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From How to Become Pope:
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XP_Studios - Måned siden
The Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church also requires celibacy
Abeer Rao
Abeer Rao - 2 måneder siden
Grey: *Makes video 7 years ago w/ a lot of footnotes*
Also Grey: *Releases videos about footnotes 6 years later*
Me: *Crying cat thumbs up meme*
Ell Dee
Ell Dee - 2 måneder siden
Instructions unclear became a woman.
cuz everytim we toch
cuz everytim we toch - 3 måneder siden
Youtube really likes to put me an ad longer than the fucking video
Overly Critical Gamer
Overly Critical Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Not allowed to marry... And you wonder why they have so many "issues" in that department...
Kyle Wooldridge
Kyle Wooldridge - 4 måneder siden
God creates a companion for man,
Catholics “No.”
Daniel Falconer
Daniel Falconer - 4 måneder siden
Idc the pope still gets no pussy
ytho - 5 måneder siden
And of course, divorce is frowned upon so you can't leave your wife for the top spot
ytho - 5 måneder siden
@TheSmithersy do you know what celibacy means?
This is true, I am a byzantine catholic and my pastor is married
Oscar - 11 måneder siden
Instructions unclear accidentally started world war 3
Kauã Maia
Kauã Maia - 11 måneder siden
Hey Grey, how are you? So, I'm very new to your channel, though instantly I started loving your videos, not only because they're straight to the point and short but also have QUALITY. I'm from Brazil, and I'd like so much to watch a new video of yours with something regarding my country, as you did with the UK and Canada. Cheers, have a nice day whenever you're reading this comment (very unlikely)!
Not your Crawdad
Not your Crawdad - År siden
Ya I'm eastern orthodox; or you could say I'm orthodox catholic.
Jinkinson Smith
Jinkinson Smith - År siden
I came here from Hello Internet where Grey explains what happened with these videos and the removal of annotations.
Rui Félix
Rui Félix - År siden
Latina church is not One of the 24 churches. What you meant was the roman church. @gcp grey
WorldNews92 - År siden
So these are the mysterious "story for another time" we keep hearing about...
Sven Skender
Sven Skender - År siden
Those eastern Catholic Churches are very small. All together less than 10 milions of faithfull!
Abraham Vinod
Abraham Vinod - År siden
in the syro malabar catholic church and syro malankara catholic church you can't marry
Stella Maris
Stella Maris - År siden
"You will go far in the Church."
"I have no desire to go far.
My only ambition is to be a good priest."
"You will be that, of course.
Nevertheless, you will go higher.
And do you know why?"
"Because," said Orselli, "you are not afraid of worldliness.
I do not mean that you are worldly.
Far from it.
But you have a talent for being all things to all men."
― Henry Morton Robinson, The Cardinal
JonatasAdoM - År siden
The pope is pop.
Yusuf Seedat
Yusuf Seedat - År siden
Catholic Church seems to be a gay conspiracy
Zinthe Zweihander
Zinthe Zweihander - År siden
Kamil Toraman
Kamil Toraman - År siden
Thanks man, I was about to get divorced.
Fly Eagles Fly
Fly Eagles Fly - År siden
Hey are allowed to fuck as many nuns and little boys as they want to tho
Certified Dead Memes
Certified Dead Memes - År siden
Don't let this from the fact that I didn't say distract
Sir Walrus Mcmollingtonalberstein II
Uploaded from the CGP-Cave
Ajin A V
Ajin A V - År siden
Nope... my church Syro Malabar Church in India which is also under catholic church wants priest to remain unmarried
Jenny Kim
Jenny Kim - År siden
After 5 years
Orcinus Rex
Orcinus Rex - År siden
Please sir can i have s'more....videos.
Jackson Stein
Jackson Stein - År siden
Incredible. A whole 30 second video! And uploaded within three months of another video! Amazing!!!
ViggleWiggle - År siden
Whaler - År siden
So just don't get married
96 ff
96 ff - År siden
96 ff
96 ff - År siden
iDk - År siden
you got my hopes up
Ramsay Sanders
Ramsay Sanders - År siden
And that's when it got too fast.
WanaBThatGuy - År siden
W8. This footnote was due 5 years 355 days ago. Like wheres my joule pod?
Nerd_World - År siden
why is this video just now being released and linking to a vid from 2013...???
sigma_ - År siden
just got this notification
10/10 youtube
Grigoris Karelis
Grigoris Karelis - År siden
The Eastern churches are orthodox not catholic. Orthodox view of the Pope is the same as the protestant one.
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks - År siden
Yeah. Watch the first video.
DarkSciencez - År siden
I wonder, since Grey's going over old videos, if he's ever going to issue a response / retraction based on Shaun's response to the royal family video.
Mr Oof
Mr Oof - År siden
Why did i read the title like fortnite
jojojorisjhjosef - År siden
You just wanted that † footnote dint you.
Patrick Graham
Patrick Graham - År siden
There are more Catholic Churches now, Eritrea has just entered into full communion.
Gabriel Ungacta
Gabriel Ungacta - År siden
Man, Christianity has some weird standards.
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks - År siden
GAPIntoTheGame - År siden
Well this is fucking came outta nowhere
Ava G
Ava G - År siden
I love this channel sooo much
Seth Stobart
Seth Stobart - År siden
Okay what? Two videos in like the same week?! Are you dying and in a last ditch effort to push your content out?
Joe Webb
Joe Webb - År siden
The Catholic Church loves their complicated administration as much as the Romans did. You really do turn into your father as you age.
P Ciprian
P Ciprian - År siden
Quite incomplete. The other "catholic" churches are actually ex orthodox churches that were forced to accept the Pope as the ultimate leader of the church. They generally keep most of the orthodox rules and just accept the Pope as supreme leader. The incorporation of these churches into the catholic church was done by military force and being neither fully orthodox or fully catholic they are kinda un-accepted by both sides
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks - År siden
Rip. Kind of like how mixed people 😔🤧
Tularis - År siden
Where can I see the full video?
MichaelBFDII wong
MichaelBFDII wong - År siden
why I don't get notified for this
F H - År siden
Would be easier to become Pope of one of those smaller breakaway churches. There's a bunch of them and since they are smaller it should be easier less competition.
TheAmerican Muffin
TheAmerican Muffin - År siden
Talk about one hell of a time between footnotes lol
Byzantine Mapper
Byzantine Mapper - År siden
Now do Toenotes.
Mawile #303
Mawile #303 - År siden
Looks like I'm going to have to pull a Churchill
ahem - År siden
TFW a footnote arrives when the pope arrives.
Justin Joy
Justin Joy - År siden
I'm the pope now bitch.
Gabriel John Juele
Gabriel John Juele - År siden
The church can also make Priests Cardinals so are deacons and Laymen.
Gabriel John Juele
Gabriel John Juele - År siden
*The Pope
Lex Rashev
Lex Rashev - År siden
Rear - År siden
Video dump video dump video dump
Nick Shvelidze
Nick Shvelidze - År siden
But are they required to be pedophiles?
Orka DRLJAČA - År siden
uhm you do realise that eastern orthodox churches have nothing to do with pope?
i hope that you do realise that.....
monkeywithplutonium - År siden
Eastern Catholics are not Eastern Orthodox. They share Roman Catholic theology but use Byzantine rites, not Roman. I believe he is including the churches in communion with Rome as those 23 churches as well.
Alex Shuysky
Alex Shuysky - År siden
Can a priest be married with another guy?
Emil Georgiev
Emil Georgiev - 4 måneder siden
@Josef Ruiz the perfect reply XD
Josef Ruiz
Josef Ruiz - År siden
only if you said no homo first
Ken Gonthier
Ken Gonthier - År siden
Get this to number 1 trending
Horpse Cusband
Horpse Cusband - År siden
Isnt it weird that he post the second footnote before the first?
Johanna Blomstedt
Johanna Blomstedt - År siden
A new and interesting way to watch grey: just the footnotes
Random Uploader
Random Uploader - År siden
How is this video Uploaded 13 hours ago and there are comment that dates back to 2014
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks - År siden
@Random Uploader time travel. Grey is divine
Random Uploader
Random Uploader - År siden
Atlas WalkedAway i didnt i just wanted to know how is this possible
Atlas WalkedAway
Atlas WalkedAway - År siden
Don't question the power of grey.
Llywellyn O'Brien
Llywellyn O'Brien - År siden
I am pretty sure Ethiopian Catholics also have an all celebate Priesthood.
no1reallycaresabout2 - År siden
Correction: The Eastern Rite Syro-Malabar Catholic Church requires its priests to be celibate
Firman N
Firman N - År siden
Why does CGP Grey comment is 5 years?
Jason Hatt
Jason Hatt - År siden
Wow only 8 dislikes, good job!
Mang Hariz
Mang Hariz - År siden
One question.
Why you upload the footnote now?
Michael G
Michael G - År siden
It's not Grey, NOburn's screwy system is to blame. These were uploaded a long time ago.
Fauler Perfektionist
Fauler Perfektionist - År siden
"Remember in the first footnote how I said there are _23_ Catholic churches within the Catholic Church all with different traditions?"
Mmm... no. 🤔
nihil obstat
nihil obstat - År siden
There is however a (to an extent*) different eastern Catholic canon law *turns out you don't have to modify orthodoxy a whole lot to just be a good Catholic I wonder why that would be 🤔🤔🤔 sources: I like Roman cats, you could call me a Roman cat holic
William - År siden
Quick question why are you doing like 5 footnotes about a video that aired 6 years ago
Bo Diego
Bo Diego - År siden
A lot of people don't know about Anglican priests converting to Catholicism. An interesting fact is that if an Anglican priest who converted and is celebrating Mass while his wife or kids are in an emergency ie - accident, he must finish the Mass before he can attend to them.
Gerald Jacobs
Gerald Jacobs - År siden
I love all the Footnote videos so much. I love the amount of thorough
Benjamin Newlon
Benjamin Newlon - År siden
MalekiRe - År siden
In the first day Ya!
ton - År siden
my theory is that this video wa uploded years ago but only now we are able to see it duo to some distorcion of reality and yutube broke ass sistem
Huiyun Iris
Huiyun Iris - År siden
Only 7 dislikes! Good job!
Bluemer - År siden
Wait a minute...
Aj Gutierrez
Aj Gutierrez - År siden
CGP grey just causally uploading 7 videos be like
Planetbustard - År siden
Did the pope die or something? If he dies this week we know who to blame.
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen - År siden
Pope Francis is still alive. Pope Benedict XVI is also still alive, and he resigned several years ago. That was what inspired CGP Grey to make the "How to Become Pope" video, to explain the mechanics of climbing the Catholic corporate ladder.
Findlay Milne
Findlay Milne - År siden
I’d always wondered about this
Timothy McKane
Timothy McKane - År siden
*CGP Grey uploads footnotes*
*some comments are a few years old*
Is Youtube broken?
Alex - År siden
This video was recently published, not uploaded; there is a distinction. As is consistent with the motif of older things online being affected by changing features and the issues of compatibility associated with that, it appears the true upload date of this video is lost on the very page the video appears on.
Yespacito - År siden
Best 31 seconds of my life
Judith Allison
Judith Allison - 7 måneder siden
SirChasm - År siden
My proudest fap
oWoody - År siden
Yespacito that's what my ex said D:
Lightningfun 64
Lightningfun 64 - År siden
Oh fuck
Xhoc - År siden
iammaxhailme - År siden
I always knew marriage would hold you back...
mufasas1lion - År siden
That y they rape boys?
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen - År siden
Speaking of which. When they require the priests/bishops/cardinals/etc to remain celibate, how exactly do they know? Do they give visual exams of the foreskin to make sure it hasn't stretched out?
Levi Crandall
Levi Crandall - År siden
These footnotes are not that. CGP Grey comes back from the void with half a dozen footnote videos, and they're all going to be on YT Trending before we're done with them.
DocSlayingyoudown [HMOFIGFYOA]
So guys we found it
Isacraft 24
Isacraft 24 - År siden
Errr...... Ok.. I guess?
otiagomarques - År siden
so I had to wait 6 years to get the footnotes
mattbenz99 [Canadian Gambit]
They were annotations in the videos. The problem is that NOburn removed annotations, so Grey had to either make them public, or accept that no one will ever see them again.
Andy Cheng
Andy Cheng - År siden
otiagomarques You know how you get free rewards if you play a game for long enough
Werner Meier
Werner Meier - År siden
Relinquish their wives!
Nora Archer
Nora Archer - År siden
oh my
ThomasTurner69 - År siden
So basically to be a pope u have to be an eternal virgin

Sounds like a perfect job for me
ytho - 5 måneder siden
Mr. 69.....
Martha Speaks
Martha Speaks - År siden
@Anton Babani lol but.....okay. I won't even argue. Just look up the definition of a virgin
armvex - År siden
It is less of a tradition more on avoiding financial complication. And also prioritation managment.
Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen - År siden
How exactly do they know that the people who become pope, are celibate, as the tradition requires?
Vanguard - År siden
Time to re-hibernate, please defrost cryo-pod 1-98-4A when CGP Grey, Kurzgesagt, or either of the Minute(earth/physics) channels uploads
congratulations Merry
congratulations Merry - 3 måneder siden
@dell 1200 hours
dell - 4 måneder siden
@Jason Gordon yes but sometimes there are months-long gaps though, when they are working on a big video
Vanguard - År siden
@Jason Gordon Last vid was a day ago, which is why hibernation is required
Jason Gordon
Jason Gordon - År siden
Vanguard check that cryopod-Kurzgesagt posts decently often
Mr. T
Mr. T - År siden
Tingle my wingle
Jono Ty
Jono Ty - År siden
CGP giving us all our videos for this year at once huh.
Djawyzard - År siden
No. Just annotations from old videos. NOburn got rid of annotations so Grey had to list the videos