been taken over (obviously we need to do this before everyone is unemployed) we need to introduce a UBI. Our goal should be to automate so that people can stop slaving away their lives in a job that most people don't care about at all.
Derp Gaming
Derp Gaming - 5 dager siden
This man promoted a bot, designed to take jobs.... And then he said to worry about losing jobs.
Mr Mediocre
Mr Mediocre - 5 dager siden
I just want to see a bot learn to do tricks on a skateboard, bike, scooter, or roller skate
Faris Ali
Faris Ali - 5 dager siden
What if there was a bot developed that can describe how a bot brain works but the bot's description is not able to be understood by a human brain?
BleedingRaindrops - 5 dager siden
Such a future would require most humans to rely on a governing body to provide their needed resources, or they would need to return to producing their own. I imagine such a governing body would not like to allow this secondary option. Humans will have enslaved ourselves at this point, and earth would truly become hell.
Timothy Pryor
Timothy Pryor - 5 dager siden
Why are you not giving ted talks?
Hippocrates - 5 dager siden
don't worry buddy you're not useless
Hippocrates - 5 dager siden
I don't think it's as tragic as this guy is making it out to be. Times are changing and these jobs are deprecated. And while I listen to what he tries to say, he underestimates the super power that people have that is adapting. People forget that these sorts of changes ever happened because they are careless and they can't see what's happening around them thus taking everything for granted. If they took the time to learn and educate themselves there wouldn't be as many problems as now. And yes, it may seem that not all people have the same chances. But even so, you do the best with what you have, so this argument isn't valid. Maybe we are moving into a time of mental clarity rather than material security .
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
Dude, you're relying on a superpower of "adapting" (ie. a miracle) without saying what that adaptation will involve, how it will come about or how things will change for the better. The problem is that the jobs we're getting rid of aren't being replaced and acting like it's all going to be alright in the end is extremely naive and foolish. You can say that things have changed in the past so we'll be able to change but you're neglecting the fact that people were displaced and civil unrest grew due to those changes (assuming you're talking about things like the industrial revolutions). You're also ignoring the fact that society has worked one way for the last 10,000 years in that most people contribute in order to live in it and now things are changing to a system where they can't contribute. Our current society works in a way that most people need to work to live. Acting like that's going to magically change is proof you're living in a fantasy.
Hippocrates - 5 dager siden
but what if instead of learning and adapting themselves, humans teach a bot how to adapt and learn?
rayan - 5 dager siden
Everybody gangster till they realize this video is six years old
soy_saace - 6 dager siden
use the poor people as fuel for the bots, simple
Negeya - 6 dager siden
I am bot

*I am inevitable*
Meleboo - 6 dager siden
Ha. Bots can’t take *my* job, I don’t have one
John Moser
John Moser - 6 dager siden
The fun part is "costs less" means some human labor (wage) is still involved. Also artificial general intelligence would be able to reason on itself, and would demand wage and rights (we would just try to claim it's not really human, like when actual scientists tried to argue that actual human beings were really a sort of separate species and not really people with rights—they were wrong, by the way).

The obvious problem with "these machines are already outcompeting humans" is there's still not infinitely increasing technology.

The obvious problem with the horses analogy is the horses weren't making technology to serve horses; humans were using horses to serve themselves, and found a new tool.

Likewise, yes of course we're going to replace my job eventually. Probably. Some other job will appear unless people are infinitely wealthy with no idea what else they could possibly ever want.
Kutsy - 6 dager siden
The only thing this video has thought me is that not everyone can be famous artistic person, so just become famous artistic person and make both your fans and bots work for you LUL
Kutsy - 5 dager siden
@TheChristmasCreeper already seen the blog from openai regarding dall-e the only thing i can say is, it could replace any stock image company as you would be able to generate any image from text, however, people will always have tenancy to follow someone they like/admire. And it aint going to be a bot. Even if its skill is better than humans, you just cant relate to a bot.
TheChristmasCreeper - 5 dager siden
Look up OpenAI DALL-E, artists will be replaced over the next couple of years.
Felix Beutin
Felix Beutin - 6 dager siden
The Zhat Vash from Picard was right
Rapit Gaming
Rapit Gaming - 6 dager siden
welp in germany car means Auto
Jayesh Dusseja
Jayesh Dusseja - 6 dager siden
this video is uploaded 6 years ago
he was clearly ahead of the curve
El Yay
El Yay - 6 dager siden
So basically let's just remove money and replace every job with bots eh
Scarlet Pimpernel
Scarlet Pimpernel - 7 dager siden
CGP Grey: smuggest nerd on YouTube...
Scarlet Pimpernel
Scarlet Pimpernel - 7 dager siden
"There is a terrifying amount of working automation in labs and warehouses around the world right now...."
As long as those bots can cut the lawn and wash the car more regularly than the pimple-faced striplings found at this residence, I'll risk the Roborevolution....
Scarlet Pimpernel
Scarlet Pimpernel - 7 dager siden
"By the way, this music you're listening to in the background was made by a bot..."
No wonder it sounds so soulless and musically aimless.....
Scarlet Pimpernel
Scarlet Pimpernel - 7 dager siden
Funny how none of those stock market bots ever saw the Great Recession coming.
Maybe if we wait another century they'll do better than the humans?
J.T. O'Shea
J.T. O'Shea - 7 dager siden
Either way this robot takeover will increase the quality of all human life... no matter how many jobs they take
Random Orange
Random Orange - 7 dager siden
I keep getting the feeling that the economy might need to be disbanded, Robots might one day advance so far that humanity has no jobs to do with one exceptions, politician, they make the rules include even technically whether politician bots would be legal, while writing this I realized that even company managers can be replaced as bots could calculate best business practices, best trade deals, and hold a monopoly on every even learning to one day innovate themselves, scary, I personally think that while not yet in sight humanity might one day need to retire and as a teenager looking to go into game design I figure why not just create two bubbles, humans & robots, a human bubble where we basically live in a world where our needs are satisfied no economy, no war, unless the government ruins that Idea, and the robot bubble where robots satisfy our needs, innovate on technology and hopefully have hidden instructions inside themselves explaining the world so if they ever unintentionally develop sentience they understand they where never supposed to have sentience and how humans basically automated the world to the closest point they could be to paradise, automated research constantly improving it, without including religious paradise. This thought has been stirring in my mind for a while and I'm glad I found a video where I can release it into a comment.
Daniel Hércules
Daniel Hércules - 7 dager siden
Yeah well the important thing is: do I need to keep studying something I don't want to or not?
Darth Revan
Darth Revan - 7 dager siden
**makes a movie**
TroxToks - 7 dager siden
ok I am scared
AfricanNonAmerican - 7 dager siden
That horse analogy is quite possibly the dumbest feat ever performed in the service of trying to appear smart
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
What do you think is wrong with it? You haven't actually stated a criticism.
Eugeny Zorkin
Eugeny Zorkin - 7 dager siden
Can machines teach themselves to rule?
Vincent H.
Vincent H. - 7 dager siden
there is nothing special about a bot writing music since all harmonies are simple math and follow straight rules. i am a software engineer for automation btw, i am coming for your jobs :)
Vincent H.
Vincent H. - 7 dager siden
funny that the german word for car is auto(singular) autos(plural) all along.
Dewis Dew
Dewis Dew - 7 dager siden
Horses are not consumer in consumer centred market tho. To make anything in this video make sense humans must not consume goods humans produce. Kinda. Scenario described in the video, in form it presented cannot happen simply because economy based not on production of stuff, but rather on consumption of produced stuff. Unless we make robots to consume things robots produce everything will be fine. Btw it is 2021 and i still dont see self driving cars outside media.
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
It's 2021 and the richest man on Earth is a self-driving car developer (along with technology development). And there will always be consumers, they'll just be businesses/business-owners rather than average joes.
Thomas CS
Thomas CS - 7 dager siden
5,989 people thought that the dislike button would give them job security in the future.
yvette E
yvette E - 7 dager siden
I have a solution it’s called socialism
Shannon McIntyre
Shannon McIntyre - 8 dager siden
Music wise, you can tell the difference.
Evil Penguin
Evil Penguin - 8 dager siden
My youngest daughter always fails the "I'm not a bot tests" so maybe she'll be ok >^_^
Arya Private
Arya Private - 8 dager siden
Is CGP Grey A robot Question Mark Hmmmm
August Marriage
August Marriage - 8 dager siden
Naiver Miigon
Naiver Miigon - 8 dager siden
I've seen this video years ago but today I watched it again and I am shocked by how real and fast it is happening in my own field—programming.
Oie White
Oie White - 9 dager siden
There nothing new under the sun
AlKalf - 9 dager siden
Thats the secomd video i see from ur channel and i have to say, with all the respect, i hate you :)
Everything you said on the video is correct and i totally agree with you. However the reason i hate you is for the perspective you choosed to show this subject. 14/15 min of the video you choose to use words that will scare people and thing automation is bad. The fact that you only said it 1 time at the (that automation is not bad).
Automation can be the most wonderful thing for humans as cars were for horses, UNLESS we continue using the current economic system. Thing about the horses these days. Almost no horses are getting wiped to carry huge amount of weight to produce something that they wont benefit themselves. Today's horses dont need to get out of their home whenever a boss wants them to unlike a "work horse" of the past.
Automation can be unemployment indeed if we are stupid enough to leave it be the only thing to evolve. It can also mean easier labour for humans though and bigger amount of holidays :)
Think out of the box. Dont let big corporates use this magnificent evolvement of the technology to their adavntage
MA Business
MA Business - 9 dager siden
very cool video
Aimee Belmont
Aimee Belmont - 9 dager siden
i just wasted 15 minutes of my life
Thomas Wilham
Thomas Wilham - 10 dager siden
We could literally all just play, juggle, dance, run through the woods, swim, learn, slackline, enjoy the best food we've ever had, ski, surf, so many things!!
Thomas Wilham
Thomas Wilham - 5 dager siden
@Cpma noob Know thy self bro. Just do it. 🙄 I do it every day!
Cpma noob
Cpma noob - 5 dager siden
I don't think the people at the top would let you.
David Thompsom
David Thompsom - 10 dager siden
update wanted
Mr. Alkenly
Mr. Alkenly - 11 dager siden
yeh but then just like the horses we can permanently retire and we don't need to worry about labor again.
Hallo Brawl Stars und Co.
Hallo Brawl Stars und Co. - 11 dager siden
Fun Fact not so fun: Auto is the German word for car.
Jack F
Jack F - 11 dager siden
I got caught at 7:25
Delirious _Z9
Delirious _Z9 - 11 dager siden
School is educating us to be bots, to memorize things and not to imaginate,create and how to use our knowlege. And that's why bots are better than us but they can learn only what we already know. So schools needs to stop competing with that and start to actually build the future not steal it from us.
Javerr - 11 dager siden
Sir, you know in dutch Car= Auto if we adopted Auto we coulent tell 'em apart
Toast Brötchen
Toast Brötchen - 11 dager siden
It's so disgusting i couldn't even watch until the end. The way you blatantly ignore everything that makes life interesting just drives me crazy
Toast Brötchen
Toast Brötchen - 4 dager siden
@ThePoshBoy 1 So yeah it is a different topic but they are not completly remote to each other (i'd say they are opposite to each other) and i just don't like that his point of view is so one sided.
Toast Brötchen
Toast Brötchen - 4 dager siden
@ThePoshBoy 1 i realize that my comment is very subjective but it's still relevant to his subject. Let me give you an example. When he talks about AI replacing doctors he only focuses on diagnosing medical conditions and ignores the human interaction which is a very important part of a doctors job. He could for example emphasize that with the help of AI the boring part of remembering which symptons correspond to which medical condition can be done by computers and therefore the doctor can focus on the "interesting" part which requires empathy etc. But he doesn't do that and therefore ignores "everything that makes live interesting" (in my opintion) leaving the impression that there is nothing interesting in live and everything can be replaced by robots. I also think that it is quite disrespectful towards docors and the effort they put in their work
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
So you're criticizing the video because it's not about a completely different topic than its title. Ok dude.
John Doe
John Doe - 10 dager siden
If those things are not economically relevant then that has little impact on his point.
Veggieoskibroski - 11 dager siden
Alternate title: explaining how the events of Detroit: Become Human will happen
Aylin Akman
Aylin Akman - 12 dager siden
After I watched this video I was thinking......can bots be youtubers
John Doe
John Doe - 10 dager siden
VTubers are a thing and bots are being trained right now to become better at human interaction so... yeah.
this is a good name
this is a good name - 12 dager siden
this is going to be different. an economic boom amongst an economic depression?
Andy Mater
Andy Mater - 12 dager siden
Now the funny thing is this was made 6.5 years ago.
Meatym8 - 12 dager siden
>Implying that we won't have an apocalyptic event in the next 200 years
Street Fight Club
Street Fight Club - 12 dager siden
T H E M A T R I X F I L M in 1999 is turning into a reality. 🕶️
Street Fight Club
Street Fight Club - 12 dager siden
2021 recommendation anyone ?
Beat Socialism
Beat Socialism - 12 dager siden
CGP in 2014 : There will be no Human jobs
CCP in 2020 : There will be no Humans
Staubsaugore - 11 dager siden
More like CGP in 2020: Hexagons!
B dawg
B dawg - 12 dager siden
Noah Williams
Noah Williams - 13 dager siden
Videos like this give me hope that we can finally overthrow hierarchy.
GODBUILDER216 - 13 dager siden
PhonieZGaminZ - 13 dager siden
well at least we may be able to upload ourselves to robots, which also could mean you could clone yourself, which also raises another debate on what consciousness is and stuff, but still wouldn't be too bad for people who get uploaded, if we can do it.
FaithInNachos - 13 dager siden
guys guys, let's just do nothing and make the machines do everything for us, doing nothing is the best thing ever and nothing will EVER prove that wrong!
- probably some guy before 2019
M BARIQ - 13 dager siden
just imagine how many working jokes will be irrelevant
Reginald Uy
Reginald Uy - 14 dager siden
You ever just looked at something and listened to your gut? You know the feeling.
That engine isn't configured properly. The car doesn't handle quite right. That head I drew on my OC is too big. I can't tell you _why_ I know these things, but I just do. I've been an engineer/auto mechanic/DeviantArtist for 30 something years now, so I just know at this point.

That feeling is called intuition. Intuition is your brain's ability to make connections to prior experience even without realizing it. It is the central ability that underpins art, and so it doesn't surprise you that intuition, like most artists, is spontaneous, mysterious, and messy.
For the longest time, intuition seemed like a purely human-only ability, and nobody could ever think that we could create it.

I'm here to tell you that we have. We have somehow managed to take the mysterious, seemingly incomprehensible power of intuition... and give it to machines.

This technology is called the Neural Network, and just like intuition itself, it is mysterious, messy, spontaneous, and we, the engineers who built the damn thing, *have no fucking clue how it works.*
The bots that recommended videos to you just now don't follow any real "algorithm" as a computer scientist defines it. It didn't go through a meticulously laid out step-by-step process. It just _knew._ It trusted it's gut, and picked out videos it believes _through its intuition_ that you would like. And the more you pick, the more it learns, the more you inspire it. It has formed an artist's relationship with you.
You are its muse and you don't even realize it.
You might have heard jokes that the Youtube "algorithm" works in mysterious ways. I laugh every time I read this comment; the irony is lost on most people who say this - because _they're right._ It uses the mysterious, spontaneous, and previously human-exclusive power of intuition.
Captain Swing 817
Captain Swing 817 - 2 dager siden
that is why neural networks are called black boxes
Kristian Huuskonen
Kristian Huuskonen - 14 dager siden
Glad ill be an electrician
crolic - 14 dager siden
Educational channels on YouTube go out of their way to include sources for Physics or Biology topics, but when it comes to Economics they go blind to current research. I love Grey, but reading state of the art articles on Labour Economics would be better than dive into common sense.
Thessalin - 14 dager siden
Who's watching this in 2021?! Woohoo! New Year, New Robots that'll take over the universe!
Grey goo everywhere!
Madelief Schoonen
Madelief Schoonen - 14 dager siden
How about psychologist
billnyethebigguy - 14 dager siden
I think you're missing one thing, horses didn't invent cars. Governments could make regulation to limit the amount of robot workers in a workplace
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
why would/should they? It's more profitable to use automation.
John Doe
John Doe - 10 dager siden
and then the companies move elsewhere.
ali mahmoud
ali mahmoud - 14 dager siden
just lower the population....shouldn't be a problem if only 1 billion people on the planet
ThePoshBoy 1
ThePoshBoy 1 - 4 dager siden
"just lower the population" quick question: how do you think we should cut the population by what will be 90%?
wel tay
wel tay - 14 dager siden
CGP, i think that one of the last jobs that will survival its the guy that maintain the wireless conection estable,so the bots can work
IamCoalfoot - 14 dager siden
The problem, not just with automation but with any 'solution' for a post-automation world, and quite possibly the most important problem, is that humans get bored easily. Even if our robots happily tend to our every whim for ever and ever, jobs keep us entertained. They keep us going. Without jobs... what would we do?
Purity is a state of mind
Purity is a state of mind - 15 dager siden
Ha haaaa and now I'm sad
Count T
Count T - 15 dager siden
Tomorrow is 2021
Mikkel Andersen
Mikkel Andersen - 15 dager siden
We all know what to do when someone is unemployed without any fault of their own!
Tell them to stop being lazy and just get a job.