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Brexit? Is that still happening, or what?
Footnote on the EU's SECRET strategy: noburn.info/id/video/x5u9Ydx6g6FsZ3Y.html
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Hamza Imran
Hamza Imran - 17 timer siden
Could someone please explain to an outsider like me that why can't UK just build a wall around northern Ireland; I know there was some agreement that said no walls but can't they just forget that agreement since northern Ireland is already a part of UK and it does have a UK border already?
torrented gamer
torrented gamer - 2 timer siden
Ireland and the UK wont allow a wall between northern Ireland and ireland because that would break an agreement between the 2 countries probably causing a war, and nobody really wants that, do they?
box - Dag siden
Compromise we cut Northern Ireland off and attach it to Scotland
Samuel Gisita
Samuel Gisita - 2 dager siden
What's still going on with Brexit
harry init fuck off
harry init fuck off - 2 dager siden
Biggest defense spenders in Europe. More than Russia. Surely war is the best Brexit option. We spent thousands of years beating up the French and Germans itll be easy
Doombringer - 3 dager siden
So when’s the brexit wall going up? I would like to know when the new Irish war is going to start
Kiran Joseph
Kiran Joseph - 4 dager siden
Persuade Ireland to go out of EU. Then no need of any walls.
Clumbus - Dag siden
Imagine if Scotland left Britain and NI just went "take me with you"
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Irish have no intention of hurting themselves. Better make Ireland united
Cal Studios
Cal Studios - 4 dager siden
Brexit means Brexit
Alonso Lopez
Alonso Lopez - 4 dager siden
Build a fence
HitchhikersPie - 4 dager siden
So they picked wall down the Irish Sea, sorry NI, brexit is a mess and I hate it
Redstoneprof - 4 dager siden
Well, now there's an Irish Sea border...
G Mat
G Mat - 4 dager siden
Great Britain gets Ireland to leave with them. Done.
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Or Ireland unite under one Republic. Done
Ben - 3 dager siden
What if Ireland don't want to tho
Tosty Boy
Tosty Boy - 4 dager siden
They went with the Irish sea border.
Yajihba - 7 dager siden
Make a new updated one pls
Иван - 7 dager siden
Eu on thumbnail: AAAAAAAAAAAA
Johann Pernia-Fulleros
Johann Pernia-Fulleros - 8 dager siden
January 31 2020: UK kinda left
January 1 2021: UK fully left
Sayeed s
Sayeed s - 9 dager siden
Bro it's are-land!
strawberry helicopter
strawberry helicopter - 10 dager siden
Unify Ireland.
Mike Seyoum
Mike Seyoum - 10 dager siden
2:32 the hot air balloon makes his body look thicker
TooSmooth ForOnlineSchool
TooSmooth ForOnlineSchool - 11 dager siden
Simple solution Britain just forcefully annex ireland
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Or Ireland reunite
Mino Arno
Mino Arno - 11 dager siden
yo Grey we need a brexit revisited rework
EnvyInspired - 13 dager siden
We in 2021 brexit has happened we may be in trouble
Spencer O'Dowd
Spencer O'Dowd - 13 dager siden
So now that the UK's out, what did they choose?
ScourgeOfGodUK - 10 dager siden
None of the above. There are some more checks between Northern Ireland and GB, but also more checks between Northern Ireland and Ireland; none of these constitute a wall or are particularly onerous. Threats of the end of the world proved wide of the mark (SHOCK).
EnvyInspired - 13 dager siden
LOLquendoTV - 13 dager siden
Wall between northern ireland and great britain basically
Connie Prude
Connie Prude - 14 dager siden
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Sub Par Banana
Sub Par Banana - 15 dager siden
Just colonize ireland and leavw them both outbof the wall
punaiset pimpulat
punaiset pimpulat - 16 dager siden
Now that it's 2021, it seems like this video is still entirely valid. Well speculated, Grey!
punaiset pimpulat
punaiset pimpulat - 15 dager siden
@C Mallmann Considering that the political discussion around Brexit has been pretty weird for the last few years, this outcome probably isn't even the weirdest thing that has happened during this saga.
C Mallmann
C Mallmann - 15 dager siden
Yup. The internal wall seems like the weirdest option, but the UK really went for it.
Dora Orak
Dora Orak - 17 dager siden
This aged well...
Beet - 18 dager siden
Well um it happened
Fluffy Da Corgi
Fluffy Da Corgi - 18 dager siden
What if they just kick northern ireland off of the uk
Joe Maldonado
Joe Maldonado - 18 dager siden
A fourth option: Let's dissolve the EU and he whole shell around it will cease encapsulating Ireland
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Better yet: let's dissolve uk
Mr Control
Mr Control - 18 dager siden
What's the odds we're getting another one of these soon now that we're mostly "done"?
Bernadine Keenan
Bernadine Keenan - 18 dager siden
I'm in Ireland
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 18 dager siden
It hasnt done yet? Almost seem like it wants attention 😅
KeyLime Punk
KeyLime Punk - 20 dager siden
Me thinks an update is due.
Samuel Nadasky
Samuel Nadasky - 20 dager siden
Hey what's happening with brexit
Alexander - 19 dager siden
uk chooses internal wall
arham jain
arham jain - 20 dager siden
More brexit video
ola44445 - 21 dag siden
In the end, the wall was indeed built in the Irish Sea.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - 21 dag siden
Mattheus Kley
Mattheus Kley - 21 dag siden
CNG Warrior
CNG Warrior - 22 dager siden
In the end, it all looks very much like a border in the Irish Sea.
Vина - 22 dager siden
I don't see why britain couldn't just have an open border with Ireland but not with the rest of Europe.
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Because uk left, not Ireland
Alexander - 19 dager siden
@Vина if you open your border to ireland then you open your border to the entire schengen-area, there is no "irish border", there is only a schengen border. hence the uk would be part of the schengen-area which is clearly the opposite of maximum brexit. this problem is one of the many reasons why the whole brexit idea was stupid to begin with. now the uk will have internal borders, I hope you guys are happy lol
Vина - 19 dager siden
@Ecksy Dee or, what if UK only opened its borders to Ireland and was semi part of Schengen area? You could freely temporarily stay in UK, but only if you came in from Ireland. Of course it wouldn't be maximum brexit but that would still be an interesting solution.
Ecksy Dee
Ecksy Dee - 19 dager siden
@Vина You can't' be snarky while being ignorant about this. If you have OPEN BORDERS which means WITHOUT CHECKS, how are you going to CHECK whether someone moving from Ireland to Northern Ireland is an Irish citizen or not? This is the whole point...
Vина - 20 dager siden
@Ecksy Dee I would think that only Irish citizens can cross, but ok...
debstar2005 - 22 dager siden
Thanks for explaining, I’m British and didn’t have a A Scooby Doo as to what was going on. But you’ve managed to explain it really clearly.
I was hoping that you would do a video on what the Canada style deal is so that it can be explained clearly, because I believe that is what has been agreed in this deal that we’ve now come to.
Benjamin Zimmermann
Benjamin Zimmermann - 23 dager siden
I guess you need to do another update
James Endicott
James Endicott - 23 dager siden
As of December 2020, they decided to make the wall cut off Northern Ireland. It will now be easier for Brits living in Northern Ireland to trade with people in another country (Ireland) than their own country (England, Scotland, Wales).
안호성 - 23 dager siden
Seems like they went with option 3 I guess..
A-Yamout - 24 dager siden
Brexit is no more
(make a new video) plz
jeff with a gun and some legs - nicsin
maybe have northern ireland join ireland
Leosch - 24 dager siden
Seems like they went with the wall down the Irish sea in the end, without admitting it of course
Hila Glas
Hila Glas - 25 dager siden
Well where is it now?
sal 6942013 and all other cool numbers
I think north Ireland, Scotland and Wales should start taking matters to their own hands.
Sebastian - 26 dager siden
Hey Grey, Whats going on with Brexit ?
Omega - 27 dager siden
The UK sure didn't wanna miss that vespene geyser.
who cares
who cares - 27 dager siden
so UK is a Karen ?
Clara Stephens
Clara Stephens - 28 dager siden
Well, the IRA are more than happy to offer a solution, but the Orangemen won't like it...
Skymmel - 28 dager siden
Where are the resources??!
A Moment of Zen
A Moment of Zen - 29 dager siden
Hey everyone guess what happens last December THE UK LEFT THE EU and I’m not being sarcastic this is true
Erlendur S Þorsteinsson
Erlendur S Þorsteinsson - 29 dager siden
Will there be an update video around New Years 2020/2021?
ForeGone Solutions
ForeGone Solutions - Måned siden
What a load of rubbish, totally ignored the removal of EU governance and sovereign rights to our sea and contents. The EU can subsidise any industry but the UK cannot under fear of fines.... Those are the THREE RED LINES
Stephen Massey
Stephen Massey - Måned siden
Maybe the EU should stop having a wall and go back to being a free trade area rather than yet another disfunctional superpower wannabe.
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
EU was meant to be this since the day it was born in 1957. Maybe uk should go back to be separate countries instead than one oligarchic crime syndicate
ダニす - 25 dager siden
Nah its all going great.The eu is great
Bushhawk - Måned siden
Can't wait for The Troubles 2: electric boogaloo
Fersuremaybe k
Fersuremaybe k - Måned siden
or ireland could not be a bunch of war monger's and let the wall sit where it was going to sit
haloharry97 - Måned siden
their a 4th, make Ireland join the UK again.
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Or make NI reunify with Ireland
vaelixi - Måned siden
@tom march. The last true Irish fled to America almost a century ago. As an Irish America, the county is little more than a haven for degenerates and scum. It must be civilized by a proper authority
tom march.
tom march. - Måned siden
@vaelixi just make Ireland invade the UK
vaelixi - Måned siden
just invade ireland and vassalize it
tom march.
tom march. - Måned siden
they didn't voted to leave, or join the UK, so no
Sam Kane
Sam Kane - Måned siden
invade south ireland
Ted Crilly
Ted Crilly - 26 dager siden
thats invading the eu. uk would lose hard.
Susan Freeman
Susan Freeman - Måned siden
I'm so confused.
I Exist
I Exist - Måned siden
Does anyone benefit from brexit?
Christopher Cranefield
Christopher Cranefield - Måned siden
I say invade Ireland and make it part of the Glorious Empire thats not very glorious anymore
Ted Crilly
Ted Crilly - 26 dager siden
thats invading the eu. uk would lose hard.
orang1ngr - Måned siden
Option 4, the UK dissolves
SirWooterich - Måned siden
i wish brexiteers would have watched this...
Stadtpark90 - Måned siden
Still no decision (December 16th 2020) on where the wall will be.
Scrapyard Dragon
Scrapyard Dragon - Måned siden
what if they just, siege regular ireland?
Co Pilot
Co Pilot - Måned siden
No deal is most likely which is a shame I voted leave
Zack Starr
Zack Starr - Måned siden
What if the uk left Ireland but made it a Crown colony
Jan Østergaard
Jan Østergaard - Måned siden
BS and one eyed EU propaganda.
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
I'm from the future and it's not. Lol
Michael M.
Michael M. - Måned siden
Only half a month to go till official brexit... Still sippin tea though...
Tyler Stevens
Tyler Stevens - Måned siden
"Ain't no thing girl." Yeah, it'd be a thing!
jkid1134 - Måned siden
Alright UK, I have news: time to ditch the old island entirely
Not Alexis
Not Alexis - Måned siden
UK sounds like a confused customer.
ajinkya mehere
ajinkya mehere - Måned siden
How the hell did Brits not think about this BEFORE voting to leave?
SirWooterich - Måned siden
Brits where swamped in brexiteer lies.
Diego Nathaniel Mina
Diego Nathaniel Mina - Måned siden
Wait a second, but if the "UK" leaves the EU, and thus Scotland leaves the UK to rejoin the EU...there's going to be a wall across Britain...oops...?
Doktor Dok
Doktor Dok - Måned siden
Hey, what's up whit brexit?
Martin Hardcastle
Martin Hardcastle - Måned siden
Reunite Ireland 🇮🇪🙄☕️ then go back to calling ourselves Great Britain all the time. The UN don’t like countries calling themselves ‘Kingdoms’ anyway.
Eterlore - Måned siden
Secret option number 4: The UK wall encircles Ireland as well, but the EU wall also encircles Ireland.
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT - Måned siden
Annex ireland
Ted Crilly
Ted Crilly - 26 dager siden
thats invading the eu. uk would lose hard.
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT - Måned siden
Just invade ireland
Darkwear GT
Darkwear GT - Måned siden
Invade ireland
Unicorn Panda
Unicorn Panda - Måned siden
The raging War Cat
The raging War Cat - Måned siden
Orrrr make all of Ireland British, what could go wrong?
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
Or make NI reunite with the rest of Ireland
Ted Crilly
Ted Crilly - 26 dager siden
1.4 million active eu/csdp troops is what could go wrong.
bhgtree - Måned siden
1:32 The solution is there! Just move the Republic of Ireland and stick it on somewhere to mainland Europe.
(just joking of course)
The Hobo Roadshow
The Hobo Roadshow - Måned siden
I’m glad you clarified that was a joke. For a moment, you had truly convinced me that moving ireland was a viable solution.
Mannhovf - Måned siden
He missed the simple solution, the "wall" goes around Ireland too since it is a island. BUUUUUUUT That would be bad for the fourth reich errm I mean the EU....
No Name
No Name - 2 dager siden
@Mannhovf Ireland didn't left EU, Nazi ussk did. So why doesn't Nazi ussk let anI reunite with the rest of Ireland?
Mannhovf - 26 dager siden
@Cereal Box 64 How could suggesting that a sovereign nation has and maintain a national border be considered annexation? Or could it be that Ireland isn't a sovereign nation at the moment?
Cereal Box 64
Cereal Box 64 - 27 dager siden
You call the EU the fourth reich but suggest the UK just annex the Republic of Ireland? Lad...
drascin - Måned siden
Somehow I don't think the republic of Ireland is going to be willing to blow itself up to provide comfort to *Britain* of all things.
vinncent untiedt
vinncent untiedt - Måned siden
Except the Uk has no Power there. And i doubt ireland is going to accept this,because that would be bad for them.
Bert2theJack - Måned siden
So they finally decided that they didn’t want no walls in the UK.
James Wallace
James Wallace - Måned siden
I think most brits are sick of this at this point as well. Whichever way they voted.
Andrew TwixEater
Andrew TwixEater - Måned siden
What about the part we’re Scotland wants independence because they still wanna be apart of the UK
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu - Måned siden
Third option, no walls across Ireland & no walls across the UK. Forget about Brexit
Fourth option actually do a binding referendum
Maurits Bol
Maurits Bol - Måned siden
who's here in December 2020/January 2021
trueamnisias - Måned siden
Seioursly, it suspiciously feels like the Tory's held the Brexit referendum with as much forthought as a brain fart........
Cereal Box 64
Cereal Box 64 - 27 dager siden
"It's alright, it's just a vote winner, we'll never have to follow up on it because no one's going to vote to leave!"
Ian McDowell
Ian McDowell - Måned siden
obviously all Britain has to do is invade ireland
Ted Crilly
Ted Crilly - 26 dager siden
try it. eu territory. 1.4 million eu/csdp troops will hand you your ass.
UberTraffic - Måned siden
Just leave the UK 4Head
yes no
yes no - Måned siden
Great, let them go to war. They deserve it. Don't know who is worse - USA or Brexit.
Mark Knoop
Mark Knoop - Måned siden
England is the brexit in the meantime.
Scotland is gone stay within the EU.
Blue Nosed Fish
Blue Nosed Fish - Måned siden
Easy solution, take the entire state of Ireland or UK and push it somewhere else.
Jam Jamerson
Jam Jamerson - Måned siden
Hey, what’s going on with brexit now?