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random rollercoaster
random rollercoaster - Måned siden
1000th comment just to clue my ocd
RedM91 - Måned siden
Thousandth comment
C HF - 2 måneder siden
YouTube RED= YouTube Premium
Ian Just Ian
Ian Just Ian - 4 måneder siden
Who understood that? Not me
SparkyTheSpark T
SparkyTheSpark T - 4 måneder siden
John Donaldson
John Donaldson - 4 måneder siden
2020 - youtube stuffing more ads down our throats harder than ever!
Winston The Dog
Winston The Dog - 5 måneder siden
What's up with all of you gears, between the one with the little vial in the middle for CGP Grey, and the Nail and Gear for Hello Internet?
Renan Maas
Renan Maas - 5 måneder siden
Youtube Red, you mean a Redtube.🤔

(I know it is a ridiculously obvious joke but i didn't find any other comment).
The Lone Wanderer
The Lone Wanderer - 6 måneder siden
Republican red not commie red
麻王AlanStryman - 6 måneder siden
2020: YouTube Premium
That Guy215
That Guy215 - 6 måneder siden
WaNNa tRy yUotuBe PrEmiUm
Saugat Bhattarai
Saugat Bhattarai - 7 måneder siden
TRiG (Ireland)
TRiG (Ireland) - 7 måneder siden
Now renamed, because people were confusing it with RedTube.
Totally Real Not Fake Life Advice
What are the dislikes from? YouTube bots having a bad day?
Dragan Andelkovic
Dragan Andelkovic - 7 måneder siden
3 years later and i see almost no one using youtube red.
ParkNPlay - 7 måneder siden
Some people use it for supporting channels that get demonetized.
plutonianextract - 7 måneder siden
I have YouTube red, hipe my subscription to you and watching your vids helps if only a little
Nathan Ricard
Nathan Ricard - 7 måneder siden
I think YouTube figured that the word “Red” might have some... unwanted... connotations. So the service is now called “Premium”
I am guessing that the marketing guys thought it sounds more direct and to the point. Or whatever.
Pandaboi - 7 måneder siden
Youtube Red is a good idea
Youtube Red that costs $15 per month is not a good idea
Elan Mcclain
Elan Mcclain - 7 måneder siden
dear grey, a question for youtr next q&a do you watch half as interesting?
Sebastian - 7 måneder siden
he said he doesn't
Prince Zhedrick Silvestre
Prince Zhedrick Silvestre - 7 måneder siden
YouTube is a Communist.
YouTube tries to turn more countries red.
iamccrayjones - 7 måneder siden
A CGP grey video I haven't watched. What nonsense is this?
Meg b.
Meg b. - 7 måneder siden
Instead of paying for youtube red I just download an ad blocker
TheAres1999 - 8 måneder siden
The payout distribution from a Red subscriber should be based on how much that user spends watching a given channel. If I got Red and just watched CGP Grey, then my pay should just be split between YouTube and Grey.
TheAres1999 - 8 måneder siden
@Dorito If you are signed in, then NOburn is always keeping track of the videos you watch.
Dorito - 8 måneder siden
TheAres1999 what if you have your history off
Victor Zamudio
Victor Zamudio - 8 måneder siden
duck Zeppeli
duck Zeppeli - 8 måneder siden
hehe better dead then red
PandemoniumMeltDown - 10 måneder siden
Red is Bad, they make great T-Shirts, you should check it out :D
G Rodriguez
G Rodriguez - 10 måneder siden
I've always wondered if demonetized/no-ad channels get a cut of YouTube red
nizcomix - 11 måneder siden
0:10 where IS scare pewdiepie season 2?
Devam Desai
Devam Desai - År siden
1000th comment
Ryan Trickett
Ryan Trickett - År siden
1000th comment. Meta. Meta...
The360Mlg Noscoper
The360Mlg Noscoper - År siden
Rainbow Hyphen
Rainbow Hyphen - År siden
It makes me happy to know that YouTube -Red- Premium is a good deal for creators.
stupid yourself
stupid yourself - År siden
1000 comments..... now!
Frank - År siden
I’m the 999th comment. One early.
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez
so now youtube red stopped, but now are youtube kids and youtube music.... OKay whats going on?
Matty D Parker
Matty D Parker - År siden
It’s no longer red. But premium. Sadly YouTube is no longer communist. 😞
Matty D Parker
Matty D Parker - År siden
Matty D Parker
Matty D Parker - År siden
Dan Groves
Dan Groves - År siden
I'm the 1000th comment!
bigbabyzubas - År siden
God damn i love YT Red.
Isaac Hirsch
Isaac Hirsch - År siden
Hey VSauce
Michael _Not_ Here
DJ Acidic
DJ Acidic - År siden
But does red help creators out more? Like for instance I have red, would someone that I love (such as CGP Grey) get more profit from a red user, or an ad user?
Eddie Current
Eddie Current - År siden
footnotes are a genius idea!
SirGarmaples - År siden
YouTube Vanced is what's needed.
Noah Williams
Noah Williams - 2 år siden
I don't like Youtube red. I honestly am convinced that slippery slope is what drives society, and given how politicized Youtube already is I see Youtube red as a warning that it's dying now.
selforganisation - 2 år siden
Wait, people pay google actual money to get rid of adds when they could use an adblocker?
mittfh - 2 år siden
Some YouTubers (including a certain fast-talking American living in London) take the alternative approach of setting up an off-site subscription service, such as patron-with-an-e, whereby, unsurprisingly, the creator gets the bulk of the revenue. Often, as a reward they'll get access to the videos a few days early.
StalinWasBallin - 2 år siden
I like the idea of turning more countries red
Rup Ganguly
Rup Ganguly - 2 år siden
The YouTube Red Scare.
DeepSkyObserver 115
DeepSkyObserver 115 - 2 år siden
So it's just a shittier version of netflix
Trey Flowers
Trey Flowers - 2 år siden
I used to have YouTube Red/ Premium. But then I watched LazerTeam 2 and cancelled it.
Robert Leitch
Robert Leitch - 2 år siden
0:48 *Communism intensifies*
Tomás Moreira
Tomás Moreira - 2 år siden
what is hapening to your chanel
Marek Šťastný
Marek Šťastný - 2 år siden
YouTube Red sounds communist
creemyice - 2 år siden
0:33 what’s that channel?
Seventeen - 2 år siden
Gr8 vid 👏👏👏
Dr. Medic
Dr. Medic - 2 år siden
Youtube Grey. :-)
Gee Funk
Gee Funk - 2 år siden
I'ma Red subscriber or Premium now. And its not all that good.....
DriftingRotary - 2 år siden
Just use freaking adblock its free too
Durell Nelson
Durell Nelson - 2 år siden
0:09 Thank you CGP Gray
Marrithegreat1 - 2 år siden
I know it's a year old now, but this actually answered a big question I had. I'd often wondered if creators got more or less from me since I don't see the ads at all. I'm actually happy it doesn't detract from your income.
Tux - 2 år siden
I’m using a free 3 month trial
Blake Khan
Blake Khan - 2 år siden
Better Dead Than Red.
Goldsword Animations
Goldsword Animations - 3 år siden
YouTube Red sounds like a bad idea.
BloomAutist49 - 3 år siden
I see CGP, I click like.
x99 - 3 år siden
Having youtube red was awesome because it was like guilt free adblock; but then the stupid apocalypse happened so everyone started taking sponsors. Even the greedy assholes who get full ads
Gail Gayw
Gail Gayw - 3 år siden
so my yt red money is split between youtube, education youtubers and asmrtists. gr8 i funding a bunch of fuckin nerds lol
John Walker
John Walker - 3 år siden
F*cking commies
F1scherman - 3 år siden
If YouTube wants to turn more subscribers and countries red, just buy a bunch of red paint and pour it down the streets. Easy.
TheMazter13 - 3 år siden
"When you relize that grey prmotes communism"
-The comments, 2017
Trevin Beattie
Trevin Beattie - 3 år siden
I subscribed to YouTube Red both to support the videos I like and because it has been well worth it to avoid being bombarded with psychological manipulation from companies trying to make me buy junk I don't need.
Psychomaniac14 - 3 år siden
Before watching this video, a 1 minute long ad popped up
I watched the entire thing only so you could get some extra cash
Autoraem - 3 år siden
Better dead than red
oldfashionednewbie - 3 år siden
I am a youtube red user, and I love your videos
phillip stafford-dafoe
phillip stafford-dafoe - 3 år siden
Ah many years later and Canada is like the UK still waiting to have YouTube red
Isaiah Penny
Isaiah Penny - 3 år siden
the ad i watched before the video was longer than the video itself!
Aj Roman
Aj Roman - 3 år siden
I love yt red
thegun84 - 3 år siden
Norway is STILL not red... come on already!
graveeking - 3 år siden
I think the issue with YouTube red is people only want to support /some/ You Tubers and if they want to do that, they'll just use sites with better ratios like Patreon. Red needs far better incentives since they're giving a lot of the money they donate to YouTube and not just the creators they came here for.
Bryson Waugh
Bryson Waugh - 3 år siden
I watched the whole ad for you your welcome
Bipolartorecovery - 3 år siden
do you still get paid if I click the link on the ad and then skip the video? jus trying to find ways that are fair since youtube keeps playing ads that are more than 5 minutes long for me on videos that are 4 minutes or less =/. I want the creators I like to get paid but I only have so much time/patience to see the same ridiculously long ad.
Draxiss - 3 år siden
I would actually be more willing to buy into Youtube Red if it *didn't* have content exclusive to Red. Otherwise, it's basically just paid videos all over again.
Mike O'.
Mike O'. - 3 år siden
Canada is still waiting for YouTube Red.
Michael J
Michael J - 3 år siden
I love my ytRed account, now if only gpm did suck
router / that awkward translator guy
Better dead than red.

Yes, I said it
littlehawk - 3 år siden
Better dead than red.
Matthew Thomson
Matthew Thomson - 3 år siden
Hey grey i was thinking of starting my own channel, I already have a concept but could use some advice on what sort of of things programs devices etc. I need to be a success, love the video thanks
holden J
holden J - 3 år siden
Because I'm a special snowflake 😍
Victor Martínez
Victor Martínez - 3 år siden
I will never pay for Red
Random Cap Old
Random Cap Old - 3 år siden
...turn... red?

*C O M U N I S M*
Marlowe - 3 år siden
I just watched a three minuets add about GOD and I'm atheist I just felt like a good viewer so he could get money. I hate myself
Simple Brian
Simple Brian - 3 år siden
Youtube is spreading communism... Neat
Baeagon - 3 år siden
"Youtube wants to turn more people and countries red"
Yeah, in more ways than one.
TheEmeraldBoat - 3 år siden
Adblocker Plus.
Ryan McNulty
Ryan McNulty - 3 år siden
Better dead than red
sarcasticallynationalist - 3 år siden
I Got YTR dor video downloads
Jedi Archives
Jedi Archives - 3 år siden
I love it when things turn red
VodShod - 3 år siden
lol communism joke
Average Toad
Average Toad - 3 år siden
"Youtube continues to try and turn more subscribers and countries red" lol
DiamondTurtle - 3 år siden