How to be a Pirate: Quartermaster Edition 📙📈

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‣ Adapted largely from The Invisible Hook. It's great, go read it:
‣ Grey's 2-hour Director's Commentary:
## Special Thanks
Peter T. Leeson for reviewing a draft of the script. Check out his newest book, "WTF?!: An Economic Tour of the Weird":

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 7 måneder siden
The Captain's Version:
camramaster - 8 dager siden
Can you speak with the empire?
5150jc559 - 3 måneder siden
i found your channel by accident. im here to stay.
Jakub Łuczak
Jakub Łuczak - 3 måneder siden
@locomotivefaox so true how to end it
Hugh Janis
Hugh Janis - 3 måneder siden
Mike Mikel
Mike Mikel - 3 måneder siden
@InstanTinople no (in Spanish)
Davide Capasso
Davide Capasso - 16 timer siden
Ehm... but was the transition between Captains peaceful?
Max Anklowitz
Max Anklowitz - Dag siden
So if there is no surgeon does the carpenter get the extra 1/4 share?
UnPrankAble 666
UnPrankAble 666 - Dag siden
2:04 I love that one of the pirates has his eyes further apart signifying lack of intelligence. And he's just constantly smiling.
Heather Cobb
Heather Cobb - 2 dager siden
Side like to speak to the manager of this empire
Ki-Sean Excell
Ki-Sean Excell - 2 dager siden
Wait so were pirates basically working in a socialist form of employment?
GalloViking - 2 dager siden
"If there is no surgeon, the carpenter will be surgeon."
Does he get twice the pay?
A form of matter
A form of matter - 3 dager siden
I'd like to take a moment to draw attention to how & why democracy worked on pirate ships.
All other things being equal, a large group of people will win in a fight against a smaller group. With the empire, all other things are not equal -- there is immense power in wealth & influence of law. On a pirate ship, however, the captain is just some guy.
If the crew vote out the captain, what stops him from saying no? Well, quite frankly, if he does, the crew will kill him. Probably in the same manner they do their victims: brutally, to discourage others from trying the same thing.
Voting is a formality. The captain agrees to step down peacefully so long as the crew agrees not to torture him to death. It's a nonviolent coup.
Such is the basis for democracy -- elected officials, whether they're consciously aware of it or not, obey democracy because if they don't we'll kill them. All it takes for a republic to become a dictatorship is a handful of people to decide they don't want to leave office, & the only thing stopping this is the threat of violent revolution.
Much in the same way money can be backed by gold or silver, democracy is backed by blood. Democracy is a formality because none of us really feel like fighting, but if it's removed there will be slaughter.
People shouldn't fear their governments, governments should fear their people. We'd all do well to remember that these days.
“There is no pirate empire to track you down”
*EU4 pirate republic intensifies*
Awsomenot Clover
Awsomenot Clover - 4 dager siden
The OG worker coops: Pirate ships!
RayRexDex - 5 dager siden
Pirates: School Edition
პური - 5 dager siden
Assassins Creed black flag remastered is lookin sick
Theo Pouroumalis
Theo Pouroumalis - 5 dager siden
This is basically a libertarian socialist commune, but with capitalist characteristics, a weird hybrid
Doge Toast
Doge Toast - 6 dager siden
This would be an amazing show.
Jérôme Egger
Jérôme Egger - 6 dager siden
I was just wondering:
The captain from the Empire gets his ship from the Empire like you said in your video.
Where do the pirates get their ships from?
Luxof88 - 6 dager siden
I would love to see a pirate show surrounding the quatermaster not the captin but the quater master of a pirate ship. :D
minah mina
minah mina - 7 dager siden
where is the video where he pick if he want to join or not
Jotaro Kujio
Jotaro Kujio - 7 dager siden
"After the *ass* is seized"
Warren Piece
Warren Piece - 8 dager siden
0:34 Muh boi.
Ark Vyas
Ark Vyas - 9 dager siden
I'd like to speak with the booty
cyan /among us
cyan /among us - 10 dager siden
I'd like to speak with the crewmen
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat - 11 dager siden
So what did he decide...
SuperWolfman9 - 12 dager siden
*Very clever Grey. Using Pirates and The Empire to explain Worker's Co-operatives vs Capitalist Corporations*
Baran - 13 dager siden
Matt from accounting really broke bad 😔
Dallas Rover
Dallas Rover - 14 dager siden
These two videos might be my favorites that Grey has ever done. Not only do you learn about pirates, but about branding and economics, too. :)
Eduardo Camargo
Eduardo Camargo - 14 dager siden
WAIT! If the carpenter has to be surgeon, does he also collect the surgeon's wage? Please CGP I need to know.
shopgaming HD real life and roblox fun
Surgeon: **doesnt exist**

Carpenter: *BOJOUR*
Radical Razel
Radical Razel - 14 dager siden
Wow, a workplace where every employee has a stake in the success of the company, and also have a voice in how the company is run, where the administration is democratically elected, and is also held accountable? Sounds great right! That's called a Commune, where the workers own the means of production. Reconsidering neoliberal capitalism and decades of cold-war propaganda yet?
趙雷 - 14 dager siden
I was a Quater Master Sergeant when I was in Army Cadets as a kid; not a bad gig.
Kerry Christensen
Kerry Christensen - 14 dager siden
Is there like, Ship Sounds ASMR?
D L - 15 dager siden
Im so a Pirate! YaRRR
R C - 17 dager siden
5:00 (this is a time stamp for me ignore this)
Steven Sines
Steven Sines - 17 dager siden
"I'm Blindbeard the Pirate!" *crash*" Oof!"
Professor Baguette
Professor Baguette - 18 dager siden
It's funny how the surgeon is just the carpenter that saws meat
Obsidian Knight
Obsidian Knight - 19 dager siden
So, pirate socialism?
Shreya Ramachandran
Shreya Ramachandran - 21 dag siden
This is an extremely compelling sell
mrmacman2u - 21 dag siden
Grey.... PLEASE tell me at 0:06 that the Captain is doing the "Ed run" from Ed, Edd, & Eddy....
Duvan Andres Vega Blanco
Duvan Andres Vega Blanco - 21 dag siden
Kill all pirates
Game Predator
Game Predator - 21 dag siden
This is just a very fun way of explaining how cooperatives work
KildroneInfinite - 21 dag siden
When a teacher talks in dull monotone it is hard to focus and stay awake. Somehow when Grey does it I am paying attention to every word.
McLean Anderson
McLean Anderson - 21 dag siden
This is what Marx wanted
Doris Dady
Doris Dady - 21 dag siden
And what happens if they get a crew that will work cheaper then they are getting paid now?
I sure hate whatever this is
I sure hate whatever this is - 22 dager siden
The fact that pirate businesses run like cooperatives is simply rad
Pulverkuss Enaka
Pulverkuss Enaka - 25 dager siden
piracy seems oddly attractive if your alternative is a 11hour work day for minimum wage.... even nowadays, where do i sign?
P S - 27 dager siden
Oh, I get it.
The Captain is like Tamaki and the Quartermaster is Kyouya.
Noah Collins
Noah Collins - 27 dager siden
Money can be exchanged for bads and disservices
Ab - 27 dager siden
D A V E - Måned siden
Cgp wants us to be a pirate
Étourdie - Måned siden
Normal companies want money to be exchanged for goods and services.
Pirates want money to be exchanged for bads and disservices
Chonky Boi
Chonky Boi - Måned siden
Why does that ship look awfully like the Jackdaw from AC4
Gogu Gamingz
Gogu Gamingz - Måned siden
Hey, Grey, did the person join the pirates or not? I really want to know.
Luka Bogosavljevic
Luka Bogosavljevic - Måned siden
This sounds like communism
lelon furr
lelon furr - Måned siden
hmmm big business was alive in the 1750's
HoeDoe - Måned siden
Pirates..What great men
Ramon Jose Rodriguez
Ramon Jose Rodriguez - Måned siden
Well... Who pays for the pirate ship?
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - Måned siden
Weird, ive been following this for hours now but that dude keeps wanting to hear from the other guy over and over again even though they always say the same :O
Charlie - Måned siden
But which form of voting do they use?
Harman Singh Bagga
Harman Singh Bagga - Måned siden
At 6:37 the facial expression of the Recruit and the Captain always cracks me up!
Harrow - Måned siden
I dunno if you read comments on these still but me and my friends are doing a Pirate DnD campaign, I took up the mantle of Quartermaster and this definitly gave me insight into how I need to operate.
Ineptias Bais
Ineptias Bais - Måned siden
Me playing berseria flying my flag
Taslima Rahman
Taslima Rahman - Måned siden
Instruction unclear, downloaded Assassin's Creed Black Flag cracked.
Bisexual J
Bisexual J - Måned siden
I like how the captain is everywhere lol he is so cute and very enthusiastic about recruiting him 🥰
A Man Online
A Man Online - Måned siden
I think I liked Sam O Nella's video better
Spencer Bradley
Spencer Bradley - Måned siden
CGP Grey: Releases dozens of well-researched, highly informative videos covering a broad and diverse array of subjects, in an interesting format.
Also CGP Grey: Lol...booty.
Pixie Dust
Pixie Dust - Måned siden
I've been inspired to become a pirate.

Gromveka - Måned siden
I cannot express how much this makes my accountant heart happy!
the emotional mess
the emotional mess - Måned siden
How to be a modern pirate:
Step 1. Own a computer.
Step 2. Google; "free download (random series/movie)"
Step 3. Go to one of the results.
Step 4. If website doesn't work, go back to step 3, repeat till working website is found.
Carson Pearce
Carson Pearce - Måned siden
3:31 magic antigravity hat?

This captain really is the best
Dat Nguyen
Dat Nguyen - Måned siden
I like how the quarter master sounds so dead while the captain is so happy
Alexander hatfield
Alexander hatfield - Måned siden
I really want to see a pirate fleet run entirely by people who have watched these videos
Anaik Tarp
Anaik Tarp - Måned siden
Soo it's like the yakuza
Eyal Shalom
Eyal Shalom - Måned siden
can someone tag Luffy?
Lune Moon
Lune Moon - Måned siden
I wonder if this business model applies to anime pirate sites as well
KrystianSPL - Måned siden
How did pirates obtain ships?? And who is owner??
The Plant
The Plant - Måned siden
Eric’s not here
Eric’s not here - Måned siden
Tho brands memorable and battles flashy they don’t happen without contracts and spreadsheets- my kinda guy
Raphael Gueraiche
Raphael Gueraiche - Måned siden
The quartermaster sounds like he doesn’t want to be here
NervousWilly - Måned siden
I watch a CGP video on tumbleweed : Wow, this guy can make any topic vibrant and interesting!
I watch a CGP video on pirates : Wow, who knew swashbuckling could be so dry and businesslike?
Joshua Crawford
Joshua Crawford - Måned siden
1:30 When the anime studio blows its whole budget on that one fight scene
PirateGaming127 ,
PirateGaming127 , - Måned siden
1:29 Pirate bee
Exuplosion - Måned siden
If the captain and quartermaster are elected, who owns the ship?
Henry Harmstrong
Henry Harmstrong - Måned siden
Why do the gene things he shows look like pokemon stats
ABIGAIL McMillan - Måned siden
Max Gillatt
Max Gillatt - Måned siden
Pirates first anarchists
Peika沛佧 - Måned siden
Basically “company” vs government. Just like today but more brutality
Asriel Dreemurr
Asriel Dreemurr - Måned siden
"I'd like a word from me very very rare owner as some ships also included and true owner who bought all the supplies to make it and sails with the crew although this is very very rare and usually the owner is very very old the only time you see a young owner if you see the owner of the pirate ship at all back then because 90% of time it was owned by the crew it means he went on a few voyages with another pirate ship and earned his own money to get his own and start his own pirate and the owner would only get slightly more than the captain owner would get 2 and 1/5 shares again if one existed for that one also here's the same more crew less likely to get hurt but also less profit for each crew member let's crew more likely to get hurt and more profit for each crew member
Deodato Neto
Deodato Neto - Måned siden
I like the captain of this ship always smiling.
I guess he have been watching Ruffy from One Piece.
frenstcht - Måned siden
You're mixed up on who the customer is. Consumers, by definition, seek economic _goods_ not economic _bads._ Being murdered and raped, hopefully in that order, are economic bads, therefore the pirates' victims are not customers, but resource inputs. Imagine that lumberjacks had to get wood from Ents instead of trees.
Jessewastaken - Måned siden
what is the exchange rate between gold coins to silver to copper.
Anonymous - Måned siden
The personality matrices part in this is laughable pseudoscience because it's on the exact same level that astrology and phrenology are on. Plotting self-reported or observationally-reported claims of personality traits without actual testing is the cornerstone of all personality related psychology, and since it they cannot pass even the simplest of falsification tests, it is not science but a silly form of projection and confirmation bias. Positivism isn't science, falsification is science.
I Won't Use This
I Won't Use This - Måned siden
Id like to hear from sam o'nella
Kenaujak - Måned siden
This dude has been trapped in a time loop for the past 5 months. He needs to make a decision at some point.
Αικατερίνη Δημητριάδου
Pirates do fair business among them..
sakthi sd
sakthi sd - Måned siden
Ah yes, the 8 traits : strength, cruelty, aggression, loyalty, intellect, saw skills, seasickness and YAARRR - Måned siden are us just a bunch of pirates ?..
Azryx The Folf
Azryx The Folf - Måned siden
Sea of Thieves: Explained
Nicholas Williams
Nicholas Williams - Måned siden
The quartermaster is losing patience really quick.
HallowedWeasel - Måned siden
Who typically owned the pirate ships? How were they compensated?
Jaydee 8652
Jaydee 8652 - Måned siden
I’m demoting you to Eighth master!
Zorutan - Måned siden
This is straight up awesome!
I watched both versions, seriously love it