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Emil Georgiev
Emil Georgiev - 4 måneder siden
That still doesn't answer the more important question of how one becomes a nuncio, Grey!
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - Måned siden
You get appointed by the pope, usually the pope picks the archbishop of the country the nuncio would represent.
Syed Khaleeq
Syed Khaleeq - 5 måneder siden
Did you know,back in the day if people want to be a priest or be promoted,a person will act as devil's advocate and challenged them to a debate of phylosophy and faith, I hope they bring this back
AJI Pi Guy
AJI Pi Guy - 6 måneder siden
@CGP Grey I think it would have been worth noting that since 1962, the norm has been that when a priest is made a cardinal, he is also ordained a bishop at the same time unless he is already old enough to be a "retired" cardinal anyway (80 years old or older). Other than that, this entire explanation of church hierarchy is amazing, especially considering it was made by someone who seems to be an atheist.
Kauã Maia
Kauã Maia - År siden
Hey Grey, how are you? So, I'm very new to your channel, though instantly I started loving your videos, not only because they're straight to the point and short but also have QUALITY. I'm from Brazil, and I'd like so much to watch a new video of yours with something regarding my country, as you did with the UK and Canada. Cheers, have a nice day whenever you're reading this comment (very unlikely)!
GeorgePsychedelic - År siden
Also me: *Still watches this video*
Odin Entertainment
Odin Entertainment - År siden
Fun fact: The "director of the Sistine Chapel" thing is a reference to Domenico Bartolucci, who held that job before he was made a cardinal in 2010
Kingrobert09 - År siden
Makes video In 2013
Today: *oh shit I forgot to mention!!!!*
Adam Blakeslee
Adam Blakeslee - År siden
Just remember that the Pope was basically King of the Papal States for centuries and still has most of those powers.
David Bazel
David Bazel - År siden
What The sign means ?
Chris VanAvermaete
Chris VanAvermaete - År siden
Under Canon law since the early 20th century, only a bishop can become a cardinal. However, there is a special clause for papal dispensation that allows the pope to make anyone a cardinal (man, woman, clergy or lay-person). So, with papal dispensation, not only do you not have to be a bishop, you don't even have to be a priest and don't even have to be a man. There was some discussion in the Vatican in the 80's about whether or not to make Mother Teresa a cardinal, which would have been allowed under this dispensation. Supposedly the pope asked her if she wanted to be a Cardinal and she declined. In theory, this would allow anybody to become a Cardinal, and in theory, allow anyone to become Pope.
AJI Pi Guy
AJI Pi Guy - 6 måneder siden
I've never heard about the possibility of women becoming cardinals with dispensation, but even if it's true, it does not really affect who can become pope. Remember requirement #2 as listed in the main video: "Be a Man." This is because the pope is, by definition, the Bishop of Rome, and bishops, being a step up from priests, must be male. According to the Catholic Church (at least), priesthood is an intrinsically male role (it has to with how priests perform sacraments _in persona Christi_ (in the person of Christ), but that's a story for another time), so no woman can ever be validly ordained a priest, and, by extension, no woman can be validly ordained a bishop either. Since the pope is a bishop, he must meet at least the bare minimum requirements for becoming a bishop (being a catholic man), so even if a woman could be made a cardinal, there will still never be a female pope.
Alomoes - År siden
There was one where they made the guy become a priest so he could be crowned pope.
Alomoes - År siden
Apologies, he was a monk, but yeah. Urban VI.
armycadets - År siden
But what happens if the pope is attacked by dinosaurs?
emaslll - År siden
And I'm pretty sure that canon law says that the college of cardinals can elect anyone that they so choose. Even lay people.
LexUs4all001 - År siden
It's nice that he earning at least $20,130 for this video...........
Iñigo Navarro-Rubio
Iñigo Navarro-Rubio - År siden
You don't even have to be a priest to be a cardinal. True story.
Nathan Bonbrake
Nathan Bonbrake - År siden
Is there a reason I've gotten 6 notifications for this video in the last few weeks?
Max J
Max J - År siden
He’s really pumping out videos
Dave Armstrong
Dave Armstrong - År siden
Will your footnotes eventually have footnotes? Like a complicated European Union treaty?
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga - År siden
Best 21 seconds of my life
Nathan Fernandes
Nathan Fernandes - År siden
CGP is making a lot of footnotes
WanaBThatGuy - År siden
W8. This footnote was due 5 years 355 days ago. Like wheres my joule pod?
fuseki - År siden
why did you reupload this
Carmen Mencar
Carmen Mencar - År siden
This video has a lot of footnote videos.
Gabriel John Juele
Gabriel John Juele - År siden
Just get to be a cardinal there is even a King who became a Cardinal
A Z - År siden
ViggleWiggle - År siden
What's with all of these footnotes?
András Fogarasi
András Fogarasi - År siden
"All rules are subject to the sitting pope's whim."
sounds like ck2 to me
Nikolay Tsankov
Nikolay Tsankov - År siden
*sets up antipope and gets a ton of money*
Filippos Koutsodimitropoulos
Perfectionist CGP Grey once again making absolutely sure nothing slips past by uploading a footnote on a 4 year old video
Gerione - År siden
Would it not be easier to just re-edit and re-post the whole video, at this point?
Threesixtydegree Orbits
#test / T Z 7 \
Fujiwaro nai Makou
Fujiwaro nai Makou - År siden
Imaging trying to become a pope after 40 years being an cardinal and/or a bishop but then some junior comes who just became a cardinal after 20 orso years, and takes your thrown from you. And now he is the pope and is making new rules to make it easier for everyone to become a cardinal and eventually a pope,
and slowly destroys the establishment from inside, all before your eyes.
Now i think about, this should be happening, come on new cardinals who`re trying to destroy the establishments for us.
Shrimpy _
Shrimpy _ - År siden
Joseph Bush
Joseph Bush - År siden
Grey, do you specifically use that footnote notation because it's used in David J Griffiths' "Introduction to Particle Physics?"
Faded - År siden
*SO W H Y*
Micky S
Micky S - 2 måneder siden
This was released at the same time but unlisted, but because NOburn was talking about removing annotations Grey made the foot notes unlisted, which reset the release date
StrokeMahEgo - År siden
Can the pope just /poof you to being the pope?
Sealdrop - År siden
This video is like a time capsule.
David Stinnett
David Stinnett - År siden
Your time away from the internet has been good for you, I see.
Yespacito - År siden
Best 21 seconds of my life
Ricardo Gonzalez
Ricardo Gonzalez - 5 måneder siden
That's what he said
Jesus Gonzalez
Jesus Gonzalez - År siden
Why was this "published in 2019" but some comments are years old?
The reviewer7387
The reviewer7387 - År siden
This was at one point unlisted.
kakarroto007 - År siden
You got around to a bunch of stuff today!!!
Levi Crandall
Levi Crandall - År siden
These footnotes are not that. CGP Grey comes back from the void with half a dozen footnote videos, and they're all going to be on YT Trending before we're done with them.
Jonathan Qiao
Jonathan Qiao - År siden
See you in 3 months
Andrew Klein
Andrew Klein - År siden
I speculate that Grey's friends are trying frantically to reach him by can't get past project Cyclops
asdas safasd
asdas safasd - År siden
Andrew Klein We see you podcast listeners
Reisen Inaba
Reisen Inaba - År siden
I was watching the how to become pope video a few hours and wondering when will you upload any footnotes on it.
Inspect History
Inspect History - År siden
Cheers for CGPG video ;)
Just Vibin’
Just Vibin’ - 2 måneder siden
stick - 4 måneder siden
Ra - År siden
Easiest way is probably to declare yourself Pope and excommunicate the Pope in Vatican.
AJI Pi Guy
AJI Pi Guy - 6 måneder siden
Sounds like a great way to make lots of enemies and get promptly excommunicated yourself for heresy.
Aurora Vuitton
Aurora Vuitton - År siden
after spending my past 5 years finally becoming a bishop and here u tell me I don't have to become one 🤔
Stable Genius
Stable Genius - År siden
Well he said cardinals are almost always bishops
The Mystic Fez
The Mystic Fez - År siden
ThomasTurner69 - År siden
There are comments here from 4 years ago
Mr. T
Mr. T - År siden
I like chocolate
ThomasTurner69 - År siden
U have explained the system in 21 seconds that for others take 10 minutes
Magenta - År siden
Thomas Turner with the main video and the three footnotes it comes to around 6 1/2 minutes so close enough?
Crazy Gamer
Crazy Gamer - År siden
Camerlengo... Angels and demons anyone?
Justin Y.
Justin Y. - År siden
This video is like a time capsule.
Laquelectro - 2 måneder siden
Spectatertots - 3 måneder siden
Jayze Pickle
Jayze Pickle - 5 måneder siden
Hmm... look who it is...
THICC Yoshi - 6 måneder siden
I’m here before 200 replies
K-LA-K - År siden
Justin Y is like AIDS You can’t get rid of it
Md Mobashshir
Md Mobashshir - År siden
Waited a solid 2 years for these footnotes!!
Antonio Traub
Antonio Traub - År siden
I'm so lost. It says that it was published today but the comment under me is from 4 years ago
Michael Heliotis
Michael Heliotis - År siden
Yeah, all the footnote videos used to be private and were accessible through annotations, but since annotations are being deprecated he's made the videos public (which determines the publication date) and added a note in the description box instead.
MDMArxist - År siden
@Elen fancy seeing you here
Bryan Baes
Bryan Baes - År siden
I think it has something to do with the annptations
chrrsy - År siden
@Kresten Sckerl the order of comments isn't solely based on time. and in general, newer comments will be above older ones.
Kresten Sckerl
Kresten Sckerl - År siden
But. How is it still below your comment
Jam7363ley - År siden
Joren Baplu
Joren Baplu - År siden
you get a footnote and you get a footnote, everybody gets footnotes
T. - År siden
damn it, if I only knew this earlier
OddF3ll0w - 2 år siden
I love CGP Grey's videos, but hate when the footnotes are hidden on an annotation in the video. I have seen this video 20 times and first now found the footnote, by mistake....
Drone_Better - 2 år siden
I am the most recent comment, and the first in a year! Mwah, hah, hah!
VirtigrisTheWrench - 2 år siden
MrAvestruzRadiactiva - 4 år siden
second comment of the year on november 9th. Interesting
vesteel - 5 år siden
First comment in 1 year
Joshua Andrew Immanuel John Perez
When a priest is made a cardinal he is a cardinal-deacon. 
AJI Pi Guy
AJI Pi Guy - 6 måneder siden
I almost corrected you (the OP) on that, then realized that you're not entirely wrong. Priests who become cardinals over the age of 80 (which is the "retirement age" for cardinals where they are then no longer able to elect a new pope) are often made cardinal-deacons (low-ranking cardinals) and remain priests rather than becoming bishops. However, a priest _can_ be made a cardinal when he is younger than 80, but the norm since 1962 has been to ordain him as a bishop when this happens, so then he might end up ranking as a cardinal-priest or cardinal-bishop. Yeah, it's confusing.
Dayala Singh
Dayala Singh - År siden
@Bumblyninja ok
Bumblyninja - År siden
@Dayala Singh nah it was because the link was only in an annotation
Dayala Singh
Dayala Singh - År siden
@Moon Light House meaning this guy is a close friend of CGP
Moon Light House
Moon Light House - År siden
@Abrahan Cruz This video was probably public before, but was unlisted. When making a video public again, it shows the date today.
Juan O.
Juan O. - 6 år siden
St. Charles Borromeo was chosen to be a Cardinal prior to even his priestly ordination.
Tenacity - 5 måneder siden
How did you comment 5 years ago on a post from 1 year ago
Sally H
Sally H - 6 år siden
wow how many footnotes are there???
t a u
t a u - År siden
what the hells a footnote anyways
JMG_99 - 4 år siden
+Sally H I spotted this one,* , ✝, and § which is not currently working.
DaneeBound - 6 år siden
@SteperOfTheLongEarth there was a "§" Footnote, but right now there is no Video linked to this footnote
Esther G.
Esther G. - 6 år siden
J C - 6 år siden
wow, not too many people saw this footnote eh?
JovialDescent - 6 år siden
Why?!?! Why are there ads on a FOOTNOTE?!?!?!?!
Michael Goldsmith
Michael Goldsmith - År siden
soopnotse just saying it was uploaded 4 years ago as an annotation but that’s gone now so he made an unlisted video public and this makes NOburn think it’s new and put a new date on an old video
Stardust Reverie
Stardust Reverie - År siden
@soopnotse just saying :)
Dismissing - År siden
@soopnotse it was unlisted and you could only visit it if you had a link. Not anymore though. Obviously.
Pascal zunk
Pascal zunk - År siden
@soopnotse sorry to disappoint your enthusiasm in correcting me, but I'm talking about the comment, which is actually 4 years old. (Or are you referring to the part in the brackets? Then @MinePlayersPe argument might convince you)
MinePlayersPE - År siden
@soopnotse published* there is a huge difference since this video was uploaded 4 years ago but was published/listed now
Stephen Bolin
Stephen Bolin - 7 år siden
Like, "your former job was the director of the Sistine Chapel" rare. Best line ever. 
Dr Rice
Dr Rice - År siden
@ChiefDoesGaming ahh ok. Good to know!
ChiefDoesGaming - År siden
@Dr Rice I am pretty sure they were easter eggs from videos years ago that used the annotation system in youtube. But since this feature is being removed I think he is just making them public so they are not lost.
Dr Rice
Dr Rice - År siden
@ChiefDoesGaming Cool but why is he only now uploading these?
ChiefDoesGaming - År siden
@Dr Rice The video was unlisted but when you unlist a video NOburn counts it as a new upload.
Dr Rice
Dr Rice - År siden
What is happening with all these 4years ago comments
TheCommonGentry - 7 år siden
love these footnotes :3
HTFsplendid - 7 år siden
are you still working on it?
Nix - 7 år siden
why don't you include these in the actual video?
iiopas - År siden
Mick7sp - 7 år siden
Some of us are slow, while I found most of the easter egg and foot notes when first viewing. This was the first time I scrolled down to see there were comments on the footnotes.
Tom Groebe
Tom Groebe - 7 år siden
Its funny how there are only 11,237 views on the footnotes and 1,720,008 on the original video.
Ventus_91 - 8 år siden
You are possibly the smartest person i (kinda) know
Alfa290 - 8 år siden
0.o I got a reply... from Grey...
LynneSkysong - 8 år siden
Quickest way to becoming pope: be friends with the current one and don't be hated by the other cardinals. It's a wonder they ever pick a new one. I bet that's way they're sequestered. If it was like the US congress trying to pass a law, nothing would every get done.
SomeExtraNotes - 8 år siden
The use of the Papal word as infallible doctrine must be explicitly stated and has only been used three times in the churches history. One of those times was to affirm the divinity of Jesus, I think you can at least agree that the divinity of Jesus is important to most Catholics, and for that matter Christians. My point is that the pope can't sneeze doctrine into his fruit-loops the way most people think. His every word isn't doctrine.
23PowerL - 8 år siden
Rightfully so, the concept is funny.
meatloaf7593 - 8 år siden
Hey CGPGrey, what are your religious beliefs, or if you don't have one do you still respect religion.
Alfa290 - 8 år siden
I like how the priest loses his smile when he becomes a cardinal
####? - Måned siden
Mr. Maradok
Mr. Maradok - 8 år siden
Hey, what's with Caption Crayola (The imperial guard) at 2:53? I didn't know that Christianity was prevalent in the Galactic Empire.
InfinityChaser - 8 år siden
Got it!
SkellingtonKing1 - 8 år siden
I love these footnotes!
RazzoGatto - 8 år siden
Seriously - a Pope named Boniface or Innocent is awesome! :D
cookieskreme - 8 år siden
scevipie - 10 måneder siden
What 7 years ago?!
SteperOfTheLongEarth - 8 år siden
I count three footnotes, please tell me if I missed one.
SomeExtraNotes - 8 år siden
Considering how quickly you conveyed the information you did a great job, and I think you did so with a reasonable amount of respect, but I do have one tiny thing. The pope doesn't have whims, and if he does he certainly doesn't use them to do something as dramatic as raising a priest or anyone else to the cardinalship. Popes tend only to act only after great and usually documented contemplation. People already hopelessly misunderstand papal infalliblility and that feeds right into that.
Ryan Little
Ryan Little - 8 år siden
comment on EVERY footnote!
Arild P
Arild P - 8 år siden
Ooooh, well that makes sense. Thanks for telling me^^
jurryaanyy - 8 år siden
the annotation link takes you to a playlist of 2 videos, this one and the video you came from. if autoplay is on (which it should be) you will be taken back to the point where you left off after this video is over.
moonturkey - 8 år siden
For me it takes me back to the same place in the video.
mistereddy - 8 år siden
could you drop the footnotes in a new tab, please? thank you?
Arild P
Arild P - 8 år siden
It would be nice if the annotations for footnotes opened a new tab instead. Then one wouldn't need to go back and find the same place again :)
theSgbryan - 8 år siden
I humbly disagree. I for one, like the footnotes
Sapphire Crook
Sapphire Crook - 8 år siden
Way too many, Grey.