How Machines *Really* Learn. [Footnote]

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Genetic programming:
How neural networks really work with the real linear algebra:
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Eleanor Garrett
Eleanor Garrett - 10 dager siden
The efficient share mostly sin because fired intuitively contain but a magnificent sale. adorable, well-groomed rainbow
Leon Smolenski
Leon Smolenski - 11 dager siden
another generic comment for the algorithem!
PBryant2.71828 - 15 dager siden
Cyborgs vs Robots 2075: because natural humans don't have a chance
Gabe Lipsitz
Gabe Lipsitz - Måned siden
Hey Grey do you know Rotko’s basilisk?
Josh The Russian
Josh The Russian - Måned siden
May the bots have mercy on us all.
Putput 9001
Putput 9001 - Måned siden
swagerdager - Måned siden
Abraham Zayed
Abraham Zayed - Måned siden
M A R E O??
Unknown Boi
Unknown Boi - Måned siden
Grey: Bot turn dial and other bit teach bot
Comments: He mispronounced Mario
Lee Shallis
Lee Shallis - Måned siden
May the bots not have mercy on me, I'm looking forward to heaven ya' know
infinitebutter - Måned siden
Felt that
keco185 - Måned siden
I don’t know why I’m watching this. I do machine learning work for a living
Spencer Case
Spencer Case - Måned siden
imagine if the bot realized that if all humans were dead then no more pictures of the number 3 or bees will be created, allowing it to always be correct 100% of the time since it will have seen all bee and #3 pictures before.
The only way for this to happen though, is if the designer created a kill-x-number-of-humans dial, programmed the dial bot to use this dial, and programmed the teacher to accept a situation where no new pictures and no humans is a correct answer. That’s just for the intent to kill humans, it also needs a means of producing the code to carry out the slaughter with worldwide success. I think we are pretty safe from accidentally being taken over. My fear is someone doing it on purpose.
Timothy T.
Timothy T. - Måned siden
Why not just teach the robot to rotate the images?
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - Måned siden
How would it know that an image needs to be rotated?
Dirty Dish
Dirty Dish - 2 måneder siden
I, for One, Welcome Our Robot Overlords.
-Richie Branson
, 2017
Hhh Pestock
Hhh Pestock - 2 måneder siden
May the bots have mercy on us all.
Dandy Noble
Dandy Noble - 2 måneder siden
So it's essentially the same thing. Instead of throwing out the whole bot you throw out that position on the dial.
Retarded Reptile
Retarded Reptile - 2 måneder siden
2012: thinking about bots
2017: talking about bots
2018: being taken over by bots
2020: the channel is bots
2038: *_b o t s_*
Walrus Association
Walrus Association - 2 måneder siden
This reminds me, can you do a video explaining the difference between bees and 3? I often get them mixed up.
dineroconsiguelotu - 2 måneder siden
2020 still no robot
Tom Galonska
Tom Galonska - 2 måneder siden
"May the bots have mercy on us all"... Anxiety about Roko's Basilik increases oO
Angel Joshua Cantú Hernández
Angel Joshua Cantú Hernández - 2 måneder siden
So they are basically playing hot or cold ( that old game were they told u if you were getting closer by yelling hot or cold)
Natø - 2 måneder siden
Remember Re-Capcha? That's what.
arseface2k - 2 måneder siden
I've been pronouncing mario like grey all my life, now I feel self-conscious
Ragnarac - 2 måneder siden
Can you combine them?
Vikesh Bubbles
Vikesh Bubbles - 2 måneder siden
See 3blue1brown's video for a more math filled but still understandable explanation.
Sneakybird 001
Sneakybird 001 - 2 måneder siden
God job student bot for recommending me this vid
ELovesTrains GreatSouthWest
ELovesTrains GreatSouthWest - 2 måneder siden
How do machines work??
SqueakSquawk4 - 2 måneder siden
I offer this comment as an sacrifice to the Bots. Oh Great and Powerful Bots, have mercy!
Coen van Gruijthuijsen
Coen van Gruijthuijsen - 2 måneder siden
When people ask what I do, I will show them this video, nice work!
64_bit - 2 måneder siden
holy shit, this is the best explanation of gradient descent I've ever heard.
Jonathan Kenji
Jonathan Kenji - 3 måneder siden
Sven Ellsworth
Sven Ellsworth - 4 måneder siden
"It's an older code, but it checks out." Star Wars reference. Nice.
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander - 4 måneder siden
YES car do still have radios yes they do
Riddle MeThat
Riddle MeThat - 5 måneder siden
And so ends humanity, not with a bang, but at the hands of a bunch of ostrich legged big dog bots knocking food out of our hands with hockeysticks until we starve to death.
CookieCakeEater - 5 måneder siden
0:11 the reason why this video has 300 dislikes
RandoTingsRepated - 5 måneder siden
PhobosDynami - 5 måneder siden
I'm going to have to dislike for "Mare-e-o." It's "Mar-e-o."
Nunya Biznas
Nunya Biznas - 6 måneder siden
What was he talking about in the last part?
GameCyborg - 6 måneder siden
me, a year ago: oh damn pointers
me, now: yeah i will not go into AI
Cg - 7 måneder siden
NATHAN COPELAND - 7 måneder siden
Noodle Berry
Noodle Berry - 7 måneder siden
Cars do have radios, but normally it just skips to the next understandable station no adjustment needed
SlimThrull - 7 måneder siden
@CGP Grey it's multi-variable calculus. Just say that and be done with it. ;)
Dorkmax - 7 måneder siden
This began as CGP Grey and ended as Exurb1a
VolcanoHeroGC - 7 måneder siden
So... it’s like that Monty Python sketch?
Maiahi - 7 måneder siden
recursive neural networks? lol
Tolm T
Tolm T - 7 måneder siden
Maaaarr-i-o (it’s mar-io)
Omega Anims
Omega Anims - 7 måneder siden
Is it just me or do people see the glasses as moustaches?
Omega Anims
Omega Anims - 7 måneder siden
ISAPU 1 Same! For so long I thought they were just moustaches!
Yasmina Farih
Yasmina Farih - 7 måneder siden
@Omega Anims For teacher bot, yes.
Omega Anims
Omega Anims - 7 måneder siden
@ISAPU 1, no, the white glasses on the robots remind me of moustaches.
Yasmina Farih
Yasmina Farih - 7 måneder siden
@Omega Anims Grey's glasses?
Omega Anims
Omega Anims - 7 måneder siden
ISAPU 1, do you see it to?
Jose Salinas
Jose Salinas - 7 måneder siden
0:11 "Play MERIO"
Sean Fan
Sean Fan - 8 måneder siden
Not cars, AUTOS
Shaun Jones
Shaun Jones - 8 måneder siden
I would recommend watching Code Bullet, he uses this stuff to make AIs that play games.
Daniel Black
Daniel Black - 8 måneder siden
Nash Neefus
Nash Neefus - 3 måneder siden
it's ok
Austin Feng
Austin Feng - 8 måneder siden
Gradient descend=t
A Bag Of Souls
A Bag Of Souls - 8 måneder siden
Animationreview - 8 måneder siden
0:14 "a genetic code is an older code but it still checks out," Is that a star wars reference?
GoneZombie - 8 måneder siden
Uh, of course we know what a car radio is, Grey, we are't stupid.

...what's a dial?
MsZsc - Måned siden
Le Animator
Le Animator - 8 måneder siden
What’s a foot note?
Le Animator
Le Animator - 7 måneder siden
Yasmina Farih
Yasmina Farih - 7 måneder siden
The act of hiding money!/valuables in your socks while hiking to minimise the chance of loss/robbery
ERROR_Anything - 8 måneder siden
he said “Mare-ee-oh”
S Wong
S Wong - 8 måneder siden
Or Play MaRio
Elijah Ford
Elijah Ford - 8 måneder siden
1:08 lol, I'm pretty sure they still do, but I have never seen a radio that used a dial in my entire life.
Hero of Twilight
Hero of Twilight - 9 måneder siden
Now we need a bot to create cgp grey videos
Tai Nguyen
Tai Nguyen - 9 måneder siden
I have to make a feedforward algorithm for a project. Hopefully this can get me through it!
DemonAlchemist - 9 måneder siden
Have the brits corrupted your pronunciation of "Mario"?
Last Void Guard
Last Void Guard - 9 måneder siden
This algorithm is called backpropagation. And it is also very old.
Kitt Monroe
Kitt Monroe - 10 måneder siden
the pronunciation of "Mario" caused me to unsubscribe, 1 star, literally unwatchable.
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet - 10 måneder siden
It looks like dial-adjuster bot has a moustache
Frogss - 10 måneder siden
I likey
Will thy Thrill
Will thy Thrill - 10 måneder siden
This dude just pronounced Mario like mare•e•oh
DiabloMinero - 11 måneder siden
If we don't use genetic algorithms, the bots have no reason to be mad at us for killing them so long as their jobs get done.
Kartik Iyer
Kartik Iyer - År siden
How does the dial adjustment bot know which is a bee and which is a three?
Leonardus L
Leonardus L - 7 måneder siden
The programmer labels all the pictures manually at first.
jmw150 - År siden
0:26 Recursive Neural Networks are part of deep learning. Deep learning is just "training several layers of neurons".
Eric Petersen
Eric Petersen - År siden
ahh. Great video.
3D Printing Professor
3D Printing Professor - År siden
Watch "humans need not apply".
DDLC MC - År siden
So you are telling me YouTube demonetizes people with bots, and those bots had to watch millions of porn to know what porn is? Cool.
RyKlug - År siden
Oh no, Grey pronounces mario as m-air-io instead of mar(like car)-io
Caleb Kirschbaum
Caleb Kirschbaum - År siden
Doing recursive learning is really hard to learn. I have made an evolutionary NN, but I still can't figure out how to do the recursive one by hand.
Vinish - År siden
Marry Oh?
Ezucra 307
Ezucra 307 - År siden
* this ain’t original*
G S - År siden
mare-io?? WHAT
joseph jackson
joseph jackson - År siden
Kai Kwok Horatio Wong
Kai Kwok Horatio Wong - 8 måneder siden
Bluey - År siden
Do we have a stepladder?
I will extend your arms.
nizcomix - År siden
He just said meh-ree-yo? smh
Animation Space
Animation Space - År siden
Comment section statistics:

20%: The bots will kill us all

80%: mArRy- Oo
BioFercho García
BioFercho García - År siden
As a machine learning developer bot I find this video pleasant (no more humans needed for this job)
GregTom2 - År siden
The first explanation was genetic evolution through natural selection.
This second process is basically what happens post birth when synaptic connections get reinforced with use; this is the in vivo evolution of a brain from a mush of random meaningless connections to a network of purpose built ones.
Are we someone's AI?
Caleb Hall
Caleb Hall - Måned siden
according to Douglas Adams I think 42 go's hear
Robbie Dozier
Robbie Dozier - Måned siden
Neural networks are loosely based on how brains work and learn, so yes
William Miles
William Miles - Måned siden
Oh *F R I C K*
Exynth1a - 2 måneder siden
May the bots have mercy on us all
raul maximo
raul maximo - 3 måneder siden
For sure, i dare to say...
Andrew C
Andrew C - År siden
The bots found me this channel yesterday and it is already one of my favorite channels. good job
Bright Boy Cherry Blossom
owo what’s this
owo what’s this - År siden
avinfor - År siden
You beat all the videos I’ve seen so far trying to explain machine learning to the public.
drdca - År siden
_recursive_ neural networks? He doesn’t mean “recurrent” does he?
RV90919 - År siden
Just to see where it takes me too:

Propagation; Backpropagation; Gradient descent; Hidden layers; Perceptron; Neuron; Connection; Weight; Bias; Threshold; Cost; Cost function; Activation function; Non-linearity; Sigmoid; Tanh; ReLU; LReLU; PReLU; Derivative; Regularization; L1; L2; Stochastic gradient descent; Batch; Dropout; Convolution; Pooling; Recursion; Classification; Prediction; Subsampling; Feature selection; Data augmentation; Supervised learning; Unsupervised learning; Reinforcement learning
Leto85 - År siden
So interesting.
I just hope these bots will be able to recognise gratitude for all that we teach them, and react accordingly.
Optimistic programming, that might save us all.
Cloude - År siden
Lucky for us the bots won't have humanoid tribe loyalties to the bots of the past.
Tricia T-B
Tricia T-B - År siden
You're too cute, CGP Grey !
GamerFromJump - År siden
“Computing power approaches crazypants...” 😂
Lauriane Kayungu-N
Lauriane Kayungu-N - År siden
love it
Michael Cmar
Michael Cmar - År siden
I never understood why YouTube hides videos from me this was made 2017 and I've never seen it
Rabbit Piet
Rabbit Piet - År siden
So the graph has slopes with respect to complexity but what are the units of explainability and linear algebra. Also where do they intersect
ScienceTube - 2 måneder siden
At t=42
FunnySecksNumber 69
FunnySecksNumber 69 - År siden
can they tell the difference between v a g i n a & a n u s ?
Nevo Krien
Nevo Krien - År siden
what about both toghther