Grey Reads The 25th Amendment

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00:00 The 25th Amendment
00:02 Section 1
00:10 Section 2
00:22 Section 3
00:43 Section 4
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earthling john
earthling john - Dag siden
Very few citizens were aware of or understand this amendment and even fewer know that this amendment was not proposed and ratified until *after* the Kennedy assassination
Kieren Thing
Kieren Thing - Dag siden
This got relevent
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 2 dager siden
Kamala Harris listening to this on repeat
KidsBooksByDavid _
KidsBooksByDavid _ - 2 dager siden
Huh, well this is relevant.
Dance Blues
Dance Blues - 2 dager siden
Do 14th Amendment pls
Charlotte Roberts
Charlotte Roberts - 2 dager siden
need this now!
David Hogan
David Hogan - 2 dager siden
CPG Grey reads the Declaration of Independence? and CPG Grey reads the U.S. Constitution?
Kalani Garay
Kalani Garay - 2 dager siden
that was so helpful for school
Beryl hu
Beryl hu - 2 dager siden
well.. this is awkward
Jonas - 2 dager siden
Funny how this got put into YouTube recs today
emily - 2 dager siden
Oh, what a time to recommend it
Anijeet Kanjilal
Anijeet Kanjilal - 2 dager siden
What a fine time to get this in my recommended.
Gabriel Duldulao
Gabriel Duldulao - 3 dager siden
this got recommended on my tab when he is getting voted on for a 2nd impeachment
PENIS DELETUS - 3 dager siden
You are a fucking prophet
Toodle Rama
Toodle Rama - 3 dager siden
They literally won't be able to get him out of office because he will be out of office by then.
Manuel Benitez
Manuel Benitez - 3 dager siden
Hows here because of u know who?
Fresh Dasani
Fresh Dasani - 3 dager siden
Who just found this because the President might be impeached.
Chul Yeom
Chul Yeom - 3 dager siden
The resolute horn gratifyingly milk because vegetable regrettably whip in a dizzy thread. wakeful, numerous patient
Strugglefish - 3 dager siden
Naoum Mashraqi
Naoum Mashraqi - 3 dager siden
The Algorithm smiles on you CGP Grey
Daughter OfEris
Daughter OfEris - 3 dager siden
...wondering who down-voted this...
Tips 4 truckers
Tips 4 truckers - 3 dager siden
Grey is from the future
You people support left and right wing I support meme wing
Toe Licker
Toe Licker - 3 dager siden
What’s a “president”
Kazmark_gl - 4 dager siden
given the events of January 6th 2021: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Jack Barlow
Jack Barlow - 4 dager siden
The algorithm: I think you might be needing this right about now.
Subhash - 4 dager siden
Such long sentences 😂
PoliticsCentral - 4 dager siden
Well this is relevant.
Jonathan Escamilla
Jonathan Escamilla - 4 dager siden
Ahhh youtube always shows videos in just the perfect time 👌🏼
Marvelous Ifezue
Marvelous Ifezue - 4 dager siden
2 months ago?
Lee Wyse
Lee Wyse - 4 dager siden
Well this is surprisingly relevant.
Cyn - 4 dager siden
Grey, explain yourself.
Andrew Bidwell
Andrew Bidwell - 5 dager siden
JR Gracie
JR Gracie - 5 dager siden
Grey are you secretly Nostradamus?
Colin Zinngrabe
Colin Zinngrabe - 5 dager siden
-CGP Grey, 2020/10/12
abirch2014 - 5 dager siden
This aged well
longbeacher - 5 dager siden
Now I would like a video of Grey reading each amendment
James Lima
James Lima - 5 dager siden
Shout out to everyone watching this after Jan 6th
Justin H
Justin H - 5 dager siden
This is now relevant.
Dan Turner
Dan Turner - 5 dager siden
This aged well.
Michael ‘Hee Hee’ Jackson
Carter S
Carter S - 5 dager siden
VpPence gets to become President the last 10 days ?
Jon Paior
Jon Paior - 5 dager siden
I assume the watch count just jumped. Lol.
Oofed 92
Oofed 92 - 5 dager siden
Wow what a time for this to be in my recomend feed, I'm sad it didn't have a section of - inciting a mob to storm the capitol over Twitter -
Quackks00 - 5 dager siden
Its funny Im watching this now. I'm wondering what triggered the creation of the video
CalTheUntitled - 5 dager siden
Unfortunately relevant
ultradude54 - 5 dager siden
Oh gosh, it’s been so crazy lately I don’t even remember what this was an immediate response to.
But it’s relevant again though, unfortunately
Giraffinator - 5 dager siden
Huh. This doesn't seem useful at all.
Nafi - 5 dager siden
This aged well
Mitchell - 6 dager siden
Welp.. this got awkwardly relevant all of a sudden.. XD
Mekumcream82 - 6 dager siden
How did you predict
Seth Koehler
Seth Koehler - 6 dager siden
I would call this prophetic if it wasn't so obvious
AArOn LLL - 6 dager siden
hi guys why are you watching this video in 2021?
Cyber Ghost
Cyber Ghost - 6 dager siden
Burning question: is Grey a prophet or a time traveler?
Adam Read
Adam Read - 6 dager siden
Damn this is pretty relevant
Nico Smedley
Nico Smedley - 6 dager siden
Foreshadowing irl
Chet Jonstun
Chet Jonstun - 6 dager siden
This is rather timely :)
The McMaster
The McMaster - 6 dager siden
oh no... *it’s relevant*
Sebastian D
Sebastian D - 6 dager siden
Boring - in 11 days!
aerime - 6 dager siden
do you have a time machine?
Dorkmax - 6 dager siden
CGP Grey: This is what we call "Foreshadowing"
Digger0008 - 7 dager siden
YouTube recommendations love dark humor don't they?
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo - 7 dager siden
time travel
DahVoozel - 7 dager siden
Are we there yet?
djoecav - 7 dager siden
Samuel Tukua
Samuel Tukua - 7 dager siden
He already knew
Joel Celaya
Joel Celaya - 7 dager siden
Well it’s about time to watch this video again 🧐
Harlon Thurlo
Harlon Thurlo - 7 dager siden
this was recommended on january 7th 2021
Duke - 7 dager siden
Thanks Youtube. Your timing is still on point.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown - 7 dager siden
A law written in anticipation of the possibility that a President could be incapable of performing the duties of the office. Unfortunately I do not believe that anyone in this government will utilize any laws of this nation to stand against this sociopath.
K Nguyen Nguyen
K Nguyen Nguyen - 7 dager siden
Youtube recommendation lmao
John Spence
John Spence - 7 dager siden
Samantha Marie Freeman
Samantha Marie Freeman - 7 dager siden
Sounds like it would require at least 7 days to do this. What if he is truly a danger to himself and others? We have to wait a week or more to get a lunatic out of office?? THIS itself is madness!
Tey Treet
Tey Treet - 7 dager siden
Can this get anymore relavent.
feliscatus - 7 dager siden
rather topical
David Crackel
David Crackel - 8 dager siden
Can we use this now
Sameel Kaweem
Sameel Kaweem - 8 dager siden
Well this is kinda anticlimactic LOL
Varun Vadhera
Varun Vadhera - 8 dager siden
This aged well
Steven M
Steven M - 8 dager siden
northshorepx - 8 dager siden
Hmmm how apt....
Riddle MeThat
Riddle MeThat - 8 dager siden
Well...hello again everyone.
Trey Roland
Trey Roland - 8 dager siden
this video about to get popular soon
Original - 8 dager siden
CGP Grey almost predicted this.
Jahren Pintor
Jahren Pintor - 8 dager siden
POV: You came after the events of January 6, 2021
Panda Queen
Panda Queen - 8 dager siden
Thank you for this! Because of yesterday so many people are talking on this and I didn’t know what was actually written in the 25th amendment
Shadoko - 8 dager siden
Y'all know why you are here
Vincent Torrijos
Vincent Torrijos - 8 dager siden
So... Uh, what now
M M - 8 dager siden
lol I’m back here again
thunderrun2222 - 8 dager siden
Time to rewatch this
Sinister Sweet
Sinister Sweet - 8 dager siden
I feel like many of us watching now are here for a similar reason....
Kyle Nuggets
Kyle Nuggets - 8 dager siden
Well I never thought that this amendment would be useful, until now 👀
John Chessant
John Chessant - 8 dager siden
Well, this just became relevant again.
DHN - 8 dager siden
Kalin Kochnev
Kalin Kochnev - 8 dager siden
I swear this man can see the future.
Elementalism :D
Elementalism :D - 6 dager siden
I fully expect this guy to make a shockingly accurate video of how time travel works some time soon.
Josh Kuebbing
Josh Kuebbing - 8 dager siden
How many watching after Jan 6
Nigel Marvin
Nigel Marvin - 8 dager siden
I might be wrong, but I think Congress are discussing about whether or not they should enact the 25th Amendment or the President should be impeached again.
Stephen Flannery
Stephen Flannery - 8 dager siden
Two months too early, right on time, or too late was this video
Valery0p 5
Valery0p 5 - 8 dager siden
I hope for you guys someone remembers to read this...
Hugo Ruiz
Hugo Ruiz - 8 dager siden
This may become relevant
Tarnest - 8 dager siden
This will become relevant soon.