FOOTNOTE † : 7 Ways to Maximize Misery

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CuddlyBubbles 69
CuddlyBubbles 69 - Time siden
Subtitles at the end: why are you still here? Click the video on the upper left corner.
I think you meant the one at the bottom
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar - 5 dager siden
No one took the first video seriously. It was just for fun.
Francius - 26 dager siden
I love that he feels like he has to explain it xD
Reapermaster 123
Reapermaster 123 - 27 dager siden
We stan grey
Jakub Skowron
Jakub Skowron - 29 dager siden
So "USA" of you. Explicit, or else people start hurting themselves.
[do not use lit match to check fuel level, baby stroller: remove child before folding]
2650 - Måned siden
Jokes on you i want to be miserable
Engineer is monke
Engineer is monke - Måned siden
Secret step
No tf2
Reapermaster 123
Reapermaster 123 - 27 dager siden
Рози Роза
Рози Роза - Måned siden
_Tatm _
_Tatm _ - Måned siden
I was looking at it as if it were showing you why certain things make you unhappy. Like, to show you what is wrong with your schedule.
Jeanette Rios
Jeanette Rios - Måned siden
Oh no dont let DF see this episode
Tiff - Måned siden
Dude had to clarify ;-; officially the most depressed community on YouTube- we took advise on how to be miserable literally
Artem Bolshakov
Artem Bolshakov - Måned siden
Duh ... come on, you're usually better than this; why insult our intelligence?
Del Cox
Del Cox - Måned siden
I should say that I'm surprised people didn't understand the reverse psychology...
*But I'm not.*
Damien Glenn
Damien Glenn - Måned siden
but it was too late
apple's lover
apple's lover - 2 måneder siden
ß ß
Emily Lawrence
Emily Lawrence - 2 måneder siden
Bloom HD
Bloom HD - 2 måneder siden
Too late, already clinically depressed
leap541 - 2 måneder siden
As a stressed-out student, I'm already miserable.
Ken Connelly
Ken Connelly - 3 måneder siden
Too late, I've been crippled with major depression.
Ankit Chakraborty
Ankit Chakraborty - 3 måneder siden
Who was taking the main video seriously? Find that genius.
Merete Mitfuldenavn
Merete Mitfuldenavn - 3 måneder siden
Where's the actual video?
CommentarMaster - 4 måneder siden
Instructions unclear, got a Decade long depression and anxiety.
ChocFudgeCake - 4 måneder siden
Christian Faux
Christian Faux - 4 måneder siden
Footnotes like this are a good way to explicitly state what should be OBVIOUSLY implied, without hurting the pacing of the actual video. It's a good idea!
Nex ZRM - 4 måneder siden
Nah I WANT to be
Rakoon - 4 måneder siden
Hehe ye.
2020 woaooaoaoao!!!
Ben Shapiro Hamburger Helper
Ben Shapiro Hamburger Helper - 4 måneder siden
It's concerning that he had to make this video
SackixFilms - 4 måneder siden
Why does youtube recommend this footnote to me in 2020
44theshadow - 4 måneder siden
In the words of Viktor Frankl, Happiness cannot be pursued, it must ensue.
SilvortheGrand - 4 måneder siden
"Do not take the advice I have given you in the main video"
Oh really? Never would have guessed...
Jack Maitland
Jack Maitland - 4 måneder siden
For the slow ones among us
PCHASKEY - 4 måneder siden
Machevilliel once wrote that he hoped that by teaching the way to hell, that people would learn to avoid it.
TheWujuStyle - 4 måneder siden
Instructions unclear, have been following the instructions in the original video to the letter for the past 6 months and am happier than ever.
L2112Lifz - 4 måneder siden
Grey: I made this for happiness! Find your own happiness!
My brain: Oh cool roadmap to a safe place.
*sails straight for the heart of darkness*
Kharga - 5 måneder siden
This information would have been helpful before I FOLLOWED THE WHOLE VIDEO AND NOW IM ALONE AND HOMELESS!
Kaymakli Blue
Kaymakli Blue - 5 måneder siden
Happiness isn’t real
Gabriel Freitas
Gabriel Freitas - 6 måneder siden
This video is evidence on how the average person is getting dumber and dumber
Marcel Telang
Marcel Telang - 6 måneder siden
Put on captions after he stopped talking
KeRen Tan
KeRen Tan - 7 måneder siden
while watching this, i'm eating your typical breakfast:
milk with a "contains dairy" label
peanut butter with a "contains nuts" label
bread with a "contains wheat" label
Angel Bob
Angel Bob - 7 måneder siden
I only just now realized the brilliance of this approach now that I hear you explain it this way. ...why was I so stupid/blind when this would've been exactly what I needed to hear?
Tyler Chiu
Tyler Chiu - 8 måneder siden
Is this a joke about my depression?
Matas - 8 måneder siden
Don't worry, I've always been the master of doing exact opposite.
Sam - 8 måneder siden
Lol i thought he was serious. Aw man, now i have to hear on brain :(
PJPF - 9 måneder siden
soulcantspeech - 9 måneder siden
misery grants me happiness, stop making me stop >:
Ace Referiza
Ace Referiza - 9 måneder siden
Kolby - 9 måneder siden
I disagree i live by those rules now
NovaAge - 10 måneder siden
phew, I thought I wasn't a hooman cuz I enjoyed thecnology...
Rococo Almanegra
Rococo Almanegra - 10 måneder siden
But I'm only happy when I'm in my misery...
Junho Lee
Junho Lee - År siden
So I'm following the guidelines, hoping the opposite would happen.. but now I've even more established my sadness
Caleb Birtwistle
Caleb Birtwistle - År siden
Did anyone know that it was clickbait
Lê Xuân Khôi - James
Instructions unclear. Built a boat, get lost at sea instead.

Wait, but I'm also miserable now.
Alink2yoshi - År siden
My roommate is becoming a sad saddo, I should show him the main video
Zach O.
Zach O. - År siden
Was this footnote not originally part of the main video? Wasn't a book referenced on the subject? This got me in a pickle when I showed this to someone and they didn't get the concept of aiming for the opposite to understand what you need to avoid.
Jay Bonn
Jay Bonn - År siden
Oh my god is foot notes a series OoO
Jo Reven
Jo Reven - År siden
I just don't want to be happy! Okay?!
Dat One Guy
Dat One Guy - År siden
But I want to be miserable
Nono Zebra
Nono Zebra - År siden
Too late
amazing nearly 34,000 of us had to see the footnote to check it was not a troll lol , when obviously we should be doing the opposite , However it made me realize 2 things i do daily that need changing sleep is the big one for me it vary's from 12 am to 6 am and everything in between... so thanks ?
UNSC Helljumper
UNSC Helljumper - År siden
Well I'm a horrible person and deserve to be sad grey,
Paper Mario
Paper Mario - År siden
I've already been doing these things since I was 8. It's sad
Ticket - År siden
I am taking the main video as literal advice because I do not wish to be happy, thanks.
sirfer6969 - År siden
The original video was very good, great even. Gave me food for thought for more than a day, which is more than I can say for a lot of youtube content.
Well done sir, and thank you.
Billy Bungate
Billy Bungate - År siden
For legal reasons thats a joke, For legal reasons thats a joke, for serious internet mafia please don't kill me thats a joke.
Darkira - År siden
Cool Dog
Cool Dog - År siden
Via negativa
mannhouse - År siden
Ha ha, I don't deserve happiness.
I'm a condom faliure who should be suffocated.
John Jeffrey
John Jeffrey - År siden
The fact that this must be explained is sad
John Undefined
John Undefined - År siden
I remember one of these two videos was actively advertising the audiobook "How to be Miserable." And I can say it had an effect because I actually bought the physical book. I'm just wondering why it has been edited out.
Sean Fitzpatrick
Sean Fitzpatrick - År siden
I hope nobody actually needed this video.
Andreas Steinbauer
Andreas Steinbauer - År siden
Didn't work for me thou
Bossydog - År siden
Good to know I’m doing it right
kofteburger - År siden
Tanker 451
Tanker 451 - År siden
This was the longest 48 seconds of my life
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius - År siden
TLDW: "I'm a pretentious cunt who is certain that I am so intelligent that I can literally *_tell people how to be happy_* without a single hint of irony."
You're fucking disgusting. Stop spreading such blatant lies.
Augustas Gugustas
Augustas Gugustas - År siden
But i wanted to suffer
Crypon Hill
Crypon Hill - År siden
Shattered my goals
Bill Drury
Bill Drury - År siden
You can’t stop me from being miserable
Augustas Gugustas
Augustas Gugustas - År siden
UltimateSaft - År siden
dont tell me what to do! if you excuse me, i'm going to sail the sea of misery now :v
FoxBox - År siden
Happiness is simple to find. Just research Alan Watts.
George HH
George HH - År siden
First off, that video recounted exactly how I live life. So shortly after the video started I thought I would try to understand where I went wrong, and do the opposite. So I thank you for your wise words.
Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius - År siden
Doesn't work, don't bother, you have no business letting other people tell you how to be happy.
John - År siden
Sometimes you need to find !misery in order to find happiness.
So to look for happiness, maybe look for !happiness and find out how to avoid that.
Jake - År siden
I'm not sure it is worth stating that lol. Anyone who came here to learn what not to do already believes that, and if there happens to be someone out there who is deliberately looking for misery, they're going to find it in any way they can
noobnoob - År siden
900k watched this video verses 4 mil watched the other, i just hope those 3.1 mil will build a good ship :o
SlimThrull - År siden
Could have used this information 2.5 years ago. Anyone know how to get your sleeping schedule back to... uh, a schedule?

Manek Iridius
Manek Iridius - År siden
Don't bother, because literally none of the advice in his video works whatsoever.
krz drz
krz drz - 2 år siden
wait, so youre saying i *SHOULDNT* have followed the main videos instructions...
This Yellow Face
This Yellow Face - 2 år siden
oooh okay thanks, I was about to make myself misery without knowing why I should. thanks for this clarification
Esszett Official
Esszett Official - 2 år siden
I love your videos, but I, as a German, hate bad Germanized video titles and descriptions.
Andrei Cristi Moga
Andrei Cristi Moga - 2 år siden
Got what you meant the first time.
Kyle - 2 år siden
Happiness is one of those "simple-but-difficult" things. Watching your video, I realized that misery is "complicated-but-easy."
joe janga
joe janga - 2 år siden
too late
RVC 06
RVC 06 - 2 år siden
0:38 that stickman just stares at me until the end of the video it is so weird
Pierre Boucheron
Pierre Boucheron - 2 år siden
thanks, CGP, it's been a real help in changing bad habits.
Thethethe - 2 år siden
Well this made me sad
Thomas Bob
Thomas Bob - 2 år siden
its sad that you had to make this video
Frying Brains
Frying Brains - 2 år siden
The fact that you actually had to make this video to explain your real intentions made me feel miserable tho..
PM ink
PM ink - 2 år siden
I want nothing. It is an impossibility. I like those odds.
Gabriel Moreira
Gabriel Moreira - 2 år siden
We are not idiots but thanks kkkkkk
AlfaEcho - 2 år siden
Wally Mahar industryWM
Wally Mahar industryWM - 2 år siden
Please oh please oh please! Footnote # 2 please explain why you had to make footnote one. I actually think we have more questions about the put new holes than the original LOL.