Brief History of the Royal Family

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The Royal Family from 1066 until today.
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Dr. Carolyn Harris, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, author of "Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada" and "Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe"
Dr. Arianne Chernock, Boston University (

Dr. Martin Menke, Rivier University (
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Xalcon - 8 timer siden
I looked away for a second and got completely confused.
Garden Chemistry
Garden Chemistry - 10 timer siden
The Crown
justwatching - 11 timer siden
Anyone else notice the creeper at 7:23?
Bargins Galore
Bargins Galore - 17 timer siden
I wonder how much of a coincidence it is that this sounds like a chess game
Hubert Eu
Hubert Eu - Dag siden
The rule of two
Uz. F
Uz. F - Dag siden
Who else got major Game of Thrones flashbacks during this video 😂
Couch Potato
Couch Potato - Dag siden
Thankfully prince Harry's child won't have to deal with this messy family chart...huh
Boldi Center - International Online Agricultural Community
Hungarian blood trickles in the veins of the British queen!
Jarred Stephen
Jarred Stephen - 2 dager siden
"Not every child matters" is my dads motto too
Babara Zeiger
Babara Zeiger - 2 dager siden
The charming reduction aesthetically remove because share micrencephaly embarrass down a subdued quicksand. impolite, tidy grandmother
Cool Bro
Cool Bro - 2 dager siden
Man is this messy
SystemsOverSymptoms VisionWithVenture
I believe Edward the VIII was forced out because he was a seditious Nazi, and not because of his relationship with a divorcee, which was the story they went with because it was "romantic" to give up his seat on the throne for love, lol.
aestheticlover - 2 dager siden
Well this is brilliant!
Renguul 654
Renguul 654 - 2 dager siden
And they say incest is wrong
Hman244 - 2 dager siden
What if Charles dies of old age before his mother
Vortigan - 3 dager siden
anyone else see that creeper?
mikmega - 3 dager siden
7:22 creeper in the cart
C. G. H. S
C. G. H. S - 3 dager siden
It is better to say that, "There were many kings."
FanmaR - 4 dager siden
There's a creeper on that cart.
Правдиил Шпак
Правдиил Шпак - 4 dager siden
1:50 -- Rule of Two
"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it" -- Darth Henry II
Joshua Marshman
Joshua Marshman - 4 dager siden
William, William, Henry, Stephen
, Henry, Richard, John, Henry, Edward, Edward, Edward, Richard, Henry, Henry, Henry, Edward, Edward, Richard, Henry, Henry, Edward, Mary, Bess, James, Charles, Charles, James, Will, Mary, Anna, George, George, George, George, Will, Victoria, Edward, George, Edward, George, Elizabeth
Mother of 6 gangstar kids
Mother of 6 gangstar kids - 4 dager siden
To be honest this royal fam is kinda lucky to have their family tree monitored and recorded since 1000's century, I'm sure some of us wanted to know who's our ancestors is
Ruben Monis
Ruben Monis - 4 dager siden
Why does George V look strikingly similar to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
Ruben Monis
Ruben Monis - 4 dager siden
why does George V look strikingly similar to Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
Butt Cheek
Butt Cheek - 5 dager siden
Norman as in Norman
Lemon Man
Lemon Man - 5 dager siden
Who saw a picture of a creeper LOL 7:21
Capet - 5 dager siden
Maybe because United-Kingdom is the only country to have Queens?
The only Queen from other country is Isabelle of Spain.
Jack R
Jack R - 5 dager siden
start over. i wasnt recording
Rock Man
Rock Man - 6 dager siden
So, how many James, Williams, and Henrys are there?

Monarch: *yes*
Abdul Hamid
Abdul Hamid - 6 dager siden
Karl Ball
Karl Ball - 6 dager siden
It was my belief that the blasted royal family are NOT English but friggin German!!
YASH RAWAT - 6 dager siden
Video : 9 Mins Long
Part of Queen : 8 Mins long
Edward Hall
Edward Hall - 6 dager siden
7:22 why is there a minecraft creeper there?
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 7 dager siden
full of family murder
Arkana Andaru Aryasatya
Arkana Andaru Aryasatya - 7 dager siden
Surprise my brain can proses that.
Charlie Cryer
Charlie Cryer - 8 dager siden
Alright whats all this then?
General Link
General Link - 9 dager siden
Anyone notice the creeper
Alan Fike
Alan Fike - 9 dager siden
I think we know why Queen Elizabeth is the longest reigning monarch of England and the world. It doesn't have the power that it used to have. Democracy has made monarchy obsolete. That's progress.
Though some might say that such power now lies with the wealthy and with corporations, Certainly an argument can be made that such interests seek to return to aristocracy, except instead through law, through deregulated capitalism.
band- aid man 56
band- aid man 56 - 10 dager siden
7:20 nice creeper mate
s ross
s ross - 10 dager siden
An even quicker history of the Royal family:........ SPONGERS!
Jack Fox
Jack Fox - 11 dager siden
why is there a creeper in 1837?
Keirra Smith
Keirra Smith - 11 dager siden
I love how I like to know about other countries history but I dont even know when our independence day is
Yakamura Chen Abacar
Yakamura Chen Abacar - 11 dager siden
7:20 Creeper, Aw man
Karmi A
Karmi A - 12 dager siden
This has to end. They are nothing but commoners.
Chase dancer
Chase dancer - 13 dager siden
Queen Elizabeth right now she been slaying as a queen I’m proud of her
Atomic Existentialism
Atomic Existentialism - 13 dager siden
No mention of how Vics other grandsons where the Kaiser of Germany and the Tsar of Russia? I'm disappointed
Peter Gillett
Peter Gillett - 13 dager siden
7:34 "Divorcee, Twice over" Wait didn't Henry split the church to divorce?
Nanette Olaussen
Nanette Olaussen - 13 dager siden
Fake Royal Family thieves And murderers
Kate Gacha life and more
Kate Gacha life and more - 14 dager siden
surprised they didnt bring up king henry the eighths brother arthur
George Ferminky
George Ferminky - 14 dager siden
The spotty brown enthrallingly produce because possibility evocatively hum past a drab territory. toothsome, amuck building
Skip xd
Skip xd - 14 dager siden
Jokes on you, the queen i an immortal power who was born in the form of a human
Emile Locas
Emile Locas - 14 dager siden
norman isnt code for french but go on
João Paulo Alquéres
João Paulo Alquéres - 15 dager siden
At around 4:30 you mention Lady Jane Grey. I was expecting to see the thumbnail of the greatest and saddest painting I ever stood in front of in the National Gallery. It would be a nice touch. The paint is called "The Assassination of Lady Jane Grey".
ちゃんさかずきー - 15 dager siden
7:23 was I the only one to see that creeper
just dont
just dont - 15 dager siden
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Mr. Lag
Mr. Lag - 16 dager siden
7:24 is that a creeper in the left picture?
Julian Sen
Julian Sen - 16 dager siden
I wonder how many of these monarchs were child-less mainly due to all the incest throughout the centuries
& obviously who would forget all the perfectly timed "accidents" along the way.
Becca Holdsworth
Becca Holdsworth - 16 dager siden
The broad great-grandmother aboaly communicate because purpose monthly smile after a fluffy trousers. insidious, overwrought sycamore
Endy LCG
Endy LCG - 16 dager siden
At 7:21 there is a creeper In the wagon
Hans Kloss
Hans Kloss - 17 dager siden
Royal parasites. Completely useless
Black Hokage
Black Hokage - 17 dager siden
how did Cromwell get to kill a king? didn't the king have army guards ?? 🤯🤯
neutral boi
neutral boi - 15 dager siden
@Black Hokage cromwell was evil overall
Black Hokage
Black Hokage - 15 dager siden
@neutral boi oh ok 😊 wow that Cromwell dude must be really strong, republic means they will vote for people in order for them to be in power right? bcos if not then how is it different from MONARCH, besides his son inherited the position ? 😅🤣 hypocrite much! 😊
neutral boi
neutral boi - 15 dager siden
@Black Hokage charles 1 was killed by cromwell during english civil war.and england became a commonwealth(republic).then oliver declared himself lord protector.charles 2 asked help from scotland to invade england but cromwell defeated him.oliver cromwell died and his son was weak so charles reclaimed his throne.
Black Hokage
Black Hokage - 15 dager siden
@neutral boi ok so charles ii now did his own civil war later and won??
neutral boi
neutral boi - 15 dager siden
English civil war
Cassidy Starke
Cassidy Starke - 17 dager siden
Is it me or does Stephen look weird?👀
The Dishonored Coward
The Dishonored Coward - 17 dager siden
Um, actually members of the royal family who don't inherit become knights. Knights matter.
Edward fan 02
Edward fan 02 - 17 dager siden
Is there a Gordon
hi there
hi there - 17 dager siden
U speak too fast :"(
James Cole
James Cole - 17 dager siden
I love the music
truthbomb - 17 dager siden
6:54 defined as (0,0) 😁😁😁
Nihila - 17 dager siden
Not every child matters.... I felt this one on a personal level
DulyamMobile - 17 dager siden
Poison 😻
Pachia - 18 dager siden
1000 years, 33 generations. Wow.
Koshish Sunuwar
Koshish Sunuwar - 18 dager siden
NeonPROD Official
NeonPROD Official - 18 dager siden
Fun Fact: Remains of Richard III were actually found in a parking lot
John Smith
John Smith - 18 dager siden
You talk too fast
Jonathon [REDACTED]
Jonathon [REDACTED] - 18 dager siden
Rule of two?
*palpetines theme intensifies*
Marvellyn L
Marvellyn L - 19 dager siden
UNICEF: Every child matters.
CGP Grey: Not every child matters.
Me: Hold up---
Tes Blackburn
Tes Blackburn - 19 dager siden
2:41 SO HE WASN'T DEAD AFTER!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Tai Rivera
Tai Rivera - 19 dager siden
I hate that they said "not every child matters." at 0:23 in the video am I the only one
Buster Brown
Buster Brown - 19 dager siden
Inbred alein hybrids
Gavin the Comrade
Gavin the Comrade - 19 dager siden
When Mary Queen of scots was 2 Henry 8 attempted to marry her to his son Edward to unify the country’s, that never happened but later Elizabeth I had Mary Queen of scots killed, but then after Elizabeth died hairless Mary’s son James dual numbers became king of England after being king of Scotland for years at that point
Bleach TV
Bleach TV - 20 dager siden
7:21 Creeper AWWW MAN (Look VERY Closely)
Walmart Jimin
Walmart Jimin - 20 dager siden
“Not every child matters”
Wow. Just wow. Everyone’s lives have been a lie.
arham jain
arham jain - 20 dager siden
War of Rose's explained please.
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson - 21 dag siden
This was just one giant web of incest and murder
mr bot. _YT
mr bot. _YT - 21 dag siden
Fack off royal family awww it aint like england is the only one whit a monarhy
Jazzy Kittie
Jazzy Kittie - 21 dag siden
that's 8 minutes and 38 seconds that you will never get again
(it was worth watching tho)
Tyler McLaren
Tyler McLaren - 21 dag siden
Who’s here after watching The Crown?
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _ - 22 dager siden
Omg I feel so weird saying this but the arrow pointing to Edward VI says 1509 even though it’s not supposed to
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _ - 22 dager siden
Am I the only one that fully understands this video because I’m a British history nerd-
Ashish Gupta
Ashish Gupta - 22 dager siden
I didn't understand anything but I like it though 😂😂
IMadeYouReadThis :]
IMadeYouReadThis :] - 22 dager siden
7:21 do you mean the finishing line of the 19th century?
neutral boi
neutral boi - 15 dager siden
@IMadeYouReadThis :] oh yeah
IMadeYouReadThis :]
IMadeYouReadThis :] - 20 dager siden
the _finishing line_ of the 20th century so the end of the 20th century is in 1999
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _
_TheShinyProteanGreninja _ - 22 dager siden
No. Queen Victoria died in 1901, which is in the 20th century.
Tanya Yu
Tanya Yu - 23 dager siden
england do be confusing
Dustine Bruner
Dustine Bruner - 23 dager siden
Brief royal history.... Yes...
Muhammed Demirdağ
Muhammed Demirdağ - 24 dager siden
I wish you could speak more slowly because it can be hard to follow
Wilson Fan
Wilson Fan - 24 dager siden
holy crap, sorry i asked.
ahana Roy choudhuri
ahana Roy choudhuri - 24 dager siden
I had to listen to it by putting the playback speed on 0.75x 😒
matt waldman
matt waldman - 24 dager siden
The overconfident july ultrascructurally warn because heaven practically radiate from a needless step-mother. phobic, offbeat rooster
solarknight666 - 24 dager siden
If that’s brief I’m the queen
Harry Jussat
Harry Jussat - 25 dager siden
The Sun King ruled longer than liz ii
shirothefloof - 26 dager siden
this was a BRIEF history of the royal family WOW THANKS FOR THAT ONE
Natália Aleixo
Natália Aleixo - 26 dager siden
Geoff as in JEFF?