Hexagons are the Bestagons

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CGP Grey
CGP Grey - 2 måneder siden
Show that you too believe Hexagons are the Bestagons! https://store.dftba.com/collections/all/products/hexagons-t-shirt
R. R.
R. R. - 13 timer siden
Wait, wait, wait. Bees are building round combs, only with the Heat of their Body and wings the comb forms/melts to an Hexagon. Its the same like those Bubbles. Every corner get 120°. Cause Hexagons are the Bestagons!
neurocis - Dag siden
no BLACK shirt? BLACK is the BESTest not-a-color, Purple is cool too though!
William Pergande
William Pergande - 8 dager siden
No Hackergons!
Al To
Al To - 9 dager siden
Sabias que mas arriba están los fractales? Si y muy diversos que también solucionan el problema de tu existencia y tu cuerpo fluyendo pero buen video, adoro tu sarcasmo y textura engañosa hisoka, te va bien de profesor, saludos y dime si quieres mas videos de gente cayendo y nunca termina de caer, divertido y extremo maese, no cambies, buen canal y videos, saludos.
ANDREW CROZIER - 10 dager siden
Triangle Gang!
Furry Exe
Furry Exe - 32 minutter siden
I don’t know why but Greys personality is so attractive... and I want to date that nerd so I can hear about the intricacies of a hexagon all day XD
Nghiep Luu
Nghiep Luu - 3 timer siden
24 Blackberries
24 Blackberries - 5 timer siden
I’m pretty sure bees actually make circular wax cells, but the heat they produce melt the wax, and the wax naturally becomes a hexagon.
12halo3 - 7 timer siden
Why are buildings square. And why are windows square
ButterMilkPancake - 8 timer siden
so this means catan > all other board games
Alistair Storey
Alistair Storey - 9 timer siden
My man loves his hexagon. But despite all of his reasons for the bestagon, mr. triangle is the bestashape for bridge engineers.
Thomas Barth
Thomas Barth - 11 timer siden
"You could make a religion out of this"
Everything Pizza And Knuckles
I have been enlightened tl the truth
Yall's religions are all fake
that's not me fellas
that's not me fellas - 11 timer siden
_wearing square glasses_
Paradox - 11 timer siden
I confirm to the hexagonism. the one true religion. all hail the hexagon!
Elizabeth Weekley
Elizabeth Weekley - 13 timer siden
Did I just join a cult?
Pog Pog
Pog Pog - 13 timer siden
hexagons are the suckagons
Pog Pog
Pog Pog - 13 timer siden
ill fucking say it again
RhysDX - 14 timer siden
Damn, I feel like worshipping the hexagon now
Patatasuper - 15 timer siden
Abe - 15 timer siden
I wanna join this cult
Billy Gensis
Billy Gensis - 19 timer siden
"hexagon is the bestagon"
everyone: SHUT UP
Dodo Master
Dodo Master - 12 timer siden
Turya 101
Turya 101 - 20 timer siden
Actually bees make their honeycombs circles and because of the air from their wings do the combs warp and turn into a hexagon
Joel Molari
Joel Molari - 20 timer siden
This is beautiful!
Daniel Tung
Daniel Tung - 21 time siden
If they're the best then make a sphere out of Hexagons.. I'll wait.
Gaurav Gummaraju
Gaurav Gummaraju - 23 timer siden
I have a feeling this guy likes hexagons
Hello There
Hello There - 23 timer siden
What I learnt from this video:
*Bestagons together strong*
SAiKA - Dag siden
This is the most magical, fantastical, scientifically exciting video I've listened to in such a long time. The little girl scientist in me has been awakened 💖 This legitimately reminded me why I love science so much.
John Games and Draws Channel
he said hexagons are bad!
John Games and Draws Channel
he says they leave gaps
RazorPantherz - Dag siden
Best moment of the entire video.
warctr Rasmussen
warctr Rasmussen - Dag siden
*Bill Wurtz is typing...*
Nico Nico
Nico Nico - Dag siden
basically uzumaki but make it hexagons
James Bentley
James Bentley - Dag siden
If I had to pick a video to demonstrate YouTube brilliance, this would be it. Amazing video Grey, watched it a few times now. Can’t help thinking how long you may of spent considering to or not to use the word WHY at the start of the title, Then said Meh they are the best
Aktuell Yāttee
Aktuell Yāttee - Dag siden
Dare to think outside the hexagon.
A Yo Fool
A Yo Fool - Dag siden
Ok this just changed my favourite shape
Diekje - Dag siden
I wonder how he came up with this subject. I can only imagine a toddler went like “triangles are cool” and Grey was like “imma check that”
Socks - Dag siden
nah octogons
Dale Icious
Dale Icious - Dag siden
Praise be.
ZomnY - Dag siden
I want a Hexagon are Bestagons shirt with the thumbnail design (the ones i found are boring :/ not representative of the bestagon)
Thygrrr - Dag siden
Hexagons are the Bestagons.
Kennedy Stone
Kennedy Stone - Dag siden
you got me at the single word bees i need no further reason to believe you bees are awesome
Lucas Anonymous
Lucas Anonymous - Dag siden
Hexagons aren't the bestagons,
sexagons are the bestagons
Nathan Roos
Nathan Roos - Dag siden
This reminds me of Freemasons who were like this but with triangles.
soemb - Dag siden
fe vs berwick
Dawid Hanzlik
Dawid Hanzlik - Dag siden
And that how cults starts
Alvi Syahri
Alvi Syahri - Dag siden
I want to say "there should be a t-shirt for this" but then I see the description
Sini_ster - Dag siden
hexagon is flexagon
Qwackerthecracker - Dag siden
Why does this remind me of Vihart
cid - 2 dager siden
Hexagonal minecraft interesting
Alexander Galindo
Alexander Galindo - 2 dager siden
I watched this when i had to do school ... f that
Irza Liando
Irza Liando - 2 dager siden
The wall has trapezoids! This is blasphemy!
GrapfruitThyme - 2 dager siden
Hexagons are just a 6 triangles
Matt Hartley
Matt Hartley - 2 dager siden
But chess works by having different pieces move in different ways. In hexagonal chess, how would you distinguish between a rook, bishop, and queen?
Alvi Syahri
Alvi Syahri - Dag siden
Chess is a relic from the past, the pieces must adapt or die trying
Quinn Leese
Quinn Leese - 2 dager siden
Just noticed how Grey holds a banana when he says: "Need something for scale?" (3:41)
Andre Le Coz Videographer
Andre Le Coz Videographer - 2 dager siden
This is delightful
Keovar - 2 dager siden
Dr. Seuss teaches Geometry.
SUPER - 2 dager siden
do i really wanna play hexa chess
Manny Lee
Manny Lee - 2 dager siden
Why aren’t your glasses hexagons?
Alvi Syahri
Alvi Syahri - Dag siden
Because glasses makers are cowards!
Green - 2 dager siden
0:06 a bee passes through the guy gray is taking to.
Toit Nups
Toit Nups - 2 dager siden
this is *not* i repeat *not* a cult
Ikua Muita
Ikua Muita - 2 dager siden
I'm pretty sure the board game from Avatar the last airbender "pai - shou" (i don't know how to spell it), used hexagons. Feel free to correct if wrong.
TotalVoid - 2 dager siden
Okay lads form an L formation on me.
Okay but we'll have to rotate to do it.
Damnit Hexagons! That's not very bestagon of you!
yer da sells avon
yer da sells avon - 2 dager siden
Every minute I said one minute more but I kept watching
Comrade Elmo
Comrade Elmo - 2 dager siden
What about Obamaisgone
Hochgefallen - 2 dager siden
Now I want a keyboard with hexagonal keys.
Lachezar Terziyski
Lachezar Terziyski - 2 dager siden
You need more proof? Heroes 3 :D
Phhantom - 2 dager siden
So basically because it has the best perimeter to area ratio
Lucid - 2 dager siden
Well I'm sold.
Light the fox
Light the fox - 2 dager siden
The hexagons create.... Uhhhhh..... hepaXweltapentagons????
Hokageyo - 2 dager siden
I looked this up and it's basically scp-009
:D슈크림 꼬꼬
:D슈크림 꼬꼬 - 2 dager siden
so is this hexagon reference?
Zyloa - 3 dager siden
What did i just watch
BlackRoseXIII - 3 dager siden
My favorite polygon has always been the hexagon, and now I am vindicated
Ahmet Arda Keşaplı
Ahmet Arda Keşaplı - 3 dager siden
*How about _Heptagon_
Pan - 3 dager siden
Fun fact : When eating cereal like Cheerios the most likely polygon to form to the Hexagon
Coban Shaw
Coban Shaw - 3 dager siden
hexagon's are the bestagons! so mote it be!
TheNameless - 3 dager siden
Look, I love hexagons as much as the next guy, but when you turn my chessboard to hexagons I'm going to have to stop you right there.
Hareecio Nelson
Hareecio Nelson - 3 dager siden
CGP Grey and Matt Parker of Stand-up maths need to fight, Hexagons versus Rhombus.
Marta Avlas
Marta Avlas - 3 dager siden
Boards of Canada intensifies
Knight of Kyranic
Knight of Kyranic - 3 dager siden
Hexagons just make larger Hexagons, just without straight lines
NikcQ - 3 dager siden
Did i just get dragged into a geometry cult?
Sandra Dermark
Sandra Dermark - 3 dager siden
Hexagons and honeybees and tiling... and eyes and SATURN and Snow and... hexagons everywhere. The BESTAGONS
Kenny Holmes
Kenny Holmes - 3 dager siden
The only time that squares work better than hexes when it comes to games is when one is dealing with the indoors. with hexes, one must inevitably and oh-so-terribly lop off pieces of the ever-useful hexagon to fit the manmade architecture and inevitably it leads to gaps on the edges.
Ethan Pieterse
Ethan Pieterse - 3 dager siden
Hexagons are the bestagons?
Two questions:
1. Hexagons are the bestagons. So, are heptagons the worstagons?
2. Hexagons are the bestagons? So why are your character’s heads circles?
Justin Smith
Justin Smith - 3 dager siden
Thank you
DJ _
DJ _ - 3 dager siden
But triangles are Also like hexagons on board game perspective
Vyacheslav Kravchuk
Vyacheslav Kravchuk - 3 dager siden
merasmus Eds
merasmus Eds - 3 dager siden
I like this cult
Beanieboo Life
Beanieboo Life - 3 dager siden
Bert Lin_YT
Bert Lin_YT - 3 dager siden
Hexagon is strongagon
me: wow
Xarin Sliron
Xarin Sliron - 4 dager siden
In D&D I've been wanting to get my group to switch the hex grids for ages, but all the pre-builts have grid maps ... besides the ones that have even worse isometric ones.
MANDAR - 4 dager siden
cubes are boring
Should i quit minecraft?
MANDAR - 4 dager siden
i just want to say 4 words "hexagons are bestagons"
EDGEWASTAKEN - 4 dager siden
I disagree, triangles for ever
Siptom - 4 dager siden
Grey spent too much time in quarantine.
Cassidy P.P. Suck
Cassidy P.P. Suck - 4 dager siden
Dude's about to start a cult just for a shape
Haruki’s Channel
Haruki’s Channel - 4 dager siden
Best cult I’ve ever joined
Milagro Marconi
Milagro Marconi - 4 dager siden
bk82888 - 4 dager siden
HkayakH - 4 dager siden
So there are multiple types of ice? How?
Merciless Gamer
Merciless Gamer - 4 dager siden
Football Trenta gods are the best the gun cuz they make everything go look it up
James Christian Tabiolo
James Christian Tabiolo - 4 dager siden
Im gonna create the hexagon earth society
Superstair Mckinney
Superstair Mckinney - 4 dager siden
Square gang!
Michael Coffee
Michael Coffee - 4 dager siden
Bees do not build hexagons. They build circles. the circles fit together in a hexagonal pattern.