Brexit, Briefly

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Britain is leaving the European Union... or maybe not? Let's place some odds.
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Strelitzia - 18 timer siden
this year it will be 5 years old, and even at 4 years still nothing lmao
Gerrie Van Staden
Gerrie Van Staden - Dag siden
That UK flag at the end was intentionally upside down to signal distress
Jostein Utgård
Jostein Utgård - Dag siden
Had some relatives from England visit us here in Norway the summer after the election. The polite term for how they felt about the results was disappointed, but the accurate term is mad as f**k. My Grandmas nephew (I don't know the English term) angrily complained that had the election been a mere two weeks later, the result would have been the opposite. He belived the election took place to fast for people to learn all the information and rammifications, much less reflect on them and form an accurate opinion. I could see that beeng the case.
142doddy - 2 dager siden
97% of Scotland leaving to stay in the EU.
- Scotland Left the EU
- 2 weeks ago the independence movement in Scotland was the lowest since the 2014 referendum.
lexie honness
lexie honness - 5 dager siden
the breakfast club power 105.1
Clément Yip
Clément Yip - 6 dager siden
Basically, a bunch of idiots held an election wanting to lose but unintentionally won.
Arturo Hurtado Romero
Arturo Hurtado Romero - 8 dager siden
life used to be so easy :")
Jennifer Chameni
Jennifer Chameni - 9 dager siden
Guess what? Brexit happened. 😭
Only a German Guy
Only a German Guy - Dag siden
Now let's See if Scotland became Independend
142doddy - 2 dager siden
Lazer eyed Whale
Lazer eyed Whale - 9 dager siden
one of my reletives was on the UK side of brexit negotiations and i talked with him and he hated it
Daisy Smith
Daisy Smith - 9 dager siden
plz can you make a new vid on this?
goldburnm - 10 dager siden
Maximum Brexit finally happened. Foolish but they accomplished it.
catarina jerez
catarina jerez - 10 dager siden
Foolish, not so much as they have vaccinated far more people than any other EU country
Kira - 10 dager siden
Britain: I'm leaving
EU: Okay then leave
Britain: Noh you didn't understand, I'm leaving !
EU: Yeah we heard, just go, the door is right there...
Britain: No you can't let me stay, my people spoke!
Eu:What are you doing UK?
Eu: I'm doing to do what is called a pro gamer move... I'm stayving
struan peat
struan peat - 11 dager siden
So, you were right
Non-brexit brexit
Not EEA, but something almost exactly like it
DarkGreenMagician - 12 dager siden
Grey was right
Calamaribowl - 13 dager siden
Why does brexit sound like a breakfast meat
BurgerDragon571 - 13 dager siden
Well it 2021 maximum brexit happened the Scottish referendum voted remain UK and Northen Irland has been silent
sapajou1990 - 14 dager siden
update Jan 2021 : Well, boarder with the UK are closed because of a new covid variant. ho, and brexit, is actually happening lol
Mike Seyoum
Mike Seyoum - 15 dager siden
MrMacs87 - 16 dager siden
31/12/2020 23:00 GMT:
Maximum Brexit.
Maxoplasm - 17 dager siden
Who's here after a Brexit deal has been reached?
Irish Countryball
Irish Countryball - 18 dager siden
Scotland is not going to be able to leave peacefully as that's where all of Britain's nucks are.
(Because there are alot of mountains in Scotland (
Irish Countryball
Irish Countryball - 14 dager siden
@Cake is yummy what do you mean though? The Brits have a bigger better treined army
Cake is yummy
Cake is yummy - 17 dager siden
NuttyRedBaBonkerz - 20 dager siden
–from January 2021
Jourdan Wolf
Jourdan Wolf - 20 dager siden
Could you upload a new updated video on this since the U.K has now left?
Connie Prude
Connie Prude - 20 dager siden
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punaiset pimpulat
punaiset pimpulat - 21 dag siden
Well... that aged like milk. However, this video was made in waaaaay back 2016 and at that point UK had no idea what to do. After four years of constant bickering and political chaos, UK finally knows how to proceed with this situation in 2021.
b - 22 dager siden
15% huh
xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_Xx - 3 dager siden
@**nothing** Yes 15% is low, but you cannot conclude that the chance of something happening was not low because it happened. The comment doesn't say "an unlikely thing happened". It says "that thing was not unlikely because it happened".
**nothing** - 3 dager siden
@xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_XxThe comment still makes sense. 15 percent is pretty low odds for an event that just recently actually occurred. We must be reading the comment differently to each other.
xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_Xx - 3 dager siden
@**nothing** This is not some deeper meaning. This is what the joke is based on. If you don't believe it is impossible the comment doesn't make any sense.
**nothing** - 3 dager siden
@xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_Xx Yeah ok but again, the word impossible was never used. The comment above (which is clearly sarcasm) doeant have any deeper meaning behind it. Leave that job to English teachers.
xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_Xx - 3 dager siden
@**nothing** Yes nobody said it, but it was implied. "15% huh" suggests that the probability was not 15%. Here are the logical steps you need to take to reach that conclusion: 1. If the chance is 15% maximum brexit cannot happen. 2. Maximum brexit did happen. Therefore 3. The chance was not 15%. If you don't believe the first statement is true you cannot use the fact that maximum brexit did happen to deduce that the chance was not 15%.
AD 3000
AD 3000 - 22 dager siden
CPH Avgeek
CPH Avgeek - 23 dager siden
as i’m writing this, Brexit has been official for 6 minutes - if my facts are correct
Yi Lin
Yi Lin - 23 dager siden
Well, it actually happened, for once.
Engineering Math
Engineering Math - 23 dager siden
15%, who’s laughing now??
Dave - 19 dager siden
And Scotland has pretty much all pledged to leave. All that's really left are the formalities.
Inferno Tube
Inferno Tube - 23 dager siden
Transition period ends today
Arthur Diesbecq
Arthur Diesbecq - 23 dager siden
Could you do a video on the recent Brexit trade deal signed last week? So many of these issues remain and I feel like you're in a unique position to provide an unbiased view!
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 21 dag siden
He lives in the uk so probably not completely unbiased
Jamie M
Jamie M - 25 dager siden
Oh how wrong you were!! 😂 You made the same mistake many in history have made (which is ironic,) you underestimated the unrelenting will of the British people. I am disgusted by how you complained about what our United Kingdom wanted and voted for, you complain about the way we vote for it and yet you have the audacity to make a career out of my country’s glorious history. 🇬🇧 What’s more with you being an avid supporter of MMP it comes as no shock to me that you have issues with democracy and the result of the MAJORITY which is where I remind you in September 2014 Scotland voted to remain in the UK by a majority, so suggesting they’re going to leave the UK as a result of Brexit is probably the most stupid thing you’ve ever said and there has been a few. On behalf of the almost 13 million people who voted for Brexit via the Conservatives in the 2019 election - if our views on national sovereignty and free trade are intolerable to you, leave our fantastic country and go somewhere else because you won’t ever be welcomed by the majority of proud Britons when you attempt to ridicule our democracy and decisions.
Shinobu Sakurazaka
Shinobu Sakurazaka - 12 dager siden
U vexed my brother!
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 21 dag siden
Ok dude chill
Kimetz F U
Kimetz F U - 26 dager siden
Could you do a second version??
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 21 dag siden
He is probably preparing it.
Mujahid Islam
Mujahid Islam - 27 dager siden
1:45 Fun Fact: Between the UK and Brazil, only one country borders France and it's not the UK.
Dazza G
Dazza G - 25 dager siden
Brazil/France is Frances longest border
Rob Setters
Rob Setters - 29 dager siden
Cgp can you make a ready to understand viddy about the agreed deal
Hellyeahman 65
Hellyeahman 65 - Måned siden
We got our unicorn
Goo Seph
Goo Seph - Måned siden
Grey? What’s this then?
Jonathan Guez
Jonathan Guez - 28 dager siden
He was wrong.
Callum Cooper
Callum Cooper - Måned siden
and here we are on christmas eve :')
Admiral Hipper
Admiral Hipper - 3 dager siden
@The greatest Chigone don’t worry, the aftermath is starting
The greatest Chigone
The greatest Chigone - 4 dager siden
I’m English and I hate brexit but tbh I’m glad it’s over
jgyuri - Måned siden
BrakeTheGame - Måned siden
this video will age badly
Nicholas Chestley
Nicholas Chestley - Måned siden
It's been over 4 years. 30% odds it is.
Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber
I told you so.
Over a month ago I commented that Johnson will need to jam up the ports ahead of the Brexit deadline Jan 1st to cover up the Brexit chaos, I didn't know how but I assured you he would. He announced this new virus strain just in time, even though his government and several others had known about this new mutation since OCTOBER and maybe even September as reported somewhere that I can't remember or find again. Now I discover that the Americans are telling us that we in the UK haven't even investigated it thoroughly because it's not quite so serious.
By the way, the true figure is 40,000 trucks as of midday Wednesday, not 900 as reported or even 4,000 as reported somewhere else.
Why are they continuing with this suicide even though they know the people of this little damp island are going begin to starve by the spring. Just watch. I'll put money on it that they have already printed the ration books in Kazakhstan where they can keep it quiet.
Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber
@Olav Bakke That's OK then, I'll let all the newly unemployed know that Brexit will improve their diet, Olav
Olav Bakke
Olav Bakke - 21 dag siden
@Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber That won't happen. Tariffs aren't high enough to not make it extremely profitable to ship food to the UK if there were to be concerns about shortages. No one will starve. The only places people starve today are under major sanctions (which the UK won't be) and in conflict zones (which happens to correlate with places under sanctions).
Herr Glotzenschnitzengruber
@Olav Bakke Olav, It won't be dangerous to get food, it will be difficult to get food. Fewer trucks will bring many products from the EU, If fewer trucks arrive, only canned goods and dry goods can arrive by container. Fresh high quality produce that we have become used to will be in short supply. Only the wealthy and powerful will get that. The working classes will just eat newspaper
Olav Bakke
Olav Bakke - 21 dag siden
No one will starve. No one in the world starves except people where the act of getting them food is dangerous to your safety.
Lesatur - Måned siden
Who would have believed 4 years ago that the most unlikely possibility, hard Brexit, would actually happen?
If only I had put my money on the stubbornness of the people instead of their common sense, I could be a millionaire!
xX_SHADOW_MEGAGAMING_Xx - 17 dager siden
@Hellyeahman 65 You got free trade* only on goods. There is nothing in the deal about services. The service sector takes up around 80% of the UK economy.
Hellyeahman 65
Hellyeahman 65 - Måned siden
We got free trade. We got our unicorn
Xiph1980 - Måned siden
Still hoping for Scotland, and London, to leave the UK... 🤞😀
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 24 dager siden
@Xiph1980okay let's hope
Xiph1980 - 24 dager siden
@Spell Boring don't be a buzzkill! Monaco is a city state as well, so London could be to! 😂
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 29 dager siden
Honestly London leaving seems way more unlikely to me
Steve Smith
Steve Smith - Måned siden
15% chance he said... Should have taken those odds.
Clifford Nelson
Clifford Nelson - Måned siden
Well nothing did not happen. And I think it is best for the EU since UK, and Scotland can then be a real member of the EU inducing the EURO
Atruv - Måned siden
We're now in the 15%.
OLIVER YAP - Måned siden
Russia and Japan are still at war over the Curl islands
Phoenix - 20 dager siden
​@Spell Boring Oh, i see. Thank you.
Spell Boring
Spell Boring - 21 dag siden
@Phoenix he(cgp grey) mentioned how some countries find out later they are at war with each other because they forgot to sign some paperwork Edit 4:25
Phoenix - 26 dager siden
First of all, it's Kuril, second of all, what? How is this relevant to the video?
1 2 3
1 2 3 - Måned siden
Yikes dude... talk about scuffed predictions...
Justin Santiago
Justin Santiago - Måned siden
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Jubaier Arnob
Jubaier Arnob - Måned siden
You need to play it at 0.75x speed in order to somewhat understand whatever this guy is gibbering about.
Phoenix - 26 dager siden
Maybe you just don't understand the subject, and so want to find something to blame the video on.
Imposter Nye
Imposter Nye - Måned siden
"Brexit, Briefly" this is known as a lie CGP.
Carlos GD
Carlos GD - Måned siden
Seeing this video from the future ; the probabilities seem hilarious now :D
Alessandro Bombaci
Alessandro Bombaci - Måned siden
And now the UK as Brasil position gains 100%!
MaxieLog - Måned siden
Four years later and we're still just as clueless
James Howarth
James Howarth - Måned siden
Soooo, none of these options. Maximum Brexit + possibly a trade deal.
Trabber Shir
Trabber Shir - Måned siden
Any pan for a followup in a few weeks?
Taz B
Taz B - Måned siden
Well... You weren't wrong about the stalling.
Emojis Rule
Emojis Rule - Måned siden
Are you going to do a 2020 update??? Because maximum brexit HAPPENED.
Manuel Maximiliano
Manuel Maximiliano - Måned siden
Update is required
Mai S
Mai S - Måned siden
Wow, that low odds thing didn't age well, did it
Justin Chiang
Justin Chiang - Måned siden
1 more month, and she will be independent
nathan mckenzie
nathan mckenzie - Måned siden
You have always been independent
masdelas melias
masdelas melias - Måned siden
And now we will lose Scotland and Northen Irland...great
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer
Im from the uk and this is i dont understand
Maurits Bol
Maurits Bol - Måned siden
Who's watching this in december 2020?
Sans Timeline BA24C0 Gamer
Like begging
Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll - Måned siden
Wait did an American Coment that our voting system was terrible? Piss off you jerrymandering Fruit. You need a degree in stats to even understand what the hell is going on on your voting system mate.
Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll - Måned siden
@ダニす Yup American voting system is terribad. German, system its fine, however Norway is the model we should look at in Europe.
ダニす - Måned siden
Your voting system is terrible aswell and dont pull the AmErIcAn card on me. Im german and our voting/election system is way better
I Play Minecwaft
I Play Minecwaft - Måned siden
He grew up in New York but lives in the UK as an adult
F99 Crafter
F99 Crafter - Måned siden
I think he is born in New York, but now live in Britain.
Paul Carroll
Paul Carroll - Måned siden
@F99 Crafter With that accent? Still my point stands USA needs some serious re-structure in their democratic system considering they are the "Example for the world". The only countries i consider to have a superior system are -Norway, Sweeden, AUS, Can, NZ, Finland and Denmark. 3 on this list are a direct evolution of the United Kingdoms system.
the mask
the mask - Måned siden
Kevin M
Kevin M - 2 måneder siden
November 2020 and this video hasn't aged well.
Donald Leyton
Donald Leyton - 2 måneder siden
This video has not aged well. Scotland will never leave the UK seeing as they already voted no and the UK Parliament isn't going to allow another Scotland vote. And NI isn't going anywhere either.
PlanetEarthexe - 2 måneder siden
I think Britain is gonna leave EU in 2019. Definitely not from the future
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil
Charles Calvin & Bfb Pencil - 2 måneder siden
Just drink the tea already UK
Da Sniper 406
Da Sniper 406 - 2 måneder siden
This aged well
Scotandia Mapping
Scotandia Mapping - 2 måneder siden
So basically the UK either breaks the rules if democracy or breaks itself?
Miss Informed
Miss Informed - 2 måneder siden
Oh, if you only knew... take Maximum Brexit and dial it up by to 2020.
Jón Frímann Jónsson
Jón Frímann Jónsson - 2 måneder siden
Maximum Brexit it is. Never underestimate the 15% of anything.
Jack Shaw
Jack Shaw - 2 måneder siden
It’s a shame you talk to fast
JCSkyKnight - 2 måneder siden
To all the comments saying it has happened - It hasn’t happened yet.
January 1st 2021, assuming nothing happens to procrastinate things further, which could happen.
If you think “no it couldn’t” then go check out the fixed term parliaments act and how after it was used once they decided to just temporarily overrule it because they felt like it.
Legislation is like duct tape, it can do anything.
Cafuzzler - 2 måneder siden
4 Years later and 44 days to go we still don't know for certain if the UK will get a deal with the EU or if Maximum Brexit wins.
Gonzalo Martín
Gonzalo Martín - 2 måneder siden
It was me all the time, the 30% TIMELINE
Amy Berelowitz
Amy Berelowitz - 2 måneder siden
comment awards
Martin Mendl
Martin Mendl - 2 måneder siden
And now Boris seems to be going hard Brexit. In the Middle of a global pandemic. What a madlad.
Higor Machado
Higor Machado - 2 måneder siden
Brexit, briefly?
There is nothing brief about brexit
James Perkins
James Perkins - 2 måneder siden
Who doesn’t love city states? History. History doesn’t love city states.
Raubtier - 2 måneder siden
Yepp. 4 Years old now. Nothing changed. Exepct. They pressed. But only started the timer.
Pablo Jesus Alejos Arellano
Pablo Jesus Alejos Arellano - 2 måneder siden
Plot twist the UK creates his own EU2 and invite everyone to join so nothing changes but they brexit
Patrick Bossier
Patrick Bossier - 2 måneder siden
Its 2020 and this Video aged so incredibly well.
ThoughtCrime - 2 måneder siden
all around baffling
as an american citizen, I would love to live in the EU
Dave James
Dave James - 2 måneder siden
@Mr. Hat Not for long, job security, healthcare, working conditions will all take a nose dive on 1st Jan as we the UK plunge bollock first into the abyss. Strange how an American (think USA) can see the benefits, that's because, well you know, they have the United states, its a bit like the European union, but smaller.
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - 2 måneder siden
Well many of the benefits of the EU (education, healthcare, working conditions) are present in both UK EU.
born2dicover - 2 måneder siden
November 2020, and still nothing has changed... Boy did this video age well.
Trabber Shir
Trabber Shir - Måned siden
"still nothing has changed"? he gave 30% to something that has now been impossible for two and a half years. May did in fact push the metaphorical button of Article 50 on 29 March 2017. Actually, he also gave 55% to something that has been impossible for at least 6 months: the UK will not stay in the EEA. His 15% is now guaranteed, although his wording is confusing since what he called "Maximum Brexit" included either WTO rules or a formal trade deal, and the goal posts have moved such that those feel like polar opposites.
Mr. Hat
Mr. Hat - 2 måneder siden
@This is Crazy how long till scotland leaves?
This is Crazy
This is Crazy - 2 måneder siden
It did. UK is no longer a EU member and if they don't give EU what is asking and sign a trade deal, they will be royally fkt in the ass by the tarries the UK goods will get from EU. But that deadline has passed too, so right now we're in a maximum Brexit scenario.
Jeremy Sitorus
Jeremy Sitorus - 2 måneder siden
British politics in ‘16 referendum season was one big chat with a kid typing stuff like ‘aooogoaooogoaag’ but everyone’s that kid
Cesar Martinez
Cesar Martinez - 2 måneder siden
tfs gaming
Matthew Lehner
Matthew Lehner - 2 måneder siden
I love how there is an IPad on his desk throughout the entire video
jakeMTSU - 2 måneder siden
its 4 years old... yet 12/1/2020 here we go... its impacting my company... lots of trade up in air... when it gets ironed out... do another video please!
Gregory Kafanelis
Gregory Kafanelis - 2 måneder siden
The fact that GB had an empire with 25% of the world's land, and now is trying not to fall apart, is an epic karma moment
who even cares
who even cares - Måned siden
@ScourgeOfGodUK ive never said that you should listen to me XD Youre the one whos spreading "on the internet" "facts" without any sources, not me mate. haha
ScourgeOfGodUK - Måned siden
@who even cares "who wanna look like a smart person" - pretty ironic. You can't even write English, why should we listen to you?
who even cares
who even cares - Måned siden
@ScourgeOfGodUK so he shouldnt believe everything on the internet but he should believe you !? Are you a troll or something like that? I guess youre just a brexiter who wanna look like a smart person. Pathetic
ScourgeOfGodUK - 2 måneder siden
@Jensen their "totally different approach to the pandemic" has been almost identical to England, Wales and Northern Ireland... where do you get your news? And believe me, the UK government is not about to grant another independence referendum. You can't run a country properly when various parts of it are constantly threatening to secede. Maybe we should borrow the Canadian approach and set the hurdle rate at 66%.
Jensen - 2 måneder siden
@ScourgeOfGodUK Polls are suggesting Scottish independence has gotten even more popular over the last couple months, a lot less scots supported brexit and they’ve had a totally different approach to the pandemic. If Scotland was ever going to leave, this seems like the time.
LadyDoomsinger - 2 måneder siden
Conclusion: I don't know. We'll see, I guess.
B. W. Behling
B. W. Behling - 3 måneder siden
I really believe that all along the UK's entire Brexit strategy has been, "Piss off the EU enough to get kicked out."
philip gao
philip gao - 3 måneder siden
Playing this video at 0.75 speed is the only way to watch it!
Bell Bottom
Bell Bottom - Måned siden
Pushpa upadhyay
Pushpa upadhyay - 2 måneder siden
Yes It really works
Daniela Abadia
Daniela Abadia - 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one watching this at 0.75 speed to catch everything properly?
Denatorxxyt Dummer Name
Denatorxxyt Dummer Name - 3 måneder siden
4 years ago wow
John Vlahos
John Vlahos - 3 måneder siden
They should have asked Alexis Tsipras on how to interpret refferendum on the fly.
Tucker Technolord
Tucker Technolord - 3 måneder siden
Over 4 years later, it actually happened.
Tucker Technolord
Tucker Technolord - 2 måneder siden
Sort of...
JCSkyKnight - 2 måneder siden
Did it?