Americapox: The Missing Plague

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Why didn't the Europeans get sick when they made contact with the American Indians?
Part 2:
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Andrés Falcone
Andrés Falcone - 2 timer siden
Syphilis is believed to have originated in America, though.
Kma - 7 timer siden
what about syphilis? there is a lot of evidence showing that its origins are from the americas..
Scp 2552
Scp 2552 - 11 timer siden
grey there is a american plague
Kurt Punzalan
Kurt Punzalan - 14 timer siden
Plague:I kill a lot of people!
Chickenpox:I kill more!
Both:What was that punk?
Covid-19 pandemic:I said Amatuers
SCIENCEIUM - 23 timer siden
dogs aren't buddies
Rian - 23 timer siden
karga - Dag siden
Subtle propaganda here... the players are important as well. Africans had farming and domesticated animals but they were stuck in the stone age until colonizers came.
Viro Vac
Viro Vac - 10 timer siden
...please look at actual African history. Its the world's largest continent with many different civilizations whose technology was, like everyone, determined by trade, resources available, and daily needs. Read Gun, Germs and Steel. Also many stone tools are superior in quality to most metal equivalents: the issues is they can't be repaired or mass produced as easily.
Ian Bartczak
Ian Bartczak - 2 dager siden
Somehow the Thai and Indians domesticated Elephants and when Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan met for conquest his horses turned the opposite way in fear. ;)
Ryan Giannitelli
Ryan Giannitelli - 2 dager siden
Thumbnail change??? What has prompted this I wonder?
kay van
kay van - 2 dager siden
The population of so called Indigenous peoples didn't die of anything to do with Europeans and diseases, this thing called the Maunder Solar Minimum killed millions, almost 90% of these Indigenous peoples that actually came from somewhere else before we got here died between 1645 and 1715.
EUROPEANS DIDN'T GET SICK? Are you kidding me? Smallpox almost cost us the revolution not to mention TB, typhoid, and the rest of the bugs that ravaged the larger cities in the colonies in the late 1700s
It works like this
Too cold to grow food, you dont eat enough
You dont eat enough you get weak,
You get weak you get sick
you get sick you die. Any questions?
soolkyut - 2 dager siden
Its not a buffalo. Its a Bison.
Matúš Honko
Matúš Honko - 2 dager siden
another point to make: americas had much more resources and land than europe, thus domestication was not strictly needed to sustain a large population- besides andes, where llamas happened
Ben Covington
Ben Covington - 3 dager siden
Darwin stated that horses were not foreign to the Americas but rather had been hunted to extinction. This should be a fairly stark historical message about managing our resources. Possibly the only domesticable animal in much of the western hemisphere had been hunted as a resource instead of bred as a resource. And before animal husbandry had been discovered, the chance at it was gone.
How many other things have been lost in a similar way over all of history, and how many things might we be losing now without giving it a second thought? It makes you think about conservation in a different light.
A1BASE - 3 dager siden
This is still my favorite CGP Grey video.
LT_SH4WN - 3 dager siden
The new world ai didnt think of plagues hehehh
White Darkne22
White Darkne22 - 3 dager siden
Ok but where's antarctica pox, don't penguins have diseases?
mcmahon31619 - 5 dager siden
5:22 5:30. Laughs in 2020
DarkestElemental616 - 6 dager siden
Some relevant books that touch on this subject: "Spillover" by David Quammen (2012) and "Against the Grain" by James C Scott (2017). They discuss zoonoses and how humans were affected by "domestication" i.e. starting to live in large, permanent settlements. I highly suggest them both!
the chill icicle 2.0
the chill icicle 2.0 - 6 dager siden
3:36 bad blood
the chill icicle 2.0
the chill icicle 2.0 - 6 dager siden
2:26 drinking water + doo doo water = death water
Medieval Memes
Medieval Memes - 6 dager siden
"There was no american pox"
Syphillis: Am I a joke to you?
dio - 7 dager siden
Love all the sid myers civilization references
TheAveragE 115
TheAveragE 115 - 7 dager siden
This was on my recommended in 2021 and I call that messed up
Cool Bro
Cool Bro - 8 dager siden
Wow, and now I ride a horse in America, so I wonder how horses got to America
Victory The jammer
Victory The jammer - 8 dager siden
Now then, lets go play plague inc.
Harris Syed
Harris Syed - 8 dager siden
not to mention the fact that native Americans had better hygiene habits were all very healthy and knew some basics of herbal medicine
Sge Fan
Sge Fan - 8 dager siden
5:32 jackpot hitten in Wuhan I hear?
Aaryaman Gupta
Aaryaman Gupta - 8 dager siden
Who is watching this in 2020
Samuele Pagani
Samuele Pagani - 8 dager siden
the guy who got covid
* cricket chirping *
NexusIsOhwell - 9 dager siden
This one didn’t age well
Pansar - 10 dager siden
Well this aged well
heartplayer - 11 dager siden
did europa got money because usa is using cows and its from europa
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes - 11 dager siden
Blah blah blah coronavirus this 2020 that everyone should stfu about it for godssake
Giovanni Cervantes
Giovanni Cervantes - 10 dager siden
@Munjee i know i have eyes i was mocking HuR dUrR 2020 WhO
Munjee - 10 dager siden
This video is from half a decade ago
Croma from Discord
Croma from Discord - 11 dager siden
He changed the thumbnail AGAIN!
Pacific Tuna
Pacific Tuna - 11 dager siden
dont panic about this but im pretty sure there were turkeys around central america
Josh Lee
Josh Lee - 11 dager siden
But why are domesticatable animals all in the old world?
MysticTortoise - 11 dager siden
10:17 hexagons
Are the bestagons
G Mat
G Mat - 12 dager siden
You, a couple of buddies, and stone based tools. I'm seeing the buffalo saying "Bring it". Edit:. Also, hexagon map ftw.
Isagatchagamez - 13 dager siden
Cgp grey:What is a plague?
COVID-19: Am i a joke to you?
Ryan Tarratt
Ryan Tarratt - 13 dager siden
“Germs jumping species is incredibly rare”
2020: I’ll take your entire stock
Tophatgaming - 16 dager siden
isn't syphilis the americapox?
Derek Wang
Derek Wang - 16 dager siden
10:17 hexagons are the bestagons
Alex B.
Alex B. - 13 dager siden
dude you got the whole squad laughing
Mark Hewett
Mark Hewett - 16 dager siden
what about ducks, chickens, other fowl, cormorants, bactrian camels and more? And before someone says not in America, I was referring to the "only a baker's dozen", also turkeys.
Roelant - 16 dager siden
Fun fact, while the native americans never domesticated horses they did come across them before "too late". The horse evolved in North America and crossed over to Eurasia while humans were migrating to the Americas, but they went extinct in the Americas around this time.
Ginger McGingin
Ginger McGingin - 17 dager siden
There actually was an 'americapox'. Ever wondered why smallpox was dubbed 'small'? It was to distinguish it from the 'greatpox', now known as syphilis, which originated in the New World. & as you can infer from them calling it 'greatpox', it caused some problems for the Europeans. Nothing on the same level as what they brought to the New World, though.
youssef mehana
youssef mehana - 17 dager siden
Hhmmmmmmm I think there is something is wrong in the video idk what
mafia city Hilmy
mafia city Hilmy - 17 dager siden
The year 2250 : how solarsystempox started
Antony werner
Antony werner - 17 dager siden
but what is with the Turkey they were Domesticate in north America by indians
Hilary Johnston
Hilary Johnston - 18 dager siden
Further to comment 11 minutes ago: fails to appreciate sophistication of the renewable and sustainable technology and cultures of the new world, falling into the trap of considering an unsustainable, ever-expanding colonial culture technologically advanced.
Hilary Johnston
Hilary Johnston - 18 dager siden
Almost a powerful refutation of the idea of “civilization”. Would benefit from the addition of a gender lens.
DIProgan - 19 dager siden
Such an awesome video for connecting several dots I felt was missing to me!
Just Vienna
Just Vienna - 19 dager siden
I was here before Grey changed the thumbnail
DFFUSE - 19 dager siden
5:30 someone won the lottery in 2019!
TheLaly37 - 19 dager siden
Watching this during the pandemic. we are at the top of the tech tree now. Should we leave animals alone?
Ak 49
Ak 49 - 20 dager siden
Someone has read their "Guns, germs and steel" 😊
Evan the Lemon
Evan the Lemon - 20 dager siden
Oh this video they should’ve added the coronavirus they’re probably thinking that they should’ve nowadays
Evan the Lemon
Evan the Lemon - 14 dager siden
@Magellanic yes yes yes yes yes yes
Evan the Lemon
Evan the Lemon - 14 dager siden
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
Patrick Jonak
Patrick Jonak - 20 dager siden
the old world had horses... until the natives hunted them to extinction...
Comrade Cosmos
Comrade Cosmos - 18 dager siden
Didn't most of them left because of the changing climate?
He H
He H - 20 dager siden
what about bats?
corona 2020: ...
Loralai Dummy
Loralai Dummy - 20 dager siden
This video didnt age well
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
coronavirus ≠ americapox
Austin Berger
Austin Berger - 21 dag siden
Aka covid19
Jake P
Jake P - 19 dager siden
@Magellanic same thing covid was introduced to the us same as smallpox was introduced to natives both were done intentionally
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
no, not at all
Ajax PineCone.
Ajax PineCone. - 21 dag siden
YouTube channel: mentions the word "pandemic"
mangalores-x_x - 23 dager siden
Also the plain reason for the number of animals is that Europe, Asia and Africa form an interconnected super continent (arguably Europe isn't even one) that constitutes a vast majority of Earth's land mass => more civilizations => more people => more animals => you do not need to cross oceans => they can all meet each other over time even if you do not have boats.
And that went for plagues as well as culture as even in ancient times Eurasia formed a network between at least four early civilization centers (China, Indus Valley, Mesopotamia+Egypt and Europe). Even here Europe is the late comer.
Woodside Media
Woodside Media - 24 dager siden
Covid 19 : 🙋‍♀️💀
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
coronavirus is not americapox
donWolf Konecny
donWolf Konecny - 24 dager siden
There were no buffaloe in America. Just bison.
Roses & Prog
Roses & Prog - 15 dager siden
What about Buffalo Bill?
Jake P
Jake P - 19 dager siden
A Interchangeable word used by a lot of people most people don't know the difference buffalos and bison are not the same thing
Smee Self
Smee Self - 24 dager siden
You are on my list of people, dead or alive that I'd love to meet.
GODPA - 24 dager siden
we're making a sequel to this in 2020
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
RODRIGO LARA - 25 dager siden
Bubonic plague was not active there for the most part.
JasonLvsDogs - 27 dager siden
0:28 and CORONA
Magellanic - 19 dager siden
thereal sayonara
thereal sayonara - 27 dager siden
.. its just you, a couple buddies, and some stone @ss tools.
Speedwagon - 28 dager siden
I hate these comments like "haha covid 19 is also a virus". So? Completely ruins the comment section.
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT - 22 dager siden
Ik right and they don’t even realize it came from China which is the old world
Microwaved_fork - 29 dager siden
5:22 welp this didn’t age well
The iPhone Geek
The iPhone Geek - 29 dager siden
5:24 *cough* COVID came from bats *cough*
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 29 dager siden
All these tamed cow and pig are not that tamed when you first domesticated them. Hundred of generation of selective breeding made them tamed. I think the old world are better at domestication skill as well as other things.
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT - 21 dag siden
@Theeraphat Sunthornwit ok first of all bison don’t “become” cows because they are different species that live in the same time period
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 21 dag siden
@Mr.Fishstick _YT yes, that is similar to how evolution work... but faster because it is expedited by human.... dogs for example, several thousand year ago it was a wolf and looked like a wolf. Human choose to keep and raise only offsprings with desirable characteristics. Over hundreds of generation this effect accumulated. Nowadays you have chihuahua that look even further than average dogs. Thousands years ago, cow are not extremely docile nor look like this, but human choose to keep only the less violent ones.. bit by bit , over a hundred generation , you got cow.
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT - 21 dag siden
@Theeraphat Sunthornwit im not sure about the specific animals in the new world but did you just say “bisons become cows”?!?!
Theeraphat Sunthornwit
Theeraphat Sunthornwit - 22 dager siden
@Mr.Fishstick _YT there are rabbit chicken turkey , deer and bison.... 100 generation of selective breeding. Bison will magically become cow. Not believe me? Do you ever see a picture of wild watermelon before it is tamed?
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT - 22 dager siden
But in the new world there weren’t cows or pigs to even be tamed
Хайдер Султан Ал Рамади
So you're saying that if the native Americans were a bit unhygienic with animals, America wouldn't exist? Wow
Jake P
Jake P - 19 dager siden
Natives didn't live with livestock they hunted what they needed to eat whites bred livestock for profit and nutrition
Mr.Fishstick _YT
Mr.Fishstick _YT - 22 dager siden
Also the new world would need the necessary animals such as cows or pigs
yoyofargo - Måned siden
this has probably been commented to death. but sir. that is a bison. not a buffalo. 6:53
Jake P
Jake P - 19 dager siden
Yep most people don't know the difference no harm done they just need to learn the difference between the two they look alike and have similar names easy mistake
Kenna Rajora
Kenna Rajora - Måned siden
Instructions unclear. Burned down house trying to rid myself of the common cold.
Johnny Cheung
Johnny Cheung - Måned siden
The judicious ball intialy flood because soda feasibly replace among a five tadpole. nasty, fat faulty gun
FreezingInferno - Måned siden
this theory only works for the new world, when applied to Africa it falls apart
Ly Tran
Ly Tran - Måned siden
“Why didn’t Europeans get sick?”
Because they were already sick in the first place.
*also lets ban animals in patch 1.5.1*
Scott Hendricks
Scott Hendricks - Måned siden
When you win the wrong lottery
Belal Abu Sultan
Belal Abu Sultan - Måned siden
it's still easy to make an alternate history scenario then.
early Viking explorers to north America could bring with them diseases, domesticated animals, and Iron age tech, all of these will take time to spread, and the devastated populations would take centuries to go back into their older numbers, now with Iron weapons, horses, domesticated animals etc.....
now they are immune to most old world diseases, and have new diseases of their own to spread to European colonies which will ravel back to Europe and the old world, making a more-even playing field for all.
Europeans still have gun powder, better steel, and better navies, but the Natives can pick these up much faster with them being in Iron age themselves, and possibly advancing their iron-works themselves to a level similar to Medieval old world cultures.
Nicole A.
Nicole A. - Måned siden
This is one of my favorite videos!!! Thanks CGP! Keep it up!
Johnny Cheung
Johnny Cheung - Måned siden
The parched tom-tom untypically risk because sugar phylogenetically drum regarding a teeny queen. sharp, bent semicircle
Sophiedoodle - Måned siden
Hits different in 2020
bhgtree - Måned siden
5:59 I thought he said: "Plagues come from animals butt..."
Magatism - Måned siden
Fake narratives, Conquistadors killed not even a 100,000 people. These are fake narratives floated to bash the settlers. The new world has half the diseases from African jungles.
Are you saying thst diseases from settlers spread more rapidly among those geographically isolated but diseases coming from them to the cities did not.
Kim Kim
Kim Kim - Måned siden
Which are a LOT larger than buffalo.
We domesticated.
pesce canella
pesce canella - Måned siden
Watching this in 2020.
Anyar Zubin Ahmad Anyar Zubin Ahmad
He pronounced tenochtitlan like tenocheetlan
Haojun Xu
Haojun Xu - Måned siden
I didn't expect CGP to mix up buffalo and bison...
Lune Moon
Lune Moon - Måned siden
You missed the opportunity to say that "cities are plague-grounds"
Nikapocalypse - Måned siden
1:50 ah yes, the pestilence.
Andrew Holzmann
Andrew Holzmann - Måned siden
Well... who's watching 2020? It's vaguely relevant.
Trevor Waddell
Trevor Waddell - Måned siden
So Chinese animals brought the coronavirus 😂
shrimp19921 - Måned siden
I feel like the thumbnail has changed
Sir Exilon
Sir Exilon - Måned siden
"Milk and cheeseburger machine"
Em Beboso
Em Beboso - Måned siden
this is why the end of the world is caused by human stupidity
The Data Guy
The Data Guy - Måned siden
Indians be like :- but still we got independence in 1947.
Impenetry - Måned siden
So I'm commenting this before I watched the video, but I'm pretty sure that due to europeans living in more urban areas than Native Americans, their ability to gain an immunity to an illness was much more efficient than that of the Native Americnas.
Mr. Brick
Mr. Brick - Måned siden
a plague: infects me
me: O O O F
the plague: oopsie :D