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Luke Emonaga
Luke Emonaga - 2 måneder siden
And I have 2 subs
Luke Emonaga
Luke Emonaga - 2 måneder siden
I have 10 viewers
Babes & Board Games
Babes & Board Games - 3 måneder siden
i dont see any ads on youtube ever.....because of adblock.
Jademonas S2
Jademonas S2 - 3 måneder siden
i got an ad for a housing salesman
im 16 ???
Ryan Ilmberger
Ryan Ilmberger - 3 måneder siden
ok so I watched the original video got an ad then I watched this video and it opened in two tabs at the same time and i got the same ad on both
OnyxLink - 4 måneder siden
*must resist urge to click skip ads*
Flame Of Phoenix
Flame Of Phoenix - 6 måneder siden
*Clears throat* **adblock**
Ritwik Reddy
Ritwik Reddy - 6 måneder siden
That explains why there are yellow dots in many videos but I don't get ads. And almost every ad I get is either for snapchat or tiktok.
Georgie Webb
Georgie Webb - 8 måneder siden
I really get ads I think that's just because how random I am I am just how random I am one minute this one minute I like that because my one can't be made into a category that kind of gave up
New Under Craft
New Under Craft - År siden
Shogo 昇剛
Shogo 昇剛 - År siden
The Cereal Guy
The Cereal Guy - År siden
Alejandro Rodolfo Mendez
before the adpocalypse i was earning 0.25 cents i think, but now i need more subs and views. and i do accordion covers and tutorials of how to play songs. i use to do videogame content and stuff, but i lost the will to do stuff a lot of stuff, so i started to do videos not with the best quality but good enough to be watchable. even that i do not recive money actually it is good to research of what likes to people, form where and how many. and suprisingly it was a lot of unexpected results.
Avery Lee
Avery Lee - År siden
As a young adult in America, I inexplicably get very few ads on videos I watch.
Michael Frey
Michael Frey - År siden
Youtube does not want a d*ck measuring contest - instructions clear.
Miles of Memes
Miles of Memes - 2 år siden
i get 50 grammarly ads on youtube per day.
Marc3300 - 2 år siden
So I don't see ads cause I'm not important. I can live with that.
Millie - 2 år siden
Sorry CGP Grey, but I am not watching a 30 minute ad.
Duraludon - 2 år siden
The ad I saw before this video began with the text, "Make sure you watch to the very end."
Leah D
Leah D - 2 år siden
i should try to get 50 subscribers without any content
Alex Ray
Alex Ray - 2 år siden
What I want to know about these ads is why I got an ad for someone running for office in Florida when I don't live anywhere near Florida
GRBTutorials - 2 år siden
I almost never see ads, probably because of my “weird” interests (you know, STEM) and the fact I’ve never clicked on an ad purposely and I always skip them.
Aimee M
Aimee M - 16 dager siden
Yeah, STEM, such a weird interest. 🙄
bananya - 2 år siden
rip i watched yt since 2009 and i have an ad every yellow tick and every video lol
DoglinsShadow - 2 år siden
Yes I'm an American and now that I'm in Bulgaria I rarely get ads because of my location
Puparella - 2 år siden
Yeah I noticed that I got hardly any adds when I was living on a remote island. :p
(Just 50.000 people lived there.)
Derpy - 3 år siden
I never see ads.
1973Washu - 3 år siden
Once upon a time creators made content for the joy of making content. There was a lot less content to be sure, but the content was fueled by passion and was of far higher quality to the content of today.
ThatOneDevastatingLeek - 3 år siden
I always watch ads or click on the links on long ones (5sec skip ones)and exit quickly to support the YouTubers I watch.
Bullet Chan
Bullet Chan - 3 år siden
so set your age to 80+ if you dont wanna see ads?
Bumbling Skad
Bumbling Skad - 3 år siden
UMU-i-D - 3 år siden
Just a a commercial from Nevada Gaming Partners, selling slot machines. WTH?? And I live in the Middle East
Michael Sidoti
Michael Sidoti - 3 år siden
What if ur a 5 yr old that watches porn. Does that mean that you will get in a 20-30 year old demographic.. Or is that not how it works?
aidan c.
aidan c. - 3 år siden
I didn't get an ad on this :D
Banana Mustard
Banana Mustard - 3 år siden
I live in Antarctica according to my Gmail, how do i get a Mazda 6
Jim Holden
Jim Holden - 3 år siden
I only receive ads every 4th or 5th video.
Chris J
Chris J - 3 år siden
People should really try to make accounts that are the demographic for ads and not use Adblock.
Its a detriment to content creators.
Jcewazhere - 3 år siden
But what about adblock? Does the ad still try to play and then take away your .25c? Does adblock get instantly noticed and that view just never gets counted? Or does adblock not actually keep the money from flowing, just the ad from being seen?
hilariousppp - 3 år siden
Or viewers use an adblocker.
Armouredfalcon - 3 år siden
also adblockers
TheHadesShade - 3 år siden
The amount of ads youtube has (and other websites like facebook or other shady sites) are way too long, too much in your face and you aren't interested in the first place. So I use add block all the time, I have white listed a few sites such as Tapastic.
Mortophobe:Gaming - 3 år siden
damn smart to make a footnote video for every video, amount to more views :3
Jett Aniceto
Jett Aniceto - 3 år siden
I didn't get an ad on this video, cool.
unni - 3 år siden
Globally Connected
Globally Connected - 3 år siden
Which video editing software or animation creator you use please.. Answer me..
Colin Berkey
Colin Berkey - 3 år siden
Or people use an adblocker.
Péter Baán
Péter Baán - 3 år siden
I'm waiting for red since it appeard in the news...
Vivid.Imagination - 3 år siden
Antarctica must not get any ads.
Emily Henson
Emily Henson - 3 år siden
I never see ads!
James Oldfield
James Oldfield - 3 år siden
I rarely get advertisements because I'm unemployed and can't afford anything ^__^... :(
Christmas Supply Store
Christmas Supply Store - 3 år siden
I didn't get an Advertisement on this video >.>
Finley Castello
Finley Castello - 3 år siden
I NEVER get ads! Youtube must know I'm poor.
wolfedog99 - 3 år siden
Silly marketing depts, I hate them with a Dilbert-like passion. I do know their tricks however, so I let skipable ads play on channels I enjoy.(kind of a covert patreon, as I'm too unemployed for patreon) I especially allow plays or even click on ads from companies that I don't like or that have horrible ads just because they must be made to pay.
relix7373 - 3 år siden
I feel like I should be a prime demographic haha, I'm almost 20, college student, middle class, white. It seems like advertisers would be targeting me all the time but I honestly almost never get ads, and certainly almost never ads I can't skip.
code988 - 3 år siden
Lol i saw no ads on this vid and im in california
Nebuli - 3 år siden
Or you use an addblock lol
Kim Strandberg
Kim Strandberg - 3 år siden
Well, being 23, swedish, with a newborn is probably a Goldmine usually bcus i get fuckton of ads
Gah Skwa
Gah Skwa - 3 år siden
CPG grey dated my sister in highschool AMA
Alassieth - 3 år siden
I don't know how long it's been since I've seen an ad.
Ryan Keith
Ryan Keith - 3 år siden
Can you please do a vid explaining SDR, or Special Drawing Rights, the International currency of the IMF.
fairycatLJT - 3 år siden
I got a tempur-pedic ad for some reason.
Shannon Berry
Shannon Berry - 3 år siden
This video loaded with a 90 second skippable ad, but I let it run to net you a few cents (or percents of a cent). I'm super generous that way.
El Cuero
El Cuero - 3 år siden
I live in a third world country and mostly just get banners and the occasional skippable ad. But I've watched YT while in the states and man is it annoying
The DataViz Cat
The DataViz Cat - 3 år siden
Interesting OK. Being new to YouTube I was curious how the ad system worked.
Martin Kotrec
Martin Kotrec - 3 år siden
This explains why i dont have any ads here in eastern europe. Advertisers know we haven't got any money to buy their shitty products.
52RH Flight
52RH Flight - 3 år siden
Perhaps oversimplified but as a summary:
Advertisers target specific audiences. The targeting may or may not be accurate but one can infer the advertiser's intent.
The very first thing any advertiser wants is to gain the viewer's attention. This is usually broken down into one of two approaches:
1. funny (entertaining)
2. irritating
The advertiser seeks to burn a cognitive entry resulting in brand awareness, sometimes by working subconscious triggers (visual (sexual,) auditory (earworms,) multi (asmr/disruption,) etc.)
Generally, advertisers gain a better response for irritating ads when the viewer has a lowered self-esteem. In at least one study, lower self-esteem was associated with users who viewed content during media multi-tasking process.
Why would irritating ads work? Consider that the 10% of the mind that is conscious may respond differently than the 90% that is unconscious. Also, even the 10% can be subdivided into left and right with differing responses, as well. The human organism comes with a significant amount of neural pre-wiring, allowing for exploitation of the process all the way to where the viewer acts on their feelings.
Advertisers have researched this topic, with the following results for adults in US, Brazil and China:
Conscious values identified:
1. Helpfulness
2. Choosing our own path
3. Meaning in life
1. Maintaining security
2. Sexual fulfillment
3. Honoring tradition
Even more important, the unconscious mind determines what is really going on about five times faster than the conscious mind. Those unconscious mind conclusions lead to feelings of stress, intimidation, negativity (or the opposite). So, if an advertiser exposes a viewer's unconscious mind for long enough to gain a response but not anywhere close to long enough for the conscious mind to figure out the BS, the mind stores the targeted information, bypassing the processes that filter out BS. The advertising is delivered in such a way that the desired outcome is more likely as a result of the emotional response.
Consider why advertising targets specific, distinct segments of the population.
Kirk Gould
Kirk Gould - 3 år siden
Is the long silence at the end just grey testing if we will leave early?
navalinfantry2009 - 3 år siden
Francis Marino
Francis Marino - 3 år siden
I never used to have any ads besides some random movie trailers. Then switched to Android, bought a few games and BAM! Constant goddamn ads for crappy free to play apps.
This why I hate watching videos on the app, in my desktop I have Adblock installed so I don't have to cope with that BS.
William Satterthwaite
William Satterthwaite - 3 år siden
I tend to not get too many ads. I think these are the reasons: 1: I use Duckduckgo so Google has no idea of my search history. 2: I use a vpn and randomly change my location to confuse location tracking companies because privacy. 3: I use privacy badger, which blocks anything with cross site tracking. 4: any ad I do get I skip as soon as possible so Google's not making any money anyway.
That said, I do get that wix ad sometime. I already have a frickn website on my own custom server and are in no way interested in a child's version of the same thing.
Now I don't block ads, and I don't mind ads that are about the content I am viewing, but tracking me, and targeting my demographic specifically is an invasion of privacy, which is why I try not to make my demographic known.
LexieAssassin - 3 år siden
Gee, I wonder why YouTube doesn't want you sharing that data btw yourselves...?
Rakim - 3 år siden
I will subscribe back as well
Carbon99 - 3 år siden
Or use ad block
A Wingless Monkey
A Wingless Monkey - 3 år siden
This one had an ad.
Kj16V - 3 år siden
Sorry, can someone remind me what ads look like? I've got Adblock...
xCPTxNEMO - 3 år siden
This vid was preceded by a two minute long ad. I watched it all as it was actually interesting, had a Ford Capri in it.
Christian WS
Christian WS - 3 år siden
Wouldn't it be possible to make a Adblocker that mutes and hide the ad but its still playing on the background and the video is on the foreground? For youtube it would seem like you watched the whole ad
aaronpiper92 - 3 år siden
i'll just change my demographic to mars and pretend to be 70 years old, and poof, no ads!
Lithium Polygon
Lithium Polygon - 3 år siden
I did, however, get an add on this one, those bots aren't very good at guessing what I like
kabbinj2 - 3 år siden
I live in denmark, i get roughly 1 video ad per 10 videos i watch
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis - 3 år siden
why am I getting retirement home ads?
Ukkeli523 - 3 år siden
Dollars used to update in the headline. Now dollars are dead
TruMoist - 3 år siden
Yet i have 28k views on one my my videos and only earned about $15-$16 dollars from it wtf
bas - 3 år siden
I am sorry for nitpicking, but couldnt these two videos be one?
Josh Townsend
Josh Townsend - 3 år siden
fortunately, youtube red
Doom Maker
Doom Maker - 3 år siden
16 years, Poland, AdBlock disabled and i hardly get any ads on any channel. Guess advertisers don't like us.
PiTdeLyX - 3 år siden
I rarely see ads on YT, living in Germany
asel - 3 år siden
So I don't get ads because my account says I'm 107 years old?
JimzyTee - 3 år siden
I just got an ad right before this video without skipping

So how much did this creator just get?
NichoTBE - 3 år siden
do the statistics include users that watched video with adblocks enabled?
Neil Gupta
Neil Gupta - 3 år siden
So if someone clicks on a preroll ad the creator gets much more than 0.1375 cents?
RagePoweredGamer - 3 år siden
I tend to feel justified with my AdBlock. I don't watch too many channels, and the ones I DO watch, if I watch anything more than a tiny bit of content, I will prefer to purchase merchandise FROM them. I know I've watched over 2,000 videos from my favorite channel with AdBlock, but I bought $60 worth of their merchandise, which more than makes up for the ad dollars lost. Plus, some channels don't really deserve money, like clickbait, vlogging idiots, pointless, viral videos. "Cash Me Outside" doesn't deserve a penny, but she's a millionaire because of the vultures that use her for views.
Louder - 3 år siden
Love the back to the future reference
Njuman - 3 år siden
google thinks i'm 55 year old with a law degree. there's an ad before the video maybe like 2 a day.
Joff - 3 år siden
Since i turned off my YouTube watch history and Google search history i hardly ever get ads
Tamaresque - 3 år siden
Oh, o.k., so maybe it's not my ad-blocker extension, maybe it's the fact that I'm a female in my mid 60s who lives in Tasmania!! :-) Either way, I win. :-)
itai alter
itai alter - 3 år siden
All of that crazy bot AI, and yet I still sometimes get a 30sec non-skippable ad on a 20sec video...
That was the main reason I installed AdBlock on my pc.
zsecvbnm zsecvbnm
zsecvbnm zsecvbnm - 3 år siden
The whole time I was thinking cinemasins😂😂
Travis Collier
Travis Collier - 3 år siden
Google's business model, very very roughly... Try to make ads more relevant (potentially interesting/useful) to the viewer so they can sell those ad-placements for more $.
That seems fair enough.
How they get the content which draws viewers is more open to arguing over "fairness". I'm not a creator.