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IAmSeamonkey - 3 måneder siden
this is such a stupid system. no stable government should be able to force a budget defecit.
Thecrippled Pancake
Thecrippled Pancake - 4 måneder siden
Anyone notice how he changed it from debt limit to debt ceiling?
PsychoLucario - 6 måneder siden
the issue is when congress can't and won't override a presidential veto, which is exceedingly rare these days to overrule a veto, you end up with a situation where the president gets to decide the budget, and thanks to a confusing web of cold war era emergency laws, apparently just requisition the funds from anywhere in the government for seemingly any arbitrary reason with congress again needing a 3/4th majority to block that funding transfer
Not A Human
Not A Human - 8 måneder siden
Prakash Thomas
Prakash Thomas - År siden
The thing is that this kinda destroys the main point of the main video. Also the thumbnail gives all of the information away
Darth Utah 66
Darth Utah 66 - År siden
I thought the president proposed the budget and congress approved it.
Piechew Community
Piechew Community - År siden
So after a bill gets voted in both the Senate and House of Representatives and passes, the president can veto, sign the bill or budget or line veto, basically agreeing to some parts while discarding other parts with a line. When it passes the executive and legislative branch, the judicial can also delete some laws by declaring it unconstitutional.
That one guy
That one guy - År siden
Did the timeline got fucked?
Kyle - År siden
Unless you're watching this video after President Trump declared a national emergency to reallocate funds without the approval of Congress.
ThE_BLanK - År siden
Please do a video on the federal reserve!
Bill Bryan
Bill Bryan - År siden
Veto-ing a veto? Okay, US government, okay...
ellibod1 - År siden
This is why the U.S is so backwards.. Then again, the UK is no better
Ike Okereke
Ike Okereke - År siden
So, only one point makes the US bad? And its not even a bad thing.
j.m - År siden
who watched the podcast :P ?
SpiritOfFire88L - År siden
Congress: Your vote, just got overruled.
President: Aww.
Free bakers dozen (Grif's definition) of internet cookies for those who can tell me what this is a reference to.
Troy Carter
Troy Carter - År siden
Mark McGibbon
Mark McGibbon - År siden
Didn't get notified of this video
peter griffinTV
peter griffinTV - År siden
Lemme just veto your veto of your veto real quick
Someone 234
Someone 234 - År siden
There's only 1 thing I can say about the time of the video

Bonnie gaming
Bonnie gaming - År siden
Bonnie gaming
Bonnie gaming - År siden
Bonnie gaming
Bonnie gaming - År siden
too shirt I mean l
SeiraVonKarma - År siden
Is it footnote year?
Paul Jensen
Paul Jensen - År siden
Goggle is playing it's typical tricks to push the agenda... On a four year old video.
Boleslaw Petroski
Boleslaw Petroski - År siden
Dorkmax - År siden
The fuck is going on?
Tyler Rissell
Tyler Rissell - År siden
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Anonymous - År siden
Tyler Rissell TLDR
Brady Postma
Brady Postma - År siden
This detail is timely, considering the government shutdown of Jan 2019 caused precisely by the President vetoing and Congress lacking the unity to overrule.
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga - År siden
Best 21 seconds of my life
Jasper Estrada
Jasper Estrada - År siden
But can the president veto the veto'ed veto?
Matt Otis
Matt Otis - År siden
That would be nonstop. No
matze h
matze h - År siden
when grey shows you the middle finger...
Jaeorcy - År siden
>published febuary 4th 2019
>notifications say 24 minutes ago
>comments from 4 years ago
Nikolay Tsankov
Nikolay Tsankov - År siden
Links to privete footnotes such as this or the papal ones have always been open to us - in the video descriptions. It was only that Grey made them public recently
Kinokure - År siden
probably was privated and released publicly on feb 4th 2019
Dexis - År siden
NOburn: it hurt itself in its confusion
Concentrated Cringe
Concentrated Cringe - År siden
NOburn works in mysterious ways.
Qwertyuoip 123
Qwertyuoip 123 - År siden
Strangely topical for an unlisted video from 4 years ago.
Afiq Daniel Daud
Afiq Daniel Daud - År siden
Is it only me or some comments is like 5 or 6 years old already even though the video is barely a day old.
dragonkingofthestars - År siden
a foot note six years later? Impressive. He even kept the same audio quality.
N - År siden
So many videos one day!!! We missed you grey!
THE G. - År siden
The Presidents Veto is useless and it's not a true Veto.. So weird
The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association
This timing tho...
Reuben A
Reuben A - År siden
JPjam122 - År siden
GhostPepper618 - År siden
It's because NOburn removed annotations so now, people can't easily click annotations to redirect them to a link only video of the footnotes
Pogo Stick
Pogo Stick - År siden
LAST!.... wait.
Moonatik - År siden
What an interesting time for this incredibly old footnote to be ununlisted.
Anonymous - År siden
Ahh so that’s what’s going on.
Bluemer - År siden
How many of these are there going to be?
Nesta M
Nesta M - År siden
This is quite relevant right now.
oplu45 - År siden
The simplification that misses the issue is that congress is here being used to refer to both houses, not just the house of representatives. Because of this, either party can make the passing of a budget impossible if they hold a majority in one of the two houses, and the president can veto budgets all day long if congress (the whole body this time) can't override his veto with a two thirds majority. (Which is why the Republicans couldn't pass a budget that included the wall before the mid-terms/HoR shift, because while they had a majority in both the house and the senate, they didn't have a two thirds majority of senators who would vote yes)
Robert Jarman
Robert Jarman - År siden
Normally in the past, the president didn't lead even their party as strongly, often talked just as much with the opposition, and many members of congress voted with the opposing party, even on important bills. Getting to a 2/3 vote to override a veto wasn't as difficult as it is today, and getting enough to defeat a filibuster was also not as difficult. The speaker of the house and majority leader in the senate was not as powerful. That sort of culture could be brought back today in a few ways. For example, giving each state 9 senators, 1/3 of them elected every two years, chosen by single transferable vote, means that you'd have a left of centre, right of centre, and a centrist, independent, or third party, who often have a lot in common and likely even needed transfer votes from the other to win. The House can have single transferable vote too, and would work much the same, along with independent commissions to draw boundaries to lessen the hyperpartisanship in the US today. The president could be made to be less tied to their party, such as not being permitted to comment on supporting the campaigns of parties or candidates, and changing the electoral system to say use a ranked ballot, to build a broader coalition, build on many different platforms. The president's power could be transferred to other sources, such as inferior court appointments to a civil service system, appointments other than department heads and scotus judges being delegates to the heads of departments, and requiring for the SCOTUS that a 2/3 vote must be held in the senate to bring the judge to the table for debate, requiring a strong degree of multi party politics. The president's executive power found in congressional statutes could also mostly be given to executive bodies, and the individuals who carry them out like department heads could be protected from dismissal without cause, preventing the president from really having the lead in politics but as a much less partisan figure. The budget proposed by the executive could be prepared by the office of management and budget, which could be a position chosen by the department heads and the president in a cabinet, not by the president himself, to distance any failures or additions to the budget from the president and giving a lot more control in the eyes of the public to congress.
Kazuto - År siden
How relevant...
Joshua Grahm
Joshua Grahm - År siden
hear that bitch McConnell?
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer - År siden
It's unlikely for the veto to be veto'd since it's rare for one party to control 2 thirds of congress and not the presidency.
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer - År siden
@StoneXL Yes, it's basically a failsafe. That means that the Debt Ceiling video was a bit overdramatic and that there is another problem at play (see earmarks and corruption) that keeps raising the debt.
StoneXL - År siden
I assume the intent behind the rule was for congress to have the power to overrule a president who's overstepping their boundaries, which is a problem that would ideally be non-partisan.
Marionette Du Auguste
Marionette Du Auguste - År siden
Kaleb Bruwer I’m not saying it did. I think you might have misunderstood one of my comments back a few hours ago.
Kaleb Bruwer
Kaleb Bruwer - År siden
@Marionette Du Auguste Let's not go into too many details, because this thread is a general one, but the Democrats don't have two thirds. Even with all the hate for Trump it didn't happen.
Marionette Du Auguste
Marionette Du Auguste - År siden
zzyzx00 I was referring to how, currently, the president is caught up in a watergate-like scandal
weavehole - År siden
Are these being uploaded because of the recent YouTube changes as discussed on HI last week?
dhava - År siden
@weavehole couldn't he just add the cards to his old videos
weavehole - År siden
@Alberto T. Them's the ones!
Alberto T.
Alberto T. - År siden
@weavehole Ah annotations. I thought they removed them already. I don't think the cards (tiny things on the right corner) are going anywhere anytime soon.
weavehole - År siden
@Alberto T. They have or are about to remove cards or boxes or links or something. Was in the last Hello Internet.
Alberto T.
Alberto T. - År siden
What are those changes?
Larry G
Larry G - År siden
Were these stuck in a queue somewhere, waiting to board?
Darth Utah 66
Darth Utah 66 - År siden
They were on the no fly list. They just got off.
RebelKeithy - År siden
If you listen to Hello Internet, he explains what happened in episode 118.
Rory - År siden
I love how meta this comment is
CookiesForEveryone - År siden
@Anonymous The footnote video´s weren´t publicly released. They were hidden from public and only ´clickable´ in the main video´. NOburn changed stuff, so now CGP had to go back and release these formerly ´clickable in vid´ to the public. Otherwise no one could get to them anymore. English enough?
Anonymous - År siden
Can someone please convert Dave Thompson’s post to English? I haven’t got a clue what he’s saying.
Danx Tgcad
Danx Tgcad - År siden
Why are all the comments old?
Alexander Bock
Alexander Bock - År siden
The video was unlisted before and linked in the original video... so some people found it in the original video and commented on it to show that they did. *insert a dog marking its territory reference here*
Adarsh Payyavula
Adarsh Payyavula - År siden
I watched this directly after H.I 37 and they felt connected
MalekiRe - År siden
Long time no see.
Ferdinand von Aegir
Ferdinand von Aegir - År siden
Point to this if you need to explain the 2018-19 USA government shutdown.
Not political, just strictly facts.
11 herb bourbon turtle, I'm looking @ you....
Mr. T
Mr. T - År siden
Matt Otis
Matt Otis - År siden
ThomasTurner69 - År siden
This video is the US Shutdown in a nutshell
mr. lizard
mr. lizard - År siden
Cgp greay would you like to help make a country or anyone of your subscribers would reply to this comment please thank you and have a great day.
FreeStyle - År siden
Why is video so short, you won't even get ads because it is less than 30 sec?
AtlantideVFX - År siden
Joke on you I got an ad. And it's a footnote of a previous video. Footnotes that are for an unexplained reason all mark as recently uploaded by youtube.
Garison Cyr
Garison Cyr - År siden
I'm literally so sad. This is showing up as a recent upload today and triggered dopamine of new CGP Grey video :/
Irok 121
Irok 121 - År siden
There IS a new one, if you haven't seen it yet
Chloe - År siden
Be happy! Airline Boarding!
Zenerax - År siden
theres about 4 or so of these though.
Jensi Oquendo
Jensi Oquendo - 2 år siden
Congress is the John Romero of the government.
He makes the President its bitch.
Theodoric - 2 år siden
Special boi club
Tobias M
Tobias M - 6 år siden
We can all help to lower national debt though, by signing this petition to raise taxes on the richest 1%:
There is also a video by the one who began this campaign, explaining goals and such:
knexator - 3 år siden
Wealth is already in Switzerland, Panama and other tax havens
sagiksp - 4 år siden
Best way to get wealth out of your country as fast as possible
Todd Vines
Todd Vines - 6 år siden
It's good that you said this as the video was confusing me because I thought he could veto.
Animax - År siden
Hello my friend from the past!
Mjmannella - År siden
Time capsule comment
angeldude101 - 6 år siden
Congress: "We're going to veto your veto, Mr. President." 
Anonymous Gaming
Anonymous Gaming - År siden
That = Government Shut down
Someone 234
Someone 234 - År siden
Ibrahim Hasaan
Ibrahim Hasaan - År siden
It’s because he edited the video and that’s why it came as released in 2019
bybmbro - År siden
I got notified for mojiz's reply for no reason and when I click the reply, expect for add a public reply, it said ​ a a a h hekc yea thats how it gon do be hyehyeghu.. NOburn YOU MESSED UP. Edit: when I click notification it highlighted was Jakob A.. youtube glitches man..
Jack Swed
Jack Swed - År siden
Um wtf.... 4 years!? How is that even possible
bigmansam45 - 7 år siden
o, easter egg
Robot Animals
Robot Animals - År siden
aditya - År siden
4 year
Akash Gupta
Akash Gupta - År siden
Thomas Higgins 4 years ago wtf?
Thomas Higgins
Thomas Higgins - 6 år siden
There in another one on the debt video, 3 in the pope video, and 1 (so far) in the family tree video
Kitkatrh - 7 år siden
something like that's about to happen again!
Animax - År siden
Time capsule comment over here!
Matthew Segreto
Matthew Segreto - 7 år siden
Yet there have been only 110 over rides in the history of the USA and never of a budget. Hell Clinton even "shut down" the govt during budget battles because he refused to sign the republican budget.
Ike Okereke
Ike Okereke - År siden
drz - 7 år siden
It is extremely rare of congress to overturn a veto. The GOP does not control two thirds of congress so its not going to happen during Obama's final term.
Babooshka00 - 7 år siden, veto-ception.
Ducktective White Wings
Look mom, its a 6 years old comment in a 2019 video
doseofreality100 - 7 år siden
I of course made this same comment in the main vid. But think about it. I mean the president's threat to veto Boehner's and the Repubs "plan B" when the "fiscal cliff" was approaching led to the Dems pretty much getting what they wanted...... higher taxes. So when you say the President "does what he is told" is kind of BS. Case and point is just a few months ago. Obama threatens congress so congress does what President says. This is why the system is broke to all hell IMO.
doseofreality100 - 7 år siden
why wasn't this in the main video? Saying the president has no power in the process of a budget, then making a tiny link saying, oh yeah he can veto it if he wants, is pretty misleading. Obama has threatened multiple times to veto the repubs budget if it passes. His party would likely follow whatever he wants and would not overturn his veto. So to say it is simple for congress to overturn his veto, is pretty unlikely, and the whole process would have to start from scratch.... again.
Pallington the Shrike
Pallington the Shrike - 4 år siden
AHEM It's a goddamn FOOTNOTE ffs
James Lopez
James Lopez - 8 år siden
It's not true that the president can veto "the budget." There is a subtle and important difference. Congress takes the president's budget proposal and starts writing whatever spending bills they want. The president chooses to sign or veto the proposed bills.
Obama has submitted a budget every year to congress on time, but congress hasn't produced any budget or related bills in quite some time except for things like CRs.
Alexandria - 8 år siden
Very, very, very, very, VERY good to know.
WashuOtaku - 8 år siden
Congress passed a law in 1996 giving the President the power to line-item veto; but the Supreme Court had a 6-3 decision against it because it violated the Presentment Clause of the United States Constitution (Clinton v. City of New York).
smileydude64s - 8 år siden
tclam95 - 8 år siden
I think to fix this, the president should be given the power of a line-item veto.
GONEmypurpleflapjack - 8 år siden
Congress refers to the Senate and The House combined.
Philemaphobia - 8 år siden
Hey me a stupid european, but isnt there a difference between congress and senate?
junkmail - 8 år siden
congress can pass a bill with the slightest possible majority, but if the president doesn't like it, they need a two-thirds majority.
Eric - 8 år siden
What's the point in a veto that can be overridden?
IronAnimation - 8 år siden
This is going to be silly and I should do my own research, but how often does this actually happen? How modern?
ThePandaSnatcher - 8 år siden
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin - 8 år siden
.....I think its about time we think up a new system....(and maybe get rid of a 200 year old document that is not even remotely relevant to today's problems but hey that's just me.)
Whatsit100 - 8 år siden
also great job CGP