Driving a Tesla Across The Loneliest Road in America

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cube crafter
cube crafter - 4 timer siden
If he had an accident in this car he would never ever drive
Daniel and Luke Play Games
Daniel and Luke Play Games - 6 timer siden
You call that snow? *Laughs in Canadian*
LumberApple - 8 timer siden
Please do more of this
Sandip Mandal
Sandip Mandal - 11 timer siden
San Francisco
Barry Doe
Barry Doe - Dag siden
21:15 = use your left hand then. Wtf xD
leafangirls - Dag siden
I come back to this video every so often because it is incredibly soothing and fun to watch at the same time, for whatever reason
cellomonster - 2 dager siden
9:44 daniell in the sea??
_InkyDaPlayer - 2 dager siden
whoever wrote those captions, please, have a break.
woop - 2 dager siden
Still love this video and watch all 51 minutes of it
Miah - 3 dager siden
I can kinda relate to your poor choices. I’m notorious in my circle of family and friends for driving around super duper late. Talking like from NY to NH starting at 11:00 at night. With a barely functioning phone and no physical map. Glad I reevaluated my life choices.
Jesse Brewis
Jesse Brewis - 3 dager siden
This was just a Tesla flex
Sonyboj - 3 dager siden
I love the robotic gps voice too
Sonyboj - 3 dager siden
I'm the same. I haven a drivers licence but never used it... been years.
So if I drive I'm gonna panic.
VoodooG - 4 dager siden
Yo quick question... Why do all EV drivers do roadtrips in such a way that it always barely works out? Don't be surprised if the range anxiety stereo type keeps coming up when literally every EV road trip is "nah we're gonna go his much more dangerous and sparsely covered route here without fully charing up." and then at the end they're like "ohhh ohhh no! Let's hope we make it! Oh no!!! 1% left oOoOoOooohh. WHEW we did it! Arrived on 0% !" Like... I know it's kinda exciting, but this kinda paints the wrong picture don't you think?
pohjanvanamo - 5 dager siden
I loved this video :)
Qardo - 5 dager siden
20:54 even in the middle of nowhere. The Police still spawn if you speed.
lefloys - 5 dager siden
i did not expect a mention of factorio like this. pogchamp
melancholmy - 5 dager siden
note for myself: 29:02 happy dash cam sound
CemiQuents - 6 dager siden
Does anyone know what song it is that plays at 46:30 ?
CemiQuents - 6 dager siden
The song that plays at the very end is Spring Morning by Peter Sandberg
Chillman VR
Chillman VR - 7 dager siden
41:00 kinda looky likey auchwitzy
Cody - 7 dager siden
*200mi into the desert with no power stations*
the car: "i am concerned"
me: "me and you both"
Scott Tennett
Scott Tennett - 7 dager siden
Robert Strong-Morse
Robert Strong-Morse - 8 dager siden
There were tumbleweeds by here too, how far back can this rabbit hole go.
Jake Broer
Jake Broer - 8 dager siden
10:37 "Very Chrismas-y. Feels appropriate" _uploaded May 8, 2019_
I’m so S H I N Y
I’m so S H I N Y - 8 dager siden
Jesus Christ grey lives off coffee
The Bad Commissar
The Bad Commissar - 9 dager siden
Grey, you'd hate my mum she drives until the tank is at 10 miles at least until getting more gas. This is because we have a gas station less than two miles from our house but still. The only time she fills the tank when the car has at least 30 miles left in it is when we're going on a longer trip.
ginny not-ginny-weasley
ginny not-ginny-weasley - 9 dager siden
one of my favorite things about this is that AFTER going to the donner pass he decides to take an alternate route that has less support and if stranded out there he could wind up dead (like i know he planned it out but it's beautifully ironic)
Exnem - 9 dager siden
Used to snow every year in London. Charles Dickens wrote about it.
platomica - 10 dager siden
when you are in a middle of a pandemic, always disliked teslas bullshit, have no time to watch lengthy vlogs and still get watery eyes on seeing someone doing a road trip through winter...
Dabket3araB - 10 dager siden
Seems like it's pain in the ass to keep charging Tesla. A lot of time wasting. They should do better job on the battery.
G Mat
G Mat - 12 dager siden
Had to stop watching to say, I noticed the blinker was out of sync too. Was sooooo satisfied when you pointed it out. Drive on brother.
DerDave1710 - 12 dager siden
Get this man a Tesla Model X P90D
Peter - 12 dager siden
watched this 3 times already
Marilyn Rivera
Marilyn Rivera - 12 dager siden
Seeing this vid, I was surprised of your attitude and your behavior considering how your normall videos are (not in a bad way)
Eduardo OR
Eduardo OR - 13 dager siden
I have watched this video so many times it has become my comfort video in YouTube
sheller153 - 14 dager siden
It’s funny how a water desert sounds like there’s no water, a food desert has no food, but an electricity desert/desert of electricity sounds like a regular desert but it has the most lightning strike on record by a vast margin.
And if Ely, Nevada is anything like Ely, Minnesota, it’s pronounced Ee-lee, not Ee-lie.
jakobdoubleu - 14 dager siden
awesome hotel you stayed in! i worked at a Safeway grocery store directly across from that very hotel about a year ago. Hope you enjoyed your stop in SL Tahoe :)
Stiles Begnaud
Stiles Begnaud - 15 dager siden
I watch this video at least twice a year. Never gets old.
Kryptonite - 15 dager siden
you may want to rethink your dependence on stimulants. it came up one too many times
Kryptonite - 15 dager siden
when i watched this back in 2019, i had no idea i would be relocating to nevada Q3 2020
Mason Mortillo
Mason Mortillo - 15 dager siden
This dudes personality is mega annoying......
Hippocrates - 15 dager siden
can't you live without coffee? what's up with you
Drasterdad Media
Drasterdad Media - 15 dager siden
15:44 AAAAAA
aruna - 15 dager siden
I can really feel the excitement lmaooo
kev pat guiriot
kev pat guiriot - 15 dager siden
The future.
[insert edgy username]
[insert edgy username] - 16 dager siden
47:32-48:23 hits a lot different after 2020
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
40:03 put that in the C.O.W section
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
yay Deserat
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
never snows in calafornia
Maximilian Murphy
Maximilian Murphy - 16 dager siden
never snows in nevada
xephael - 17 dager siden
30:00 Just some advice... legally you should have pulled over and yielded the entire road to the emergency vehicle.
xephael - 17 dager siden
Playing around with all the buttons and self driving features... yeah no... pay attention to the road and vehicles around you're an ADHD driver if I've ever seen one... 8:00 some logical thinking at least 10:00
Manuel Vela
Manuel Vela - 17 dager siden
I want a tesla now.
Viethumb - 18 dager siden
Nostalgic tears just flowed through my eyes seeing all those people in one area, not worrying about masks and stuff.
2019... I miss you.
koku - 18 dager siden
Basicly the video :
1% driving
1% break
98% flexing
Robert Pierce
Robert Pierce - 19 dager siden
Sooooo did you buy a Tesla?
PBryant2.71828 - 19 dager siden
I thought I wanted a tesla. But I hate it when my car back seat drives.
The Colonel
The Colonel - 19 dager siden
You have convinced me, I’m driving around America on a long trip.
Negativezer0 - 19 dager siden
I live in san jose and I recognize the highway he drove on in the beginning
Weeb Loop
Weeb Loop - 19 dager siden
Well , you got a subscriber now😭. Please make another video with Bailey
Lord Fluffykinz
Lord Fluffykinz - 19 dager siden
Well, at least he didn't fall out off the Tesla and die of dysentery.
Jam Jamerson
Jam Jamerson - 20 dager siden
This hits differently after almost an entire year of covid.
balasuar - 20 dager siden
What kind of sandwich ain’t no bread?
Dennis W
Dennis W - 20 dager siden
Alternative title: Grey makes you cry with a 50-minute Tesla commercial
jay patel
jay patel - 20 dager siden
America is beautiful
Koutsie - 21 dag siden
This whole video feels like a panic attack.
Trilo monk
Trilo monk - 21 dag siden
39:03 It is my head cannon that CGPgrey drove all the way to Moab just to scratch behind this horse’s ear.
Roboneez 2235
Roboneez 2235 - 21 dag siden
46:16 that sounded like the start of a sex scene im a movie
Jahkiboy - 25 dager siden
8:42 ... I have no words.... yes I do- NEVER TOUCH THE WINDSCREEN! Use the defroster
Odesza - 25 dager siden
this vid makes me want to unsubscribe.
Patrick Shyu The Gay Techlead
Thank you for your review and bringing to light the issue with the unsynchronized turn signal UI and clicks. Because of that, I'm out.
foxtailedcritter - 27 dager siden
There's so much space, I could pay off my car loan if I smuggle dr*g's in it. It pays for itself.
Abhijith Maneesh
Abhijith Maneesh - 28 dager siden
Driving an electric car in a lonely road is just fooling the owner... I bet Tesla won't be able to compete any of their vehicles on Indian roads... If yes then im gonna buy one
Jack Gardner
Jack Gardner - Måned siden
The uncovered bra simplistically sprout because increase effectively spoil upon a nine loan. last, cooing person
H W - Måned siden
9:19 I was just gonna say is that Donner Pass? Cuz I live in NV and I go to Donner Lake a lot, and I drive to Donner Pass a lot as well. And also EV takes the freedom feeling out of road trips. I want to feel that feeling of "I'm young and educated and skilled! I can do anything" and feel the freedom of a road trip, not to feel restricted like with EV. I just wanna drive and not having to think about where and when is the next charging station.
Charles Edward Andrew Lincoln IV
What body camera is this video using?
Chris Concannon
Chris Concannon - Måned siden
I loved the nav computer's pronunciation of Reno. I don't think I've ever heard it pronounced that way.
Imran Bhatti
Imran Bhatti - Måned siden
Come on please appreciate Old style pixelated texts animation on the screen from old 90s Video games :D
Imran Bhatti
Imran Bhatti - Måned siden
Can't believe how grey can be so effortlessly Original and funny :D the way he is brutally honest reminds of German culture rather than Americano Thing ;)
run - Måned siden
The loneliest road is probably unheard of
Cedric Feldmann
Cedric Feldmann - Måned siden
POV: You’re the kid in the back of the car
James Brown
James Brown - Måned siden
This just proves to me that the viability of electric cars is 0. The delays for waiting at a charging station are asinine. in a petrol powered vehicle as the Brits would say means that I be on my way and getting things taken care of quickly and efficiently and not playing tiddlywinks
Durgesh Kumar
Durgesh Kumar - Måned siden
as an indian I rarely see that much of empty space.....by rarely i mean once in years
Wooper - Måned siden
Living in Australia, There are more cars driving in a random town than in Sydney. No kidding.
Christopher Crow
Christopher Crow - Måned siden
Still a better love story than twilight
raahimz - Måned siden
you earned a new subscirber
Accel - Måned siden
I didn't think I would enjoy Grey's let's play of Desert Bus so much but I stand corrected
kalajel - Måned siden
Driving alone on a stretch of deserted highway?
[Rubs hands in SCP-745]
Justin 3
Justin 3 - Måned siden
You don't know what low visibility is. Lol. Come up to Montana. Will have sudden snow storms come up in 5 minutes where you literally can't see 30 ft in front of you while you're going down the freeway
Aga - Måned siden
eee there was a rabbit hopping next to his car at 45:28
Sameem Lone
Sameem Lone - Måned siden
Its so beautiful.... Just what i craved to see
Alex - Måned siden
This is the video that everyone suggested but nobody watched but everyone that did liked
alex alexander
alex alexander - Måned siden
I just watched 50 minutes of a tesla commercial and i not even mad..
X-37 SFS - SFS and Space News
NovaRanger - Måned siden
20:14 "Electrical Engine" 😂😂 he's excited..
NovaRanger - Måned siden
15:04 : Well, we all are two people actually .. Even you said it in one of your videos :P
topic one
topic one - Måned siden
The last moment was really sad when bally blue out of you .
Just owsome vlog creater you
America was really great
And what say about Tesla ( Elon Musk = Tesla )
Siege - Måned siden
What a great journey! Thanks for inviting us along :)