How to Never Miss A CGP Grey Video

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Music by Broke for Free.
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JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS
also there was once a video to a person that i subscribed to on my recommendations but it wasn't even showing on his channel
JY - 06PS 782412 Thomas Street MS
Who else is subscribed!!!
Joseph Calvey
Joseph Calvey - 9 dager siden
The irony is that youtube has only decided to recommend this to me now... FIVE YEARS LATER.
AGC videos
AGC videos - Måned siden
Why does everyone say that YouTube doesn't notify subscribers when there are videos posted I always get notified
Erik Wilson
Erik Wilson - 5 måneder siden
Guido Martin Burgos Kaenel
Guido Martin Burgos Kaenel - 9 måneder siden
we have a Tinker Bell now... xD
Henry Banks
Henry Banks - År siden
It’s so sad how relevant this video still is today.
Eric Praline
Eric Praline - År siden
Did no one notice that in the title it says GCP and not CPG?
FilFee - År siden
At least YT implemented the bell icon.
avinfor - År siden
You are the exception to my sacred rule. Subscribed, thank you. (To the email list)
Spoof Nox
Spoof Nox - År siden
it's as if youtube saw this video and removed annotations out of spite
Bluey - År siden
I don't want YouTube to make videos not appear in my subs feed.
I hate it when there are no new videos in my subs feed.
I don't wanna be bored.
Luis Miguel Garrido Genesta
See this is why I clicked the bell.
Blue-Maned Hawk
Blue-Maned Hawk - År siden
Whoops. The annotation doesn work anymore because YOUTUBE'S AN IDIOT.
Jennie Sapherson
Jennie Sapherson - 2 år siden
Can’t click link from an iPad
Porter - 2 år siden
Don't worry Grey, now they're doing it on perfect
Nicholas Whitcher
Nicholas Whitcher - 2 år siden
now there’s the bell button
GRBTutorials - 2 år siden
The problem doesn’t really need a solution for me: I watch what I want, when I want. I subscribe as a way of getting videos I know I’ll like, but the final decision is mine. If I’m interested in a certain topic, I search for it. Otherwise, I go to my subscriptions to get inspired.
Nic Wow
Nic Wow - 2 år siden
Why not create an RSS feed?
Uriel Reyes
Uriel Reyes - 2 år siden
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Can't miss a video when there's no video to miss
Ichigo A Panchal
Ichigo A Panchal - 2 år siden
now i just need to hack your email address LOL
Riley Fraser
Riley Fraser - 2 år siden
Huh I didn’t see this for a while
Ladutko - 3 år siden
When this first came out YouTube didn’t tell me
KnirpsLyn - 3 år siden
Molly O'Kami
Molly O'Kami - 3 år siden
I don't know what people are complaining about? I don't get notified on ANY of my channels and I don't miss ANY of their videos. All I do is look at the Subscription page ( Outside of the actual videos, I only go there on YouTube.
LokiTheCat - 3 år siden
Nocx - 3 år siden
I just check the videos page on all my subs.
Grzegorz Kapica
Grzegorz Kapica - 3 år siden
Blan Morrison
Blan Morrison - 3 år siden
10/10 ending
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo - 3 år siden
OfMice AndMen
OfMice AndMen - 3 år siden
Background music is called: Broke for Free - Something Elated

You're welcome
Pawel Nowinski
Pawel Nowinski - 3 år siden
Michael Gelson
Michael Gelson - 3 år siden
just put it on your Reddit page.
Le Monke
Le Monke - 3 år siden
or you can just not sub to 43 million channels and check your sub box everyday.
code988 - 3 år siden
Which button?
JonatasAdoM - 3 år siden
So I'm the only one who comes here to check the channel by myself. That's sad
Iustinian Constantinescu
Iustinian Constantinescu - 3 år siden
Use the bell.
E to the squared
E to the squared - 4 år siden
2:36 Proof people are idiots
SengirShowsU - 4 år siden
I so hate that "suggestion" system. Here and on facebook. You ALWAYS miss the important things you are interested in the most..... I am concidering to cut my subscription list down to maybe 10. I would rather have a very long list i have to scroll through than not see anything at all. Missed your last 10!!!!! Videos because my supscription feed didnt show any of them.
GM Steelhaven
GM Steelhaven - 4 år siden
Done signed up.
Trumpkintin - 4 år siden
I love the ending...
Jitendra Dewangan
Jitendra Dewangan - 4 år siden
Cg video
EightThreeEight - 4 år siden
This is why I just use subscriptions to get a channel drop-down list to check through.
FroidEsprit - 4 år siden
I subscribed to you on YouTube and email, and no notifications for the past few months.
Eric Alvaro
Eric Alvaro - 4 år siden
How to solve this problem:
RSS + RSS Reader (I personally would recommend Feedly)
Kaizov - 4 år siden
Youtube please fix i only use my subscriber feed.
ThaBlueAlien - 4 år siden
the part about facebook and youtube showing what they want you to see and not what's simply available is interesting. just like supermarkets with their "fidelity cards". you end up being forced to watch/eat/buy something you might enjoy but that ultimately wasn't what you were looking for. i think it gives too much power to big and/or monopole companies, even more so if they can intermitantly afford tu run at a loss. a bit reminiscent of matrix , and how everyone is taken care of, yet no one is in control really...
kunal patil
kunal patil - 4 år siden
but because of only that suggestions I found CGP grey.
Captain Flint
Captain Flint - 4 år siden
What about us on mobile
Ana - 4 år siden
The little I in the top right hand corner
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin - 4 år siden
This is why I use RSS feeds...
RSS feeds are great, and they always seem to work, even for youtube... =D
GarThor Son of Odin
GarThor Son of Odin - 4 år siden
+Garret Hoffman anyone want to see how RSS feeds work should go to wikipedia and read up on them, and then go to because thats the best web-based RSS feed application I've found so far... =p also... f*** google because they got rid of google reader... seriously... if there was an alternate to youtube, I'd be on it instead of here...
TKWeckroth - 5 år siden
Please make a *How to always miss a CGP Grey* video. These videos suck Kappa123
Fae Fitzgerald
Fae Fitzgerald - 5 år siden
I think YouTube makes it so that only the big people get notifications sent to allow the rich to get richer(that helps YouTube) and the poor get poorer.
Dennis Dole
Dennis Dole - 5 år siden
Why not RSS?
Jory Northup
Jory Northup - 5 år siden
Gotta love this guy. Seriously, one of the best, maybe THE best creator/uploader of educational content on youtube. Bravo.
Anastasia Dunbar
Anastasia Dunbar - 5 år siden
YouTube you little bitch, not showing new Vsauce videos.
Adam Giess
Adam Giess - 5 år siden
I had noticed that I'd have to manually look for a video and often I'd find one had been up for a month without me knowing.
Also, this video is 8 months old and I just noticed it.
Dunedan - 5 år siden
18-Oct-15 : Anyone here ? And i really like how he ended the video because i was thinking exactly about creator - viewe relations.
UpHigherMusic - 5 år siden
I discovered the email option next to the subscriber button 5 years ago. Now I have a system of rules, filters, folders and subfolders. Everything is organized, and I never miss a single video. Ever.
der Führer
der Führer - 5 år siden
youtube is like Communism
tan yushing
tan yushing - 5 år siden
reddit > email
BarnibusMaximusMusic - 5 år siden
Yay much better then getting told about buzz feed yellow and terrible top tens from that stupid magazine that I don't read and have no interest in.
Humberto Miranda
Humberto Miranda - 5 år siden
i get notifications only from the channel i last subscribed too but what ever i all ready send in my email :)
michael matthews
michael matthews - 5 år siden
Why can't people just go to the channel and check for new stuff instead of having to be informed of it..?
TheStrober - 5 år siden
+michael matthews Yeah whats the problem with subscribers and commitment!
OrnateAtaxia - 5 år siden
I have missed 3 mos of your video bc of youtube!!! never again
Firaro - 5 år siden
i did a test, i looked at each of the channels i am subscribed to and double checked (up to a week back) that i got every video they put out, unless youtube is also hiding these videos from the list of videos on their channel page, i got every single video, even from the channels i can never be bothered to watch videos from, i am currently purposely not watching videos from collegehumor (they are starting to suck anyway) and will be checking in a couple months again to see if i continue to receive all of them. but i can find no issues with my subscription box at this time. i think the more likely problem is people not checking their subscription box, it doesnt show all those videos in your "what to watch" page, which is fine and by design
Angela Wu
Angela Wu - 5 år siden
what about twitter
Wolf - 5 år siden
great point but i come here when i have time. (that sounds wrong but hope you understand) and when I come I don't have to impatiently wait for the next video, i just go ahead and enjoy another 5 minutes of my life. (still sounds kinda wrong...). anyway, love the videos, keep up the good work :)
MrDirectorAgent - 5 år siden
its funny this is the video that didnt appear in my subscribe box
Syed Hassan
Syed Hassan - 5 år siden
Could you please try explaining the Pakistan voting system and elections
Toy-Yoda - 5 år siden
Sooo, how much can you get for a list of 70k+ email addresses these days?
Khan Piesse
Khan Piesse - 5 år siden
Nah nah, Youtube filters shit for the "What to Watch" section, which isn't the main feed, but is where you are sent to automatically, and it *does* filter stuff there because _reasons_ ...It's best to just bookmark YouTube "My Subscriptions" page and use that to get to YT instead, and only use "What to Watch" when you want to double check if you have missed something youtube didn't put in your sub box.
Jairo Marquez
Jairo Marquez - 5 år siden
Uh-Oh the people who own YouTube also own my E-mail.
FoldAPieceOfWater - 5 år siden
Wow... i just watched the Arrow-Aspirin video on SED and saw a comment of yours. I looked at your picture and thought "Hey, that looks familiar!". So I looked at your video list and saw a bunch of new and unfamiliar videos and thought "I probably saw a video from him and didn't sub. Let's fix that!" and to my amazement, I was actually already subscribed! 
I heard of this issue and watched videos and explanations about it before, but it seemed not to affect my subs really... guess I was wrong :/
Andrew Pichardo
Andrew Pichardo - 5 år siden
Its true i never see your videos on my subscription feed, and i feel like i always need to subscribe to you for some reason i dont stay subscribed to you
bogcom - 5 år siden
with the removal of the "collections" feature, I will now subscribe to your newsletter. I made me realize how dependent i had become on this relatively simple feature.
Mansen - 5 år siden
And this is why I boycotted Youtube's home page years ago - Using a Chrome addon that always forces and re-directs me to my Subscriptions page as in the olde' days.
Taslima Akter
Taslima Akter - 5 år siden
Nah im fine with ma subox
Gametuber68 - 5 år siden
Thank YOU so much!
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - 5 år siden
Yeah... e-mail still works fine !  :-)
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy - 5 år siden
Can confirm, i haven't gotten an update from you for a couple of months !
rob games
rob games - 5 år siden
how does that link work?
Davy van Ekert
Davy van Ekert - 5 år siden
Can you please make a video about the Game of Thrones?
legna20v - 5 år siden
so, why no twitter?
Frosty. - 5 år siden
I haven't been getting updates on your stuff for so long I actually thought you had just stopped making videos..
Wtf youtube? It shows me pages of crap i dont care about, but doesn't show me the stuff i do want to see..
Marco Cezar
Marco Cezar - 5 år siden
vise versa
vise versa - 5 år siden
im getting real tired of youtubes shyt
Lenka - 5 år siden
The sub thing doesn't work too well.
Good thing I obsessively check this channel.
Jack is pure evil
Jack is pure evil - 5 år siden
Here's a solution CLICK ON THE CHANNEL TO CHECK MANUALLY it's not that hard.
Joe Soap
Joe Soap - 5 år siden
So uh, what's the business reason for Youtube jerking around subscribers?
Porglit - 5 år siden
I literally just subbed to the Email list minutes before watching this video all because of a thumbnail link embedded in a different video.  THANK YOU for publicizing this so much, I desperately needed more CGP Grey in my life.
Ismael Perez
Ismael Perez - 5 år siden
AndreaDenver303 - 5 år siden
o                                                                                                                                         'I'                                                                                                                                         //
Cheper - 5 år siden
LOVE your videos.  
Alexandra P.
Alexandra P. - 5 år siden
lol speaking of not finding video I found this one today and it is upsetting that YouTube doesn't just show you all new videos from channels that you have subscribed to.
tar102030 - 5 år siden
or.. you just search CPG  Grey on the search bar  and check ot the latest video..
char jones
char jones - 5 år siden
Yes! Thank you!
ramshambo2001 - 5 år siden
Since subbing to your YouTube channel I haven't missed a video yet. I check my sub's every day however. YouTube has turned into TV for me.
Creemedia - 5 år siden
Can somebody pls tell me the name of the background music?
thetruereality - 5 år siden
Thanks for this
Petter Emil Anderssen
Petter Emil Anderssen - 5 år siden
I just realized I've been unsubbed from you CGP :(
dammit youuuuutuuuuube!!!! :@
:P but yeah, that really sucked -.-
will enter my email ;)
Marco Cezar
Marco Cezar - 5 år siden
Marco Cezar
Marco Cezar - 5 år siden